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December 02, 4:32 pm

Multiple SBF Appearances, Fed Chair Speech, and Market Bounce: The Week'...
The past seven days were filled with a lot of information as the situation around FTX keeps unraveling. The former CEO of the exchange - Sam Bankman-Fried, had multiple appearances, but they may have spurred more questions than they answered. Before we get there, though, it's important to note that the market managed to add around $20 billion to its capitalization, which is a step in the positive direction. Bitcoin managed to gain 2%, while ETH is up a total of 6% in the past week. This week's best performer, for better or worse, is Dogecoin. DOGE skyrocketed a whopping 21% in a market that's struggling to recover. MATIC also performed very well, up 7% in the past seven days. As mentioned above, the week's highlights were the multiple appearances of SBF in a few interviews and podcasts. However, much of what he said was just an attempt to skew and deflect harder questions without providing a lot of concise information on how the whole thing came crashing down. For example, he was quoted saying that the reason he prioritized Bahamian withdrawals in the wake of the fallout was that he's physically located there and 'you don't want to be in a country with a lot of angry people in it.' Elsewhere, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, had a speech this week. He hinted... read More

December 02, 1:30 pm

Reality Company's Asset-Backed Tokens: A New Paradigm in the Blockchain ...
The world of cryptocurrency is facing multiple challenges on a daily basis, and it seems that they keep coming. One that’s particularly common and even fundamental for the majority of the projects and coins is their lack of fundamental, intrinsic value. This is the most commonly-used argument of crypto skeptics, and its proponents can be foun... read More

December 02, 9:50 am

Bitcoin Bulls Fight for $17K, Ethereum POW (ETHW) Skyrockets 20%: Market...
After tapping yet another two-week high above $17,000, bitcoin has returned to that particular level. Most altcoins are a lot calmer today, with a few exceptions, such as LUNC, TWT, and ETHW. Bitcoin Fights for $17K Ever since last week's price drop to a two-year low and the sideways trading during the weekend at $16,500, the primary cryptocurrency... read More

December 01, 9:52 am

Bitcoin Reclaims $17K as Crypto Markets Push $900 Billion (Market Watch)
The markets have fared well with yesterday's speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, and Bitcoin has so far been successful in reclaiming $17K. This has also pushed the total market capitalization toward $900 billion, adding close to $50 billion in the past couple of days. Bitcoin Price Reclaims $17K Bitcoin's price is trading well in the green, addi... read More

December 01, 7:29 am

Bear Market Length Has Now Matched Previous Cycles, Is Trend Reversal Im...
Bear markets always appear to be long, drawn-out affairs, but the steep downtrend only really lasts a year or so. The crypto industry hit its all-time high of just over $3 trillion in market capitalization in November 2021. Almost a year to the day later, on Nov. 22, they hit a cycle low of $820 billion, marking a 73% drawdown. In its recent &ldquo... read More

November 30, 10:04 pm

Kraken Slashes 30% of Workforce Amid Bear Market Pressure
Kraken is the latest cryptocurrency exchange that’s been forced to downsize in the face of macroeconomic headwinds and a devastating crypto bear market.  According to an announcement from the firm on Wednesday, leadership has been forced to slash 30% of its workforce, amounting to 1100 workers.  The reduction in size takes Kraken&r... read More

November 30, 10:00 pm

Markets Spike After Fed Chair Says It 'Makes Sense to Moderate the Pace'...
Equities, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies shined on Wednesday following Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell's speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington. The crypto economy increased 3.11% to $860 billion, while the top four stock indexes jumped between 2% to 5% higher on Nov. 30. Stocks, Crypto, and Precious Metal Markets Jump High... read More

November 30, 11:58 am

Binance Market Share Allegedly Hits 77%; Criticism Grows As Even Jack Do...
It is no secret that Binance benefits from FTX's insolvency. After the second largest exchange in the world went belly up, other exchanges had to divide FTX's market share among themselves. And that Binance is one of the biggest winners now seems to be confirmed by recent data. The Block claims that Binance now has a 75% market share on the spot ma... read More

