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August 17, 1:00 am

Ethereum Price Rejected At The $2,000 Level, Will It Retrace To $1,700 S...
Ethereum price has retraced over the past few days, in the last 24 hours the coin depreciated 2%. The current price action pointed towards consolidation. In the past trading sessions, ETH has retraced beneath the $1,900 price mark. Continued consolidation for Ethereum has now pushed Ethereum price close to $1,800. In case the king altcoin is unable to break past the $1,800 level, it would be targeting the next support level for the coin. Technical outlook had turned bearish as the coin was mainly consolidating causing a loss of value. Buying strength witnessed a fall on its chart which made ETH turn bearish at press time. If Ethereum needs to cross above the $1,900 price level, the buying strength needs to recover considerably on its chart. The global cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.18 Trillion, with a 1.6% negative change in the last 24 hours. Market movers were also dipping on their respective charts, this had an effect on the coin's overall price movement. Ethereum Price Analysis: Four Hour Chart Ethereum was priced at $1,880 on the four hour chart | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView ETH was trading at $1,880 at the time of writing. The coin had witnessed rejection at the $2,000 price mark multiple times. At the moment Ethereum price witnessed a correction after it attempted... read More

August 16, 8:13 pm

Coinbase Plans to Halt Ethereum Deposits and Withdrawals During the Merg...
Coinbase – the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States – will temporarily suspend Ethereum-based deposits and withdrawals during September’s “merge” upgrade.  The exchange posted a blog post on Tuesday explaining what to expect from both Coinbase and Ethereum following the network’s long-awaited... read More

August 16, 8:11 pm

Compound Labs Deploys Smart Contracts for USDC Market on Ethereum
Compound Labs has announced the first smart contract deployments for Compound III, which will create a USDC market on Ethereum.  The contracts await activation by Compound governance but are now open to review by the community.  According to the latest update from Compound’s protocol development log, the deployment brings Compound ... read More

August 16, 7:51 pm

Will The Ethereum Merge Drive The BTC Ratio To New ATHs?
Ethereum has been met with strong resistance at its current levels and might potentially re-test support. The cryptocurrency still preserves some of its profit from the past weeks but has been losing momentum over today’s trading session. At the time of writing, Ethereum trades at $1,860 with a 2% loss and 5% profit over the last 24 hours an... read More

August 16, 6:47 pm

TA- Price Of Ethereum Faces Rejection At $2,000: Are bulls Still In Cont...
The price of Ethereum (ETH) has struggled to hold above $2,000 against Tether (USDT) after being rejected from that region.   Ethereum price in the past few days has struggled to reclaim the $2,000 mark that has become a resistance despite showing strong bullish signs and outperforming Bitcoin (BTC) in this relief rally. The price of ETH ... read More

August 16, 1:07 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Falls Below $1,900 as Markets ...
Ethereum fell below $1,900 earlier today, as crypto markets continued to react to disappointing economic data from China. Figures for July showed that both retail sales and industrial production in China had grown by less than expected, heightening concerns of an upcoming global recession. Bitcoin also declined on Tuesday.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) was ... read More

August 16, 4:08 am

TA: Ethereum Consolidates Below $2K: What Could Trigger A Sharp Decline?
Ethereum started a downside correction from the $2,000 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH is consolidating and might decline further towards $1,810. Ethereum started a downside correction below the $1,950 level. The price is now trading below $1,950 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There was a break below a connecting bullish trend lin... read More

August 15, 11:00 pm

Ethereum Hits New Milestone, Investors Accumulate Ahead Of Merge
The Ethereum deposit staking contract has seen increased interest since developers announced that the Merge is likely to happen next month in September. This move to proof of stake will see miners be flushed out in favor of validators who earn rewards for staking their ETH, and more investors want to take advantage of this. This has seen Ethereum h... read More

August 15, 10:45 pm

Ethereum Rejects $2k, Retest Of $1,800 Imminent
The current Ethereum price analysis is bearish due to multiple instances over the previous day of rejection for additional upward. As a result, we anticipate ETH/USD to drop below $1,900 and then retest $1,800 as support. Ethereum Rejects Upside Since reaching a daily high of $2012, Ethereum has corrected by 6.6%. The price range between $1700 and ... read More

