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Tokens Crypto News and Headlines
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March 20, 7:30 pm

Lido's Staked Ethereum Token STETH Reaches $10.3B Market Capitalization,...
With the crypto economy experiencing significant gains over the past week and the price of ethereum rising 11.9%, the market capitalization of Lido's staked ether has increased to $10.3 billion. This recent increase has propelled the token's overall market valuation to the ninth-largest position, according to the crypto market capitalization aggregation website Finance's TVL Dominates Defi with a 21.59% Share The value of liquid staking tokens associated with ethereum (ETH) has increased significantly over the last week following ether's 11.9% gains against the U.S. dollar. In particular, Lido's staked ethereum token, STETH, now has a market capitalization above the $10 billion range, reaching $10.36 billion on Monday, March 20, 2023. According to coingecko statistics, STETH's market valuation now ranks ninth, with dogecoin's (DOGE) market capitalization holding the tenth position. Above STETH is the market valuation of polygon (MATIC) at $10.42 billion. Currently, there is a circulating supply of around 5.8 million STETH, and over the past 24 hours, the token has recorded $22.35 million in global trades. The most active exchanges dealing with STETH on Monday are Bybit,, and Huobi. STETH has gained 12.4% this week and 4.6% over the past 30 days. STETH... read More

March 20, 11:00 am

Damex Releases in-App Utility Token Damex Token, Enables Users to Earn R...
PRESS RELEASE. WATERPORT PLACE, GIB., March 20th, 2023 – Digital Asset Management Limited and the Damex group (“Damex” or “”)), a Distributed Ledger Technology provider based in Gibraltar, recently announced its utility token IEO, the Damex Token ($DAMEX), which can be used within the Damex App along with other... read More

March 19, 4:28 pm

MBLK Token Private Sale Exceeds Expectations, Sets Stage for IDO Success
[PRESS RELEASE - Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17th March 2023] ZOGI Labs, a multidivisional blockchain company and gaming studio established in May 2021, and the team behind the revolutionary MMORPG Legends of Bezogia, has announced the successful conclusion of its private token sale for its in-game currency, Magical Blocks ($MBLK). Led by web3-foc... read More

March 17, 6:30 pm

Stablecoin Supply Plummets After Depegging Event: $7.4B Dollar-Pegged To...
During the past 11 days, over 7 billion USDC stablecoins have been withdrawn from circulation, with most of the redemptions occurring following the depegging event of USDC on March 11, 2023. Furthermore, since March 6, a total of 439.48 million BUSD stablecoins have been redeemed.Stablecoin Depegging Event Triggers Billions in Redemptions The stabl... read More

March 17, 5:30 am

Arbitrum Launches Native Governance Token ARB and Self-Executing DAO Gov...
The Ethereum layer two (L2) scaling solution Arbitrum has launched a native governance token named ARB and a self-executing decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance model. The ARB token will have an initial supply of 10 billion, and coins will be airdropped to the Arbitrum DAO treasury, Offchain Labs (the company behind Arbitrum), Off... read More

March 16, 1:29 pm

The Wait is Over: Arbitrum Will Airdrop Over 1 Billion ARB Tokens to Use...
The popular Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, Arbitrum, announced that they will be airdropping their long-awaited token in a week from now. March 23rd is the date when Arbitrum will airdrop the long-awaited ARB token. The team released detailed documentation which outlines that 1.162 billion tokens, representing 11.62 percent of the total initia... read More

March 12, 12:30 pm

Extreme Market Turbulence: Critics Call Warren's Silvergate Take 'Terrib...
It's been a turbulent week in finance with the so-called crypto-friendly Silvergate Bank announcing its liquidation, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren blaming the event on 'crypto risk,' and individuals on social media pointing out that Warren is 'terribly misinformed.' Additionally, U.S. Regulators closed Silicon Valley Bank after reports of a bank ru... read More

March 10, 12:30 pm

Report: Thai Govt to Grant Tax Waivers to Issuers of Digital Asset Inves...
Thailand's government has said companies that issue digital tokens will receive a waiver that exempts them from paying corporate and value-added tax. According to a report, the Thai government anticipates losing just over $1 billion in tax revenue as a result of the waiver. Relaxation of Tax Rules for Investments in Digital Assets Thailand-based co... read More

