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Blockchain Gaming Crypto News and Headlines
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August 09, 11:05 am

MetaCene Revolutionizes Blockchain Gaming with Successful MMORPG Alpha T...
[Press Release - Singapore, Singapore, August 9th, 2023] The blockchain gaming industry is undergoing a transformation and leading this charge is MetaCene, a pioneering AAA-inspired next-gen MMORPG incubated and published by MixMarvel. Building on its foundational strengths—dynamic gameplay, blockchain integration, and deep community engagement—MetaCene has wrapped up its immersive Alpha Test. A post-apocalyptic society, where survivors leverage diverse NFTs to craft a new civilization, emerged as the testing ground for innovative game dynamics and community-driven experiences. As players embarked on this journey from July 31st to August 7th, 2023, the gaming community awaited feedback and insights on this groundbreaking experience. Diving into the MetaCene Universe The Alpha Test's landscapes, namely the Origins of Clouds, Birdcry Town, and Sky Metropolis, unveiled a tapestry of lore, challenges, and technological wonders. Each zone, rich in narrative and design, presented players with unique opportunities for exploration, interaction, and accomplishment. The Origins of Clouds, for instance, offered a visually stunning entry into MetaCene’s universe, while Sky Metropolis stood as a beacon of future digital societies. Participants were met with a potent blend of... read More

July 10, 4:27 am

Blockchain Gaming Reigns Supreme Amidst Regulatory Turmoil: DappRadar
Regulatory heat on the crypto industry intensified in the previous quarter. Facing the brunt are several sectors, including the DeFi and NFT, that demonstrated a troubling state. The blockchain gaming sector, on the other hand, appears to have remained unshaken in the face of the turmoil. According to a DappRadar report, the gaming category continu... read More

May 31, 6:00 am

Report: Global Blockchain Gaming Market to Reach $300 Billion by 2030
The global blockchain gaming market will grow significantly during the next seven years and is expected to reach a market cap of $301.53 billion by 2030, according to a report issued by markets and intelligence firm Grand View Research. The 'Blockchain In Gaming Market Size' report, found that this growth will be powered by the transition from trad... read More

December 06, 3:30 pm

Web3 Blockchain Gaming Project Oasys Closes Strategic Funding Round With...
Oasys, a Gamefi-oriented Web3 blockchain project, has announced it has closed a strategic funding round led by Galaxy Interactive, a VC firm, and Nexon, a gaming company. The round, whose numbers were not disclosed, will allow the company to enhance its ecosystem by expanding its pool of partners to take blockchain gaming to mainstream audiences. ... read More

December 01, 8:30 pm

Dappradar Report Shows Blockchain Gaming Thrived Amid FTX Collapse, Sect...
According to a report published by the global dapp store platform, Dappradar, blockchain gaming hardly felt the impact of the recent FTX collapse and the crypto market carnage that ensued. Dappradar's Blockchain Games Report indicates that the number of daily unique active wallets (dUAW) participating in blockchain gaming dropped slightly to 800,87... read More

November 08, 11:00 am

Gamefi Project Oasys Aims to Grow Blockchain Gaming in Japan Through YGG...
Oasys, a gaming-oriented, Japan-based Web3 project, is partnering with YGG, a blockchain gaming guild, to grow blockchain gaming in Japan. The partnership encompasses the use of YGG resources to promote gaming projects built on top of the Oasys ecosystem, giving developers from all over the world an opportunity to get into Japan's gaming market. O... read More

September 10, 9:30 pm

Blockchain Gaming Publisher and Web3 Firm Animoca Brands Secures $110 Mi...
Blockchain gaming publisher Animoca Brands announced the company has raised $110 million in a funding round led by Temasek, Boyu Capital, and GGV Capital. The company raised the funds by issuing convertible notes to a handful of institutional investors.Animoca Brands Raises $110 Million From Strategic Investors Animoca Brands has raised another $11... read More

August 30, 1:00 pm

Myria to Offer Myriad L2 Solutions in The Blockchain Gaming Space
Web3-gaming platform Myria has announced the launch of its Layer-2 scaling solution on the Ethereum network. Myria’s Layer-2 solution uses StarkWare’s Zero-Knowledge Rollups (or ZK-Rollups, for short), which bundles many transactions into one before executing on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, Myria claims it can offer 9,000 trans... read More

July 12, 9:00 pm

Blockchain Gaming Publisher Animoca Brands Secures $75M — Firm&rsq...
The non-fungible token and blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands has announced the firm has raised $75 million from investors such as Kingsway Capital, Liberty City Ventures, and others. The capital injection of $75 million brings Animoca's overall pre-money valuation to $5.9 billion.Animoca Brands Secures $75 Million to Bolster Digital Property... read More

April 20, 7:40 am

Rainmaker Games Announces the Launch of First Blockchain Gaming Discover...
[PRESS RELEASE - Austin, United States, 19th April 2022] Rainmaker Games’ Discovery Platform Allows Gamers To Explore Hundreds Of Blockchain Games, Complete With Ratings, Daily Earnings Potential, Reviews, Twitch Streams, And More Rainmaker Games is announcing the launch of the first-ever discovery platform for blockchain games soon after a $... read More

April 19, 6:51 pm

Framework Ventures Raises $400M to Fund Blockchain Gaming, Web 3, and De...
Framework Ventures – a crypto-focused venture capital firm – recently secured $400M for its third crypto-focused fund. Half of the money will be invested towards the blockchain gaming space, with the remainder going into web 3 and decentralized finance (Defi) projects. Venturing Into Crypto Gaming As announced by the firm today, the new... read More

