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Russia Crypto News and Headlines
Russian, Russia, Putin News

March 22, 10:00 pm

Putin, Xi Vow to Use Yuan as Russia and China Move to Settlements in Nat...
As part of the talks that Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping are currently conducting in Russia, Russia has vowed to move to use the Chinese yuan as a settlement currency with countries in Asia, Africa, and Latam. Putin expressed that using national currencies for international trading 'should be encouraged further.'Russia Expresses Support for Using Chinese Yuan in International Settlements President Vladimir Putin of Russia has made statements supporting substituting the U.S. dollar as a settlement currency for settling international payments. As part of the visit that China's President Xi Jinping is conducting to Russia, Putin expressed his positive opinion on the use of the Chinese yuan as a form of payment in bilateral trade, especially with emerging economies. Quoted by the Tass news agency, Putin stated: We support the use of Chinese yuan in payments between Russia and countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Currently, two-thirds of the commercial exchanges made between Russia and China are managed using national currencies, and according to Putin, this should be developed further, with a deeper level of integration between the banking and market institutions in both countries. Moving Away From the Dollar Russia is part of a global gro... read More

March 22, 2:30 pm

Vladimir Putin Says Russia Wrote Off African Countries' Debts Totaling O...
African countries' debts totaling more than $20 billion were written off in the past year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on March 20. Putin also revealed that trade between Russia and Africa had nearly reached $18 billion by the end of the year. According to the Russian leader, the majority of the world is opposed to the West's 'neo-colonia... read More

March 19, 8:30 am

Several Crypto Mining Operations Busted in Russia
Authorities and power utilities in various Russian regions have shut down illegal crypto mining farms, seizing hardware and taking operators to court. The action against the coin minting facilities comes amid discussions on a proposal to introduce criminal liability for miners breaking the upcoming legislation for the industry.‘Underground&rs... read More

March 16, 2:00 pm

Digital Assets Worth 2 Billion Rubles Issued in Russia in Less Than a Ye...
Digital financial assets (DFAs) for a total exceeding $26 million have been issued in Russia in the past year. This new market has been developing since it was regulated in 2021 and the country’s monetary authority started licensing issuers in the following year.Volume of Digital Assets Increases in Russia as Investors Seek Alternatives to Tr... read More

March 13, 5:30 am

Bank of Russia Registers Another Digital Asset Issuer
The Central Bank of Russia has added another entity to its register of authorized issuers of digital financial assets. The platform, called ‘Masterchain,’ becomes the fifth ‘information system operator’ in the country that can legally tokenize traditional assets and organize their trade. Number of Licensed Digital Asset Issu... read More

March 12, 5:30 am

Cryptocurrency Turnover Growing in Russia, Watchdog Reports to Putin
Use of cryptocurrencies is increasing in Russia, the head of the country's financial watchdog has informed President Putin. The agency, Rosfinmonitoring, is following thousands of participants in digital asset transactions with a new blockchain analytics system, the official revealed.Volume of Crypto Transactions in Russia Almost $13 Billion, Finan... read More

March 10, 9:30 pm

Binance Bans Russians From P2P Transactions With Dollars and Euros
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has introduced new restrictions for Russian users, in accordance with the latest European sanctions. The platform is restricting access to peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in U.S. dollars and euros for traders based in the Russian Federation. Binance Prohibits US Dollar and Euro Transactions for Russians on Its P2P Ma... read More

March 09, 10:30 am

Fraudsters Offer Russians Bogus Chance to Invest in Fake 'State Cryptocu...
Internet users in Russia have been targeted in an email campaign advertising the launch of an alleged cryptocurrency issued by the state. Potential victims are encouraged to follow a link to the website of the fraudulent investment scheme, security experts said.Thousands of Investment Offers Entice Russians to Put Money Into Non-Existent Cryptocurr... read More

March 08, 2:30 am

North Macedonia Says Bomb Threats Come From Russia, Crypto Used to Hide ...
The government of North Macedonia believes that an ongoing wave of false bomb threats against public targets in the country is coming from Russia and Iran. The authorities in Skopje also say that payments related to the attacks have been made with cryptocurrency to conceal traces.Over 700 Facilities Targeted With Bomb Threats in North Macedonia, At... read More