March 10, 7:45 am

Huobi Token Flash Crashes by 90% in Minutes: Here's Everything You Need ...
HT - the native token of Huobi Exchange - crashed by 90% on Thursday, dropping from $4.6 to $0.31 in a span of 10 minutes. The price has since recovered, but HT was still down by nearly 20% over the past day and was currently trading at $3.81. Source: TradingView Other crypto-assets tied to Tron's founder, Justin Sun, also tumbled. TRX, for one, fe... read More

March 10, 6:00 am

Join the Plena Smart Wallet Referral Program and Win Big with $1,000,000...
PRESS RELEASE. Plena Smart Wallet, which is one of the first self-custodial wallets to support Account Abstraction is thrilled to unveil its hotly anticipated referral program that offers rewards worth up to $1,000,000 in $Plena tokens. The program aims to incentivize users to invite their friends and family to join the platform while offering them... read More

March 09, 1:04 pm

Mizar Launches MZR Token on Arbitrum and Unveils DeFi Roadmap
[PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, 8th March 2023] Mizar, a social trading platform that boasts over 10,000 users and sees daily trades in the millions of dollars, is pleased to announce the launch of its $MZR token on March 9th, along with the disclosure of its ambition to introduce automatic and copy trading on both centralized and decentra... read More

March 08, 9:30 pm

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin's Address Sells Trillions of Airdrop...
On March 7, onchain observers noticed that Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, had allegedly sold billions and trillions of airdropped ERC20 tokens, resulting in a gain of an estimated $700,000 in value. The market liquidity of the airdropped tokens was shallow, and the relatively unknown ERC20 tokens plummeted in value after Buterin repor... read More

March 08, 11:05 am

Metacade Token Sale Advances to Stage 6 with $9.3m Sold and Only 2 Stage...
[PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, 8th March 2023] GameFi arcade project Metacade has continued to see a phenomenal response to its MCADE token presale, with 5 stages selling out and an impressive $9.3m raised to date. This leaves only two rounds before the presale closes and the hotly anticipated token finally lists on public exchanges. Duri... read More

March 06, 4:05 pm

MetaMask's Token Will Probably Not Be What You Expected: Talking Wallets...
Airdrops have undoubtedly changed the course of development for many blockchain-based projects and the companies behind them. The examples are numerous, but one team that hasn't yet released a token and is long anticipated to do so is MetaMask. MetaMask is by far the largest self-custody cryptocurrency wallet with over 30 million users and has play... read More

March 02, 4:07 pm

Metatime Token Sale Will Start on March 3 to Kickstart Its Web3 Ecosyste...
[PRESS RELEASE - Istanbul, Turkey, 2nd March 2023] Web3 ecosystem, Metatime, has announced its private token sale will commence on March 3. Despite being billed as a private sale, the event will be open to the public, giving them an opportunity to stake a claim in the web3 universe that Metatime is creating. The first phase of the Metatime private ... read More

February 28, 1:00 am

SEC Chairman Explains Why He Views All Crypto Tokens Other Than Bitcoin ...
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler has detailed why he considers all crypto tokens other than bitcoin as securities. While acknowledging that crypto tokens may have different setups, he stressed that 'at the core, these tokens are securities.'SEC Chair Believes All Crypto Tokens Other Than Bitcoin Are Securities The... read More

February 24, 9:05 pm

Coinbase's In-House Blockchain Launch Followed By Impersonation Tokens
Coinbase launched its own Layer-2 blockchain yesterday, built in collaboration with Optimism in its OP stack. The new Layer-2 blockchain, named Base, will host many of Coinbase’s on-chain products and offer EVMs at low costs to developers. Piggybacking on Recent News Unfortunately, opportunistic bad actors are once again trying to make a quic... read More

February 23, 2:46 pm

Coinbase Launch ETH Layer-2 Network Based on Optimism, OP Token Pumps 6%
The largest US-based crypto exchange Coinbase unveiled its own Ethereum layer-2 network. Dubbed 'Base,' the new network is built on the MIT-licensed OP Stack in collaboration with Optimism. According to the official press release, Coinbase aims to lure millions of new crypto users in with Base, which boasts full EVM equivalence at a fraction of th... read More