August 15, 10:00 pm

Spending $276M in Ether — Colossal Ethereum Whale That Participate...
After three years of dormancy, a massive ethereum whale that participated in the project's first token sale, also known as the Genesis initial coin offering (ICO), spent 145,000 ether worth just over $276 million using today's ethereum exchange rates.Mega Ethereum Whale Distributes 145,000 Ether to 9 Different Addresses On August 14, 2022, onchain ... read More

August 15, 1:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Lower, Following Brief Rally A...
Bitcoin was trading lower to start the week, after the token briefly rose above $25,000 during Sunday's session. As of writing, the global cryptocurrency market cap is currently trading 2.85% lower. Ethereum also dropped lower on Monday, with prices moving away from a recent high above $2,000. Bitcoin After a brief stint above $25,000 ov... read More

August 15, 1:30 pm

TA: Top 5 Crypto You Should Watch This Week – Bitcoin, Ethereum
Top 5 Crypto You Should Watch This Week, with many crypto altcoins producing price gains of two or more digits. The recovery has sparked the excitement and belief that the bottom could be in for many crypto assets with the hope of a bull run in a short time. Let us discuss the top 5 crypto assets you should watch this week.  Disclaimer: The p... read More

August 15, 10:30 am

Buenos Aires to Run Ethereum Nodes by 2023
The city of Buenos Aires will deploy a number of Ethereum validator nodes in 2023. The statements were made by Diego Fernandez, secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the city, who clarified this deployment will pursue exploratory and regulatory purposes and will help the city to develop regulations for cryptocurrencies. Buenos ... read More

August 15, 5:08 am

TA: Ethereum Hesitates But Further Gains Seem Likely Above $2K
Ethereum gained pace and cleared the $2,000 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH is consolidating and might rise further towards the $2,120 resistance. Ethereum extended its increase above the $1,920 resistance zone. The price is now trading above $1,950 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There was a break above a short-term bearish trend ... read More

August 14, 2:30 pm

Proposed Ethereum PoW Fork Token Loses Half Its Market Value in Less Tha...
In 32 days, Ethereum is expected to upgrade from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm to a proof-of-stake (PoS) system after the network used PoW for seven years. While the testnets have implemented the new rules, most people envision a relatively smooth mainnet transition. However, another chain is expected to fork away from the Ethereum bran... read More

August 13, 7:00 pm

Ethereum Market Observes Pileup Of Leverage As ETH Breaks $2k
Data shows a large amount of leverage has been piling up in the Ethereum futures market as the price of the crypto breaks above $2k. Ethereum Open Interest Surges To Highest Value In Last 4 Months As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the ETH futures market has seen the leverage sharply going up recently. The 'open interest' is an ind... read More

August 13, 3:53 pm

Ethereum Tests $2,000 For The First Time in 74 Days, Here's What's Next ...
The bulls have been in control of the market for more than a month. They have managed to push the price by more than 100%. The majority of this rally has been without a considerable correction, begging the question if one is pending following the test of the critical $2K level. Technical Analysis By Grizzly The Daily Chart Buyers still dominate the... read More

August 13, 3:39 pm

Ethereum Sees Setback After Breaking $2k, But Price Likely to Maintain U...
Ethereum has experienced a mild setback after breaking the important barrier at $2,000 and continues to trade in the green over today’s trading session. The cryptocurrency is leading the current crypto market relief and sees poised for further gains. At the time of writing, Ethereum (ETH) trades at $1,980 with a 6% and 15% profit over the la... read More

August 13, 12:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Hits $2,000 for First Time Sin...
Ethereum was trading above $2,000 to start the weekend, as the token hit its highest point since May. Crypto markets were back in the green, after marginally consolidating in Friday's session. Bitcoin moved closer to $25,000 on Saturday, however has still yet to breach this ceiling. Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) was marginally higher on Saturday, as the to... read More