March 03, 7:30 am

Investment Fund Focused on Crypto Mining to Be Created in Russia
The establishment of Russia’s first mutual investment fund dedicated to financing cryptocurrency mining operations is underway. According to a report by the Russian press, it will be available to qualified investors and will finance the acquisition of coin minting equipment.Russian Crypto Mining Sector to Attract Shareholders Through Investme... read More

February 26, 10:00 pm

Ukraine Raises More Crypto Than Russia in Year of War, Analysis Unveils
The two sides in the bitter conflict in Ukraine have been relying on crypto assets and technology to support their military and humanitarian activities, Elliptic says in a report. According to the blockchain forensics company, the targeted nation has attracted more digital asset donations than the invading power. Ukraine Supporters Sent Over $212 M... read More

February 26, 5:00 am

Crypto Exchanges Allow Russians to Circumvent Sanctions, Report Alleges
Major crypto exchanges have failed to prevent sanctioned Russian banks and traders from transacting, according to a blockchain forensics report. At least two established coin trading platforms continue to allow Russians to use their bank cards in peer-to-peer deals, the analysis shows. It also highlights an increased Russian interest in tether. Rus... read More

February 24, 4:30 am

US May Consider Alexander Vinnik for Prisoner Exchange With Russia, Lawy...
Crypto exchange BTC-e’s alleged operator Alexander Vinnik may be a candidate for prisoner swap between the United States and Russia. That’s according to a statement by one of his lawyers for Russian media. The latest court hearing in Vinnik’s case has been postponed.Russian Accused of Laundering Billions Through Crypto May Return ... read More

February 23, 7:30 am

Briton Wanted by US for Advising North Korea on Crypto Arrested in Russi...
A British national wanted with a red notice from Interpol for consulting North Korea on cryptocurrencies has been detained in Moscow. U.S. authorities allege that the man helped the regime in Pyongyang to bypass sanctions using digital assets.U.K. Citizen Sought by U.S. for Violating North Korea Sanctions Apprehended in a Moscow Hostel The Russian ... read More

February 20, 5:30 am

Bank of Russia to Start Testing Digital Ruble With Real Users on April 1
The Central Bank of Russia plans to launch test operations with digital ruble transactions between real customers at the beginning of April. More than a dozen banks will join the upcoming stage of the pilot project, a high-ranking representative of the bank announced to Russian media. Russia’s Monetary Authority to Trial Actual Settlements Wi... read More

February 16, 10:30 am

Court to Try 2 Russians for Stealing 86 Bitcoins From Crypto Miner
Two residents of the Russian city of Tomsk will be tried for 'large-scale robbery' involving the theft of cryptocurrency worth millions of rubles from a local miner. The digital coins were stolen from the owner at gunpoint, authorities said, adding that both criminals are now in custody. Thieves Face Trial in Russia for Armed Robbery of Cryptocurre... read More

February 12, 7:00 pm

Russia Releases Bitzlato Co-Founder Anton Shkurenko After Questioning
Russian authorities have released the recently arrested co-founder of crypto exchange Bitzlato, said to have processed illicit funds worth millions of U.S. dollars. Anton Shkurenko, who was questioned in Moscow, denies the French charges against him that became the reason for his brief detention.Shkurenko Says Potential Case Against Him in Russia W... read More

February 09, 9:30 am

Bitzlato Co-Founder Anton Shkurenko Arrested in Russia, Report
Russian authorities have reportedly arrested the second co-founder of seized cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato. The man, who recently promised to restore the platform's operations from Russia, was detained at the request of Interpol and may face extradition to France.Another Co-Founder of the Russia-Linked Bitzlato Exchange Apprehended in Moscow Ant... read More

February 04, 11:00 pm

Russia Expands Its Crypto Mining Capacity, Report Reveals
The total capacity of crypto mining facilities in Russia has been increasing in the past year, despite the market downturn and sanctions, according to a survey of leading operators. Depressed prices of mining equipment and stronger interest from domestic customers have been identified as major factors for the trend.Miners Prepare for Growth as Tota... read More

