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CRYPTO NEWS DESK — 2022-07-14

What is KogeCoin?

TLDR: If you’ve used QuickSwap on the Polygon network before May 3, 2021, you can now go to our website to claim a free allocation of our token:

What is KogeCoin?

KogeCoin is a community token that launched by allocating an airdrop to all QuickSwap users. Too often, “fair launched” meme tokens get sniped by bots who then dump on the rest of us. By community launching our token, KogeCoin avoids this problem and allows the average user to benefit from a launch.

Why hold KogeCoin?

The KogeCoin devs are fully committed to KogeCoin and the Polygon/Matic defi space. Many airdropped tokens end up having lasting value due to their attachment to the community (e.g. AuroraCoin, $8M market cap). We view KogeCoin as a token that allows us to grow with the community.

Similar to other deflationary tokens, transactions will carry a 2% fee, about half of which will be burned and another half distributed to all holders. It is always better to claim early to start collecting the transaction fees. Another benefit of holding is that all tokens that were allocated to the initial airdrop but went unclaimed for 1 month following Genesis, along with any transaction fees they accumulated, will be redistributed to existing token holders in a second airdrop. Finally, holders of KogeCoin will benefit from the devs’ future projects in the farming/defi space.

Is there precedent for an airdrop token having lasting value?

Yes! AuroraCoin was launched via airdrop to all Icelanders. Sam Altman is launching WorldCoin which will airdrop to everyone on the world. We believe that the benefits of early ownership and further dev involvement in the Matic space will make this coin successful in the long run.

How to claim KogeCoin?

If you are eligible, you can claim your KogeCoin by simply going to the website,, using a MetaMask enabled browser, and clicking “Claim Genesis Airdrop”.

— KogeCoin

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