November 29, 6:00 pm

Celo Sees 20% Gains In Last Week As The Broader Crypto Market Retreats
CELO's price is currently at $0.6101, with a trading volume of $44,775,558. It is currently ranked number 97 on CoinMarketCap. The trading volume has decreased by over 73% in the last 24 hours. CELO shocked many market observers with a 33.51% price jump on Sunday and had a trading volume of $227,794,699.69. Although the token is still way off its a... read More

November 28, 9:45 pm

Aave Freezes Multiple Lending Markets Citing Volatility Concerns
The decentralized lending protocol AAVE has temporarily disabled its lending markets for multiple Ethereum-based tokens facing excess volatility and low liquidity. The 17 frozen assets include various defi tokens that are competitors to AAVE, such as Compound (COMP) and Curve Finance (CRV). On Sunday, Aave passed a near-unanimous governance vote t... read More

November 28, 9:00 pm

Amid Civil Unrest in China, Gold and Silver Prices Hold Steady — E...
Reports on Monday detail that the zero-Covid policy protests in China have lowered market sentiment as U.S. equity markets show the top four Wall Street indexes are struggling. The global crypto market cap is down 3.5% and getting awfully close to dropping below the $800 billion mark. Precious metal prices, on the other hand, like gold and silver h... read More

November 28, 1:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Start Week Lower as Beari...
Bitcoin fell to a six-day low to start the week, as the token moved closer to the $16,000 level. The drop sees prices fall for a fifth straight session, with overall sentiment in the cryptocurrency market turning bearish. Ethereum was once again trading below $1,200, after trading above this point in recent days.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) fell for a fif... read More

November 27, 5:00 pm

A Dozen Digital Assets Record Double-Digit Gains as Crypto Markets Begin...
At the time of writing the global cryptocurrency market capitalization is hovering around $842 billion on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022. Bitcoin prices consolidated since the start of the week, as seven-day stats indicate the price of bitcoin has dropped by 0.02% this week. Meanwhile, while bitcoin prices remain static, a number of alternative crypto asset... read More

November 26, 10:20 pm

Bear Market Effects: Installation of New Crypto ATMs Slows Down
The latest figures show that the first eleven months of 2022 have seen the installation of 6,100 new crypto automated teller machines (ATMs). The temps have significantly slowed down due to the ongoing bear market. In comparison, over 20,300 crypto ATMs popped up in 2021 (when bitcoin and many altcoins charted their all-time high prices). Change of... read More

November 24, 9:00 am

IMF Blog: Better Regulation of Africa's Growing Crypto Market Urgently N...
A well-regulated African cryptocurrency market is needed in order to protect users as well as help countries stop bad actors from using digital assets to circumvent capital controls, the latest post on the IMF blog has said. The blog post reiterated the IMF's belief that risks to a country are 'much greater if crypto is adopted as legal tender.' Cr... read More

November 23, 7:38 pm

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Sees Over 7% Gains Amidst Crypto Market Recovery
Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently trading at $19.65, an increase from its previous price. The crypto, presently ranked at number 23 on CoinMarketCap, shows signs of life. The 24-hour trading volume of the token stands at $332,995,651.  The 24-hour low of ETC stands at $18.20, while the high was at $20.15. The market capitalization of Ethereu... read More

November 23, 7:00 pm

Crypto Market Back To High Correlation As All Indexes Closely Follow Bit...
Data shows the crypto market has become highly correlation again in the past week as all indexes have been closing following Bitcoin. All Market Cap Weighted Crypto Indexes Have Been Moving Together Recently According to the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, the 30-day ETH-BTC correlation now has a value of 0.95. To assess the performance ... read More

November 23, 1:04 pm

LTC Leads Market Recovery with 29% Gains in 24 Hours (Litecoin Price Ana...
Litecoin is the surprise of this bear market, being one of the first coins to have a breakout and showing tremendous strength. Key Support levels: $73, $64Key Resistance levels: $82, $95  After a long consolidation since June, Litecoin has broken above this ascending triangle (pictured) that took months to form. In the process, the price ralli... read More

November 23, 8:06 am

New Caesarverse Game Disrupting GameFi Market With Multiplayer Gladiator...
Gaming has long been touted as one of the most appropriate use cases for blockchain-based technology. Integrating a distributed ledger into the game's engine would enable gamers to own their experience instead of having to rely on a third-party provider to safe keep it for them. Moreover, assuming title over in-game assets would also enable users t... read More

