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XRP Crypto News and Headlines
XRP, Ripple, RippleX, XRPL News

September 27, 1:48 pm

Ripple (XRP) IPO Speculations Soar Ahead of Popular Event
Ripple is hosting a party to further unite the XRP community and, more importantly, celebrate the landmark partial victory against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) secured in mid-July. Apart from drinking and having fun, though, some people believe the gathering could witness some serious developments surrounding the blockchain enterprise and its future advancement. In the lines below, we will outline the most popular rumors. Ripple IPO and More According to Brett Hill (ambassador of crypto exchange Bitrue), rumors are circulating that one reason why Ripple wants to throw a massive party on September 29 in New York City is to inform the community about a potential filing for an initial public offering (IPO). Other things that might happen during the event are announcing a settlement between the company and the US SEC or a major partnership between the company and a banking institution. It is worth mentioning that the biggest British bank engaged with XRP earlier this week, enabling its clients to pay mortgage bills or loans in the asset instead of fiat. The X (Twitter) user XRP_Cro went further, opening a poll on the social media platform, asking people what is most likely to happen at the party. 38% of the 2,500 voters believe the big news will be a... read More

September 27, 9:35 am

XRP Price Analysis: 4-Month Chart Dynamics Decoded By Crypto Analyst
In a recent tweet, renowned crypto analyst, EGRAG CRYPTO, unveiled an intricate 4-month XRP price analysis which presented various crucial insights and predictions. This was encapsulated in his words: 'XRP Steel Foundation & Eye-Opening Insights: Behold the chart below, crafted from 4-month candles, revealing that higher time frames are less suscep... read More

September 27, 7:37 am

Important XRP v. SEC Developments, SHIB Team Renounces BONE Contract, an...
The ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the developments surrounding the popular memecoin Shiba Inu (SHIB) remain among the trendiest crypto topics. In the following lines, we will pinpoint the newest events focused on the matter. The Ripple v. SEC Battle The legal fight, which dates bac... read More

September 27, 7:24 am

3 Things That Could Cause Ripple (XRP) to Explode This Year
Ripple has been caught in an ongoing legal battle against the SEC for almost three years now, and it seems Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse are fully committed to fighting the regulatory agency until they get a decisive victory. While the XRP community is eager to see the latest developments in the case, here are three things that could cause Rip... read More

September 27, 4:42 am

This is How Much Ripple (XRP) is Held By OKX
The crypto and the XRP community closely follow Ripple’s case against the SEC to spot any potential price catalyst for XRP. In July, a judge stated that XRP is not a security per se, causing the crypto-asset to experience massive price swings throughout the following month. This decision led many exchanges to re-list the cryptocurrency back o... read More

September 26, 6:15 pm

Pro Ripple (XRP) Lawyer Baffled With This Latest SEC Decision
John E. Deaton - a US attorney who represents thousands of XRP investors in the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC - criticized the agency for one of its latest moves.  Specifically, the regulator opposed a reorganization plan presented by Coinbase, according to which customers of the now-bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network could be reimbur... read More

September 26, 6:00 pm

XRP Ledger Developer Xumm Reveals 'Infrastructure Overhaul,' More Than A...
The company behind the XRP Ledger crypto wallet, Xumm, unveiled its plans to launch an “Infrastructure Overhaul” for the network. The company claims the upgrade will push the XRPL to the next level. According to an official announcement shared with Bitcoinist: This isn't just a technical upgrade; it's a strategic move to reshape the ver... read More

September 26, 2:28 pm

Major Announcement for Ripple (XRP) Holders Who Are HSBC Users
Two of the most popular cryptocurrencies - Ripple (XRP) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) - have achieved a major milestone as the British banking behemoth HSBC allowed their usage for specific payments. In the following lines, we will explain in detail in which cases customers can take advantage of the latest offering. XRP, SHIB, DOGE, and More The biggest ban... read More

September 26, 7:38 am

We Asked ChatGPT: Will Ripple (XRP) Win the Case Against the SEC?
Ripple's ongoing legal dispute with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is undoubtedly one of the most important lawsuits for the cryptocurrency industry, and it's gone through some serious developments. Its outcome is likely to have an impact on the industry as it could shape the country's stance towards cryptocurrencies, setting ... read More

