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Züs Weekly Debrief — November 23, 2022

News from the ZCN Coin Development team on November 23, 2022

Züs Weekly Debrief — November 23, 2022

Happy Wednesday everyone! Last week our community got very excited about our rebrand to Züs in the first Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #1). Check out our new website to learn more. We were also featured in several different media platforms, including CoinMarketCap, CryptoDaily, and BlockTelegraph. With exciting times ahead, there will be several future AMAs to present our six different Apps: Bolt, Vult, Atlus, Blimp, Chimney, and Chalk. The second Cloud Cover AMA was held today, you can watch it here, where Saswata talks about building with Züs, our tokenomics, and our coming Hackathon with other projects.

Blockchain Team

Last week, the blockchain team focused on improving the network stability of a larger network. The network worked pretty stably overall, but sometimes slowed down and got stuck waiting for rounds to be restarted, however, the network was recovered when enabling chaos testing. There were a few other issues addressed and fixed, and some are in progress and under testing that should be fixed this week. Finally, the snapshot PR on the Zus repository was merged into staging, more conductor tests were added, and a few tracking issues and PRs were closed. More details are below:

Network Stability Improvement #1

Fixed the chain slowing issue caused by the wrong VRFs cache. Some of the VRF shares were removed mistakenly by the VRFs cache’s clean function, which made the last few VRF tickets for consensus lost. This caused the chain to wait for round timeout and restart to regain all the tickets, which would take a long time and slow down the network. The fix was a simple change on the VRFs cache clean function to only remove the used tickets.

Network Stability Improvement #2

The chaos testing was shutting down nodes randomly, and restarting them later on. However, this would cause state “holes” randomly among the nodes. So, when all — consensus number of nodes does not have enough state to verify a block, the network would get stuck for a while till the round’s timeout and then restart to sync missing states. This process to wait for the round restart to finish is too long. Because of that, the team is working on a way to sync missing nodes immediately when detecting nodes missing when verifying a block. They did a few rounds of tests and found a few issues around, this should be fixed this week as well. See the chances on branch quick-retry-verify-block.

Network Stability Improvement #3

The team found out that the VRFs consensus threshold is higher than the block notarization consensus. They changed the VRFs threshold to lower to be the same notarization to 66% (75% previously). They also fixed some issues on the load test code on sending and verifying transactions.

Other Fixes:

The blockchain team implemented the Snapshot logic. Fixed an issue to allow transactions to go to the pool when miners have an invalid state issue to avoid transactions submitted from clients getting lost, a Swagger dockerfile issue, and a sharder integration tests image builds.

In addition, the team changed the time for fault tolerance conductor tests, reset magicblock in conductor tests, and uncommented blobber downloading conductor tests.

Moreover, they set up pagination for GetBlobbers on gosdk, added x86_64 support on android SDK, fixed the isAbs issue on Windows, exposed createReadPool, and added Windows SDK.

Also, they exported lookup_hash and encrypted_key to list results, returned data from mintWZCN in wasmzcn, fixed a download’ shard issue, and downgraded minimal iOS support to 7.0.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s update!

Developer Resources

  • Interested in learning more about building on Züs or becoming a service provider? Check out our GitHub for access to repositories. Community ambassador Sculptex has created numerous tutorials to help get you started.
  • Try our BetaNet here! Users can create wallets and allocations, store files, send transactions, and share files.
  • Need help navigating creating wallets, allocations, or joining as a blobber? Check out our documentation page.
  • Züs’s API endpoints use simple and intuitive HTTP requests to interact with the blockchain in order to send/retrieve information to and from miners, sharders or blobbers in the active network.

About Züs

Züs (formerly 0Chain) is a high performance storage network powering limitless applications. It is a new way to earn a passive income from storage.

API| Docs | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | GitHub

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