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November 22, 11:30 am

Billionaire Bill Ackman: Crypto Enables Creation of Useful Businesses an...
According to Bill Ackman, billionaire and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, while crypto tokens are used by unethical promoters to perpetuate fraud, they 'can enable the formation of useful businesses.' A previous critic of digital assets, Ackman insists that 'crypto is here to stay' and that society will benefit even more when it is properly regulated.Crypto a 'Powerful Lever in Accessing a Global Workforce to Advance a Project' The American billionaire hedge fund manager, Bill Ackman, has said — after studying some crypto projects — he now believes that 'crypto can enable the formation of useful businesses and technologies that heretofore could not be created.' According to the billionaire, the ability to issue and use crypto tokens 'to incentivize participants in a venture is a powerful lever in accessing a global workforce to advance a project.' Still, Ackman insisted in a Nov. 20 Twitter thread that crypto, just like the telephone and the internet before it, can be a useful tool for facilitating fraud. To support this argument, he pointed to how 'unethical promoters can create tokens simply to facilitate pump and dump schemes.' According to the billionaire’s reckoning, the 'vast majority of crypto coins are used for fraudulent purposes rather than ... read More

November 21, 4:30 am

Binance CEO: We Don't See a Viable Business in India
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) says India is currently not a viable business environment for his cryptocurrency exchange, citing a strict tax regime. The executive explained: 'Binance goes to countries where regulations are pro-crypto and pro-business.'Binance's CEO on Indian Crypto Environment The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng... read More

November 21, 2:30 am

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Advises What Consumers and Businesses Should D...
Amazon founder and former chief executive Jeff Bezos has given some advice to consumers and small businesses about what they should do given that the U.S. economy is either already in a recession or is headed into one 'very soon.' The billionaire said: 'The economy does not look great right now. Things are slowing down. You're seeing layoffs in man... read More

November 18, 11:30 pm

Big Four Company KPMG to Examine New Business Models in the Metaverse
KPMG, one of the 'big four' companies in the consulting and auditing business, is appointing a new head of metaverse futures. The new position, to be occupied by Alyse Sue, will be dedicated to the implementation of technologies such as metaverse and crypto to find fresh business models for the company, as other big four companies are already doing... read More

November 12, 5:30 am

Japanese Regulator Slaps FTX Japan With Business Suspension Order
Japan's top financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), has issued a business suspension order to FTX Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of The financial watchdog has also ordered the crypto exchange to submit a business improvement plan by Nov. 16.Japanese Regulator Takes Action Against FTX Japan Japan's Financial Services Agenc... read More

November 11, 4:30 am

Twitter Files for Payment Business — Elon Musk Says Platform Could...
Twitter has filed paperwork with the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to start a payment business. Tesla CEO and Twitter chief Elon Musk explained the social media platform could offer 'an extremely compelling money market account' in addition to 'debit cards, checks, and whatnot.'Elon Musk Shares Ideas for Twitter's Payment Syste... read More

November 06, 11:30 am

Vietnam Businesses Urge for Blockchain Training of Students and IT Speci...
Members of the expanding blockchain sector of Vietnam have called on government and educational institutions to turn more attention to the deficit of talent. With the shortage of qualified personnel being a global challenge, they say the country needs to address the lack of training.Industry Players Highlight Growing Need for Blockchain Experts in ... read More

November 01, 12:31 pm

CoinFLEX Announces Major Reform to Its Business Model
[PRESS RELEASE - Seychelles, Seychelles, 31st October 2022] Cryptocurrency futures exchange CoinFLEX is restructuring to issue the majority of its shares to customers and adopt a community-led model. This change will give its community more voice and involvement in building the platform's future. CoinFLEX’s transformation to a community-led p... read More

October 27, 4:00 am

Google Admits Crypto Winter Is Hurting Ad Business
The digital asset market downturn that started the current crypto winter is negatively affecting search spending, Google has acknowledged. Ad growth in the third quarter fell to a low seen only once in almost a decade, the tech company revealed this week.With Fewer Crypto Ads, Google Registers 6% Ad Revenue Growth in Last Quarter Online advertising... read More