February 23, 6:59 am

Binance Introduces Semi-Automated Reserve Token Management: Report
The company has switched to a “semi-automated” process to govern the reserves that back the tokens it issues. In late January, it was discovered that Binance stored token collateral with user funds in the same wallet. Bloomberg reported that the firm mistakenly stored collateral for almost half of its 94 Binance-peg tokens (B-tokens) in... read More

February 22, 5:30 pm

BIS General Manager Casts Doubt on Stablecoins, Claiming Tokens Do Not B...
According to Agustin Carstens, the head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), cryptocurrencies have lost the 'battle' against fiat currencies issued by the world's central banks. While speaking at the Monetary Authority of Singapore on Wednesday, Carstens stressed that stablecoins are not reliable because they lack the 'institutional arr... read More

February 20, 6:00 pm

TOTHESMART Is Transitioning to Its Own Token What Is the TTS Token Pheno...
PRESS RELEASE. TOTHESMART is a PlayToEarn mining farm built on Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The project works on decentralization principles and believes that the best way to develop community and promote blockchain industry in Mass Adoption is a game engine with open rules of the Game prescribed in blockchain. The project was released more than... read More

February 20, 5:00 pm

Helium Network Migration to Solana Blockchain in March Drives Significan...
Over the past seven days, the crypto asset solana has increased more than 23% against the U.S. dollar after the announcement that the Helium Network plans to migrate to the Solana blockchain on March 27. Helium Network's native token, helium, has also risen, jumping 25% over the past week against the greenback.Core Helium Devs Reveal Network Migrat... read More

February 19, 11:45 pm

24% of New Tokens in 2022 Were Likely Pump and Dump Schemes: Report
A recent study by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis found that 24% of the tokens launched in 2022 had the characteristics of pump-and-dump schemes. Most of the tokens plunged by 90% in the first week of their launch after their creators dumped their holdings. This, according to Chainalysis, is a typical feature of a pump and dump scheme. Over 9... read More

February 19, 3:00 pm

Metaverse, AI, and Liquid Staking Tokens Lead Year-to-Date Crypto Asset ...
In 2023, the leading crypto assets, such as bitcoin and ethereum, have captured decent gains. Bitcoin has increased 17.2% over the last 30 days, and ethereum has risen 9.3% in the same timeframe. However, year-to-date statistics show that bitcoin is down 38.3%, and ethereum has lost 39.3% against the U.S. dollar. The following presents a look at 12... read More

February 17, 5:31 pm

NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce Charged by SEC for Touting EMAX Tokens
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Basketball Hall of Famer Paul Pierce for touting EMAX tokens and making misleading comments about unregistered crypto securities. The former Boston Celtics small forward agreed to settle the charges and pay the SEC $1.409 million.SEC Chair Gary Gensler Wants to Remind Celebrities of Disc... read More

February 16, 12:00 pm

Bitget Announced Panda Farm (BBO) Token Sale on Its Re-launched Launchpa...
PRESS RELEASE. Victoria, Seychelles, February 16, 2023 – Bitget, the world's largest crypto copy trading exchange, announced the relaunch of its Launchpad platform, which provides exclusive access to promising blockchain projects at an early stage. Panda Farm (BBO), the first completely decentralized GameFi project running on Arbitrum, will b... read More

February 15, 12:36 pm

Bitpanda-Backed Pantos Launches Public Beta of Its Multichain Token Syst...
[PRESS RELEASE - Vienna, Austria, 14th February 2023] Pantos, a multichain token system conceived by the team behind Bitpanda, announces the public beta launch of its multichain protocol today. Developers and users will be able to use the public beta to send tokens, wrap native coins of supported chains, and soon also create and deploy multichain t... read More

February 14, 12:00 pm

DPA Token (DPAT) and Blockchain Technology: The Key to Unlocking Africa'...
PRESS RELEASE. For foreign investors who have always wanted to diversify their portfolio with African assets but have been held back by security and transparency, this might be a game-changer. Africa is a continent that is rich with potential and opportunity. However, due to prolonged periods of negative portrayals and limited access to resources o... read More

February 10, 1:41 pm

Optimism Airdrops $30M Worth of OP Tokens, Price Plunges 13% Daily
The long-awaited second airdrop of Ethereum's layer-two scaling solution - Optimism - is here. The protocol distributed a total of 11.7 million OP tokens to over 300,000 addresses. The price of OP dropped after the announcement. Many have been expecting the second airdrop of the popular Ethereum layer-two scaling solution, Optimism. The first one ... read More

