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#ExchangeVolume Depth Markets Visitors
1Binance$17 B$0.6 B14181.7 M
2XT.COM$2.9 B$19.3 M29221.9 K
3FTX$2.9 B$0.1 B304442.1 K
4WhiteBit$2.5 B$0.1 B109137.6 K
5Coinbase Pro$2.5 B$0.2 B470452.2 K
6Huobi Global$2.4 B$54.1 M8851.8 K
7CoinFLEX$2.4 B$450.2 K191.3 K
8Uniswap (v3)$2.2 B
33858.8 K
9Changelly PRO$2.0 B$0.2 B9321.4 K
10DigiFinex$2.0 B$0.1 B147109.6 K
11BKEX$1.9 B$77.5 M23751.2 K
12KuCoin$1.9 B$71.1 M1161166.4 K$1.9 B$15.0 M8918.3 K
14OKX$1.8 B
395108.1 K
15Bitrue$1.6 B$40.5 M29039.8 K
16MEXC Global$1.6 B$0.1 B88996.0 K
17CoinDCX$1.2 B$26.2 M12830.1 K
18Lbank$1.1 B$6.1 M15157.4 K$1.0 B$38.8 M2164209.4 K
20Kraken$1.0 B$0.3 B52160.5 K$0.8 B$56.7 M132210.1 K
22CoinTiger$0.8 B$12.2 M1929.6 K
23BTCEX$0.8 B$664.6 K15122.2 K
24Bybit$0.8 B$17.6 M89298.0 K
25Bitget$0.7 B$26.7 M22534.8 K
26AEX$0.7 B$25.9 M185101.1 K
27ZB.COM$0.7 B$4.1 M3715.4 K
28Upbit$0.6 B$4.9 M191104.0 K
29Bitfinex$0.5 B$0.4 B178115.1 K
30Bitmart$0.5 B$25.0 M24752.6 K
31Dcoin$0.5 B$3.3 M623.8 K
32BigONE$0.5 B$5.2 M6112.2 K
33Phemex$0.4 B$9.8 M3519.7 K
34AAX$0.4 B$3.1 M39160.0 K
35Binance US$0.3 B$57.5 M23824.1 K
36P2PB2B$0.3 B$1.8 M35540
37Bitstamp$0.3 B$54.0 M11516.3 K
38FTX US$0.3 B$0.3 B4965.4 K
39Dex-Trade$0.3 B$7.4 M1564.2 K
40Bithumb$0.3 B$2.5 M12927.7 K
41ZT Global$0.2 B$2.4 M50222.7 K
42Hotbit$0.2 B$74.7 M127457.5 K
43Klickl$0.2 B$3.9 M19727
44Gemini$0.2 B$58.8 M11635.9 K$0.2 B$94.9 M4035.3 K
46PancakeSwap v2$0.2 B
381443.8 K
47Bibox$0.2 B
15026.0 K
48BitGlobal$0.2 B$465.6 K1262.0 K
49BTSE$0.2 B$21.5 M816.0 K
50HitBTC$0.2 B$95.3 M29512.5 K
51BitForex$0.2 B$1.3 M8457.3 K
52Liquid$0.2 B$17.6 M1338.0 K
53ExMarkets$0.1 B
252.9 K
54OKCoin$0.1 B$28.0 M494.9 K
55YObit$0.1 B$38.8 K6519.8 K
56Resfinex$0.1 B$3.2 M14164
57Biswap$0.1 B
7573.7 K
58Emirex$0.1 B$1.8 M10623
59CITEX$0.1 B$49.4 K17693
60Uniswap (Polygon)$0.1 B
4258.8 K
61FinexBox$0.1 B
1972.2 K
62Bankcex$0.1 B$1.7 M451.7 K
63BitMax$99.3 M$10.5 M160
64ProBit$93.6 M$3.6 M27035.0 K
65Decoin$92.1 M$17.2 M1241.7 K
66Tidex$91.2 M$8.4 M1822.7 K
67Tokpie$90.7 M$39.6 M1071.0 K
68Orca$75.0 M
5015.0 K
69Sushiswap$72.1 M
18825.8 K
70Mad Meerkat Finance$71.2 M
245.4 K
71Dexlab$69.8 M
473.9 K
72EXMO$68.0 M$4.9 M1013.2 K
73Bitvavo$67.4 M$9.6 M7612.8 K
74SpookySwap$66.9 M
2469.1 K
75DODO BSC$66.5 M
1111.2 K
76VinDAX$66.1 M$3.6 M843.5 K
77Alterdice$65.8 M$17.4 M551.2 K
78Coinstore$65.0 M$824.0 K434.6 K
79Mango Markets$63.2 M
122.7 K
80Uniswap (v2)$62.6 M$7.6 M112257.5 K
81Bittrex$59.6 M$21.0 M75029.7 K
82Raydium$59.5 M
31838.1 K
83CoinEx$59.0 M$7.2 M23333.8 K
84SunSwap$57.4 M
1814.9 K
85Koinbazar$57.2 M
421.4 K
86Bitexen$55.1 M$580.8 K392.4 K
87BTC-Alpha$50.9 M$539.1 K946.6 K
88OceanEx$49.9 M$159.4 K58410
89Poloniex$43.6 M$6.2 M25016.7 K
90Coinsbit$41.5 M$434.5 K1980.9 K
91Bit2Me$40.5 M$2.0 M113.2 K
92Balancer (v2)$40.4 M
317.0 K
93Bitkub$39.1 M$11.8 M2418.1 K
94KickEX$39.0 M$621.7 K511.0 K$38.0 M$11.0 M4389.6 K
96bitFlyer$36.1 M$2.3 M3505
97Bitbank$35.1 M$3.0 M85.4 K
98B2BX$34.2 M
99QuickSwap$29.9 M
40415.6 K
100Balancer (v1)$29.4 M
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Crypto News and Headlines

May 27, 9:00 am

Binance to Advise Kazakhstan on Crypto Regulations
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will assist the government of Kazakhstan in efforts to regulate the country's crypto space. The global coin trading platform will also help with the integration of the domestic banking system with the expanding digital assets market.Kazakhstan to Cooperate With Binance on the Development of Its Crypto Sector Binance,...

May 27, 6:30 am

Chamber of Representatives in Paraguay Advances Crypto Bill
Cryptocurrency regulation in Paraguay is progressing steadily, as a crypto bill introduced in December has been approved by the Chamber of Representatives in the country. The bill, which contains definitions and rules for cryptocurrency mining, one of the hot topics in Paraguay due to the cheap electricity costs, will be passed to the Senate to be ...

May 27, 4:38 am

KuCoin Exchange Report Shows Growing Crypto Adoption In The US
The Into The Cryptoverse US Report by KuCoin — a global cryptocurrency exchange — revealed striking statistics regarding the positive dynamics of blockchain and digital currency adoption in the United States. Findings show that adults and younger generation users are leading the integration of cryptocurrencies into daily financial opera...

May 27, 12:53 am

McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo Becomes Global Ambassador of OKX
Daniel Ricciardo - an Italian-Australian driver who races for McLaren Formula 1 team - teamed up with the Seychelles-based digital asset exchange - OKX. The pilot will serve as an ambassador of the company during the 2022/23 season and lead an educational campaign for F1 fans focused on crypto's merits. OKX Extends its Partnership With McLaren Raci...

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