November 22, 5:39 pm

Crypto Market Loses $60B In Two Days As Bitcoin Price Plunges
The past few days in the Bitcoin and crypto market have had a forceful impact from the bears. The prices of most of the crypto assets have been tolling to the south beyond expectation. In addition, the entire market is experiencing a decline due to the collapse of the FTX exchange. The outcome of the recent events has raised more doubts in the cry... read More

November 22, 9:55 am

Crypto Markets Shed $60B in 2 Days as Bitcoin Slumps Below $16K (Market ...
Bitcoin took another turn for the worse and dumped below $16,000 to mark a fresh two-year low. Most alternative coins fell hard as well yesterday, with ETH sliding beneath $1,100. Chainlink and Litecoin are among the few exceptions in the green. Bitcoin Dumps Again The end of last week was quite uneventful for the primary cryptocurrency, which trie... read More

November 22, 7:37 am

Bitcoin Whales Underwater as Markets Mirror Late 2018: Glassnode
In its ‘Week on-chain’ report on Nov. 21, blockchain analytics firm Glassnode reported that recent market weakness has “shaken the confidence of Bitcoin holders.” It measured aggregate increases in the Mean Inflow Volume to exchanges to determine that more whales are now underwater. The report noted that the average deposit ... read More

November 21, 9:30 pm

Crypto Economy's Market Cap Slides Below $800 Billion for the First Time...
The global cryptocurrency market capitalization has dropped below the $800 billion region for the first time in 691 days or since December 30, 2020. Bitcoin has dipped below the $16K region dropping 5.12% over the past 24 hours, and the second leading crypto asset ethereum shed 7.61% on Monday, dropping below the $1,100 range.Crypto Economy Sheds M... read More

November 21, 7:52 pm

XRP Holds Gains While Crypto Market Plummets Badly
XRP, the native token of the Ripple ecosystem, continues to hold gains despite the market downturn. The token saw an inter-week surge of up to 14.2% from $0.345 to $0.394. While it has dropped from that high, it still holds up to 2.08%. However, it trades dangerously close to its floor price for this week and might lose all its gains soon. Its dail... read More

November 21, 5:30 pm

Bitcoin Miners Face a Squeeze as BTC Production Cost Remains Well Above ...
Bitcoin miners are dealing with lots of pressure following the recent difficulty adjustment increase on Nov. 20, 2022, and the leading crypto asset dropping further in value against the U.S. dollar following FTX's collapse. Statistics recorded this past weekend show that bitcoin's average cost of production has been a lot higher than bitcoin's USD ... read More

November 21, 1:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Below $16,000 Amid Increased M...
Bitcoin slipped below $16,000 on Nov. 21, as markets continued to react to the news that the FTX contagion had impacted yet another firm. Hong Kong-based crypto ATM firm Genesis Block halted its operations, as it looks to stabilize its liquidity pool. Ethereum was also lower, as prices remained below $1,200.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) slipped below $16,0... read More

November 19, 7:40 pm

OKB Token Puts On Higher Numbers Amid Crypto Market Volatility
OKB, the native token of the OKX Exchange, has recorded substantial gains today in a bearish crypto market. The utility token saw a price surge of 4.63% on the day, registering a local high of $20.80. It also surged over 11% on its weekly chart, joining the likes of Toncoin and Trust Wallet Token to lead the market in gains.  There’s no ... read More

November 19, 7:40 pm

OKB Token Records Higher Gains Amidst Crypto Market Volatility
OKB, the native token of the OKX Exchange, has recorded substantial gains today in a bearish crypto market. The utility token saw a price surge of 4.63% on the day, registering a local high of $20.80. It also surged over 11% on its weekly chart, joining the likes of Toncoin and Trust Wallet Token to lead the market in gains.  There’s no ... read More

November 19, 5:03 pm

$11K or $9K: Bitcoin's Expected Bottom Based on Previous Bear Markets
The past year or so has not been kind to the primary cryptocurrency, following many industry and macroeconomic adversities. Even though the asset has lost roughly 80% of its value since the all-time high last November, some estimations show that it could drop further, perhaps to the four-digit territory. It was approximately a year ago when the in... read More