September 26, 4:58 am

XRP Price Prediction – Will Recent Correction Trend Push XRP Under...
Ripple’s token price is holding gains above $0.50 against the US Dollar. XRP price could take a hit if it fails to recover above $0.512. Ripple’s token price is attempting a fresh increase above $0.508 and $0.512 against the US dollar. The price is now trading above $0.500 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is a major c... read More

September 25, 9:00 pm

Crypto's Six-Week Bleed Out: XRP And Solana Defy The Outflow Downtrend
With contrasting events in the industry, crypto investment products have witnessed a continuous outflow for the sixth week. Some altcoins demonstrate resilience in this trend, defying the broader market sentiment. Dissecting The Crypto Outflow Trend Crypto funds have witnessed a net outflow of $9 million in the past week, taking the total to roughl... read More

September 25, 3:01 pm

Max Keiser Calls Ripple (XRP) Centralized Fiat-Shitcoin: CTO Retaliates
David Schwartz - Chief Technology Officer of Ripple - involved himself in a dispute with the American broadcaster and filmmaker Max Keiser.  The latter described XRP as a 'centralized fiat-shitcoin.' In the following lines, we will outline Schwartz's reaction to that claim and his opinion on other speculations surrounding the blockchain enterp... read More

September 25, 12:34 pm

Here are the Possible Outcomes for XRP This Week (Ripple Price Analysis)
Ripple's price has been consolidating in a tight range over the past few weeks following a massive crash. Currently, XRP is testing a key area, and its reaction will determine the mid-term market trend. Technical AnalysisBy Edris The USDT Pair Chart XRP's price has been ranging since rebounding from the $0.43 support level. The 200-day moving avera... read More

September 25, 12:30 pm

Ripple CTO Weighs In: Why A Higher XRP Price Is Beneficial For Adoption
In an era where crypto analysis is ever-evolving, some sentiments retain their significance. This was underscored when XRP influencer Crypto Eri delved into a statement from Ripple's CTO, David Schwartz, that, although over five years old, still echoes pertinently within today’s cryptocurrency discourse. When Crypto Eri shed light on this old... read More

September 25, 8:38 am

Bitcoin (BTC) Dumps to 12-Day Low, Ripple (XRP) Slips Below $0.5 (Market...
After the relatively silent weekend, bitcoin started to lose value hours ago and slumped to a 12-day low at just over $26,000. Most altcoins are in the red as well today, with XRP and Toncoin dropping by about 3%. BTC Down to $26K Bitcoin's price went on the offensive at the start of the previous week, surging past $27,000 and going all the way up ... read More

September 25, 8:04 am

Ripple (XRP) to $1 and Airdrop Details, Silly SHIB Speculation, and More...
The past few days have witnessed additional price predictions regarding Ripple's native token - XRP. Some analysts envisioned a bull run for the asset, believing it could skyrocket above $1 in the near future. We also asked ChatGPT for its opinion on the matter. Apart from XRP, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has also been in the spotlight. Shibarium's Marketing ... read More

September 24, 12:21 pm

Which Cryptocurrency Will Reach $1 First: Ripple (XRP), Shiba Inu (SHIB)...
Ripple's XRP, Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Dogecoin (DOGE) are undoubtedly amongst the cryptocurrencies with the most devoted communities in the industry. Their price action tends to be explosive and directional, driven by massive retail interest. Pinning them against each other provides some valuable insights into their current market dynamics, factors t... read More

September 24, 11:38 am

We Asked ChatGPT How Soon Can Ripple (XRP) Reach $1?
Ripple's XRP has become one of the most-traded altcoins throughout the past few months, and this has largely to do with the recent ruling in the case between Ripple Labs and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The presiding judge, Analisa Torres, ruled that secondary XRP sales do not constitute an investment contract. This essenti... read More