February 03, 8:00 am

Banks in Russia to Lose $700 Million a Year Due to Digital Ruble, Expert...
Russian banks may be the main losers from the introduction of a digital ruble while retailers will save on acquiring fees, analysts have predicted. The benefits for consumers using the new digital currency are not that obvious as they may not be paid any interest or cashback.Launch of Russia’s Digital Ruble Said to Result in Losses for Bankin... read More

February 02, 12:30 pm

Bitzlato to Restore Operations and Withdrawals From Russia, Co-founder V...
Russia-linked cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato, seized by Western law enforcement, plans to relaunch and permit partial withdrawals, a co-founder announced. Members of the trading platform's team also intend to relocate the business to the Russian Federation.Co-Founder Says Exchange Will Provide Access to User Funds Crypto exchange Bitzlato is taki... read More

January 31, 6:30 am

Russians Offered Ready-made Crypto Exchange Accounts Amid Restrictions
Russian crypto traders have been looking to obtain unrestricted accounts for global exchanges as their access to such platforms is limited. Over the past year, the offering of such accounts on the dark web has increased significantly, cybersecurity experts told the Russian press.Supply of Crypto Exchange Accounts for Russian Users Doubles in a Year... read More

January 28, 9:30 am

Ban on Crypto Mining in Residential Areas Proposed in Russia
Advisors to the Kremlin have suggested that home crypto mining should be banned in Russia, or in some of its regions. The stated motive for the proposal is to prevent fires in residential buildings. Amateur miners have been blamed for high loads on the grid causing breakdowns and blackouts. Energy Experts Want to Prohibit Mining Cryptocurrency in R... read More

January 26, 11:30 pm

Russia Mulls Gold-backed Stablecoin, Lawmaker Confirms After Iran Visit
Russia may issue a stablecoin backed by gold to use in international settlements, a high-ranking member of the Russian parliament has admitted. The matter has been discussed during a recent visit to Iran where officials have also signaled interest in such an initiative.Iran and Russia Talk Stablecoin Payments for Bilateral Trade Settlements The Rus... read More

January 18, 6:30 am

Iran and Russia Consider Issuing Gold-Backed Stablecoin, Officials Unvei...
Tehran and Moscow are discussing the possible launch of a stablecoin for international settlements, the Russian press revealed. In order to mint the gold-backed currency, however, authorities would need to first regulate crypto assets, a lawmaker noted.Russian, Iranian Representatives Talk Using Gold-Backed Stablecoin in Foreign Trade Iran’s ... read More

January 17, 12:47 am

Russia Partners With Iran to Release a Stablecoin Backed by Gold (Report...
The Russian government and the Central Bank of Iran are reportedly mulling a partnership to create a new stablecoin that can facilitate cross-border settlements. The token will be pegged to the valuation of gold. The Mutual Operation According to a report by the Russian media outlet Vedomosti, the local authorities could collaborate with Iran'... read More

January 11, 8:30 am

Bank of Russia Outlines Payment Models With Digital Ruble, Other CBDCs
The Central Bank of Russia has detailed two methods for implementing the digital ruble and other state-backed coins in international settlements. The monetary authority also plans to start testing consumer-to-business (C2B) operations in the first quarter of the year.Russia’s Central Bank to Propose Platforms for Digital Currency Payments in ... read More

January 01, 10:00 am

Amid High Energy Demand From Miners, Russia Mulls Building New Power Pla...
Growing electricity consumption in the crypto mining sector may require the construction of new power generation facilities in Siberia, the energy minister of Russia has acknowledged. Demand continues to increase in residential areas as well, after regional authorities abandoned a proposal to introduce higher tariffs for Russians minting digital co... read More

December 29, 8:30 am

Gold-Based Digital Assets Issued in Russia
A blockchain platform built by Russia’s largest banking institution, Sber, has been used to issue digital assets based on gold. The value of the tokenized precious metal will depend on the prices of physical gold, the bank said, emphasizing that the operation is a first. Russia’s Sber Bank Mints Gold-Backed Coins Sber, Russia’s la... read More

