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August 10, 12:47 pm

X.LA's Alex Barkaloff Reveals Vision to Bring Billions to Web3
[PRESS RELEASE - Los Angeles, USA, 26th July 2022] Alex Barkaloff, a founding member of X.LA Foundation, has shared his vision for onboarding billions to web3. At the recent CogX festival for CEOs, technology leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, Barkaloff proposed how web3 must evolve to meet the needs of internet users the world over. He also detailed the role X.LA Foundation will play in allowing content creators to leverage their IP so that they can profitably participate in the metaverse economy which will be enmeshed in this new internet standard. On the panel “The Business of Entertainment: How Tech Is Transforming the Way We Play,” Barkaloff discussed the goals of X.LA Foundation in the context of web3. Fully leveraging blockchain technology stands at the heart of the company’s plans to bring the benefits of decentralization and democratization to all content creators. “We serve the creators,” explained Barkaloff, “and are reaching out to many enterprise studios, film companies, music labels, etc. We want the whole creator audience to partner with us.” The inclusion of entertainment companies outside purely video games speaks to Barkaloff’s extensive career in senior roles, such as Executive Producer of Digital at movie pro... read More

July 14, 6:29 pm

How Web3 Will Aid in a New Era of Credential Data Ownership and User Emp...
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Web3 might be the likes of NFTs, the metaverse or blockchain technology. Although all of these concepts do fall under the umbrella that is Web3, additional features such as credential data networks also fit into the picture, which play an integral part in the progression of Web3. Back to Basics Th... read More

July 13, 3:10 pm

Ripple Partners up with Major Web3 Company to Bring XRPL NFTs to CrossTo...
One of the world's largest web3 companies and a renowned crypto payment system have joined forces and entered into a partnership in the NFT field. We are talking about CrossTower and Ripple. Thanks to the partnership, NFT collections minted on XRP Ledger will appear on CrossTower's marketplace, and therefore XRPL NFT developers and creators will ha... read More

July 13, 12:20 pm

From Fringe Tech to Mainstream Adoption: CESS Discusses the Rise, Curren...
The summit, now in its 14 year, featured luminaries from the Web3 space, including CESS Chairman Nicholas Zaldastani, who provided a technical, operational, and business-focused deep dive into Web3. CESS, Cumulus Encrypted Storage System, is a third-generation decentralized, cloud-based data storage protocol built for Web 3.0. Despite the rapid asc... read More

July 12, 11:11 pm

Korean Fintech Giant Dunamu to Create 10,000 Web3 Jobs and Invest $380 M...
Dunamu - the company behind South Korea's leading crypto exchange Upbit - plans to invest 500 billion won ($380 million) in the next five years and create approximately 10,000 new job positions. Expansion Amid the Crypto Winter The bear market and the outflow of investors' interest in the industry have caused numerous companies to reduce costs and ... read More

July 12, 1:00 am

Claim Your First NFT Top-Level Domain for Web3 on Quik?com
NFT domains enable users to establish a presence on the decentralized web and the metaverse, with providing top-level domains such as .metaverse, .vr, .web3, and many other powerful options for users to claim. Check out metaverse domains. The metaverse ideology and the emerging concept of brands establishing themselves in the decentralized... read More

July 11, 11:02 pm

South Korea's Largest Mobile Operator to Introduce a Web3 Wallet: ...
The largest mobile operator in South Korea - SK Telecom - reportedly joined forces with crypto firms AhnLab Blockchain Company and Atomrigs Labs to release a digital wallet. The feature will provide cryptocurrency services and access to the Web3 ecosystem. According to a recent report, users of the wallet will be able to receive, transfer, and sto... read More

July 11, 10:55 am

Web3 Product Studio 0xytocin Labs Acquires NFT Project Chain Scouts
[PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, 10th July 2022] The developer team behind Project Godjira, SkyVerse, and many other NFT projects, 0xytocin Labs, has acquired Chain Scouts to enhance their ecosystem and develop exciting NFT products. With a team of over 30 safe NFT drops and over 5000 ETH processed through their products, 0xytocin Labs has be... read More

