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August 16, 11:00 pm

Why This New NFT Integration May Be What Cardano Needs To Break $0.6
Cardano has been making its mark in the NFT space long before smart contracts capability was available on the network. Collections have also found a reasonable level of success, given that non-fungible tokens remain relatively young for the blockchain. Nevertheless, developers continue to push for broader adoption when it comes to Cardano NFTs, and a new partnership is allowing the onboarding of a broader range of investors. Pay For NFTs With Fiat One of the things that continue to hold back NFTs is the fact that they are only purchasable using cryptocurrency. This means that, unlike cryptos which investors can just buy directly with fiat, there is now an extra layer and an added step that users have to go through to own these NFTs. However, this is starting to change with the introduction of fiat currency payments for NFTs directly in a marketplace. IOG, the developer behind the Cardano network, has announced a new partnership that will be able to allow investors to purchase Cardano NFTs using fiat currency. NMKR is a Web3 protocol that is helping to accelerate the adoption of this new sector. In this new partnership, the NFT minting and payment infrastructure will provide two things to further the adoption of NFTs on Cardano. The first of these two things is providing an easy ... read More

August 16, 1:44 pm

Ripps Ryder Claims his Bored Ape NFTs Are 'Artistic Criticism'
As per Ripps's filing on Monday, the artist has asked a Los Angeles federal court to stop a trademark lawsuit brought against him by the BAYC creator. He further argued that his NFTs of the apes were a type of 'appropriation art' meant as criticism and protected by the First Amendment. His NFTs of Bored Apes reportedly aimed to bring Yuga Labs' att... read More

August 16, 10:58 am

EQBR Launches its US-based NFT Startup for Enterprise and Consumer &ndas...
[PRESS RELEASE - Singapore-August 13, 2022] EQBR Holdings (EQBR), a pioneer of Web 3.0 infrastructure providers, announced the launch of its new US-based NFT service company, My Flex, Inc. which will develop a new peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for enterprises and consumers to capture the value of authenticity through its NFT marketplace. The landscap... read More

August 16, 8:00 am

'Durmientes' Aims to Be One of the First Films Funded Fully With NFT Sal...
'Durmientes,' a new movie that will be directed by Gibran Bazan, a Mexican filmmaker, aims to be funded fully by the sale of a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFTs, which will be sold on Metaown, a Mexico-based NFT marketplace, and designed by artist Gabriel Colin, will feature 3D models that will be connected to the story of the film and... read More

August 16, 4:44 am

Challenging Tiffany & Co. and What Could be the Most Expensive Public Sa...
Are diamonds an NFT holder's best friend? The answer might be yes for a few hundred CryptoPunks holders, and it could soon be the same for thousands of others. Tiffany & Co., the well-known luxury jeweler and specialty retailer, made a lavish entrance into the NFT space this month, raking in more than $12.5 million from its first NFT collection tha... read More

August 15, 12:00 pm

Officially-Licensed NFT Platform OWNIC to Revolutionize Collectible Spor...
Do you have a talent for picking winners? Do you follow athletes' careers and know who is gonna be successful? So why not benefit from that?! Upcoming NFT Platform OWNIC empowers sports fans to earn from the real world performance of the stars they pick using dynamic NFTs. It introduces a number of revolutionary concepts to the space of collectible... read More

August 14, 6:30 pm

Weekly NFT Sales Show Improvement, Fantom and Immutable X NFT Volume Spi...
Non-fungible token (NFT) sales managed to climb higher during the last seven days than the previous week's overall sales. This week's NFT sales managed to jump over 6.3% after recording more than $153 million in sales compared to last week's $144 million. Non-Fungible Token Sales This Week Climb More Than 6% Higher, 2 NFT Collections Jump More Than... read More

August 11, 11:37 am

Component NFTs Are The Next Big Thing, And Cradles Will Lead The Way
Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have never been more popular, thanks largely to the interest and exposure of the last couple of years, particularly in the art and collectible scene. It has also enjoyed great success in the same period within the blockchain gaming sector. While the technology itself has been around since at least 2016, NFT art and espec... read More

