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August 17, 12:30 am

'Big Short' Investor Michael Burry Dumps All Stocks but One After Predic...
Hedge fund manager Michael Burry's Scion Asset Management dumped all but one of its stock holdings in the second quarter, according to the firm's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Burry, famed for forecasting the 2008 financial crisis, has predicted a stock market crash, warning that winter is coming.Michael Burry Sells All Stocks but One Michael Burry's investment firm Scion Asset Management dumped all of its stock holdings except one in the second quarter, the company's disclosure filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Monday shows. Burry is best known for being the first investor to foresee and profit from the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2010. He is profiled in 'The Big Short,' a book by Michael Lewis about the mortgage crisis, which was made into a movie starring Christian Bale. Scion sold off its long positions on 11 U.S. equities during the second quarter, including Google parent company Alphabet, Facebook parent company Meta Platforms, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Booking Holdings, Cigna Corp., Discovery, Global Payments, and Nexstar Media Group. The asset management firm held as much as $165 million of U.S. stocks at the end of the first quarter. Burry's firm ended the second quarter with just o... read More

August 16, 8:11 pm

Compound Labs Deploys Smart Contracts for USDC Market on Ethereum
Compound Labs has announced the first smart contract deployments for Compound III, which will create a USDC market on Ethereum.  The contracts await activation by Compound governance but are now open to review by the community.  According to the latest update from Compound’s protocol development log, the deployment brings Compound ... read More

August 16, 1:07 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Falls Below $1,900 as Markets ...
Ethereum fell below $1,900 earlier today, as crypto markets continued to react to disappointing economic data from China. Figures for July showed that both retail sales and industrial production in China had grown by less than expected, heightening concerns of an upcoming global recession. Bitcoin also declined on Tuesday.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) was ... read More

August 15, 8:37 pm

TA- Alien Worlds (TLM) Set For A Major Rally As Market Looks Promising
The price of Alien Worlds (TLM) has struggled to break out of a range recently with few bullish signs against Tether (USDT).  Alien worlds could be set for a major rally after narrowly holding above key support as other crypto assets continue to trend higher. Alien Worlds (TLM) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Weekly Chart Analysis For TLM ... read More

August 15, 4:00 pm

Skybridge CEO Lists Factors To Spur Crypto Market Recovery
The crypto industry is gradually seeing a glimpse of light with promising improvement in the performance of digital assets. Based on the flowing uptrend, Anthony Scaramucci, the founder and managing partner of Skybridge Capital, expressed optimism about the crypto future. Furthermore, he pointed out the key players that would positively impact cryp... read More

August 15, 8:49 am

Crypto Markets Lost $50B Daily as Bitcoin Sharply Rejected at $25K (Mark...
After spiking above $25,000 to a new two-month high, bitcoin was violently rejected at that point and dumped by more than $1,000 in hours. Most altcoins are also deep in the red today, following the past few days of charting gains. Shiba Inu, though, is among the exceptions. Bitcoin Stopped at $25K Ever since the price drop below $23,500 at the end... read More

August 14, 2:30 pm

Proposed Ethereum PoW Fork Token Loses Half Its Market Value in Less Tha...
In 32 days, Ethereum is expected to upgrade from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm to a proof-of-stake (PoS) system after the network used PoW for seven years. While the testnets have implemented the new rules, most people envision a relatively smooth mainnet transition. However, another chain is expected to fork away from the Ethereum bran... read More

August 13, 7:00 pm

Ethereum Market Observes Pileup Of Leverage As ETH Breaks $2k
Data shows a large amount of leverage has been piling up in the Ethereum futures market as the price of the crypto breaks above $2k. Ethereum Open Interest Surges To Highest Value In Last 4 Months As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the ETH futures market has seen the leverage sharply going up recently. The 'open interest' is an ind... read More

August 12, 5:00 pm

Upland Sustains Mass Market Readiness With All-Inclusive Economy
Upland is a mobile-first blockchain metaverse that allows users to buy virtual properties based on real world addresses, build on those properties to increase their value, and sell them to increase their virtual real estate portfolio. Upland has the unique position to attract mass markets due to the fact that the economy is built to be open and inc... read More