August 13, 1:00 am

Ethereum Price Broke Past $1,800 Despite Higher Demand At Lower Levels
Ethereum price flashed recovery over the last 24 hours after it witnessed consolidation at the $1,800 price mark. Over the last week, ETH logged 20% appreciation. It has been a bullish week for the king altcoin. The last time the altcoin traded around this price level was almost two months ago. It had failed to topple over the $1,900 zone and had r... read More

August 12, 8:00 pm

New Findings Shows Institutional Investors Take More Interest In Ethereu...
As the launching of the long-awaited Ethereum upgrade, Merge, approaches, there's a spike in institutional investment. Ethereum products are receiving more attention from big-shot investors. Though there is no stated period for the Merge, most developers anticipate the upgrade by September 19. However, most Ethereum derivatives are getting more inv... read More

August 12, 5:00 pm

Ethereum Price Forecast Remains Bullish As Network Nears Another Milesto...
Ethereum has been recording win after win over the last month. If it’s not a win in its price, then it is another step forward in its move to being a proof of stake network. These major milestones have reverberated throughout its community, spurring bullish sentiment amongst even the most skeptical of investors. Now, another milestone moving ... read More

August 12, 2:09 pm

TA – Ethereum Price Faces Resistance As Merge Date Is Announced
The price of Ethereum (ETH) showed so much strength but has been hit with resistance against Tether (USDT) as the Ethereum merge is announced.  Ethereum price rallied with so much strength from a region of $1,670 to $1,924, as bulls anticipate the Ethereum merge from proof-of-work (POW) to proof-of-stake (POS). Ethereum merge is an upgrade on... read More

August 12, 12:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Hovers Below $24,000 on Friday...
Cryptocurrency markets consolidated on Friday, as bulls marginally pulled back following strong gains in yesterday's session. Bitcoin fell slightly below $24,000, as prices were once again unable to move past a key ceiling. Ethereum was also lower, however continued to trade close to $1,900.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) prices fell marginally lower on Frid... read More

August 12, 10:37 am

Crypto Price Analysis August-12: Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, Solana...
This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, Solana, and Avalanche. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum has reached prices not seen since May and is close to $2,000. This latest bullish momentum has pushed the price up by 18.1% in the past seven days, making this one of the best weeks for ETH. However, the cryptocurrency is now just un... read More

August 12, 8:42 am

Bitcoin Calms at $24K as Ethereum Classic (ETC) Soars 10% Daily: Market ...
The past 24 hours saw the cryptocurrency market calm down a bit, with no major changes happening across the top 10 coins by means of total capitalization. However, some cryptocurrencies performed better than others, so let's dive in. Bitcoin Calms at $24,000 After a serious run-up from $22,800 to almost $25,000 in the previous two days, Bitcoin's p... read More

August 12, 7:00 am

Ethereum Merge Might Happen Sooner Than Expected
The Merge will mark Ethereum's transition to a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and is arguably the most significant event in the cryptocurrency industry for 2022. As previously reported, the date for it was set for September 19th, but it appears that it might come sooner than expected. During a call, core developers such as Terence Tsao - co-fo... read More

August 12, 5:18 am

TA: Ethereum Gearing For Another Lift-Off to $2k: Rally Isn't Over Yet
Ethereum gained pace and cleared the $1,800 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH is rising and might continue to rise towards the $2,000 resistance zone. Ethereum remained well bid above the $1,800 support and climbed further higher. The price is now trading above $1,820 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a key bullish trend line ... read More

August 11, 11:00 pm

Will Ethereum Breach $2,000 Before The Merge?
Ethereum has recorded a large upwards movement in the last month following the announcement made about the Merge. A more definite launch time in September has seen the market rally around the altcoin, causing it to surge drastically. With each day, the Merge draws closer, and Ethereum tests another technical level. This time around, the cryptocurre... read More

August 11, 6:30 pm

ETH PoS Upgrade to Transition on September 15 to 16 — Ethereum Dev...
Following the successful implementation of The Merge into Ethereum's Goerli testnet, Ethereum developers confirmed during a Consensus Layer Call livestream that the highly anticipated proof-of-stake (PoS) upgrade is coming this next month on or around September 15th to the 16th. After the Ethereum network's Total Terminal Difficulty (TTD) hits 5875... read More

