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Divi Project Development Update: March 24, 2018

News from the DIVI Coin Development team on March 24, 2018

With the end of March fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to let our community know what we’ve been working on. Since it’s been a while since our last update, I’ll go back a bit further than just this past month and give as much detail as possible. To see our current roadmap, click here.

Phase Zero: Planning & Scoping

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

We have the same philosophy when it comes to development. In order to reach the admittedly lofty goals we set for ourselves, we needed to think of every single possible angle, decide which features were vital to the first release, and figure out the best way to accomplish the tasks. You can see the results of this in full detail on our Wiki on GitHub.

Phase One: Requirements & Specifications

The requirements and specifications phase is really an extension of the planning phase. Once you know what you want to build, you need to outline how and why you want to build it, what will be required to build each feature, and exactly what each feature will do.

Phase Two: Design & Development (you are here)

Ok, so we’ve figured out the scope of what we can build before the deadline, we know what is required to do so… can we please start building stuff now?!

The development phase is currently well underway, and this is where we get to the fun stuff.


So this week has been fairly smooth we found a number of issues related to Zero-Coin flags and instead of just deactivating the code base we are pulling zero coin out of the code base altogether. A lot of this week’s work was related to finishing the master node code base including redoing the initialization, generally clean up and pulling in features like the Dynamic IP, multi wallet and payout functionality. There is a lot of optimization of the code base around the master nodes to the point of collapsing some classes together and related optimizations this week and will continue into next.


From a development standpoint things are moving along extremely well. We are finishing our sprints ahead of schedule and have completed a number of important tasks. Most notably, we wrote an entire library of custom JSON RPC API endpoints for the DIVI blockchain that are working with our Blockchain Explorer.


It is important to add that many other tasks have been completed by our incredibly talented Blockchain team, including the full implementation of Atomic swaps.

Additionally, the wallet designs are coming along extremely smoothly and we are looking forward to previewing them to the community toward the end of this month.

If you’d like to know more about what’s going on with Divi please join us on Telegram

TL;DR version:
We’ve spent the last several months planning, scoping, writing requirements, and now implementing the many features that can be found on our roadmap. Everything is moving along swimmingly and we are on track for release in Q2.


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