October 21, 11:25 am

MOOI Network Partners With a Global Film Festival to Expand its Business...
[PRESS RELEASE - Dubai, UAE, 21st October 2022] MOOI Network, a social blockchain network, comes together and partners with Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF2022), the largest global animation festival, to release official, exclusive BIAF NFTs. As the MOOI Network is an ecosystem centered around blockchain and culture, featuring specia... read More

October 20, 10:30 am

German Crypto Bank Nuri Asks Clients to Withdraw Funds as It Goes Out of...
Digital asset platform Nuri has told customers to withdraw their funds in the next two months, after taking a hit from the crypto winter. Formerly known as Bitwala, the Berlin-headquartered cryptocurrency bank filed for insolvency earlier this year and failed to find a buyer.Nuri to Maintain Trading Until Last Day of November, Prepares to Close Dow... read More

October 11, 9:30 am

Kenyan Firm Using Wasted Energy to Mine Bitcoin — Business Model S...
A Kenyan bitcoin mining company, Gridless, recently revealed how it is helping local communities reduce electricity costs by using excess generated power to mine bitcoin. The Gridless model has been hailed because it potentially helps to decentralize bitcoin mining as well as move some hashpower to Africa.Using Wasted Energy to Mine Bitcoin Gridles... read More

October 07, 5:00 am

Gofaizen & Sherle to Help Businesses Scale the New Lithuanian Cryptocurr...
PRESS RELEASE. In light of the strengthened supervision of the cryptocurrency sector by Lithuania, Gofaizen & Sherle, an international legal and management consulting firm based in Europe, has taken the initiative to assist businesses in navigating these new regulations. According to Lithuanian regulators, these new laws will go into effect in Nove... read More

September 28, 6:43 am

Space And Time Secures $20 Million To Transform Central Business Logic D...
Space and Time paves the way for establishing a decentralized data warehouse with tremendous Web3 implications. The project secured an additional $20 million in funding to make smart contracts more robust. A Big Step For Space and Time The new $20 million in strategic funding is a big deal for the Space and Time team. It signifies the importance of... read More

September 20, 6:30 am

Better Business Bureau Warns of Cryptocurrency Investment Scams on Tikto...
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has warned about cryptocurrency scams on Tiktok. 'You are scrolling through Tiktok when you come across a video showing a pile of cash. The creator says they earned the stack of money in just a few days by investing in cryptocurrency,' the BBB detailed.Crypto Scammers Defrauding Tiktok Users The Better Business Bure... read More

September 17, 6:30 am

Thai SEC Proposes Banning Crypto Businesses From Staking and Lending Act...
The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed banning businesses from engaging in crypto staking and lending activities. The regulator is seeking public comments on the proposal, noting that the purpose of this prohibition is 'to provide greater protection to investors and reduce associated risks.'Thailand Seeks Public Comments on ... read More

September 14, 2:00 pm

Russian Businesses to Choose Which Crypto to Use for Cross-Border Settle...
Russian companies may start transacting in cryptocurrency with partners abroad as early as next year and will be free to pick the coin they want to use, officials in Moscow have indicated. The sanctioned country is preparing to legalize foreign trade settlements with digital assets and this could happen in the coming months. Russian Government Pois... read More

August 15, 8:55 am

Volare Network Released Volare Business White Paper 1.0 With Volare Publ...
[PRESS RELEASE - Singapore - August 13, 2022] Volare Project is a project to construct a vast ecosystem based on blockchain network (“Volare Network”) that proves the commercial viability of the new Equilibrium technology. Volare Network has released its first white paper 1.0 on August 1, 2022 (please see here). Current blockchain platf... read More

June 26, 4:33 pm

Deloitte and NYDIG Will Allow Businesses to Access Services Built on Bit...
Big four accounting firm Deloitte tapped Bitcoin-focused financial services firm New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) for a strategic alliance that aims to help companies access financial services built on Bitcoin. The newly formed alliance will focus on offering Bitcoin-related financial services to companies of all sizes. Its targeted areas... read More