July 08, 10:30 pm

Argentinian Exchange Ripio Presents Crypto Educational Textbook and Web3...
Ripio, an Argentina-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of two products, a cryptocurrency educational textbook to help newcomers navigate the crypto market, and a Web3 wallet that the company aims to position as an easy gateway to the metaverse. While other Latam-based exchanges have laid off some staff to survive the current market... read More

July 05, 11:50 am

Metaverse Summit to Accelerate Open Metaverse and Web3 with Internationa...
[PRESS RELEASE - Paris, France, 5th July 2022] Metaverse Summit has announced its official event dates for its 2022 Paris edition as of July 16-17th. Metaverse Summit is an International Convention that celebrates the metaverse's technology and creativity. Metaverse Summit brings together leading metaverse entrepreneurs, builders, investors, and ex... read More

June 30, 10:39 am

Web3 Wallets Realize the Frontier Exploration of On-chain Addresses
An Ethereum address is a complex 42-bit string starting with 0x. As the most basic part of the crypto infrastructure, addresses are the carriers of users’ assets, rights, and on-chain interactions. We often see people name their Twitter starting with 0x to indicate their identity as a blockchain player, which demonstrates the importance and r... read More

June 28, 12:01 pm

Users Are Invited to Join the Web3 Revolution With Gate Io
[PRESS RELEASE - Majuro, Marshall Islands, 27th June 2022] Web3 is the next iteration of the internet powered by decentralized blockchains. Although in its infancy, a wide range of Web3-based cryptocurrencies and projects are scattered throughout the crypto market. Let's explore the concept of Web3 and navigate the ways users can get involved with ... read More

June 24, 2:06 am

Solana Announces a New Crypto Smartphone and a Web3 Developer Kit
On June 23, the CEO of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko, announced in New York the launch of a software development kit for Web3 programs called 'Solana Mobile Stack (SMS),' as well as the delivery date of its new crypto phone: The 'Saga.' According to Yakovenko, Solana's new smartphone will cost approximately $1,000 and will be available for purchas... read More

June 23, 4:44 pm

Avalanche Launches Bitcoin Brdige Through Web3 Wallet Core
Ethereum competitor Avalanche announced new support for native Bitcoin (BTC) through its bridge solution built on its crypto wallet Core. Following the news, its native token AVX spiked higher, outperforming major digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the past 24 hours. Wrapped BTC on Avalanche Ava Lab - the foundation behind the smart contra... read More

June 22, 11:00 am

Embr Releases Checkout to Future-Proof Trust in Web3 Payment Experiences
Embr is an all-remote corporation building a global Web3 fundraising infrastructure, and Checkout is the first of many product releases focused on moving startups and creators into a new era of the internet. Web3 has the potential to rewrite the future of economic opportunity for innovators and investors everywhere. Still, crypto first-timers an... read More

June 21, 4:18 pm

ChainAPI rolls out Airnode integration service to enable no-code web3 de...
ChainAPI, a value-add service to first-party blockchain oracle solution API3’s Airnode, today announced the launch of its no-code Airnode integration service enabling API providers to seamlessly self-integrate and deploy first-party oracles within the broader blockchain space. While existing oracle solutions traditionally involve intermediari... read More

June 21, 1:42 pm

Zignaly's DAO Expands Web3 Investment Opportunities to Further Emp...
Zignaly, a pioneer in social investment and advocate for blockchain composability, is constantly working to further improve its platform. The project regularly adds new and innovative features to empower all investors, regardless of skill level, to have equal access to expert-managed, passive investing tools and capabilities. Last month, the projec... read More

June 18, 8:00 pm

The 2 Most Common Airdrop Phishing Attacks and How Web3 Wallet Owners Ca...
In the world of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (defi), and Web3, airdrops have become commonplace in the industry. However, while airdrops sound like free money, there's been a growing trend of airdrop phishing scams that steal people's money when they attempt to get the so-called 'free' crypto assets. The following is a look at two differ... read More

June 16, 11:18 am

Innovative Blockchain Games Boost Mass Web3 Adoption – Here'...
Web3 Gaming is transforming the blockchain space. The GameFi industry has progressively expanded its dominance, attracting over $22.5 billion in total investments. This era began in late-2020 when Andre Cronje, the founder of Yearn.Finance, introduced the notion of GameFi. His tweet about gamification in a decentralized setting took crypto Twitter ... read More

