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Content Creators: The Ultimate Marketers for Web3 Projects

News from the WOM Coin Development team on January 11, 2023

The rise of web3 has been driven by the growing interest in the concept of decentralization and the benefits it can offer. While focusing on the product side, technological developments and even the trading of tokens, it can be a struggle for web3 projects to effectively build a community and gain user adoption.

All web3 projects need cost-effective and authentic ways to reach and engage with their target audiences. This is exactly what user-generated content can provide, especially in terms of storytelling, spreading awareness and educating audiences. Content creators will be the accelerators of web3 adoption. Platforms such as BULLZ, are designed to give web3 projects support in content creation to ultimately spread awareness, educate and onboard non-crypto natives.

Through the newly launched BULLZ Campaign Manager any web3 project can request content from not only established influencers of all community sizes, but also regular creators, providing projects with the chance to generate a multi-purpose content marketing approach, along with the flexibility to customize their campaigns depending on the project’s goals and budget.

These are just some of the key ways that web3 projects can work with influencers and creators on BULLZ:


By working with regular creators who are looking to earn small amounts of crypto as a side hustle, web3 projects have a highly affordable way to onboard users onto their project, product, game, DeFi product, wallet, exchange, and so on. Using the BULLZ Campaign Manager projects can set a goal, for instance, of onboarding 100 new users, and then simply set the task for creators to first download or sign up as required, and then create short videos on the BULLZ app describing that onboarding and overall user experience — in so doing projects can not only generate quality UGC content with a minimal budget, but simultaneously drive user acquisition.

Social Proof

Projects can also request that creators post across their wider social channels to complete the task, whether that means tweeting about it, or creating a TikTok video. In this way web3 projects can use BULLZ to generate valuable social proof by spreading the content among communities of friends.


Short-form educational videos from web3 influencers provide easy-to-watch and entertaining content for reaching and converting non-native crypto users. Web3 projects looking to spread educational content can simply put out content requests to the growing segment of web3 influencers in the educate-to-earn space and once again benefit from quality content that will be boosted out across participating influencers’ social channels.

Spreading Awareness

If the goal is maximum reach, then the BULLZ Campaign Manager enables projects to put out requests to more established influencers who meet the relevant criteria, who will create content not only for the BULLZ app, but for their broader communities across social channels.

Scaling And Driving Web3 Growth

While content marketing is becoming more nuanced with macro, micro and nano “influencers”, all content creators have two things in common:

  1. Their creativity in terms of “storytelling” and;
  2. A relatable and credible effect compared to traditional ads

Demand to work with influencers of all sizes is high and there will certainly not be a shortage of supply as the “creative drain” from traditional jobs continues into 2023. The combination of hiring freezes, job insecurity and displacement by the pandemic is pushing creatives from all sectors into social content creation as an independent source of revenue. There are already more than 2 million people who identify as professional content creators, and 48 million more who identify as amateur creators.

Looking for on-demand UGC about your web3 project?

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Content Creators: The Ultimate Marketers for Web3 Projects was originally published in WOM Protocol on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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