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Berry Data Weekly Report Week #93 (November 14th — November 20th)

News from the BRY Coin Development team on November 25, 2022

Berry Data Weekly Report Week #93 (November 14th — November 20th)

I. Marketing Updates & Partnerships

On 14th of November, the Berry Data Yield was published

The selected tokens to stake were CAKE — BNB to earn BUNNY. It had an amazing APY of 24.49%

Users can keep tab on Berry Yield Radar and find high APY LP mining at

II. Community Data

Twitter: 107,789

Telegram Community: 58,847

Telegram Announcement Channel: 810

Berry Data Weekly Report Week #93 (November 14th — November 20th) was originally published in Berry Data Official on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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