June 16, 1:22 am

Polygon Co-Founder: Web3 Remains 'Mega-Mega Bullish' Despite...
Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market's downturn have left industry experts anticipating an extended winter. But Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal believes the big picture for Web 3 remains bullish. The exec asserted that the correction has more to do with 'macro' than any fundamental weaknesses in the Web 3 sector. What's Next? In the latest Twit... read More

June 15, 7:30 am

Hackers Are Cloning Web3 Wallets Like Metamask and Coinbase Wallet to St...
Confiant, an advertising security agency, has found a cluster of malicious activity involving distributed wallet apps, allowing hackers to steal private seeds and acquire the funds of users via backdoored imposter wallets. The apps are distributed via cloning of legitimate sites, giving the appearance that the user is downloading an original app.&#... read More

June 14, 11:48 pm

Sequoia Capital Launches Two New Funds to Expand Web3 Investment
Global venture capital and growth investor Sequoia Capital has announced the launch of two new funds - a $2 billion early-stage venture, and growth product for India as well as an $850 million dedicated one for Southeast Asia. The focus will also be on the Web3 ecosystem. Sequoia has ambitious plans for the region and aims to 'double down.' It cur... read More

June 13, 5:02 pm

Lacoste makes its way into the web3 ecosystem with UNDW3
Luxury brand Lacoste has joined the web3 ecosystem with the launch of UNDW3 - pronounced underwater. The company announced this forward-looking move through a press release. The UNDW3 universe will let the Lacoste community participate in furthering the brand’s fashion-sport vision. According to the press release, UNDW3 allows Lacoste communi... read More

June 12, 9:35 pm

Huobi Launches Blockchain and Web3 Investment Arm Ivy Blocks
Huobi, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the creation of a new investment arm to tackle decentralized finance and Web3 projects. Ivy Blocks, as it was named by the exchange, will focus on finding projects in seed stages to aid them via financing and other supporting services with the objective of making a 'better, more inclusive' Web... read More

June 11, 7:00 am

Felix Capital Raises $600 Million to Grow Web3 Exposure
Felix Capital, a London-based VC company, has raised $600 million in its fourth fundraising round, this being its biggest yet. The company, which has been investing in commerce and money-tooling startups, is planning to use part of the funds raised to increase its Web3 exposure as part of its new business strategy. Felix Capital Includes Web3 ... read More

June 11, 12:48 am

Circle to Acquire Taiwan-based Web3 Infrastructure Platform Cybavo
Stablecoin issuer and fintech company, Circle, has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Cybavo, a crypto infrastructure platform based in Taiwan. As part of the move, Circle will continue to invest in, develop, and operate the Taiwan-based company products and services and add them as a new product pillar. With Cubavo, Circle... read More

June 11, 12:00 am

Mastercard to Implement Payments for NFT and Web3 Projects
Payments giant Mastercard has announced it is working to bring direct payment support for a number of NFT and Web3 platforms with its cards. According to the company, this will enable more customers to enter the industry as the barrier to acquiring such digital goods is lowered via more flexible payment products. Mastercard To Enable NFT and W... read More

June 10, 11:54 am

xtingles Expands its Effort to Bring Wellness into Web3 Through Deep Lif...
[PRESS RELEASE - New York, USA, 9th June 2022] xtingles, the premier launchpad for ASMR NFT collectibles, has announced it is expanding its effort to bring ASMR into Web3 by forming Deep Life Labs (DLL), a parent organization that will help create even richer, more meaningful ASMR experiences and collectibles on the xtingles platform. In addition t... read More

June 10, 12:58 am

Lightspark Backer Felix Capital Raises $600M to Support Crypto and Web3 ...
According to a recent announcement, the London-based VC is targeting 'long-term' investments in commerce and fintech firms. With the new funding, the firm is looking to double down on existing investments, as well as support emerging startups. It also plans on adding in new hires as partners, investors, and advisers. As far as environmental conserv... read More

