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August 16, 10:45 am

Animoca Brands and Lympo Partner With Play Magnus Group on Chess Blockch...
[PRESS RELEASE - Tallinn, Estonia, 15th August 2022] Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Lympo, a leading global sports NFT ecosystem, announced today that they are developing Anichess in partnership with Play Magnus Group (PMG), a global leader in the chess industry that offers entertainment and e-learning services via its chess market brands. Anichess is a blockchain-based chess game with a play-and-earn ecosystem, and when it launches in 2023 it will merge the worlds of chess and GameFi to create superior gaming experiences. Play Magnus Group, founded by Magnus Carlsen in 2013, the same year he became a World Chess Champion, is focused on delivering the best online services and experiences to grow the number of chess players globally. With more than 60,000 monthly paying users, Play Magnus Group serves users worldwide and covers key areas of chess, including learning, playing, competing, coaching, and watching. Lympo, a seasoned expert in GameFi and Sports NFTs, will lead the development and launch of Anichess, a chess-inspired blockchain-based game. The partnership with Play Magnus Group enables Lympo to access over 30 chess grandmasters, including Magnus Carlsen, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Liem Le, and others, to advise, monitor, and test Anichess as an immersive gaming experience fo... read More

August 15, 3:23 pm

How Blockchain Technology Unlocks Liquidity for Real-World Assets
Blockchain stands at the forefront of disruptive technologies. Its transparency, security, and cost-efficiency have benefited many industries like supply chain and payments in taking the next quantum leap. However, there has been minimal traction in the $360 Trillions1 Real-World Assets (RWA) market including intellectual property, commodities, and... read More

August 15, 1:19 pm

How Blockchain is Disrupting Secure Messaging
Blockchain is evolving into a new foundation for the internet. What began as a closed web is transitioning into an open source system driven by decentralized systems. Every sector is now adopting this technology to better serve its customers. Social communication, in particular, is seeing a lot of promise from blockchain solutions. Popular messagin... read More

August 13, 5:00 am

Iskra Redefines Game Publishing at Korea Blockchain Week, Announces New ...
PRESS RELEASE. SEOUL – Iskra took the stage at Korea Blockchain Week, outlining their vision of game publishing in the era of Web3. 'The technology is now available for us to provide an ecosystem that enables better outcomes for everyone: players, game developers and the platform itself. There is now an opportunity for every stakeholder (esp... read More

August 12, 10:46 am

Gala Partners With Stick Figure Productions to Distribute Four Down on t...
[PRESS RELEASE - Jackson, WY, USA, 11th August 2022] Gala, one of the leading innovators in blockchain gaming and music, has announced the launch of Gala Film. This new vertical from the world-leading Web3 company continues the brand’s commitment to providing fans with unique opportunities to enrich their experiences coupled with amazing prog... read More

August 12, 10:30 am

Study: Number of People Working in Blockchain Industry Went up by 76%, L...
The number of people working in the blockchain industry went up by 76% year-on-year as of June 2022, a study undertaken by the professional networking platform Linkedin and the crypto trading app OKX has found. The study also found there is 'a large gap in demand for technical talent in the global blockchain talent pool.'China Top Ten Country With ... read More

August 09, 3:19 pm

'Move-and-earn' app STEPN to utilize LINE Blockchain for the Japanese ma...
LINE, the Japanese corporation specializing in mobile technologies, announced today that LINE Xenesis and Find Satoshi recently concluded an MOU aiming to utilize LINE Blockchain in the localization of STEPN for the Japanese market. STEPN is a 'move-and-earn' blockchain game that lets players earn crypto assets equivalent to the number of steps the... read More

August 04, 3:19 pm

Polkadot-based gateway Astar Network now supported on blockchain develop...
Alchemy, a blockchain development platform, announced it now supports Polkadot parachain Astar Network, delivering developers more tools and services to build on the multi-chain smart contract hub. “Supporting the developer ecosystem is Astar’s driving motivation. By partnering with Alchemy and making their blockchain engine available t... read More

