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Waves Ducks Roadmap

News from the WAVES Coin Development team on March 7, 2023

Prepare Your Beaks

How is it going, duckies? It’s been a while since we shared our plans on the game’s development. The time has come. As all of the DIP-7.1 changes are being developed, tested and implemented, the team continues to look ahead and toss ideas around. The project is just now taking its desired shape, so there is still a lot of work and changes to be made.

Here is a Roadmap that includes all future changes planned for 2023, which will be later presented as DIPs.

Pet Development

A new functionality will be added that turns any pet into a ‘duckanoid’ (duck + humanoid — clever, right?). Duckanoids are the new full-fledged characters of the duck metaverse.

How it will work:

  1. For existing pets, we will create their ‘duckanoid’ variants.
  2. New pets will be created as two entities at once: as pets and as characters.
  3. Each duckanoid will have its own parameters: the ‘duckanoid’ tag, rarity, and its own genes. It is possible that they will have new in-game parameters, but this is up for discussion at this point. Pets will not have generations.
  4. Turning a pet into a duckanoid would be similar to the original hatching, when the price of creation goes up depending on demand.
  5. All duckanoids are initially sterile, and certainly not capable of laying eggs..
  6. Their new genes will have their own cards in Duck Wars.
  7. As for the use of duckanoids in Duck Hunt and other activities on the platform, everything is also at the stage of discussion.

This way, pets will no longer be just decorations, but will become full-fledged independent characters and become much more valuable, especially those pets that come in limited supply.


This is a new feature that allows you to create hybrids out of any characters in the game. Hybridization is very similar to breeding, but there are certain differences:

  • You can create hybrids between ducks and duckanoids, ducks and ducks, or duckanoids and duckanoids.
  • Hybrid duck will inherit generation of the highest generation parent.
  • Hybridization is not affected by whether the character is sterile or not.
  • Neither ducks nor duckanoids would have a limit on the number of possible hybrids.
  • In the process, there’s a chance to get both nothing and something unusual.

Hybrids will allow you to combine ducks with new characters and create unique mutants never before seen in the duck metaverse.

Halving the Farming

Farming is still one of the main causes of EGG inflation. With the last DIP, the amount of EGG going to farming rewards was cut to 80, but that’s not enough to reboot the economy. Our team is well aware that farming is a sensitive topic for the community when it comes to changes. Nevertheless, there is a simple truth — the price of EGG will not get higher as long as it is freely distributed in large quantities.

As has been said before, farming as it is now spells a permanent uncontrollable inflation. And this is slowly but surely ruining the project.

For this reason, every 3 months there will be a farming halving — the division of the daily EGG reward pool by 2.

Our main point is to make the duck work for itself, and farming provokes stagnation of the project, which can very easily lead to its shutdown.

In addition, we abandoned the idea of introducing duck disease. The investment profit ratio of this idea turned out too low for the implementation.

Duck Wars

Reworking DW is something that has been haunting the project for a year now. Our past attempts turned out to be too ambitious, which led to the game’s conservation. Now the game is managed by a single developer, and mostly all the time is taken up by fixing bugs. But Duck Wars still has its potential.

We want to bring players’ attention back to DW and are mindful of the money invested in mantles and ducks, but we can’t return to the previous model of handing out EGG per lap. Any permanent EGG payout now will only make the project worse.

So we want to make the economy of Duck Wars circulating within itself. The first step will be a poker-like system with a bank. That is, players make an EGG bet before the fight, and the winner takes the bank. There will be different categories where the bet can go up to substantial amounts.


Duck Hunt will be the first on the path of the Duck Universe to cross-chain. We need more players, so the game needs to be more accessible. The first will be players from the Polygon network. They will be able to connect their accounts to the game and receive SPICE payouts to their wallets. We will be in control of the gateway.

Project Sustainability

We gave up selling EGG to pay for our needs. But the expenses of the project still exceed the income. In order to be a sustainable project, we need to change our revenue system. The first step will be changes on the marketplace::

  • The calculations of the marketplace will occur only in WAVES
  • We will no longer burn the purchase commission
  • 40% of commission will go to EGG buyback
  • The remaining 60% will be used to cover the needs of the project

This is necessary for the survival of the project, its profitability and the attractiveness to investors.


These are the main directions in which we are going to develop the project in the foreseeable future. This is a difficult time for the industry as a whole, including ourselves. But sooner or later the market will recover, and people will become more active again.

Our task is to prepare the project as much as possible for that moment. And this roadmap reflects our vision.

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Waves Ducks Roadmap was originally published in Waves Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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