June 09, 6:30 pm

Solana Ventures Launches $100 Million Fund Focused on Web3 Projects in S...
Solana Ventures has revealed the launch of a $100 million fund dedicated to Web3 startups in South Korea. According to Solana Labs' general manager Johnny Lee, the capital will be dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (defi), and game finance (gamefi) development.Solana Ventures Reveals $100 Million Web3 Fund Dedicated to F... read More

June 07, 2:00 pm

Gala's Web3 Game GRIT Now Accessible to Epic Games Store's 1...
[PRESS RELEASE - Jackson, USA, 7th June 2022] Gala Games, a pioneer in web3 entertainment, announced today that it is continuing to lead the way for blockchain games by publishing its titles on the Epic Games Store. With Epic Games Store’s more than 194 million users, Gala will bring web3 games to the masses, exposing millions of gamers to th... read More

June 03, 12:00 pm

Binance Labs Launches $500 Million Web3, Blockchain Fund
Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of the leading crypto exchange, has announced the launch of a new fund that will focus its action on Web3 and blockchain technologies. The fund, which will launch with $500 million in capital, will invest in companies that take cryptocurrencies and extend their use cases using Web3 and other technologies. ... read More

June 02, 7:10 am

Meta Apes Launches on BNB Application Sidechain to Combine Web2 and Web3...
[PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, United States, 31st May 2022] Meta Apes - a free-to-play, play-to-earn MMO strategy game designed for a mobile-first experience - is delighted to announce that it has become the first game to go live on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). Meta Apes is now available for Android devices on Google Play, with the iOS ap... read More

June 01, 12:38 pm

Binance Labs Introduced a $500 Million Fund to Focus on Web3 Companies
The venture capital and innovation incubator of Binance - Binance Labs - raised $500 million for its first start-up fund and intends to invest the sum into entities part of the Web3 ecosystem. Bullish on the Web3 Universe The multimillion fund was led by the American venture capital firms DST Global and Breyer Capital. Other undisclosed family offi... read More

May 30, 5:30 pm

Ludo: A Web3 App Store and Search Engine for NFT and Metaverse Experienc...
As interest in the metaverse continues to grow, blockchain developers continue to roll out new Web3 and gaming applications that offer users immersive experiences and more earning opportunities. But for the metaverse to attain mainstream adoption, these dApps must be accessible to the average user. Unfortunately, there is no central place where use... read More

May 28, 6:30 am

A16z Launches $4.5 Billion Crypto Fund Focused on Web3 Opportunities
A16z, one of the most influential VC firms in the crypto field, has announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency fund to invest in the development of Web3 startups. This fourth crypto fund from the firm, which will launch with a budget of $4.5 billion dollars, is set to focus on several key fields in the crypto environment, including blockchain gam... read More

May 26, 4:30 pm

Top 3 Web3 Coins to Watch in 2022
When speaking of Web3 coins, some may automatically think of cryptocurrency tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum - but it’s much more than that. In fact, Web3 coins form part of a much larger ecosystem which many believe is the future of both the internet and finance as we know it. Expanding further than just being an online currency, digital ... read More

May 23, 5:30 pm

Gamestop Launches Web3 Ethereum Wallet That Leverages Loopring's Z...
This week, the consumer electronics and gaming software retailer, Gamestop, has officially revealed the company's self-custodial, Web3 ethereum wallet. The wallet is currently in beta form and now available via the firm's web portal, in order to provide users with a wallet that stores crypto assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Furthermore, the w... read More

May 21, 10:53 pm

a16z Reiterates Bullish Thesis on Web3, Compares it to the Internet&rsqu...
Leading crypto VC firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) released a report offering an annual overview of the current trends and state of the crypto industry. The paper reiterated the firm's bullish views on Web3, projecting long-term growth ahead of the sector, and weighed in on the dominant position as claimed by Ethereum among layer-one blockchains. 'W... read More

May 21, 5:30 am

A16z Launches $600 Million Web3 Gaming Focused Fund
A16z has launched a new fund that seeks to invest $600 million in gaming experiences including Web3 and metaverse. The fund, which seeks to build the future of the gaming industry, aims to back several startups and projects in different areas including gaming studios, the intersection of gaming and consumers, and infrastructure. This move complemen... read More