August 03, 2:29 am

TRON (TRX) network now supported on Crypto APIs blockchain dev suite
Crypto APIs, a blockchain development platform, today announced support for TRON in the Crypto APIs blockchain infrastructure product suite. Users can now interact with the TRON mainnet and Nile networks and make requests using Crypto APIs unified endpoints with an average response time of 25ms. Now Supported: TRON Launching its mainnet in May 2018... read More

July 27, 3:19 pm

Cosmos-built EVM-ready blockchain Cronos selects 1st cohort of $100M acc...
Cronos, the first EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK, announced today the nine participants selected for the first cohort of its flagship $100M-backed Cronos Accelerator Program. The Cronos Accelerator is a 10-week program designed to accelerate the growth of top project teams building on the Cronos chain. The Cronos Acc... read More

July 14, 4:00 pm

Blockchain Company Polygon Chosen to Participate in Disney's 2022 ...
The blockchain company Polygon has been chosen to join Disney's Accelerator program, according to a Walt Disney Company blog post published on Wednesday. The company's 2022 Disney Accelerator initiative is a business development program that aims to 'accelerate the growth of innovative companies from around the world.'Disney's 2022 Accelerator Is F... read More

July 13, 5:38 pm

As Axie Declines, Other Blockchain Games Emerge as Leaders in the GameFi...
In spite of what has been a difficult downturn for the cryptocurrency market, blockchain gaming is proving its longevity for the future through projects showing clear resilience and emerging as new leaders in the space. Axie Infinity (AXS), whose pet-themed trading blockchain game catapulted to notoriety during the economic shutdowns of 2020, has c... read More

July 13, 11:30 am

Russian Blockchain Alternative to SWIFT to Prevent Disconnection of Nati...
A Russian university is ready to test its blockchain-based analogue to the global payment messaging network SWIFT, from which Russian banks were cut off as part of Western sanctions. The developers say their system would not allow the disconnecting of countries and banks.Russian Developers Create SWIFT Substitute Using Blockchain Experts from the C... read More

July 12, 9:00 pm

Blockchain Gaming Publisher Animoca Brands Secures $75M — Firm&rsq...
The non-fungible token and blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands has announced the firm has raised $75 million from investors such as Kingsway Capital, Liberty City Ventures, and others. The capital injection of $75 million brings Animoca's overall pre-money valuation to $5.9 billion.Animoca Brands Secures $75 Million to Bolster Digital Property... read More

July 12, 5:17 pm

Blockchain identity passport platform Quadrata raises $7.5 million in se...
Quadrata, a passport network bringing identity, reputation, and compliance to blockchain apps, today announced a $7.5 million seed funding round, led by blockchain venture capital firm, Dragonfly Capital. These new funds will allow Quadrata to grow its ecosystem with the goal of integrating hundreds of dApps and offering the Quadrata Passport to mi... read More

July 12, 5:00 pm

Tothesmart Is an Exclusive New Smart Contract Built on the Binance Smart...
PRESS RELEASE. Now there is no need to buy expensive equipment and pay for electricity, you can simply buy virtual miners from Tothesmart and earn up to 5% per day in passive income. What is Tothesmart? Tothesmart is a Play to earn mining Farm built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.An open smart contract with a unique mathematical model based ... read More

July 12, 2:09 pm

Blockchain app ecosystem Unifi launches decentralized arbitrage solution...
Unifi, a solutions provider for web3 applications, today announced the launch of its newest blockchain product - DARBi, a decentralized arbitrage solution for private institutional participation in DeFi. DARBi offers DeFi players a sustainable, market-neutral strategy for reliable and predictable yield while decreasing asset loss risk from market v... read More

July 11, 7:07 pm

Visual blockchain data app Bubblemaps teams with Hacken to bring additio...
Hacken, the blockchain and crypto security platform, today announced it has established a partnership with Bubblemaps, a supply auditing tool for DeFi tokens & NFTs, to allow investors to make better-informed decisions utilizing easy-to-read on-chain data infographics and smart contract audits. Bubblemaps produces multicolor bubbles for users to se... read More

