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aelf Official Website Updated to v2.1.0, Adding a New Page for Ecosystem

News from the ELF Coin Development team on November 11, 2022

A better website with an individual ecosystem page displaying all the DApps

In September 2021, aelf upgraded the domain of its official website from to Now, around one year after the launch of this new site, aelf has advanced much more from where we started. With hackathons attracting dozens of excellent projects and multiple tools upgraded to support a better ecosystem expansion, aelf urgently needs a better official website.

To meet aelf communities’ demands for an up-to-date, better-organized, and more versatile website, aelf team conducted a thorough inspection of the whole site and made considerable changes to its layouts and structure. Apart from the optimization of UI, the description of aelf and all the infrastructures & developer tools were also updated, so as to make them more accurate and easier to understand. As a growing number of projects are deployed onto aelf’s Testnet and Mainnet, a new ecosystem page was added where users can explore and developers can submit their works. Moreover, internal and external links were better organized, making it possible for users to go to all aelf-associated sites through one click. Along with the website update, whitepapers also had their revisions.

Here are what you need to check out!

An Overview of aelf Ecosystem

The “Ecosystem” page displays all the projects already deployed on the Mainnet and projects going live soon. Tags and a short description are provided for each project, with a clickable link to its website or GitHub repo.

For developers who intend to build on aelf, there is a button [Submit Project] that directs them to a “Project Listing Application to aelf” form.

This “Ecosystem” page is accessible through the homepage and the “All-Inclusive Solution” page.

Up-To-Date Descriptions

The descriptions of aelf and its tech, tools, governance, Testnet, etc. are all updated on the homepage, providing the vital info users need to know about aelf. There is also newly-added content that presents key features and core competencies of aelf.

An All-Inclusive Solution for Web3

The “All-Inclusive Solution” page is located under [Mainnet] — [Learn] and can be accessed via either the navigation bar or the button on the homepage. This page outlines aelf’s visions and architecture.

Infrastructures & developer tools are also exhibited on this page, redirecting users and developers to respective pages when clicked on.

The Latest Whitepapers

aelf Whitepaper & aelf Economic and Governance Whitepaper are updated to v1.7.0 & v1.2.0. The updates center on the choice of words, including the explanation of key concepts and mechanisms. There are also corrections of trivial typos and formats. The latest copies are available via the bottom navigation bar.

Join us on TG or Discord to stay tuned and interact with aelf communities:



aelf Official Website Updated to v2.1.0, Adding a New Page for Ecosystem was originally published in aelf on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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