May 20, 8:30 pm

Crypto Custody Firm Fireblocks Launches Web3 Services Suite
Fireblocks, a crypto custody service provider, is expanding its services with the launch of an institutional suite of Web3 services. This suite will allow customers to leverage liquidity from different exchanges, and mint NFTs. The service, which has already onboarded several names in the industry, also includes gaming asset management for blockcha... read More

May 18, 10:30 pm

Robinhood Launching New Non-Custodial Web3 Crypto Wallet
Trading platform Robinhood is launching a non-custodial, web3 cryptocurrency wallet. 'Customers will be able to hold the keys for their own crypto,' the company said.Robinhood Building Non-Custodial, Web3 Wallet Popular trading platform Robinhood announced Tuesday that it is 'building a brand new non-custodial, web3 wallet that will allow customers... read More

May 18, 1:00 pm

DoraHacks Bags $20M From FTX Ventures, Gemini, CryptoCom Capital to Acce...
DoraHacks, a global hacker movement and Web 3.0 developer community, has raised $20 million in a Series B1 funding round to help accelerate the growth of its Web 3.0 platform. DoraHacks Raises $20M The round was led by FTX Ventures and Liberty City Ventures, with participation from Circle Ventures, Gemini Frontier Fund, Sky9 Capital, Cap... read More

May 18, 11:45 am

Web3 Gaming Company Metatheory Raises $24 Million With Backing From A16z...
Metatheory, a Web3 gaming company founded in 2021, has announced it has raised $24 million in a Series A funding round. The investment round, which was led by big VC names in the crypto space like a16z, also had the participation of Pantera Capital and FTX Ventures. Kevin Lin, CEO of the company and co-founder of Twitch, stated the company will foc... read More

May 18, 4:00 am

Internet Service Company Cloudflare to Run Ethereum Validator Nodes as P...
Cloudflare, an internet services and DDoS protection company, has announced a new strategy regarding its Web3 experiments. The company revealed it will run Ethereum validator nodes as part of its commitment to help to scale the internet by using proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus technologies. This will ostensibly allow the company to access the energy... read More

May 18, 12:57 am

Fireblocks' New Web3 Engine and Enterprise Tools to Aid NFT, DeFi ...
The blockchain security service provider - Fireblocks - introduced a new Web3 Engine that will aid developers' efforts to build NFT, DeFi, and GameFi products and services. Additionally, the platform enabled access to exchanges, decentralized applications, and non-fungible token marketplaces for capital market participants and alternative asset man... read More

May 17, 11:31 pm

Coinbase Announces Web3 Functionality to Small Subset of Users
Coinbase announced facilitating access to Ethereum-based decentralized applications directly through the Coinbase app. This update will enable eligible app users to purchase NFTs on marketplaces such as the recently launched Coinbase NFT or OpenSea, trade on decentralized exchanges, and start borrowing, lending, or swapping through DeFi platforms l... read More

May 17, 5:00 pm

The First Rewards Card for the Web3 World by The Crypto Card Club
PRESS RELEASE. An emerging NFT company, The Crypto Card Club, has developed an innovative system that aims to recognise and reward investors by merging real-world reward point systems with NFT and Web3 purchases. The groundbreaking service financially rewards holders for their usual NFT spending, attempting to minimise Web3 financial risks and saf... read More

May 10, 9:06 pm

KuCoin Bags $150M at $10B Valuation to Focus on Web3, NFT, and DeFi
KuCoin has announced raising $150 million pre-Series B funding round led by Jump Crypto. The event also saw the participation of Circle Ventures, IDG Capital, and Matrix Partners. The valuation of the exchange surged to $10 billion following the financing round. Beyond Centralized Trading According to the official press release, the Seychelles-base... read More

May 10, 8:05 pm

Pac-Man Frog: Solana-Based Project Leading Web3 Innovations
The digital asset industry is evolving at a breakneck pace, and new trends are being formed as developers continue to explore the different use cases of blockchain technology. Crypto trends such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), GameFi, Web3, and the Metaverse, have received massive attention, and investors are looking fo... read More

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