August 10, 9:30 pm

Fractional NFT Markets Slide 76% in Value in 7 Months, Diced-up Doge NFT...
When non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles became popular, the fractionalized NFT market grew past the $200 million range seven months ago in December 2021. Since then, the fractionalized NFT market has lost more than 76% in value, dropping to an overall market capitalization of around $50 million.Fractional NFT Market Value Slides From $212 Millio... read More

August 05, 2:26 am

New Overledger release now supports QRC-721 NFTs on Tokenise developer A...
Quant Network, the provider of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, announced today that its blockchain gateway Overledger now provides users the ability to create native QRC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and deploy them onto the Ethereum, Polygon, and XDC mainnets. Developers can work with QRC-721 through Overledger Tokenise, one of Quant's pre... read More

July 29, 3:19 pm

LATAM crypto exchange Bitso and FMF launch NFT of Mexico's National Team...
Bitso, a leading cryptocurrency platform operating in Latin America, and the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), today announced the joint launch of the first collectible NFT of the Mexico National Team's jerseys that was acquired in cryptocurrencies. This morning through their social media platforms, the FMF and Bitso announced the opportunity to a... read More

July 13, 10:16 pm

How NFTs Forecasted A Crypto Recovery, Nansen Report Claims
Crypto research firm Nansen published a report shared with NewsBTC, on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their performance amid the persistent bearish trend across the industry. Source: ETHUSD Tradingview According to Nansen, their NFT Blue Chip-10 and NFT 500 Indexes displayed strength last month. At that time, Bitcoin and larger cryptocurrencies wer... read More

July 13, 4:30 pm

NFT Sales Jump 10% Higher Than Last Week, Cryptopunk #4,464 Sells for $2...
While digital currency markets have dropped in value during the last two months, weekly non-fungible token (NFT) sales have slid lower as well. Seven-day statistics show that NFT sales managed to rise more than 10% higher than the week prior. One particular NFT sale, Cryptopunk #4,464, helped push this week's sales volume up as the NFT sold for 2,5... read More

July 13, 4:25 pm

Cornucopias Completes The Largest single NFT Land Sale On The Cardano Ne...
Land is the most desirable asset of any metaverse as it bestows exclusive perks upon the owners and in a recently concluded 5-day sale, Cornucopias has set the record for the largest NFT Land sale on the Cardano network. As the popularity of NFTs on the Cardano network continues to grow, more promising projects have emerged to build on the solid fo... read More

July 13, 3:10 pm

Ripple Partners up with Major Web3 Company to Bring XRPL NFTs to CrossTo...
One of the world's largest web3 companies and a renowned crypto payment system have joined forces and entered into a partnership in the NFT field. We are talking about CrossTower and Ripple. Thanks to the partnership, NFT collections minted on XRP Ledger will appear on CrossTower's marketplace, and therefore XRPL NFT developers and creators will ha... read More

July 13, 1:01 pm

With Revulution NFTs, Revuto Offers Lifetime Access To Netflix & Spotify...
Revuto is changing the perception of NFTs by adding real-world utility in the shape of a lifetime subscription to Netflix and Spotify That’s right, with Revuto’s new Revulution NFTs you’ll never need to pay for your favorite video or music streaming service ever again. Just pay once upfront and you’ll enjoy full, uninterrupt... read More

July 12, 8:09 pm

Solana-Based NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Unveils Web3-Focused Venture Cap...
Prominent NFT marketplace - Magic Eden - has announced the launch of a new venture capital fund that will focus primarily on investments in Web3 games. According to the official press release, with the new gaming investments arm, called Magic Ventures, the company expects to tap the 'next wave of creativity and innovation in Web3 gaming.' Tony Zha... read More

July 12, 4:00 pm

Playboy Joins The Sandbox Virtual World — Lifestyle Firm's M...
On July 11, Playboy, the lifestyle and entertainment firm founded in 1953, revealed a licensing collaboration with the blockchain-based virtual world The Sandbox. The two companies detailed that the newly formed partnership aims to provide metaverse visitors with a Playboy-themed 'social gaming experience.'Playboy Enters The Sandbox PLBY Group, Inc... read More