November 18, 7:28 pm

LEO Token Records Positive Moves While Crypto Market Struggles
LEO, the native token of the Bitfinex exchange, has recorded positive gains as the crypto market struggles to gain footing. The utility token saw a price increase of 4.24% on the day. It also enjoyed an impressive 11% surge in the last 7 days.  LEO’s price surge comes as rival exchange FTX suffers from liquidity issues. After the FTX fil... read More

November 18, 5:39 pm

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) Undeterred Market Downtrends With Over 90% Gain...
As calls for self-custody rage on, Trust Wallet Token has enjoyed unprecedented surges in the past week. On TWT’s week-on-week chart, the token has amassed over 90% gains. This comes as FTX’s debacle unfolds and traders grow wary of centralized exchanges. Furthermore, Binance’s CEO endorsed Trust Wallet in a recent tweet, resultin... read More

November 18, 9:57 am

Chainlink (LINK) Performs Poorly Amidst Market Uncertainty
Chainlink (LINK), the leading oracle network, normally performs on the day following the market downturn. LINK has experienced a 1.58% increase in the last 24 hours, trading at $6.22.  Overall, LINK has recorded over 12% loss in the weekly chart. The token had surged higher in the day, reaching a local high of $6.38 before retracting.  Th... read More

November 18, 9:37 am

Chiliz (CHZ) Leads Market Gains With Over 8%
CHZ continues to lead the market in gains as more anticipation builds toward the World Cup. The go-to fan token was seen keeping an intraday profit of 7.37%. It reached a local high of $0.246 during the day before retracting to its current price of $0.242. Despite falling below its trading-day floor, it quickly bounced back, leaving traders with su... read More

November 17, 4:50 pm

Chiliz (CHZ) Records Higher Gains During Market Uncertainty
Popular fan token CHZ has printed substantial gains in the last week as football fans prepare for 2022’s world cup event. As of writing, the token is trading at a 2.20% gain on the day. Plus, its week-on-week chart looks green. Specifically, the 34th largest token by market cap still keeps over 9% gains from last week.  However, the fan-... read More

November 17, 4:11 pm

Dogecoin (DOGE) Lost Its Gains Amidst Market Volatility
The alpha memecoin, Dogecoin (DOGE), continues to take effect of market volatility. The coin lost its previous gains following the market downtrends. The fledgling coin BTC printed over a 5% decline in the last week and ETH decreased by around 8%. Similarly, the DOGE token was down over 8% on its week-on-week chart, losing 1.27% on the day. At $0.0... read More

November 17, 3:30 pm

Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX, Alameda Were Accused of Conspiracy, Racketeering...
Amid the latest bankruptcy case filed by FTX Trading Ltd., U.S. regulators want to crack down on crypto exchanges, and a class action lawsuit has been issued against former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) and 12 celebrities. However, this is not FTX's and Alameda Research's first rodeo with the U.S. court system and financial investigations. After ... read More

November 17, 11:42 am

Crypto Market Fundamentals Remain Stable Despite FTX Collapse: Chainalys...
On Nov. 17, crypto compliance company Chainalysis posted a market update, and it was not all doom and gloom. The firm acknowledged that other companies may face insolvency issues in the wake of last week’s FTX downfall. “Many market fundamentals remain stable,” it added, pointing out that the FTX situation stemmed from “fina... read More

November 16, 8:00 pm

Polygon Continues To Build Despite Market Turbulence; Here Are Levels To...
 MATIC's price fails to hold amidst market turmoil as the price falls back to its key support zone with a range-bound movement.  MATIC's price continues to show strength after a bearish downtrend with the market's current state, as things look uncertain for most traders and investors.  MATIC's price continues to hold $0.75 on the dai... read More

November 16, 5:00 pm

SHIB, XRP Show Strength As Crypto Market Begins Recovery
Shiba Inu (SHIB) and XRP have shown strength in the present recovery in the market. The crypto market decline had been triggered by the FTX collapse, and even now, the negative effects are still being felt all across the space. However, it has also been a time for digital assets in the space to show their resilience. Currently, in the middle of the... read More