August 12, 12:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Hovers Below $24,000 on Friday...
Cryptocurrency markets consolidated on Friday, as bulls marginally pulled back following strong gains in yesterday's session. Bitcoin fell slightly below $24,000, as prices were once again unable to move past a key ceiling. Ethereum was also lower, however continued to trade close to $1,900.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) prices fell marginally lower on Frid... read More

August 12, 8:42 am

Bitcoin Calms at $24K as Ethereum Classic (ETC) Soars 10% Daily: Market ...
The past 24 hours saw the cryptocurrency market calm down a bit, with no major changes happening across the top 10 coins by means of total capitalization. However, some cryptocurrencies performed better than others, so let's dive in. Bitcoin Calms at $24,000 After a serious run-up from $22,800 to almost $25,000 in the previous two days, Bitcoin's p... read More

August 11, 5:00 pm

Market Sentiment Shoots Up As Bitcoin Eyes $25,000
The crypto market sentiment had taken a beating when the price of bitcoin fell to a new cycle low of $17,600. With this, investor sentiment had plummeted to new yearly lows. But slowly, the market sentiment had recovered and made its way out of the extreme fear territory. That is until now when the market sentiment has recorded an enormous push upw... read More

August 11, 7:30 am

Moroccan Capital Markets Regulator Launches Fintech Portal
The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC), the capital markets regulatory body in Morocco, announced recently that it has launched a fintech portal on its website. The new portal has been created in order to facilitate exchanges between the regulator and 'companies involved in the innovative financial technology sector.'Portal to Help Promote De... read More

August 10, 9:30 pm

Fractional NFT Markets Slide 76% in Value in 7 Months, Diced-up Doge NFT...
When non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles became popular, the fractionalized NFT market grew past the $200 million range seven months ago in December 2021. Since then, the fractionalized NFT market has lost more than 76% in value, dropping to an overall market capitalization of around $50 million.Fractional NFT Market Value Slides From $212 Millio... read More

August 10, 5:00 pm

Recovery Market Sentiment Sees Investors Take More Risk With Altcoins
Crypto investors had been moving out of altcoins through the market downtrend due to the high volatility that rocked these digital assets. As a result, the fall in these altcoins was more brutal than that recorded in bitcoin. However, as the tide has begun to turn and the market is looking towards more of a bullish trend, these altcoins have taken ... read More

July 14, 8:11 pm

Celcius Market Cap Crashes 86% On Year-To-Date Basis As Company File For...
Investors in the failing cryptocurrency lending startup Celsius are still losing money weeks after the company filed for bankruptcy. Customer withdrawals had been frozen. Celcius Market Cap Crash 86% As the company's problems worsen, investors have stepped out to relate their experiences following the withdrawal freeze and the ensuing bankruptcy ap... read More

July 13, 8:17 pm

Negative CPI Report Causes Bitcoin Market Cap To Lose $15 Billion In 10 ...
For the month of June 2022, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics published its Consumer Price Index. The Negative CPI was found to be 9.1%, the largest inflation increase in the US in the previous 40 years. The Federal Reserve's monetary policy is determined by the CPI, which is a reliable indicator of inflation. Negative CPI Report Causes Bitcoin To ... read More

July 12, 12:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Below $20,000 as Markets React...
BTC fell below $20,000 on Tuesday, as volatility in financial markets continued to peak, due to current levels of inflation. The euro fell to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar in over twenty years, and this dollar strength seems to be impacting crypto prices. ETH also slipped, falling below $1,100. Bitcoin Bitcoin dropped below $20,000 duri... read More

July 12, 8:04 am

Full Impact of Crypto Bear Market Not Yet In, No Catalysts for Reversal ...
Crypto winter may be extended until the physical winter in Q4 and even the early Q1 next year, implied CoinShares Chief Security Officer Meltem Demirors in the latest interview with CNBC. According to data collected by Demirors, no signs indicate that an upside catalyst is in sight, sparking a speedy recovery from the months-long downward trend. Li... read More

July 11, 1:02 pm

Crypto Community Remains Upbeat On XRP, Despite Bearish Market Condition...
The crypto community got a major surprise two years ago when a leading provider of crypto solutions for businesses was slapped with a lawsuit by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Ripple was taken to court by the SEC, which sparked what has become the most closely watched legal showdown in the cryptocurrency industry. The SEC's lawsuit ac... read More