December 25, 6:30 am

Russia to Ban Banks From Using Messengers Like Telegram to Contact Custo...
Financial institutions in Russia will not be able to communicate with clients through instant messengers based outside the country, local media revealed. A new law passed by the State Duma also prohibits banks from using chats to send personal data and payment documents.Bill Restricts Russian Banks and Brokers From Sending Sensitive Information Thr... read More

December 20, 11:30 pm

Bank of Russia to Test International Crypto Payments With Companies
The Central Bank of Russia plans to use cryptocurrency for cross-border payments in trials with private companies, a member of its top management has revealed. The testing will be conducted under a special legal regime that’s currently under development. Russia’s Central Bank to Explore Crypto Settlements Amid Financial Sanctions The Ce... read More

December 16, 2:30 am

Bank of Russia Moves to Safeguard Crypto Companies Against Sanctions
The Central Bank of Russia has introduced measures to protect entities working with digital assets from sanctions pressures. These businesses will be exempted from some reporting requirements as part of a regulatory relief intended to minimize the burden on financial organizations.Russia’s Central Bank Eases Supervision of Digital Asset Platf... read More

December 14, 12:30 pm

Russia Cracking Down on Crypto Miners Minting in Residential Areas
Russian authorities are now prosecuting miners extracting cryptocurrency using subsidized electricity for the population, according to a top official from the energy ministry. Power utilities are detecting their increased consumption and trying to make them pay at commercial rates. Amateur Crypto Miners in Russia Under Pressure Despite Lack of Regu... read More

December 11, 6:30 am

Full Ban on Crypto in Russia Would Be Counterproductive, Rosfinmonitorin...
Russian citizens and businesses already own cryptocurrencies, which is why a complete crypto ban would be counterproductive, according to a top executive of Rosfinmonitoring, Russia’s financial intelligence agency. At the same time, the regulator supports prohibiting payments with digital coins and their advertising.Rosfinmonitoring Backs Gov... read More

December 10, 11:30 am

Bank of Russia Backs Crypto Mining Bill But Insists Minted Coins Should ...
The monetary authority in Moscow has expressed support for the latest legislative attempt to legalize cryptocurrency mining. However, the regulator wants the extracted digital currency to be sold outside the country or only under special legal regimes in Russia, as an exception.Russia’s Central Bank Suggests Restrictions Be Added to Proposed ... read More

December 08, 5:00 am

Russia Expects Sizable Increase in Crypto Miners' Share of Power Usage
The crypto mining industry may see a two-fold increase in its share of Russia’s power consumption in 2022, according to a high-ranking official from the Ministry of Energy. The department supports a bill designed to regulate the sector which is likely to be adopted this year.Russian Energy Ministry Forecasts Rise in Crypto Mining’s Elec... read More

December 04, 5:00 am

Demand for Cryptocurrency Miners Rises in Russia Amid Low Prices of Hard...
Russia's market for specialized crypto mining equipment has been seeing high demand over the past couple of months, with buyers attracted by the low price tags. Russian experts also predict an increase in the supply of used coin minting hardware as large foreign companies leave the industry.Russian Demand for Powerful ASIC Miners Skyrockets in Q4, ... read More

December 02, 10:25 pm

Sales of Bitcoin Mining Rigs in Russia Surge in Q4: Report
A new report by Kommersant revealed that sales of Bitcoin mining machines in the country surged rapidly in the fourth quarter, a trend backed by a resurgence of demand, despite the chaotic price action of the crypto-asset. The substantial increase was also spurred by cheap equipment and electricity prices. Chilkoot, which happens to be one of the ... read More

November 24, 11:03 pm

Russia Inches Closer to Launching a National Crypto Exchange (Report)
The lower chamber of Russia's parliament - State Duma - has reportedly started working on a draft bill that could aid the creation of a 'national crypto exchange.'  The platform needs the approval of the country's central bank and the Ministry of Finance. The Bank of Russia has previously shown its negative stance on the digital asset industry... read More

November 24, 2:30 pm

Russia Prepares to Create Government-Controlled Crypto Exchange
Lawmakers in Russia are drafting legislation that would allow the establishment of a “national cryptocurrency exchange,” local media unveiled. Coins now circulate outside of government oversight and the Russian state is losing budget revenues in the billions of rubles, pointed out one of the participants in these efforts. Legislators Wa... read More