June 25, 5:30 am

Japanese Virtual IP Firm Raises $10 Million to Accelerate Metaverse Busi...
Brave Group Inc., a Japanese virtual IP firm, recently said it had raised $10 million in new capital and that the company expects to use part of these funds to boost its 'solution services for clients in the metaverse marketing business.' Taking part in Brave Group's latest funding round were two local companies, foreign investment funds, as well a... read More

June 16, 4:57 pm

Mark Cuban Explains Which Crypto Businesses Will Dissappear During the B...
Investors are increasingly concerned about the spillover effect in case of a potential collapse of the lending platform, Celsius. Weighing on the struggling ecosystem, the 'Shark Tank' star argued that more companies built on hype and lack of valid prospects will disappear. More Losses Incoming In an interview with Fortune, Cuban predicted another ... read More

June 06, 5:36 pm

DEA Appoints Tatsuya Kohrogi Vice President & Head Of Global Business
Singapore-based GameFi ecosystem Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) has revealed the appointment of Tatsuya Kohrogi to the role of Vice President and Head of Global Business. Kohrogi will be leveraging his extensive experience to help DEA expand into new markets. Commenting on the company’s latest talent acquisition, DEA CEO Naohito ... read More

June 05, 12:00 pm

Localbitcoins User Pleads Guilty to Running Unlicensed Crypto Business &...
A cryptocurrency trader has been convicted in the U.S. for operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business using Localbitcoins and Paxful. He faces up to five years in federal prison and a possible $250,000 maximum fine.Crypto Trader Pleads Guilty The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) continues to take action against crypto traders using service... read More

June 02, 6:10 am

Three ways blockchain disrupts traditional business models
An essential component in business is adapting to technological trends and providing the best possible services for customers. This is known as providing a customer-centric experience. Examples of adapting technology and focusing on customer-centric experiences are shown through Walmart and Amazon. These businesses traded at $400B (Walmart) and $24... read More

June 02, 5:46 am

5 Ways that Blockchain is Reshaping the Betting Business
If there’s one takeaway that society has gained from the betting industry, it’s that traditional casinos are not designed to favor the bettor—the house always ends up winning. At the end of the day, a casino is simply a business, and like any other business, it is designed to ensure profitability. The reality is, traditional casin... read More

May 24, 9:30 am

Major Japanese Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Trust to Launch Cryptocurrency Custo...
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust, one of the major banking institutions in Japan, will reportedly enter the cryptocurrency custody business. The company is entering a partnership with Bitbank, a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange, to launch a new company that will focus on offering institutional-grade custody for digital assets and NFTs. Sumitomo Mitsui... read More

May 20, 1:11 pm

V2B Labs Judges the Eventful Blockchain Business Idea Pitch Day Alongsid...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] V2B Labs had an amazing time being part of Ideathon Pitch Day, a blockchain event organized by the Algorand in Tokyo on last May 14, 2022. On May 14, 2022, Algorand successfully organized the Blockchain Business Idea Pitch, joined by well-known Japan Accelerator mentors, overseas Algorithm founders and VCs, ... read More

May 04, 6:21 am

Retoken Announces Plans to Revolutionize Business Referral Systems
Retoken has unveiled its plans to revolutionize how businesses and individuals benefit from the manufacturer-buyer process. Using incentives, Retoken will attract sellers and consumers working in the market to promote your products and services. CEO of Retoken, Sanan Hasanov, said: “In order to bring measured results to these person-to-person... read More

April 25, 1:15 pm

SeatlabNFT's Journey To Change The Event Business
From sports events, to live music, to stand-up comedy and beyond - the ticketing business has become profitable for few, clunky for most, and outdated for everyone. A new blockchain-based platform, SeatlabNFT, is changing that. For the fans SeatlabNFT aims to revitalize the ticketing industry by moving tickets on-chain, and leveraging growing NFT t... read More