September 23, 5:00 pm

XRP Forecast: Is A Retreat Below $0.5 Likely Before October?
XRP has maintained its position within the confines of a symmetrical triangle pattern, with today's modest surge doing little to alter its trajectory. This symmetrical triangle pattern has exerted significant influence over XRP's price movements for the past month, indicating that it may continue to dictate the coin's fate in the near future. The ... read More

September 23, 7:12 am

Here is When Ripple (XRP) Price Could Explode: Speculation
The blockchain researcher, going by the name Collin Brown on X (Twitter), assumed that the price of Ripple's native token - XRP - could be poised for a massive increase after September 28. In the following lines, we will explain what could trigger the surge and touch upon some of the latest predictions by analysts and experts. XRP to Surpass $10? C... read More

September 22, 11:45 pm

XRP Holders Airdrop Updates: Here's What You Need to Know
The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange GMO Coin, which operates under the umbrella of the IT giant GMO Internet Group, vowed to distribute SGB tokens to certain XRP investors by the end of this month. In the following lines, we will outline the exact amount of distribution each investor should expect, as well as other essential details of the initiat... read More

September 21, 10:45 am

XRP Price Poised For A 250% Surge, Analyst Points To This Key Catalyst
Prominent analyst EGRAG CRYPTO has brought attention to the potential of a significant surge in the XRP price, based on a technical analysis that relies on Fibonacci retracement levels. According to a recent tweet from the analyst, '#XRP Color Code To $1.4: If XRP triumphantly closes above the Fib 0.5 level at $0.57 with undeniable confirmation, we... read More

September 21, 8:50 am

Is Ripple (XRP) About to Outperform Ethereum (ETH) By 500%?
Ripple's price has increased by 5.6% throughout the past seven days and is now trading above $0.5 after a period of depressing sideways action and declines. Source: CoinGecko The uptick in volatility and trading volume has also stirred the waters, with some analysts coming up with interesting XRP price predictions. We reported earlier today that th... read More

September 21, 5:26 am

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction: Analyst Names Biggest Targets
XRP's price has been on a rollercoaster throughout the past three months. The cryptocurrency more or less doubled in price back in July. Source: CoinGecko It was an event-driven pump associated with the ruling of Judge Analisa Torress in the case between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple. The court determined that XRP ... read More

September 21, 12:25 am

Ripple (XRP) Becomes the Top Traded Altcoin on US Crypto Exchanges
The native token of Ripple - XRP - has topped another recent ranking by becoming the most traded alternative coin on US-available cryptocurrency exchanges this year. The asset and its surrounding developments have been among the trendiest topics in the crypto community lately, possibly playing a role in the increased trading volume.  Leaving D... read More

September 20, 6:15 pm

XRP Holders to Receive a Unique Airdrop from This Japanese IT Giant
GMO Coin - a cryptocurrency exchange operating under the umbrella of the Japanese IT behemoth GMO Internet Group - will distribute Songbird (SGB) tokens to eligible XRP users. The airdrop is scheduled to reach customers by September 29, 2023. Benefiting XRP Owners The Japanese organization explained that the offering will reach those clients who ha... read More

September 20, 3:30 pm

Biggest Movers: XRP, MATIC Move to Multi-Week Highs on Wednesday
XRP was a big mover on Wednesday, despite cryptocurrency markets mostly consolidating in today's session. Traders have moved to secure recent gains, ahead of September's Federal Reserve interest rate decision. Polygon was also in the green, hitting a two-week high in the process.XRP XRP, formerly ripple, was a notable gainer in today's session, as ... read More

September 20, 3:18 pm

XRP Bounces Above $0.50 But is a Huge Dump In the Making? (Ripple Price ...
As discussed earlier in our analysis, Ripple recently dropped below its 200-day moving average in late August and continued to decline. However, it subsequently experienced a rebound, leading to a rally back towards the 200-day MA. This could indicate the formation of a pullback, suggesting a prevailing bearish sentiment in the market. Technical An... read More

September 20, 1:20 pm

Here's the Most Discussed Cryptocurrency Recently (It's Not XRP or SHIB)
Several researches have estimated that some of the most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Shiba Inu (SHIB). However, the top trending token in the space lately is neither of those. Enter Dogelon Mars (ELON) According to the behavior analytics platform Santiment, the cryptocurrency that has g... read More