August 11, 4:42 pm

Ethereum Merge Scheduled For September 15/16, ETH's Price Skyrockets
Ethereum is moving higher over today’s trading session and seems to be targeting previous levels about the $2,000 mark. The cryptocurrency soars as “The Merge” becomes imminent and backs the bullish sentiment across the market. At the time of writing, ETH’s price trades at $1,900 with a 3% profit in the last 24 hours and a ... read More

August 11, 12:47 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Moves to 2-Month High Above $1...
Ethereum surged to a two-month high above $1,900 on Thursday, as the token continued to rally following yesterday's U.S. inflation report. Inflation in the United States was at 8.5% in July, giving traders some optimism on a potential gradual recovery. Bitcoin was also in the green, as prices moved closer to $25,000.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) was up for... read More

August 11, 12:00 pm

Glassnode Report Shows Bitcoin And Ethereum Derivatives Gain Massive Tra...
The 2022 crypto winter seems to be one of the most severe bearish trends in cryptocurrency history. This saw the entire crypto market cut down by over 50% in value since the beginning of the year. Also, the situation in the crypto market got worse with the collapse of the Terra-LUNA ecosystem. However, the crypto market is recovering slightly from ... read More

August 11, 11:12 am

Ethereum PoW Proponents Vow to Abolish EIP-1559
Proponents of the Ethereum fork are gearing up to eliminate the pivotal EIP-1559. An Ethereum miner, which gained allies from many prominent figures and firms in the industry, has now published an open letter to the community. The Twitter account of the proposed chain-split fork - EthereumPoW -  said that the once 'almighty' Ethereum Foundatio... read More

August 11, 10:10 am

Latest Report Shows Ethereum Whales Buy 312 Billion SHIB During Crypto W...
The broader crypto market had shown positive progress in price within the last week, including meme coins like Dogecoin and SHIB. However, its performance over the past 24 hours speaks otherwise. The market recorded a 3.30% downward price trend within 24 hours. While several other tokens are displaying negative moves due to the sudden change, SHIB ... read More

August 11, 5:28 am

TA: Ethereum Climbs To $1,900, Why $2K Could Be Next
Ethereum started a major increase above $1,800 against the US Dollar. ETH is rising and might continue to rise towards the $2,000 resistance zone. Ethereum found support near $1,680 and started a fresh increase. The price is now trading above $1,800 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There was a break above a major bearish trend line with r... read More

August 11, 2:35 am

Ethereum L2 TVL Enjoys 284% Growth In The Past Month Ahead Of Goerli Mer...
Total value locked (TVL) on Optimism, a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, has increased 284% in the last month, according to data from DefiLlama. Users lending and borrowing assets on Aave through Optimism's layer-2 chain make up the vast majority of TVL. Ethereum Optimism TVL Surges In anticipation of The Merge update, which wi... read More

August 10, 7:00 pm

Ethereum Open Interest Nears All-Time Highs Ahead Of Merge
Data shows the Ethereum open interest has surged up to near all-time high values as the ETH 2.0 merge comes closer. Ethereum Open Interest Has Sharply Risen Up Recently As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, the ETH open interest in futures and perps has surged up to 4.2 million ETH in recent days. The 'open interest' is an indicator... read More

August 10, 4:00 pm

Defi Attacker Siphons $570,000 From Curve Finance, Crypto Exchange Fixed...
Reports indicate that the decentralized finance (defi) protocol Curve was hacked for $570,000 in ethereum after people noticed that Curve's front end was exploited. The attackers then tried to launder the funds via the crypto exchange Fixedfloat, and the trading platform's team managed to freeze $200K worth of the stolen funds.Curve Finance Exploit... read More