July 11, 12:12 pm

The Crypto Market Crash Prompts the FSB to Propose Global Regulations (R...
The Financial Stability Board (FSB) - an organization created by the G20 countries that supervises the international monetary system - will reportedly propose a regulatory framework focused on digital assets. The draft bill comes as a result of the recent turmoil in the market and will have a global character. 'Robust' Rules to Limit the Risks for ... read More

July 11, 8:56 am

Crypto Markets Lost $50B in 2 Days as BTC Slumped Towards $20K (Market W...
Following the relatively calm weekend, bitcoin started to lose value gradually and dipped towards $20,000. Most altcoins are also in the red today, with the most notable drops coming from Solana, Avalanche, LEO, Matic, and Litecoin. Bitcoin Fell Towards $20K The working week went rather well for the primary cryptocurrency, which overcame last weeke... read More

July 10, 8:41 am

Market Watch: Trading Volume at Monthly Lows as Bitcoin Stalls Amid $21K
This weekend resembles quite a lot the previous one as there are little-to-no substantial movements in the crypto market. Bitcoin has stalled around $21,000, while most altcoins are just slightly in the red as the trading volume has plummeted to a monthly low. Bitcoin Sits Tight at $21K As last weekend was coming to its end, including Monday, which... read More

July 10, 7:30 am

Bitcoin's 'Fundamental Value Is Not in Line With Market Pric...
Profitable bitcoin mining is essentially a result of an efficient and highly skilled team of professionals that can maintain runtime, a founder of a Bitcoin mining company has asserted. Therefore, even when the price is hovering around $20,000, a bitcoin miner with these attributes can still operate profitably.'Bitcoin Fundamentals Rarely Change' T... read More

July 09, 10:32 am

How Tether's Shrinking Market Share Could be Good for Crypto: Opin...
Tether still has the largest market share of all the stablecoins, but it is now around 43%, according to CoinGecko. Glassnode reports that the USDT market share is a slightly higher 45% but still shows the same downward trend of its dominance. According to the Tether transparency report, there are 66 million USDT in circulation, a figure that has b... read More

July 09, 9:00 am

Can Cardano (ADA) Reach $4 To Surpass Ethereum Market Cap?
The eighth-largest cryptocurrency, Cardano (ADA), has shown some indications of life during the last two weeks. The network's minor improvements were what actually encouraged investors' hope. After that, Cardano must work even harder to surpass $4 and catch up to Ethereum in terms of market capitalization. According to CoinGecko's data, ADA is now ... read More

July 08, 11:13 pm

Marathon Digital Sold No BTC During the Market Crash
Marathon Digital Holdings - a leading bitcoin mining company - mined 707 BTC during Q2, 2022, which is an 8% Year-Over-Year increase. More importantly, though, the firm did not sell any of its crypto stash and currently owns 10,055 BTC. Despite the Bear Market, Marathon Kept Pushing The latest cryptocurrency mining company to announce its quarterly... read More

July 08, 2:43 pm

Bitcoin Reclaims $20K, Crypto Market Eyes $1 Trillion, Ethereum 2.0 Merg...
The past seven days saw the total cryptocurrency market capitalization recover towards the $1 trillion mark after losing it in June. At the time of this writing, the market cap sits at $998 billion, according to data from CoinGecko. A large part in the above played the increase in Bitcoin's price. The cryptocurrency is up some 9% in the past week a... read More

July 08, 8:54 am

Crypto Markets Add $60 Billion Daily as Bitcoin Saw 3-Week High Above $2...
Bitcoin continued to gradually increase in value in the past 24 hours and charted a three-week high above $22,000. Most altcoins are also well in the green, with ETH reclaiming $1,200 and XRP spiking by 7%. Bitcoin's New Local Peak Ever since the untypically calm weekend, in which bitcoin stood primarily around $19,000 without any significant moves... read More