April 24, 11:30 pm

Leading Eastern European Exchange Exmo Sells Business in Russia, Belarus
Exmo, a U.K.-based crypto exchange with extensive presence in Eastern Europe, is pulling out of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The trading platform,, says it's making the move to avoid jeopardizing its expansion in other regions by operating in high-risk markets like these. The business has been sold to a Russian vendor, alongside rights ... read More

April 23, 8:30 am

Crypto Businesses Ask 27 EU Finance Ministers to Loosen Disclosure Requi...
Forty-six European crypto businesses and organizations have asked finance ministers in 27 European countries to loosen some regulatory requirements for the crypto industry. For example, they asked for decentralized finance (defi) projects to be excluded from the requirements to register as legal entities. Crypto Industry's Letter to EU Policymakers... read More

April 19, 7:46 am

SocialGood Is Good for Business
Businesses and brands are regularly looking for ways to improve their bottom line and increase sales. An increase in sales and “basket size”, is often achieved by not only getting new customers but retaining the existing ones too. When looking at the way businesses and brands are trying to achieve this, we regularly see the following: L... read More

April 18, 5:30 am

Bitcoin ATM Operator Indicted in New York Allegedly Running Illegal Busi...
A bitcoin ATM operator has been indicted in New York for running an illegal business 'marketed towards individuals engaged in criminal activity.' The district attorney in charge described: 'Robert Taylor allegedly went to great lengths to keep his bitcoin kiosk business as secret as possible to attract a clientele that would pay top dollar for anon... read More

April 06, 3:41 am

Starbucks Will Enter The Metaverse Business in 2022, CEO Confirms
On April 4, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, announced in an Open Forum that the company is planning to enter the NFT business before the end of 2022. This news was confirmed by the company itself a few hours later. Although Schultz did not provide an exact date as to when the company would move into the NFT world,... read More

March 30, 9:30 pm

Fintech Platform Nequi Plans to Get Into the Cryptocurrency Business in ...
Nequi, a fintech neobank which allowed Colombian citizens to test all-digital financial services, has announced its plans for expansion after having parted ways with Bancolombia, the bank that gave it its origin. These plans include an entry into the cryptocurrency world while complying with the limits set by current regulators. Colombian Nequ... read More

March 30, 11:09 am

Visa Unveils Program to Help Creators Interested in Building Business Wi...
Visa has announced the launch of a new initiative, dubbed 'Visa Creator Program,' to support the growth of the maverick NFT industry. With the new initiative, the digital payments leader aims to help a global cohort of creators interested in building their business with non-fungible tokens. Visa Creator Program According to the official blog post, ... read More

March 25, 11:50 pm

LG's New Business Plans Include Blockchain and Crypto
South Korea-headquartered LG Electronics has added blockchain and cryptocurrency to its business portfolio. LG's Blockchain and Crypto Game Plans At the Annual General Meeting on March 24, LG Electronics' shareholders approved 'blockchain-based software' development and 'sale and brokerage of cryptocurrency' as two new business areas. Although LG h... read More

March 24, 9:30 am

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says State Is 'Figuring out Ways&rsq...
Florida governor, Ron DeSantis explained at a press conference on Tuesday that he's spoken with state agencies and told them to figure out ways for businesses to pay tax with cryptocurrencies. During the signing ceremony for a bill focused on financial literacy, DeSantis said that the government is working on accepting bitcoin 'for payments in the ... read More

March 22, 7:08 pm acquires OTC business of altcoin specialist Altonomy, a crypto wallet & exchange solutions provider, announced it has acquired the OTC trading and execution business of Singapore altcoin provider Altonomy to help grow its institutional business. Founded in 2018, Altonomy is a leader in altcoin spot trading. Just last year Altonomy executed over $16B in OTC volume, specializing in high-... read More

March 19, 1:17 pm

Ripple Is Hiring Director for Carbon Markets to Expand Business
Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Ripple, Jim Chauncey-Kelly, has taken to Twitter to share a link to a Ripple vacancy as the company seeks to expand its business in carbon markets and is pulling focus on climate protection. .@Ripple is #hiring a Director, Business Development, Carbon Markets (RippleX)! A... read More

