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Crime Crypto News and Headlines
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January 19, 12:30 am

Bitzlato Exchange Busted as US Deals 'Blow to Crypto Crime,' Arrests Own...
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato, better known to the Russian-speaking segment of the market, has been taken down as part of an 'international cryptocurrency enforcement action,' the U.S. Justice Department announced. The Russian owner of the platform has been arrested for his role in the alleged transmission of illicit money. Bitzlato claimed it was hacked.US, France Hit Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitzlato, Russian Co-founder Detained in Miami U.S. authorities have apprehended Anatoly Legkodymov, a resident of China, on charges that his Hong Kong-registered crypto trading platform, Bitzlato, processed illicit funds worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The Russian, a co-founder and majority owner of the exchange, was arrested by three e FBI in Miami on Tuesday, a high-ranking official from the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed. Speaking during a press conference, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said that Justice Department agents and prosecutors, working with the U.S. Treasury Department and French law enforcement, have 'disrupted Bitzlato, a China-based cryptocurrency exchange, notorious for laundering criminal proceeds from the darknet' and ransomware attacks. She also stated: Today, the Department of Justice has dealt a significant blow to the crypto crime ... read More

November 26, 11:30 am

Latam Still Unprepared to Deal With Crypto Crime and Scams, According to...
Latam is still unprepared to deal with cryptocurrency-related crimes and scam situations, according to a recent report issued by Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a Washington DC-based think tank. The document states that crypto regulation has failed to grow with the adoption of these new technologies and that governments have often failed to detec... read More

October 18, 1:00 pm

Interpol Team Based in Singapore to Help Countries Combat Crypto Crime
A special team established by Interpol in Singapore will assist governments around the world in the fight against crimes involving virtual assets, the international police body announced ahead of its general assembly in India. Cryptocurrency and cybercrime will be the main focus of the forum.Interpol Sets Up Unit to Tackle Crypto-Related Crimes, To... read More

October 05, 11:30 am

Binance and Kazakhstan to Share Information About Crypto-Related Crime
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has agreed to support Kazakhstan in ensuring the safe development of the country's crypto market. The trading platform and Kazakhstan's financial regulators intend to inform each other about cases involving the use of digital assets for illicit purposes.Binance Exchange to Help Kazakhstan Authorities Combat Crime Lin... read More

October 03, 11:02 pm

Binance Joins Forces With Kazakhstan's Regulators to Battle Local Financ...
The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange - Binance - signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Financial Monitoring Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the course of the agreement, both parties expressed a mutual interest in creating a safe crypto environment in the Asian country and bringing down financial crime in the area. Bi... read More

September 18, 2:10 pm

The US DoJ Established a Unit of Prosecutors to Limit Crypto Crime
The Department of Justice (DOJ) of the United States created a unit consisting of over 150 federal prosecutors whose goal will be to combat cryptocurrency-related criminal activities. In addition, the government plans to introduce a set of regulatory frameworks that should aid the development of the local digital asset sector. Earlier this year, th... read More

September 09, 10:00 am

Europol Sees Tools to Tackle Crime in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech...
Abuse expands with use in the case of cryptocurrency, Europol has acknowledged while also noting that blockchain technologies offer authorities a new opportunity to fight crime. Europe's law enforcement agency also says they can help investigate money laundering networks.Understanding Cryptocurrencies Is Vital to Tackling Organized Crime, Europol S... read More

August 20, 4:30 pm

Uniswap Censors 253 Crypto Addresses Blacklisted for Crime, Sanction Ass...
According to a recently published report, the decentralized exchange (dex) Uniswap has blocked roughly 253 cryptocurrency addresses allegedly tied to crimes or government sanctions. The information was discovered by the software developer Banteg who analyzed and saved the shared logs from Uniswap's server. 30 out of the 253 Blocked Addresses Are EN... read More

August 17, 7:41 am

Crypto Crime Dropped by 15% in 2022 Due to Bear Market: Report
It’s been a bad year for crypto so far – between large companies going under, a slew of cyberattacks, and – most importantly – the value of assets taking a nosedive, overall legitimate volumes have plummeted by 36% year over year., said Chainalysis. However, there is a silver lining – the illicit trading volumes have a... read More

July 05, 1:30 am

Peter Schiff's Euro Pacific Bank Suspended by Puerto Rico's ...
Peter Schiff-owned Euro Pacific Bank has been suspended by Puerto Rico's financial regulator. Schiff claims that there's 'no evidence of crimes,' warning that 'accounts are frozen and customers may lose money.' Puerto Rico's Regulator Suspends Peter Schiff's Bank Euro Pacific Bank, owned by notorious bitcoin skeptic and gold bug Peter Schiff, has b... read More

July 02, 8:02 pm

North Korea Leads the World in Crypto Crime (Report)
According to Coincub, the country has over 15 documented instances of crypto crime, with proceeds conservatively estimated at $1.59 billion. The other top four countries closely following the hermit kingdom are the US, Russia, China, and the UK. North Korea Reigns Supreme Even though the true extent of North Korea's contribution to global crypto cr... read More

March 15, 2:16 pm

UK Crime Agency Wants to Regulate Crypto Transaction Mixers
Crypto mixer, which can obfuscate data linking a user to certain transactions, is designed to preserve privacy. But it also makes an obvious hotbed for all sorts of illicit activities. Hence, governments and regulators have expressed concerns over such protocols. The UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) is the latest to call for regulating protocols th... read More

February 24, 9:01 am

Vitalik Buterin: Putin's Military Operation Is a Crime Against the...
Earlier today (February 24th), Russian military forces launched a “special military operation” (as Vladimir Putin calls it) in Ukraine. However, it all seems like the beginning of a full-scale invasion, which could disrupt the continent's peace. Vitalik Buterin – the Co-Founder of Ethereum – criticized that act calling it a ... read More

February 16, 5:00 am

Report Attributes Large Share of Global Crypto Crime to Russia, Moscow C...
The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has placed Russia among the leaders in adoption. But while it is yet to reach the top of the ranking, the country already has a 'disproportionate share' of global activity related to some forms of crime involving cryptocurrency, according to a new study by Chainalysis.Three Quarters of Ransomware Revenue T... read More

January 07, 11:30 pm

Report: Illicit Crypto Addresses Received $14 Billion in 2021, Only 0.15...
According to the latest data from Chainalysis, the total cryptocurrency value received by illicit addresses grew to a new all-time high of $14 billion in 2021. Although the new all-time high is almost twice the $7.8 billion that was recorded in 2020, it represents just 0.15% of the 2021 cryptocurrency transaction volume. Percentage of Funds Sent t... read More

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