July 11, 2:45 pm

Cradles: The First Subscription-Based Blockchain Game
Blockchain technology is disrupting many industries, and the gaming sector is no exception. The tech is rapidly transforming how online games are played, introducing a new method of asset ownership and earning opportunities. While blockchain games have garnered interest recently, they still have some limitations that make them inaccessible to avera... read More

July 08, 6:00 am

Colombia Issues Guide for Implementing Blockchain for Public Projects in...
The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia, Mintic, has issued a guide that describes the steps to implement blockchain in projects directed at the state level. The document defines blockchain and its basic elements, and also describes the guidelines that some projects should follow, depending on the needs of each proje... read More

July 08, 12:38 am

Riot Blockchain Saw a 73% YoY Increase of BTC Production in June
One of the leading cryptocurrency mining firms - Riot Blockchain - mined 421 BTC in June this year, a considerable increase compared to the 243 BTC produced in June 2021. The company has also started moving its miners from New York to Texas to reduce some of its costs during the peak energy months in the US. Riot Shows Good Performance Amid the Bea... read More

July 07, 3:19 pm

Umee building first native oracle for Cosmos blockchain network
Umee, a cross-chain borrowing & lending platform built on the Cosmos SDK, announced today the development of Orion, the first decentralized price oracle native to the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem. The price oracle will allow applications to accurately determine the price of a Cosmos IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) asset at any given time, which... read More

July 07, 1:07 pm

Argo Blockchain Sold More BTC Than What it Mined in June
The UK-based cryptocurrency mining firm - Argo Blockchain - mined 179 BTC last month. However, due to the current market conditions and its loan agreement with Galaxy Digital, the company had to sell 637 BTC at an average price of around $24,500. More Sellings Than Production In September 2021, Argo Blockchain secured a $25 million bitcoin-backed l... read More

July 06, 4:48 pm

peaq launches open-source Polkadot ecosystem blockchain explorer
peaq, an open-source blockchain development, incubation & deployment lab, today launched peaqScan, an open blockchain explorer built on Substrate for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. The explorer is now available on peaq’s GitHub. 'We didn’t find an open-source blockchain explorer that we could easily clone and adjust to our needs - s... read More

July 05, 11:27 am

Fintech-Ideas Brings Blockchain Functionality to its Range of Platforms
[PRESS RELEASE - Berlin, Germany, 3rd July 2022] Enterprise software developer Fintech-Ideas has integrated a suite of blockchain tools to its SaaS offerings. The provision will enable businesses to utilize powerful web3 features such as tokenization, NFTs, and distributed storage. The integration of blockchain functionality into the company’... read More

July 05, 9:43 am

“Global economy can be fixed by digital transformation & blockchai...
H.E. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, joined the Grenada Government as its WTO Ambassador last December. He talked about some serious issues at the Twelfth Ministerial Conference (MC12) of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Sun spoke during the conference on SIDS (Small Island Developing States), climate change, oceans, e-commerce, and other issue... read More

July 04, 1:41 pm

Ripple: Government of Colombia Set to Utilize XRPL Blockchain for Land R...
After a year of work, Ripple partner Peersyst Technology, a Barcelona-based software development firm, has announced the launch of Colombia's first National Land Registry on top of the XRPL Blockchain. Thrilled to announce that after a year of development with @GobDigitalCO @Ministerio_TIC, we launched the first #NationalLandR... read More

June 30, 3:17 pm

Societe Generale – FORGE selects METACO to manage blockchain asset...
Societe Generale – FORGE (SG FORGE), a fully integrated subsidiary of Societe Generale, providing issuers and investors with end-to-end services to issue, invest and manage digital-native security tokens registered on public blockchains, has selected METACO, a provider of digital asset management technology and infrastructure, to or... read More

June 30, 10:42 am

Cannumi Merges CBD With Blockchain After Years of Experience in the Cann...
[PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Cannumi launches its solution for the cannabis industry to create countless opportunities leveraging the power of the blockchain technology. Cannumi, a Polish-based company specializing in CBD products, introduces revolutionizing solution for cannabis-related education, business establishment, and management... read More