July 07, 9:00 pm

Dogecoin Adds $1 Billion To Its Market Cap Folllowing Elon Musk's ...
Following Elon Musk's Boring Company's announcement, it now allows consumers to pay using Dogecoin. As a result, DOGE has increased by 5% during the past day. But after that, it decreased by over 2%. However, it had a market value increase of almost $1 billion during the past 24 hours. With a market cap of $10.484 billion, DOGE overtook Polkadot an... read More

July 07, 8:00 pm

Coinbase Shows Crypto Market Performing Similar To Other Traditional Mar...
Crypto coins exhibited exponential growth through the years, raising attention to the crypto space. There was no correlation between crypto performance and the conventional stocks of different commodities. However, all that seems to be fading into thin air from the recent activities and trends of digital assets. The chief economist of Coinbase, a c... read More

July 05, 1:56 pm

Ripple Overtakes Cardano in Market Cap Top: CoinMarketCap
Despite a suspicious lull in the crypto market, CoinMarketCap's top by market capitalization remains the site of a heated battle for top spots between Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA). Back in late May, Cardano was overtaking Ripple by $2.3 billion in capitalization and ranked sixth in the top. Then, in a period of general panic and grow... read More

July 05, 11:38 am

The ALTER EGO project group burned and buried the crypto market during t...
The “Art Manifesto” Art Performance Illustrated The Flaws In The Crypto Industry And Introduced A Special NFT Collection With Unique Benefits The ALTER EGO Project Group recently organized a major art event in the city of Venice to celebrate the release of the exclusive NFT art collection, Memento Mori. The “Art Manifesto” e... read More

July 05, 8:48 am

Market Watch: Bitcoin Tests $20K as Crypto Markets Add $50 Billion in a ...
After several days of trading sideways, bitcoin finally initiated a leg up and spiked above $20,000. Most altcoins are also well in the green today, led by Ethereum's impressive 9% surge. Bitcoin Looks to Reclaim $20K Following the end of June, which turned out to be bitcoin's worst trading month in over a decade, the cryptocurrency experienced enh... read More

July 04, 5:00 pm

Mounting Support For Bitcoin At $19,000 As Market Ushers In A New Week
Bitcoin has come out of the weekend with less than favorable performance but it has not been all bad for the digital asset either. After falling below $20,000, it trended low towards the end of last week. However, the cryptocurrency has been able to hold the $19,000 level despite efforts from the bears to pull it down. This has been due to a number... read More

July 04, 4:10 pm

Market Update: Bitcoin And Ethereum Struggles To Recover, AR And NMR Soa...
Despite the market condition, top currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, struggle to regain their values. On the other hand, some altcoins, AR, and NMR are showing a significant gain charm over 14-days. Since the Fed Reserve decided to raise interest rates and the May inflation report, Bitcoin has been floating in a small zone between $19,000 and $20,00... read More

July 04, 1:41 pm

XRP Flips Cardano To Become the 7th Largest Crypto by Market Cap
In an interesting turn of events, data on CoinMarketCap shows that Ripple (XRP) has flipped Cardano (ADA) to become the seventh most prominent cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. The current market cap of XRP and ADA is respectively $15,410,470,239 and $15,174,615,603, with XRP leading by nearly $300 ... read More

July 04, 8:50 am

Bitcoin Stuck at $19K as Crypto Markets Stagnate (Market Watch)
Bitcoin continued to trade sideways and was stopped before coming close to challenging $20,000. The altcoins are in a similar position, with very few notable movements in either direction. Bitcoin Stuck Below $20K Last last week, which was also the end of BTC's horrific Q2, delivered a lot more volatility than the past several days. At the time, th... read More

July 04, 6:10 am

NFT June Sales Down to 12-Month Lows Amid Ongoing Bear Market (Report)
After defying the trends for several months, NFT sales have finally fallen in line with the broad cryptocurrency bear market trends. DappRadar and Chainalysis data reveal that the NFT sales in June have been the lowest since June 2021. June Sales at 12-Month Low A recent Bloomberg report said that the NFT market in June is poised for under $1 ... read More

July 02, 9:30 pm

EU Makes Deal on MiCA Legislation to Regulate Crypto Markets
Representatives of key European Union (EU) institutions and member states reached an agreement on the Markets in Crypto Assets regulatory proposal. The progress in the negotiations over the comprehensive legal framework for the Union's crypto space comes after earlier this week European officials agreed to adopt a set of anti-money laundering rules... read More