March 15, 9:30 am

Better Business Bureau Warns About Cryptocurrency — BBB Ranks Cryp...
The U.S. Better Business Bureau (BBB) says cryptocurrency scams have become the second riskiest. In addition, the organization noted that 'Payment made via cryptocurrency that resulted in a monetary loss more than doubled from 2020.' BBB Sees Rising Crypto Scams The U.S. Better Business Bureau (BBB) released its 2021 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report Fr... read More

March 13, 2:30 pm

Deutsche Bank to Exit Russia, Says There Will Be No New Business There
Germany's Deutsche Bank has become the latest financial services giant to confirm it's leaving Russia over Moscow's military assault on Ukraine. The bank has been reducing its Russian exposure since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine erupted. Amid Ongoing War in Ukraine, Deutsche Bank Pulls Out of Russia Deutsche Ba... read More

March 13, 12:30 pm

US Banking Giants Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Wind Down Business in Russi...
Global investment banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase are winding down business in the Russian Federation. The move comes as western sanctions against Moscow over its decision to launch a military invasion of Ukraine continue to expand, supported by leading financial institutions.Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Scale Down Russian Operations Goldman S... read More

March 10, 6:00 am

African Crypto Startup, Basqet Launches Payment Gateway to Enable Busine...
PRESS RELEASE. Recently, blockchain payments startup Basqet announced the launch of its cryptocurrency payments gateway which will allow businesses to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Basqet said it is launching a public beta and will be going live with 118 businesses already signed up to start accepting payments in ... read More

February 11, 6:30 am

Binance Invests $200 Million Into the Business Magazine and Digital Publ...
Reports indicate that the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume, Binance, has announced the crypto company has committed to investing $200 million into the American business magazine Forbes. The digital currency company Binance confirmed the $200 million stake into Forbes on the social media platform Twitter. Binance Pledges $200 ... read More

January 29, 12:30 am

American Express Sees Crypto as Asset Class — Says It's Not ...
American Express (Amex) sees cryptocurrency as an asset class, according to CEO Steve Squeri. He added that right now, the firm does not see crypto as an immediate or medium-term threat to its business. American Express CEO Discusses Crypto Strategy The chairman and CEO of American Express (Amex), Steve Squeri, answered some questions regarding cr... read More

January 17, 12:30 pm

Business Advisory Firm Expects Criminal Cryptocurrency Transactions to F...
Gartner, an advisory firm, has predicted that criminal cryptocurrency transactions or transfers will fall by 30% by 2024. The firm says factors such as the transparency of the blockchain, as well as the democratization of fraud prevention tools, will contribute to this decline in such transactions. Blockchain Transparency Despite the surge in the v... read More

January 16, 1:26 pm

25% of Small Businesses in 9 Countries Plan to Accept Crypto Payments in...
According to a recent survey conducted by the payment processor giant Visa, almost a quarter of the participants across nine nations said they intend to embrace digital currencies as a form of payment sometime this year. Furthermore, 13% of consumers in these countries predicted retail stores will begin allowing crypto settlements in the following ... read More

January 15, 12:30 am

Visa: One in Four Businesses Surveyed Plan to Accept Cryptocurrency Paym...
Payments giant Visa has conducted a survey of small businesses and found that almost a quarter of those who responded plan to accept cryptocurrency payments this year. 'I think more people are feeling more confident with crypto,' said a Visa executive. Small Businesses in 9 Countries Plan to Accept Cryptocurrency This Year Visa published a study o... read More

January 13, 8:00 am

German Online Bank N26 to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Business This Ye...
N26, a German online neobank, has announced it will get into the cryptocurrency trading business this year. The announcement was made by Max Tayenthal, co-founder and a CEO of the company, who pondered whether focusing on cryptocurrency instead of going global may have been a better idea. The company closed operations in the U.K. and is now exiting... read More

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