June 29, 6:30 am

China Blockchain Alliance Executives: Virtual Currency the 'Larges...
The chairman of China's Blockchain Service Network (BSN) Development Alliance Shan Zhiguang, and his colleague, insisted in a recently published op-ed that virtual currency is 'undoubtedly the largest Ponzi scheme in human history.' However, they have said the 'value of blockchain technology should not be ignored because of virtual currency.'Opinio... read More

June 28, 6:21 am

More security, transparency, and scalability: What blockchain needs for ...
In February 2022, the Ukrainian government ran a crypto donation campaign to support victims of the Russian invasion. When the nation tried to reward those who had contributed to the fundraiser by sending crypto wallet holders complimentary NFTs, a slew of scammers took advantage of the government’s generosity, causing the operation to cease.... read More

June 27, 5:17 pm

Fintech services platform Colendi acquires enterprise blockchain co...
Colendi, the fastest-growing embedded fintech services platform in Turkey and surrounding regions, today announced it has acquired London-based blockchain settlements and payments provider SETL. Launched in 2015, SETL is an enterprise blockchain company known for its high-profile work with selected central banks and T1 financial institutions. In De... read More

June 27, 8:16 am

Sun West Up Gave Away 5 ETH and Introduced Blockchain on Game On Event &...
[PRESS RELEASE - Las Vegas, United States, 24th June 2022] Sun West CEO and Morgan’s innovator Pavan Agarwal was welcomed by Hall of Famers Terrell ‘TO’ Owens and ‘Ivan’ Pudge Rodriguez as part of the leadership coaching event ‘Game On’. The event showcases the recently developed empathetic technology mortg... read More

June 27, 3:29 am

Crypto Exchanges Suffer in India, But The RBI Doesn't Give Up On T...
In India, the downturn in the crypto market and the government's overly restrictive control over the industry have caused many exchanges to suffer, not only because of a decline in adoption but from regulatory uncertainty. Meanwhile, the 'anti-crypto' Reserve Bank of India (RBI) continues to work on its pilot project to introduce blockchain technol... read More

June 24, 7:26 am

Korea Blockchain Week to Hold First Live Event in Seoul After Covid Hiat...
[PRESS RELEASE - Seoul, South Korea, 23rd June 2022] Korea Blockchain Week 2022 (KBW2022) is holding its first live event since the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, finally bringing the most respected leaders in the blockchain field to Seoul, on August 7-14, 2022. KBW2022 will take place in the heart of Seoul at the InterContinental Grand Seo... read More

June 24, 5:30 am

Namibian University Set to Offer Master's Degree in Blockchain Tec...
A Namibian university is set to offer a master's degree in blockchain technology starting in the year 2024, a senior employee with the institution has said. The university is already 'infusing' blockchain technology-based content into its level 8 programs.'Blockchain Is the Future' A Namibian higher learning institution, the University of Namibia (... read More

June 23, 9:41 am

From Autonomous Cities to US Presidency: The Future Is Now Film Shows Wh...
The first cinematographic NFT project “The Future Is Now Film” shows what blockchain leaders think of future governance systems: will there be even tighter centralization, a symbiosis of traditional and new methods of control or do we need a totally new governance system to replace the old one? Answers to these questions can be found in... read More

June 22, 9:23 pm

Blockchain data platform Chainalysis introduces 'Crypto Incident R...
Chainalysis, a blockchain data platform, today announced the launch of the Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response Service, a rapid response service for organizations that have been targeted by incidents such as a cyber attack, ransomware, market manipulation, or another type of exploit that involves a cryptocurrency theft or demand. How it works: An... read More

June 22, 7:46 pm

Blockchain Firm Roxe to Go Public Via a $3.6 Billion SPAC Deal (Report)
The blockchain-based payments company - Roxe Holding - reportedly struck a $3.6 billion SPAC deal with Goldenstone Acquisition Ltd to become a publicly-traded enterprise with a ticker symbol 'ROXE.' NASDAQ's Next Participant Despite the unfavorable condition of the cryptocurrency market, Roxe Holding and Goldenstone Acquisition decided to enter int... read More