February 09, 2:30 am

Shark Tank Star Kevin O'Leary Says Most Crypto Tokens Are Worthless &mda...
Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, says that most crypto tokens are worthless and they will eventually drop to zero in value. He added that he now owns seven cryptocurrencies and he is getting the same volatility he did when he owned 32 crypto tokens prior to the collapse of crypto exchange FTX.O'Leary: Most Crypto Tokens Are Worthle... read More

February 08, 5:56 pm

Lawyers Challenge SEC's Attempt at Labelling 9 Tokens as Securities
As the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues vying for regulatory presence over the crypto market, a high-profile industry lawsuit looks poised to answer more questions about how far its authority should reach.  Lawyers defending Ishan Wahi – a former Coinbase manager accused of insider trading – are challenging the SE... read More

February 08, 11:23 am

Brazilian Utility Token Wibx Extends Its Use Cases
[PRESS RELEASE - Brazil, São José dos Campos, 7th February 2023] Brazilian company Wiboo has extended the utility of its Wibx token, adding new use cases. The token already supports a user base of more than half a million people. Wiboo is an emerging company whose mission is to decentralize the power of digital marketing. It’s c... read More

February 07, 12:30 pm

Report: Korean Regulator Approves Issuance and Distribution of Security ...
South Korea's Financial Services Commission (FSC) has reportedly said that Korean investors will soon be able to easily invest and trade security tokens or fractionalized assets. According to the FSC's Lee Su-young, security token investors are expected to get the same protection that is provided to investors in conventional securities. Protecting ... read More

February 05, 5:00 pm

Meme Coin Economy Swells by $5.8 Billion in Less Than a Month, Suggestin...
The meme coin economy has grown significantly over the past 27 days, increasing 34.52% against the U.S. dollar. The largest meme coin by market capitalization, dogecoin, has risen 29.5% in the past month, while the second-largest meme coin, shiba inu, has jumped 71.9% in 30 days. Since Jan. 9, 2023, the overall value of the meme token economy has i... read More

February 03, 8:05 am

Metacade Presale Pasts $5M as GameFi Investors Tend to Buy MCADE Tokens
[PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, 2nd February 2023] The Metacade presale is selling out fast, with stage 3 coming to a close after just 12 days. The presale of the play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse arcade saw its previous rounds sell out within 4 weeks, raising $2.7 million but this has been dwarfed in comparison to the third stage selling out a... read More

February 02, 6:30 pm

Smart Contract Token Market Soars to $332 Billion; Defi Value Reaches Hi...
The smart contract token economy rose 5.6% against the U.S. dollar on Thursday, reaching $332 billion. Additionally, the value locked in decentralized finance (defi) increased to nearly $50 billion, a record high not seen since the collapse of FTX.Smart Contract Economy and Defi TVL Bounces Back On Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023, the top smart contract pla... read More

February 02, 5:25 pm

Optimism's OP Token Clinches Record High Nearing $3 After New Bedrock Pr...
OP - the governance token of Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution Optimism - surged by more than 30% over the past 24 hours from $2.23 to $2.92, hitting a fresh all-time high. The price action comes after Optimism Foundation released a proposal regarding upgrading the Optimism mainnet to Bedrock. The proposal stated that the upgrade seeks to provide ... read More

February 02, 12:00 pm

Neon Link Announces Limited Presale Of The $NEON Token That Will Power A...
Press Release. LONDON, ENGLAND – February 2nd, 2023 – Neon Link, a blockchain gaming company building a technologically robust and scalable environment, announced its opening of the presale of the $NEON token, taking place on the 15th February at 5PM UTC, which is set to fuel the next generation of games that sit on top of the project&r... read More

February 01, 4:00 pm

Social Token Platform 'Rally' Shuts Down Sidechain, Native Token RLY Plu...
Social token platform 'Rally' announced on January 31 the shutdown of its sidechain blockchain network, meaning that users would not be able to access non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its sidechain. Rally communicated the shocking message to its users via email that said the Rally sidechain would start winding down on Tuesday, January 31, the same day... read More