July 02, 5:30 pm

NFT Sales Stave off Crypto Market Downturn This Week With a Slight Uptic...
Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have managed to stay consistent this week while the crypto economy saw more losses over the last seven days. The week prior, $152.9 million in NFT sales were recorded across 18 blockchains and during the past week, $154.3 million in sales were executed. While Ethereum saw the most NFT sales this week, the chain saw a ... read More

July 01, 4:00 pm

Crypto Market Loses $60 Billion As Bitcoin Dips Below $20,000
As of June 28, the bitcoin price fluctuated slightly above the $20K mark. However, toward the end of the day, it eventually dropped to $20K. The market watch also noted the bearish state in the price of most altcoins. These include DOGE, AVAX, SOL, and many others. Drawing from June 29 data, Bitcoin's price has finally plunged below the $20K mark. ... read More

July 01, 2:30 pm

Ethereum (ETH) Bends Toward $1,000 As Doubt Fills Crypto Markets
Ethereum (ETH) traded in tandem with risky assets on the final session of the first half of the year, due to persisting fears of greater inflation and rising interest rates. Some analysts say this might set the stage to more decreases heading into the third quarter. Following a four-day losing skid, ETH's price fell roughly 6 percent to $1,044 on T... read More

July 01, 11:00 am

Mark Cuban Claims Bear Market Will End After Crypto-Apps Become Handy
The declining crypto market has raised lots of concerns among investors. Through several analyses, this prevailing price fall seems to be the worst in history. The crisis keeps raging with numerous losses recorded and more panic sell-off from traders. As a result, many people present ideas that could yield solutions to the situation. One of the tre... read More

July 01, 8:48 am

Market Watch: Bitcoin Ended the Horrible Q2 Below $20K
Despite spiking to a multi-day high at almost $21,000, bitcoin dumped just as quickly and finished the violent Q2 below $20,000. The altcoins experienced similar volatility, but some are well in the green now, including BNB, MATIC, and The Sandbox. Bitcoin’s 24H Ride The primary cryptocurrency stood at a 10-day high last weekend when it neare... read More

July 01, 7:30 am

Report: Crypto Market Crash Wipes Millions of Dollars From North Korea&r...
The recent plunge in the value of cryptocurrencies may have wiped out millions from North Korea's fund comprised of stolen crypto assets. The diminishing value of cryptocurrencies is believed to be affecting Pyongyang's ability to fund its weapons programs. Stolen Crypto Assets and North Korea's Weapons Programs The recent crash of the crypto marke... read More

July 01, 6:27 am

Cryptocurrencies With Incredibly High Market Caps
Cryptocurrencies are an online alternative to FIAT currencies, and because of the way they are designed, they offer added protection to those using them just like a licensed and SSL encrypted live casino ensures protection for its players. Transactions with them are anonymous and the currencies cannot be duplicated or falsified. Having said that, n... read More

June 30, 11:00 pm

How Foresight Ventures Is Approaching Investments in the Current Market ...
The Foresight Ventures founding and partnership team includes veterans of some of the top financial and technology firms dedicated to sourcing and supporting the next generation of disruptive innovations across Web3. They believe the future is multi-chain and thus the chains that find product market fit will all need partners to help expand their e... read More

June 30, 9:30 pm

MoonXBT adds new USDT spot markets in DAI, ADA, AVAX,  LTC, FTT, LI...
MoonXBT, a crypto derivatives & social trading platform, has now announced it has successfully launched new USDT spot trading pairs in the following markets: DAI/USDT, ADA/USDT, AVAX/USDT, LTC/USDT, FTT/USDT, LINK/USDT, and FTM/USDT. The crypto margin trading platform offers up to 150x leverage and recently integrated fiat-gateway XanPool, to allow... read More

June 30, 11:30 am

Crypto Market Deleveraging Might Soon End, JPMorgan Argues
Nearly $2 trillion in crypto market value has evaporated in months since the sky-rocketing prices in November last year. But, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, the deleveraging that prompted the rout is at an advanced stage and may not have much further to run. A Bottom May Be Near With markets sliding and inflation plagu... read More

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