September 20, 10:46 am

XRP Price Jumps 8% as Traders Eye $0.55 Level, While Bitcoin BSC Nears $...
It has been a positive week for XRP (XRP) investors, with the token’s value rising 8% since last Wednesday. XRP now looks to be heading for its first bullish weekly close since early August – and traders are eyeing the $0.55 level as a potential short-term price target. Meanwhile, viral presale crypto Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) continues to g... read More

September 20, 10:00 am

Is $10,000 Possible For XRP Price? Crypto Analysts Weigh In
The possibilities of how high the XRP price can go has triggered heated debate among crypto community members over the past week. One particular forecast put the price of the cryptocurrency as high as $10,000 as Ripple advances in the payments sector. However, the validity of this prediction is still heavily debated, leading crypto analysts to weig... read More

September 20, 9:49 am

Ripple (XRP) Finds a Spot in a Very Prestigious List
Ripple - the blockchain entity that stands behind the XRP token - has made its way to the top of yet another eminent rank. According to Fortune Magazine, the company provides one of the best working environments (in terms of small and medium firms). Ripple: The Only Crypto Organization on the List The American business magazine placed Ri... read More

September 20, 8:47 am

Huge XRP Cashback for Ripple Users in the United Kingdom: Details
Cryptocurrencies have managed to escape the confines of a niche market and are becoming more mainstream by the day. If massive advertising of popular meme coins in public spaces like the popular London double-deckers isn't enough, now some companies are offering cards with some serious cashback for XRP payments. The company in question is called Up... read More

September 20, 7:43 am

Ripple's (XRP) Massive Milestone, SHIB's Bullish Developments, BTC Break...
Three of the leading cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization and popularity - Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have recently achieved various milestones.  In the following lines, we will pinpoint these advancements as well as shed more light on possible upcoming developments. XRP's Milestone As CryptoPotato rep... read More

September 19, 11:30 pm

New York Shrinks List of Pre-Approved Crypto — DOGE, XRP Among Coi...
New York's financial regulator has significantly reduced the number of pre-approved cryptocurrencies that licensed crypto trading platforms can list. XRP, dogecoin, litecoin, and ethereum classic are among the coins removed from the Greenlist. The regulator also proposed new crypto guidance that 'heightens risk assessment standards for coin-listing... read More

September 19, 7:05 pm

Will Ripple (XRP) Win Against the SEC? Popular Trader is Betting on It
The popular cryptocurrency analyst, going by the name 'KALEO' on X (Twitter), is optimistic that the price of Ripple's native token - XRP - will soar in the near future. The forecast is based on the outcome of the lawsuit between the crypto firm and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 'I'm Long XRP' KALEO took it to X to out... read More

September 19, 10:00 am

Decoding Bitcoin Spark: The New Cryptocurrency on the Block Set to Rival...
The crypto industry is rapidly evolving, with massive and potential projects inaugurated. Therefore, the decentralized ecosystem has maintained a connection with virtual currency as they depict it as the future of digital transactions. While other developing projects emanate in the ecosystem, Bitcoin Spark has already made waves and garnered insigh... read More

September 19, 9:42 am

Will Ripple (XRP) Explode in Q4? Four Massive Considerations
XRP's price has been on a literal rollercoaster throughout the past 90 days. As this quarter is coming to an end, it's perhaps interesting to look at some of the major considerations for XRP in the final three months of the year. If there's one thing that we know, it's that XRP tends to be a momentum-driven coin, and under the right circumstances, ... read More

September 19, 9:30 am

Ripple CTO Explains Company's Stance On Debunking Outrageous XRP Price P...
Over the last few months, there have been a number of XRP price predictions that have taken the crypto market by surprise. While some of these have looked to be attainable, others have carried price ranges that seem impossible for the current vantage point. A s a result of community members questioning what Ripple can do about these predictions, Ri... read More