January 31, 11:30 pm

Metaverse Tokens Outperform Top Crypto Assets in 2023 With Decentraland'...
During the first month of 2023, the top two leading cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum, experienced double-digit gains against the U.S. dollar. Meanwhile, several alternative cryptocurrencies saw even greater increases in value, with metaverse tokens like Decentraland's MANA and The Sandbox's SAND rising 92-150% against the greenback.Metaverse ... read More

January 31, 9:30 pm

Ethereum to Reach Peak of $2,474 Per Token in 2023, Finder's Survey of C...
Seven days ago,, a product comparison website, published a forecast report based on predictions from several crypto and fintech experts, predicting bitcoin's year-end price for 2023. Following the bitcoin price prediction report, Finder released another survey focused on ethereum, the second-largest crypto asset in terms of market capita... read More

January 27, 11:28 am

FLOKI Soars 15% After DAO Proposal to Burn $55M in Floki Inu Tokens
Floki Inu developers contemplate burning nearly 5 trillion FLOKI tokens (worth almost $55 million) to reduce the tax applied on each transaction. FLOKI's price reacted positively, surging 15% in a few hours. The team behind the popular memecoin Floki Inu might burn its bridge tokens (4.97 trillion assets) and thus shrink the tax levied on eac... read More

January 26, 6:30 pm

XRP Whales Accumulate Massive Tokens – Is A Bull Run Coming?
The XRP price dipped in 2022 during the crypto winter, and the back-and-forth legal exchange between Ripple Labs and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not helped matters. However, the token is still attracting interest from whales and institutional investors. XRP still has a chance of recovery, which seems to be the motivation behind ... read More

January 26, 12:08 am

dYdX Extends 156 Million Token Lock-up Period by 10 Months
Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange dYdX has postponed plans to unlock nearly $300 million worth of dYdX tokens for investors, extending the lockup period from February until December.  Since the news broke, DYDX has surged by 24% on the day.  Extending the Lock-up Period As announced by dYdX on Wednesday, the dYdX foundation, dYdX trad... read More

January 25, 10:30 pm

Celsius Floats Possibility of Debt Token to Repay Creditors; Secures Cou...
The defunct crypto lender Celsius is exploring the possibility of creating a debt token to repay creditors. The plan would need to be approved by regulators, but if approved by the trustee and financial authorities, the debt token would be called an 'asset share token (AST).'Celsius Proposes 'Asset Share Token' as Plan to Repay Creditors, Subject t... read More

January 25, 1:30 pm

1inch Foundation Allocates 10 Million Tokens To The Delegation Incentive...
1inch Network, a DEX aggregating platform, has allocated 10 million INCH tokens to its Delegation Incentive Program, a press release on January 24 shows. The goal is to incentivize more 1INCH stakers to delegate their Unicorn Power to resolvers. Incentivize 1inch Stakers' Delegation To Resolvers 1inch Network wants to increase the number of r... read More

January 24, 9:21 am

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)'s Developers Release More Tokens as Presale Sold ...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] A newly added phase 4 of the presale commences as over 8 million tokens are sold in 24hrs. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a decentralized investment platform that will allow everyday investors to purchase tokens from various web2 and web3 early-stage projects. Orbeon Protocol includes an inbuilt wallet, an on-ram... read More

January 23, 7:00 am

Bank of Spain Greenlights Euro-Backed Stablecoin Token Pilot Program
The Bank of Spain has given approval for the launch of a pilot program involving the issuance and usage of euro-pegged stablecoins. The program, which MONEI, a fintech institution, is launching, will allow users to issue digital euros with fiat deposits in order to experiment with these in payment applications, increasing their transparency. Bank ... read More

January 21, 4:40 am

What is SingularityNET And Why Is Its AGIX Token Exploding By 116%?
The popularity of artificial intelligence applications has been growing as popular platforms like SingularityNET and ChatGPT become mainstream. With Microsoft investing $10 billion on ChatGPT, we should expect AI applications to become more mainstream in the next few years.  AGIX, the native token of the SingularityNET, is capitalizing on thi... read More

January 20, 11:33 pm

Scam Alert: Fraudsters Created a Fake FTX 2.0 Token to Dupe Users
Scammers have created a fake FTX token, dubbed FTX 2.0, to impersonate the now-bankrupt crypto exchange less than 24 hours after the company's new CEO announced that the platform could be revived. According to blockchain security firm PeckShield, the bad actors sent the tokens to the FTX exchange, pretending to add liquidity before airdropping them... read More

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