November 17, 12:30 pm

Russia and Cuba Eye Cryptocurrencies for Settlements Amid Sanctions
Both facing sanctions, Russia and Cuba are looking into alternative options for cross-border payments, including cryptocurrencies, a Kremlin advisor has unveiled in Havana. Moscow is already developing a mechanism for crypto settlements to circumvent financial restrictions imposed over its invasion of Ukraine.Crypto and Ruble Considered for Payment... read More

November 13, 9:00 pm

Bank of Russia Sets Out to Regulate Digital Asset Taxation, Exchange, St...
The Central Bank of Russia supports the development of digital financial assets but remains opposed to legalizing crypto payments, its top management has reiterated. The monetary authority is now working on a set of regulatory proposals that will be submitted to parliament by the end of the year.Russia’s Central Bank Takes Legislative Initiat... read More

November 11, 6:30 am

Russia and Turkey to Collaborate on Combating Crime-Related Crypto Trans...
Law enforcement and judicial authorities from Russia and Turkey are joining forces in the fight against cybercrime, including the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes. The collaboration has been agreed upon during a visit by Russia’s Prosecutor General to Ankara.Russia, Turkey Arrange Cooperation on Countering Crime Involving Digital ... read More

November 09, 8:30 am

Bank of Russia Suggests Tax Cuts for Long-Term Digital Asset Holders
The Central Bank of Russia is proposing to introduce tax incentives for long-term holders of digital financial assets. The idea has been circulated with a consultation paper published for public discussions on the development of the digital asset market in the Russian Federation.Bank of Russia Talks Regulation in New Report Devoted to Digital Asset... read More

November 03, 6:30 am

Crypto Exchanges Must Comply With Russia Sanctions, Singapore Central Ba...
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has reiterated that cryptocurrency exchanges need to conform to restrictions on Russian users imposed over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. The reminder comes after researchers established that pro-Russia activists have raised millions of dollars in digital assets to support its war effort.Singapore Says... read More

November 02, 6:30 pm

Russia Plans to Allow Mining of Any Cryptocurrency, Lawmaker Unveils
Newly proposed legislation aims to permit the minting of any cryptocurrency in Russia, a prominent lawmaker has revealed. While the draft law states that the circulation of the minted coins should take place outside Russian jurisdiction, an upcoming bill provides for their use under “experimental regimes.”Parliament Prepares to Legalize... read More

November 01, 11:00 pm

Can Russia Circumvent EU Sanctions Through Cryptocurrency?
Russia has seemingly turned to cryptocurrency since the West decided to ‘punish’ the nation for its invasion of Ukraine. A list of sanctions had been imposed upon the country by the United States and the EU which worked to essentially cut Russia off from world traders. However, with the rise in popularity of crypto, it has provided a po... read More

October 31, 2:30 am

Economists Discuss Russia, China Potentially Developing Gold-Backed Curr...
Economists have weighed in on reports that China and Russia may be developing a new gold-backed currency that could undermine the U.S. dollar's status as the world's primary reserve currency.Russia and China May Be Developing Gold-Backed Currency Several experts have shared their views on Russia and China potentially creating a new gold-baked curre... read More

October 30, 4:01 pm

Ukraine, Indonesia, and Russia Led Crypto Adoption in Q3: DappRadar
Crypto adoption is shooting through the roof despite the bear market and uncertainty surrounding asset prices, according to recent findings from the leading decentralized application (dApp) analytics platform DappRadar.  The analysis, dubbed the Blockchain Behavior Report, outlined major trends that affected the blockchain space in the last qu... read More

October 29, 5:30 am

Bitcoin ATMs Increase in Number in Moscow, Russia
The number of bitcoin ATMs has been on the rise in Russia’s capital and the rest of the country, a press report revealed this week. There is demand for the service as it offers easy access to cryptocurrencies, although not at the best exchange rates and still amid regulatory uncertainty. More Crypto ATMs Installed in Russian Federation Despit... read More

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