April 04, 7:15 pm – new blockchain gaming ecosystem prepares for launch is a new blockchain gaming platform that utilizes decentralized technologies to create new opputinuties in the gaming industry. The ecosystem features a sportsbook, betting exchange, casino, lottery, poker, outlets for operators, and more. Increasing use of the system creates a deflationary economy due to the destruction of gaming profits.... read More

March 27, 10:14 am

Gamerse Unifies the Fragmented Blockchain Gaming Space With its Social A...
[PRESS RELEASE - Dubai, UAE, 25th March 2022] The gaming industry has always been a catalyst for the mass adoption of novel technologies, whether it be home computers, smartphones, or VR/AR. Today, history is repeating itself through the rise of blockchain-integrated games. The average gamer can now monetize their gameplay and their value via in-ga... read More

March 24, 1:43 pm

Ankr Launches New Blockchain Gaming SDK
[PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, United States, 23rd March 2022] Ankr, The Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure Company, Just Released An SDK That Helps Game Developers Easily Monetize Their Games With Web3 Integrations. Ankr, the established leader in Decentralized Web3 infrastructure and the largest node provider for both Binance and Polygon, announc... read More

March 18, 9:40 pm

Animoca Brands Invests $10M in Blockchain Gaming Platform Lava Labs
Lava Labs has announced raising $10 million in the latest series A funding round. Its valuation has now topped a whopping $100 million. The London-based blockchain gaming startup plans to infuse the capital into developing its new multiplayer Web3 game - AFAR. Lava Labs' official release revealed that the funding was led by Swiss venture capi... read More

March 17, 5:00 am

How Penguin Karts Will Drive The Blockchain Gaming Scene Forward
A lot has happened since the idea of Penguin Karts was first conceived. Who would have thought that a nostalgic memory would spawn the development of a blockchain project, let alone one that has been gaining steam like this. Today, we wanted to highlight what we believe makes Penguin Karts special and (if you'll excuse the pun) how it really drives... read More

March 07, 8:21 pm

Griffin Gaming Partners Raises $750 Million To Support Blockchain Gaming
Griffin Gaming Partners – one of the world’s largest gaming-focused venture funds – has raised $750 million to be focused on the industry, partially including the web 3 / blockchain-based gaming segment. Founding partner Nick Tuosto told Forbes that the fund’s definition of “gaming” includes gaming content creat... read More

March 03, 2:00 pm

Jordan Belfort Joins OneTo11 Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem as an Investor
PRESS RELEASE. SINGAPORE, March. 3, 2022 / DN News Desk / - Jordan Belfort, also known as the Wolf of Wall Street, has joined the pioneering blockchain gaming platform OneTo11 as an investor. He joins several other big names such as Maximus Capital, Jason Stone, and Carl Runefelt. OneTo11 raised a total of $2.5 Million in this round of funding that... read More

March 02, 1:30 pm

Blockchain Gaming Giant Animoca to Halt Servicing Russian Customers
Animoca Brands - one of the leading blockchain gaming companies - is reportedly planning to cut ties with Russian customers as a response to the country's invasion of Ukraine. Animoca Brands is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the GameFi industry, participating in a majority of projects in the field. In a press release from Bloomberg... read More

February 23, 2:00 pm

Warner Music Group Partners With Blockchain Gaming Developer Splinterlan...
The collaboration will provide select artists of the WMG opportunities to create and develop unique, play-to-earn (P2E), arcade-style blockchain games. Warner Music Group Dives Into Blockchain Gaming American record label conglomerate Warner Music Group has joined forces with blockchain gaming developer Splinterlands. According to the official pres... read More

February 15, 1:00 pm

Ruby Play Network and Strawberry Sweeps Announce Blockchain Gaming Partn...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Ruby Play Network has made an official blockchain gaming partnership with Strawberry Sweeps. The alliance clears the way for the Strawberry Sweeps social casino suite to become the next featured games to be offered on the Ruby Play Network blockchain gaming platform. Strawberry Sweeps is the first iteration ... read More

February 09, 10:00 pm

ChainWars Set to Dominate the Blockchain Gaming Sector
PRESS RELEASE. Blockchain technology has been referred to as one of the disruptive innovations in the past decade leading to the creation of cryptocurrencies and changing the financial landscape. The gaming sector is the fastest-growing globally, and blockchain technology has been increasingly adopted within games. ChainWars is one of the GameFi p... read More

February 08, 6:17 pm

Blockchain gaming incubator Seedify gets investment from NGC Ventures
NGC Ventures, a crypto-focused investment firm, has announced a partnership with Seedify, a blockchain gaming incubator and launchpad. This strategic investment will drive Seedify’s expansion within the blockchain gaming arena and the wider metaverse. As a first-mover in the space, Seedify is a platform for IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) and e... read More

February 03, 9:56 am

Animalia: Blockchain Gaming for Newbies and Veterans
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have undoubtedly taken the center stage in the cryptocurrency field lately. From being a medium of immortalization of art to the hottest new collectable, they are all the rage these days. One interesting sector where NFTs are making their mark is within the gaming industry. A booming example of the above is the play-to-ea... read More

January 03, 9:00 am

Square Enix President Talks NFTs, Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming in New Ye...
Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix, a leading game developing company, has voiced his opinion about the rise of new technologies and trends like NFTs, blockchain gaming, and the metaverse concept in the gaming space. Matsuda explains the business strategy around these, detailing how Square Enix is moving to include them in their upcoming game... read More

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