July 12, 1:44 pm

Vleppo and Tokel Make NFT Rights Legally Enforceable Leveraging Komodo T...
[PRESS RELEASE - Kongens Lyngby, Denmark, 12th July, 2022] A long-standing problem confronting the blockchain world and NFT owners is the distinct lack of contractual clarity and legal rights in the enforcement of digital asset transactions. Today, Vleppo and Tokel have successfully conducted a breakthrough digital procedure that will pave the way ... read More

July 12, 1:00 am

Claim Your First NFT Top-Level Domain for Web3 on Quik?com
NFT domains enable users to establish a presence on the decentralized web and the metaverse, with providing top-level domains such as .metaverse, .vr, .web3, and many other powerful options for users to claim. Check out metaverse domains. The metaverse ideology and the emerging concept of brands establishing themselves in the decentralized... read More

July 11, 9:08 pm

GameStop Launches Long-Awaited NFT Marketplace
American video game retailer GameStop has finally launched its long-awaited non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.  According to an official press release on Monday, the platform will enable gamers, creators, and avid NFT collectors to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles. At the time of writing, over 230 NFT collections were listed on th... read More

July 11, 10:55 am

Web3 Product Studio 0xytocin Labs Acquires NFT Project Chain Scouts
[PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, 10th July 2022] The developer team behind Project Godjira, SkyVerse, and many other NFT projects, 0xytocin Labs, has acquired Chain Scouts to enhance their ecosystem and develop exciting NFT products. With a team of over 30 safe NFT drops and over 5000 ETH processed through their products, 0xytocin Labs has be... read More

July 11, 6:45 am

NFT Platform OMNI Hit By Re-Entrancy Exploit, Lost $1.4M in ETH
OMNI – an NFT finance platform that lends out cryptocurrency in exchange for staked NFTs – fell victim to a re-entrancy exploit that led to the loss of nearly 1,300 ETH, worth $1.4 million at the time. It seems a reentrancy-related hack. @ParallelFi @OMNI_xyz The stolen funds were just mixed via @TornadoCash pic... read More

July 07, 11:04 pm

OpenSea Blacklisted $27M Worth of NFTs, Including BAYC and MAYC: Report
Leading non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea reportedly blacklisted some major NFT collections valued at over $27 million. However, many users have criticized the platform for not carrying out due diligence when marking an item as stolen. The Cost of OpenSea's NFT Blacklisting According to this Dune Analytics dashboard created by on-chain s... read More

July 07, 4:37 pm

Reddit Launches Collectible Avatars on Polygon in its Latest NFT Push
American social media platform Reddit has launched a new blockchain-based marketplace and a collection of collectible avatars. They can be used as profile pictures and purchased for a fixed price ranging from $9.99 to $99.99. “In this series, Collectible Avatars are limited-edition avatars made by independent artists, in partnership with Redd... read More

July 05, 11:38 am

The ALTER EGO project group burned and buried the crypto market during t...
The “Art Manifesto” Art Performance Illustrated The Flaws In The Crypto Industry And Introduced A Special NFT Collection With Unique Benefits The ALTER EGO Project Group recently organized a major art event in the city of Venice to celebrate the release of the exclusive NFT art collection, Memento Mori. The “Art Manifesto” e... read More

July 05, 8:19 am

Earth-Based Metaverse Coming to Reality, Powered by NFTs (Next Earth CEO...
The metaverse is no longer a buzzword and a concept - it's becoming reality, albeit a virtual one. In a world that's going digital with tremendous speed, where social interactions are being transferred through the Internet, blockchain-based technologies shine bright. The idea of owning digital land is no longer a make-belief but one that many peopl... read More

July 04, 6:10 am

NFT June Sales Down to 12-Month Lows Amid Ongoing Bear Market (Report)
After defying the trends for several months, NFT sales have finally fallen in line with the broad cryptocurrency bear market trends. DappRadar and Chainalysis data reveal that the NFT sales in June have been the lowest since June 2021. June Sales at 12-Month Low A recent Bloomberg report said that the NFT market in June is poised for under $1 ... read More

July 02, 5:30 pm

NFT Sales Stave off Crypto Market Downturn This Week With a Slight Uptic...
Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have managed to stay consistent this week while the crypto economy saw more losses over the last seven days. The week prior, $152.9 million in NFT sales were recorded across 18 blockchains and during the past week, $154.3 million in sales were executed. While Ethereum saw the most NFT sales this week, the chain saw a ... read More