September 19, 5:03 am

XRP Removed From Important List: Pro-Ripple Lawyer Comments
While XRP's price is performing relatively well throughout the past week, adding over 6% to its dollar value, the cryptocurrency has been removed from an important list. On Monday, the New York Department of Financial Services announced that it's taking an update to its virtual currency oversight framework. The entity included new criteria for how ... read More

September 19, 4:49 am

XRP Price Prediction – Will It Break Through This Key Resistance a...
Ripple’s token price is rising above $0.50 against the US Dollar. XRP price could start a fresh rally if it clears the $0.515 and $0.525 resistance levels. Ripple’s token price is attempting a move above $0.515 and $0.525 against the US dollar. The price is now trading above $0.500 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is ... read More

September 19, 4:38 am

Ripple (XRP) Defies Bear Market Trend as Institutional Flows Positive
CoinShares released its weekly Digital Asset Fund Flows report yesterday. While the data there might be worrisome, it also sparks hope that institutions are showing interest in a certain group of select altcoins for the first time in a while. The report notes that: Digital asset investment products saw outflows totalling US$54m last week,... read More

September 18, 11:45 pm

Niche Ripple (XRP) Use Case You've Never Heard About
Ripple's XRP has mostly been touted as a means for cross-border payments part of the XRP Ledger. But it appears that people have found some interesting, unexpected, and, quite frankly, rather cool uses of the cryptocurrency. It's worth noting, though, that other coins, such as BTC and ETH, would probably do a similarly good job for the use case in ... read More

September 18, 8:00 pm

Incoming Milestone Could Be Very Bullish For XRP Price, Here's Why
Since Judge Analisa Torres’s ruling back in July that programmatic XRP sales do not qualify as securities, the token has been on an upward trajectory in terms of growth. This time around, the XRP Ledger is close to another enormous milestone, which could spell good news for the XRP price going forward. Accounts On XRP Ledger Near 5 Million Ma... read More

September 18, 6:35 pm

Ripple (XRP) Traders Anticipate Higher Prices as Volume Soars 90%
The trading volume of the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization - XRP - has spiked by over 90% in the past 24 hours, whereas other indicators, such as the asset's futures long/short ratio, have also headed north. Those are considered bullish factors, indicating that traders believe the coin's price could soon start rallying. XRP on ... read More

September 18, 1:18 pm

How Soon Can Ripple (XRP) Reach Its All-Time High of $3.40?
XRP's price has been performing relatively well for the past few days. The cryptocurrency finally managed to crack above the coveted psychological and technical resistance level at $0.50, and some traders have already turned bullish for the short term. Source: CoinGecko The past week also saw a couple of very bold XRP price predictions, one of whic... read More

September 18, 7:25 am

New XRP Price Predictions, BTC Price Targets, SHIB Bull Run Preparation:...
The cryptocurrency market has recently shown some signs of revival. However, three of the most popular digital assets - Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), and Shiba Inu (SHIB) - have not been among the best performers.  In the following, we will take a closer look at whether they are poised for a possible price expansion, as well as the most recent ... read More

September 18, 4:30 am

Crypto Community Skeptical of Blackrock's XRP Pivot Rumors
Many crypto proponents have warned that despite a small connection between Blackrock and XRP, the news of the world's largest asset manager shifting focus from bitcoin to XRP is fake. Blackrock is currently waiting for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to greenlight its spot bitcoin ETF application.Crypto Proponents Doubt Veracity o... read More

September 18, 4:10 am

Ripple (XRP) on the Verge of Achieving a Massive Milestone
Ripple seems to be on the verge of achieving a massive milestone as the team prepares to integrate two very important new features with the upcoming XRPL upgrade. This comes amid a flurry of XPR price predictions, so let's have a look. Two New Features Coming to XRPL David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, has, on multiple occasions, expressed his excit... read More

September 17, 8:02 am

Can Ripple (XRP) Reach $7? Expert Lays Down Critical Levels to Watch
XRP's price has been on a rollercoaster throughout the past few months, which is mostly because of the case between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The price skyrocketed to almost $1, more or less doubling in value, in a day after Judge Analisa Torres ruled partially in favor of the company, stating that secondary s... read More

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