June 22, 4:57 pm

Ethereum dYdX Will Launch Standalone Blockchain On Cosmos, Token Jumps 1...
Ethereum-based decentralized trading platform dYdX will be deployed as an independent blockchain on the Cosmos ecosystem. In the meantime, larger cryptocurrencies are facing hurdles and could continue to consolidate around their current levels. DYDX is in a downtrend on a 4-hour chart. Source: DYDXUSDT Tradingview The standalone blockchain is part... read More

June 20, 5:17 pm

Input Output launches suite of sidechains for Cardano blockchain
A new Cardano EVM Sidechain for Solidity developers is set to increase interoperability between Cardano and Ethereum. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the virtual computer system at the heart of the Ethereum blockchain’s operating structure. Solidity developers will be able to bring their existing Ethereum applications to an EVM-compatib... read More

June 20, 4:48 pm

The PIP Button Brings New Lifeblood To The Creator Economy With Blockcha...
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can make a big difference for content creators globally. Anyone can benefit from integrating such solutions, preferably if they do not require coding knowledge. The PIP button may be the answer to many prayers, as it is compatible with any platform or website. The PIP Button Changes The Game Pip, but peopl... read More

June 19, 10:00 am

Namibian Educator: Low Level of Crypto and Blockchain Adoption in Africa...
Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts have for years preached about the much envisioned mass adoption of this fintech and why this is an important goal that must be achieved sooner than later. However, many factors like ignorance, a lack of information, and poor telecommunication infrastructure have made the attainment of this objective difficult.A Boo... read More

June 19, 8:00 am

Ukraine Joins European Blockchain Partnership as Observer
Ukraine has been granted observer status in the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP). Officials in Kyiv hope the move will facilitate the implementation of blockchain technologies by the Ukrainian government and lead to the adoption of more efficient crypto regulations.Ukraine Advances Toward Membership of European Blockchain Partnership Ukraine h... read More

June 16, 5:17 pm

Blockchain Intelligence Group launches NFT Explorer built on QLUE a...
Blockchain Intelligence Group, the cryptocurrency compliance and intelligence company, owned by BIGG Digital Assets, today announced the launch of NFT Explorer, the first risk and investigation solution for NFTs, built on the QLUE data analytics platform. Development of the new NFT Explorer core capabilities relied on client feedback and work ... read More

June 16, 3:19 pm

Blockdaemon goes live with its most advanced blockchain API suite: Ubiqu...
Blockdaemon, the blockchain node * infrastructure tooling platform, today announced the launch of Ubiquity V1, a new and improved version of its Ubiquity API suite. Ubiquity V1 replaces previously used Beta version V2 and V3 endpoints. After August 12th, 2022, these old Beta version endpoints will no longer be available. Unifying numerous improveme... read More

June 16, 11:18 am

Innovative Blockchain Games Boost Mass Web3 Adoption – Here'...
Web3 Gaming is transforming the blockchain space. The GameFi industry has progressively expanded its dominance, attracting over $22.5 billion in total investments. This era began in late-2020 when Andre Cronje, the founder of Yearn.Finance, introduced the notion of GameFi. His tweet about gamification in a decentralized setting took crypto Twitter ... read More

June 16, 7:39 am

Do Guilds Hold the Future of Blockchain Gaming?
Many people believe that Web 3.0 and blockchain technology will be a revolutionary force that will change our lives forever. Technology has already made substantial advancements in various fields, including financial products and entertainment. Online gaming, in particular, has had a massive impact with digital assets being incorporated into tradit... read More

June 15, 5:00 pm

Ternoa, First NFT-Centric Blockchain, Releases Mainnet Setting to Disrup...
PRESS RELEASE. Paris, France, 15 June 2022: Ternoa is a layer 1 open-source blockchain ecosystem that facilitates the adoption of utilitarian NFTs by giving developers full technological stack, access to independent infrastructure, nodes, developers’ community, and funding. The project is guided by principles of security and ownership, made p... read More

June 14, 5:30 pm

Vietnam Blockchain Association ushers a new era in Blockchain Technology
The Vietnam Blockchain Association has entered into strategic cooperation with the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance for the growth of the nascent blockchain technology. Vietnam, the land of the 'Ascending Dragon,' has been an excellent market for promoting and applying blockchain technology. The country has been showing a keen interest in mo... read More

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