July 02, 7:12 am

Greek Artist Sends Pro-Freedom Message with Assange NFT Drop
Esteemed artist Miltos Manetas will tokenise 50% of his Julian Assange portraits, with the goal of raising awareness for the imprisoned activist. To further cement the blockchain connection, proceeds of the NFT drop will enter a DAO that forms part of the Venice Biennale Festival’s Internet Pavilion, a tech tent founded by Manetas in 2009. Na... read More

July 02, 1:27 am

Blue Chip NFTs 101: The World Of Women Collection, Including And Conquer...
The World Of Women NFT collection has great marketing, strong leadership, and first-mover advantage. Plus, a flourishing community. Also, behind the punks and the apes, these ladies seem to have the biggest celebrity support. From World of Women’s partner Reese Witherspoon to Eva Longoria, to Bryce Dallas Howard; from Snoop Dogg to Gary Vee, ... read More

July 02, 12:33 am

DOJ Indicts 6 People in 4 Crypto Scams Including Baller Ape NFT Rug-Pull...
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has indicted 6 people in 4 different cases of cryptocurrency frauds, including Baller Ape NFT rug-pull, worth nearly $130 million. Baller Ape NFT Scam According to a release from the agency, Vietnamese national Le Anh Tuan, 26, pulled down the website and fled with investors’ money after the first-day p... read More

July 01, 12:46 pm

DecentWorld User Made $1M From NFT Trading on the Newly Launched Seconda...
[PRESS RELEASE - ZUG, Switzerland - July 1, 2022] It has been a crazy week for DecentWorld. Within 2 days after the launch of the Secondary Market, users have already made millions from NFT trading, hitting unseen numbers of sales within such a short time-frame. A user under the name YB46 has just earned more than $1 million by selling his South La... read More

July 01, 3:06 am

Content Creators Will Be Able To Display Their NFTs on Facebook
On June 29, Navdeep Singh, Meta's technical program manager, showed on his social media channels a glimpse of Facebook's new NFT PFP feature, which will be initially available to a select group of content creators. PFP is an acronym widely used in the NFT subculture that means either acronym that means 'picture for proof' or 'profile picture.' As s... read More

June 30, 10:03 am

Gate NFT Introduces Fractional and Blue-chip NFT Crowdfunding Features
[PRESS RELEASE - Majuro, Marshall Islands, 29th June 2022], one of the world’s earliest cryptocurrency exchanges and a leader among digital asset platforms, is introducing Fractional NFTs service and blue-chip NFT crowdfunding features on its Gate NFT platform. As the world of Web 3.0 unfolds, NFT collections are highly sought after, ... read More

June 30, 9:53 am

Samsung and XOXO – New Partnership Setting High Standards in the N...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] If you thought cryptography and the NFT worlds are merely a passing trend only for geeks and millennials, you probably haven’t heard the latest news in the industry. When a Conglomerate Joins NFT While most of the NFT projects offer their holders some standard, art-related utilities with their tokens,... read More

June 30, 3:30 am

E-commerce Giant Ebay Files Trademark Applications Covering Wide Range o...
E-commerce giant Ebay has filed two trademark applications covering a wide range of products and services relating to the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ebay's NFT, Metaverse Trademark Applications Ebay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) filed two trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last week covering a wid... read More

June 29, 1:23 pm

Binance NFT Marketplace Will Support the First Round of Sales for The Ag...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The Age of Gangs, a new dynamic P2E team brawler game with metaverse integration on BSC blockchain is about to run the first round of the mint. The collection of 2000 NFTs will be released on the Binance NFT on July 4th. Here are the details. The game lore introduces players to the grimy streets of Lond... read More

June 29, 10:15 am

REV3AL – NFT and Digital Asset Authentication Technology Launches ...
REV3AL, a new and innovative cryptocurrency project, comes at a critical time in the crypto sector when scams and fraud are on the rise. As a solution to the hindering growth of the digital media market, REV3AL offers digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions for artists, creators, and intellectual property owners. With its mul... read More