November 16, 1:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Lower, as Markets React to Mis...
Ethereum moved into the red on Nov. 16, as markets became nervous, following a missile accidentally exploding in Poland. Fears grew of potential escalation in the war between Russia and Ukraine, as the missile hit Poland, which is a NATO-backed country. Poland and NATO have both downplayed the strike, and have so far not accused Russia of the act. ... read More

November 16, 8:30 am

Cryptopunks Climb Past Bored Ape NFT Floor Values Amid Crypto Market Car...
During the last five days, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stemming from the Cryptopunks NFT collection have surpassed Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs in terms of floor value. Statistics over the last ten days show the floor value of Cryptopunks NFTs remained above the 60 ether zone, while BAYC-based NFT floor values dropped below the 60 ether range.Cr... read More

November 15, 1:34 pm

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) Scores Over 97% Gains Going Against Market Tren...
Despite current market conditions, the official Trust Wallet token (TWT) has posted impressive gains in the last 7 days. TWT saw an impressive rise of over 97% on its week-on-week chart. Most of the price rally happened in the last three days, with the coin marking a new all-time high yesterday. TWT’s surge also has something to do with the F... read More

November 14, 6:36 pm

Edward Snowden Plans to Buy Bitcoin Again Amid Crypto Market Slide
With Bitcoin having recently touched its lowest price point in 2022, some Bitcoin enthusiasts feel that now is a good time to buy.  One of them is Edward Snowden. The ex-NSA contractor said on Monday that he is feeling the urge to “scale back in” to Bitcoin for “the first time in a while.”  In his statement over T... read More

November 14, 9:56 am

Bitcoin Tests $17K as Crypto Markets Add $40B on Musk and Binance Tweets...
The past 24 hours have been quite dynamic in terms of pricing on the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin dropped below $16K, only to soar back toward $17K later, followed by the rest of the cryptocurrencies. This happened after both CZ and Elon Musk tweeted out news that was obviously perceived positively. Bitcoin Testing $17K Bitcoin's price went throu... read More

November 13, 9:53 am

Solana Crashes 12% Overnight as Crypto Markets Bleed Out (Market Watch)
The cryptocurrency market continues to bleed out and in the past 24 hours, its total capitalization shed another $20 billion. The majority of coins are well in the red and the broader sentiment remains particularly negative and expects further contagion from the FTX fallout. Bitcoin Price Bleeds Out Bitcoin's price currently sits at around $16,500,... read More

November 11, 5:26 pm

FTX Melts Down, Crypto Market in Fear of Massive Contagion: This Week's ...
The past seven days were undoubtedly the most emotional, unexpected, and for many - devastating in a long time. One of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges - FTX - filed for a voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy with the US after failing to honor customer withdrawals and revealing a multi-billion liquidity hole. It's not particularly clear how ... read More

November 11, 1:31 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Moves Higher as Markets Contin...
Ethereum was trading higher on Friday, as cryptocurrency markets continued to rebound, following yesterday's U.S. inflation report. The better-than-expected 7.7% CPI (consumer price index) figure for October boosted prices, following recent bearish sentiment. Bitcoin briefly climbed back above the $18,000 level on Friday.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) moved... read More

November 11, 4:30 am

Twitter Files for Payment Business — Elon Musk Says Platform Could...
Twitter has filed paperwork with the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to start a payment business. Tesla CEO and Twitter chief Elon Musk explained the social media platform could offer 'an extremely compelling money market account' in addition to 'debit cards, checks, and whatnot.'Elon Musk Shares Ideas for Twitter's Payment Syste... read More

November 11, 12:30 am

JPMorgan Expects Crypto Market to Face Weeks of Deleveraging – War...
Global investment bank JPMorgan has warned of the crypto market facing weeks of deleveraging stemming from the crisis at Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto exchange and trading platform Alameda Research. The firm's analysts also predicted that the price of bitcoin could fall to $13,000. JPMorgan on FTX and Bitcoin's Price JPMorgan Chase's analysts,... read More

November 10, 11:31 pm

Crypto Market Loses $200 Billion As Bitcoin Plunges
Some days back, the crypto market was celebrating a significant rally in the price of major cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin hit a remarkable recovery surpassing the $20K level to $21,500. However, the story quickly changed as the FTT crash dragged the other tokens down. Due to the ongoing FTX crisis in the crypto space, many assets have recorded new all-... read More

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