August 10, 1:07 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Surges Back Above $1,700 as US...
Ethereum was once again volatile on Wednesday, as prices of the token fell below $1,700 ahead of the latest U.S. inflation report. However, following the report, which came in at 8.5% in July, the token surged back above this point. Bitcoin was trading lower, as it continued to hover below $24,000.Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) was once again trading below ... read More

July 14, 4:18 pm

Ethereum L2 exchange DeversiFi transforms into multi-chain gateway rhino...
DeversiFi, the first exchange to integrate StarkWare's ZK-STARK technology, is the next dApp to move beyond its exclusive affiliation with Starkware and Ethereum and is transforming into, a gateway to DeFi, offering users frictionless access to the multi-chain world from a single app. With an expanded focus, will include other blo... read More

July 14, 2:50 pm

Is Ethereum Staging a Short-Term Rally? (ETH Price Analysis)
Yesterday, with the announcement of the inflation rate in the United States, the market experienced a sharp decline. Ethereum briefly dropped by $103, but the bulls held the price above $1,000. Technical Analysis By Grizzly The Daily Chart ETH trades above the descending line (in yellow) on the daily timeframe. The RSI 14D index has not been able t... read More

July 14, 1:00 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Briefly Moves Back Above $20,0...
Bitcoin briefly broke back into the $20,000 region on Thursday, following a volatile day of trading. Volatility in crypto markets came as data released showed that inflation in the United States had risen to its highest level in over four decades. ETH also briefly rose above $1,100. Bitcoin BTC was marginally higher on Thursday, as prices rallied f... read More

July 14, 5:08 am

TA: Ethereum Could Rally If It Clears This Key Breakout Zone
Ethereum dived towards $1,000 before it found support against the US Dollar. ETH is now correcting higher and facing a key hurdle near USD 1,125. Ethereum extended decline towards $1,000 before it found support. The price is now trading above $1,080 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There was a break above a key bearish trend line with res... read More

July 13, 11:17 pm

Red Hot Inflation Tumbles Ethereum By 5%
The US consumer price index, a comprehensive indicator of prices for goods and services used in daily life, increased to 9.1% over the previous year. The traditional and cryptocurrency markets have collapsed as a result of this announcement. Prices for the two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), fell by almost 5%. It didn't ... read More

July 13, 3:28 pm

Inflation Hits New 40-Year High, Will Bitcoin And Ethereum Plummet Again...
Bitcoin and Ethereum have reacted negatively to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) print in the United States. The metric is used to measure inflation in the U.S. This meant inflation was still soaring and hinted at more intervention from the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed). High inflation translated into high pain for Bitcoin and other risk-on assets. At t... read More

July 13, 1:30 pm

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Remains Below $1,100 Despite P...
Despite prices rallying in today's session, bitcoin continued to trade below $20,000 on Wednesday following recent declines. Although ETH was also marginally higher, its price was once again trading under $1,100. Overall, crypto markets were nearly 1% higher as of writing. Bitcoin Bitcoin was trading slightly higher on Wednesday, however prices of ... read More

July 13, 8:40 am

Ethereum (ETH) Continues To Lose Luster, Drops Below $1,100 Support
Ethereum (ETH) emerged as the best-performing cryptocurrency last week, with a 10 percent increase. Moreover, it was stated that the recently constructed ascending trendline for the cryptocurrency should boost ETH higher if market conditions were truly optimistic. The ETH price exhibited early signs of weakness as the decentralized smart contr... read More

July 13, 5:28 am

TA: Ethereum Bears Are Back, Why ETH Could Dive Below $1K
Ethereum extended losses and traded below $1,100 against the US Dollar. ETH could accelerate lower if there is a close below $1,000. Ethereum started a fresh decline below the $1,120 and $1,100 levels. The price is now trading below $1,100 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $1... read More

July 12, 11:27 pm

If Ethereum Falls Below $1,000, Here's The Next Support
Early in June, Ethereum fell below the $1700 demand zone, and the king of altcoins had no immediate plans to recover. The $1000 band of support has been held for the past month, while the $1300 resistance has not yet been broken. Ethereum Ranging Between $1,000 to $1,200 Although Ethereum seemed to establish a range, it was probably just imitating ... read More

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