June 28, 11:57 am

A Smart Tag for an NFT Safety Haven
[PRESS RELEASE - Tel Aviv, Israel, 27th June 2022] In 1634 Dutch investors went crazy over the flower bulbs of colorful tulips, their price increased disproportionately to their value. The period is known as the Tulip Mania. In February 1637, the price of individual bulbs exceeded the annual income of a skilled craftsman. The economic bubble intens... read More

June 28, 7:48 am

Maya and Yehuda Devir Aiming for the Moon With a 10K NFTs XOXO Collectio...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] How many of you were lucky enough to exceed your expectations from an experience you have worked really hard on? Such a long sentence to describe a surreal adventure that hasn’t reached its final stop yet - The XOXO project. As lifelong artists, Maya and Yehuda are always eager to create and innovate, ... read More

June 28, 6:00 am

CoinEx Institution?From NFT to NFT-fi: Real Demands or False Proposition...
  It has been more than a year since the NFT boom in 2021. According to NFTGO, the market cap of NFTs peaked at $36.8 billion in March 2022. As the market later cooled, the trading volume and market cap of NFTs started to shrink. This crypto novelty expanded its influence beyond the crypto community and fostered a huge market, which also gave ... read More

June 28, 5:30 am

Cryptoys Raises $23 Million to Mix NFTs, Gaming, and Virtual Toys
Cryptoys, an NFT-based startup, announced it has raised $23 million in a Series A funding round led by a16z. The company, which seeks to mix NFTs with the world of gaming and virtual toys, will create what it calls a 'cryptoyverse,' in which it will also implement play-to-earn features and issue its own tokens. Cryptoys Raises $23 Million in S... read More

June 27, 9:13 am

First Big Sales of Koketit's NFTs Come With Record-Breaking Number...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Internationally known digital artist, Shira Barzilay aka Koketit, has gained some major achievements in a short amount of time. She successfully auctioned two of her exclusive 1/1 NFT artworks, one named “Family tree”, sold at the well-established Tiroche Auction House for $12,000 - the highest p... read More

June 27, 8:11 am

NFTs Accessible to All With Launch of Fiat-Focused SIMBA Market
[PRESS RELEASE - SOUTH BEND, Indiana, 23rd June 2022] SIMBA Chain, the leading provider of blockchain enterprise solutions, has announced the launch of its new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace SIMBA Market. The platform, which will feature collections from a variety of well-known names in sports and entertainment from the outset, will offer cur... read More

June 24, 11:30 am

Portuguese Football Legend Cristiano Ronaldo in NFT Partnership With Bin...
Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world's top-earning athletes, has entered into a partnership with Binance which gives his supporters a chance to join the footballer's Web3 community. According to Ronaldo, his partnership with Binance is 'going to change the non-fungible token (NFT) game and take football to the next level.'Iconic Piece of Sports Hist... read More

June 23, 11:26 pm

eBay Buys Uk-Based NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin
Global e-commerce giant eBay has acquired non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace KnownOrigin, as part of efforts to become a leader in digital collectibles. The news of the acquisition was announced in a press release on Wednesday (June 22, 2022). While details of the purchase remain scarce, the statement noted that both parties have signed and clos... read More

June 23, 7:30 pm

E-Commerce Giant Ebay Acquires NFT Marketplace Knownorigin
The e-commerce and online auction giant Ebay has announced the company has acquired the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Knownorigin. Ebay declared that the acquisition is an 'important step in Ebay's tech-led reimagination.'Ebay Purchases NFT Marketplace in Order to Make E-Commerce Site the World's Top Destination for Collectibles Ebay reveale... read More

June 23, 2:43 pm

Binance Partners With Soccer Legend Cristiano Ronaldo to Launch Exclusiv...
The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has signed an exclusive multi-year NFT partnership with soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo, according to an official announcement from the company. Christiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in soccer history, with five Ballon d'Ors and more than 800 career goals under his belt.  The P... read More

June 22, 3:28 pm

Over 33% of NFT Volume is Wash Trading: bitsCrunch CEO Interview
NFTs were undoubtedly the hottest topic of late 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Pushed towards mainstream adoption by projects such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Okay Bears, and others, NFTs were booming. As the overall market went into a considerable drawdown, with Bitcoin's price losing close to 70% of its value in a matter of months, non-f... read More

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