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Razor Community Updates — October 2022

News from the RAZOR Coin Development team on November 3, 2022

Razor Community Updates — October 2022

TL;DR — We bring you the important updates from the world of Razor for October. We have updated the Razor node to v1.0.4 and integrated new technical features in RazorScan. Moreover, we have started a new $RAZOR farming opportunity with EasyFi on the Polygon network.

Hello, Razor community,

The month of October has seen us make technical prowess in the razor ecosystem. We have also strengthened our partnership with EasiFy Network, a Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for digital assets powered by Polygon. This saw us participating in an AMA with EasyFi, and launching new $RAZOR farming opportunities on EasyFi BLEND.

Read on to learn all the critical updates from Razor for October.

RazorScan Updates

We have integrated multiple new features into RazorScan, which is the block explorer for the razor network. These features will make navigating the Razor Network even more seamless for Razor users.

The new features include the following:

· Added Staker Uptime with required indexer updates

· Allow Stakers to update and claim commission from the RazorScan application.

· Show all Inactivity Penalties received by a Staker on the RazorScan transactions page

· Integrated block explorer URL in toast notifications

· Added a tab on the Stakers page to show all the Delegators of that Staker

· Added Staker Last Active on the Stakers page

Razor Node Update to v1.0.4

The razor node has been updated to v1.0.4 to provide a host of new features to Razor users. Node operators, please remember to make a backup of your Keystore files in $HOME/.razor in general before upgrading.

Know more about upgrading Razor nodes here —

Read more details here —

AMA with EasyFi

Skanda Bhat (CTO, Razor) and Shantanu Sharma (VP Growth, EasyFi) discussed “Decentralized Oracles for Money Markets” in an AMA event on Twitter Spaces. The talk revolved around the growing importance of Oracle networks in the blockchain industry and how Razor is contributing to this growth.

You can listen to the audio recording of the event here —

$RAZOR staking program with EasyFi with 32% Fixed APR

We have organized multiple $RAZOR staking programs in the past, and all of them have been very well received by our community. This time, we are back with one more.

Razor has partnered with EasyFi BLEND to kickstart the $RAZOR staking program over the Polygon network. Participants can stake their $RAZOR tokens for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days and receive a fixed APR of 32%. The maximum pool size is 2,500,000 $RAZOR tokens.

EasyFi BLEND is a combination of multichain configurable advanced smart contracts to implement fixed and predictable staking rewards programs created by EasyFi Network. Read more here —

Access the Staking dashboard —

Alternatively, holders can directly stake on the Razor SKALE chain to support the network and earn higher APYs, currently 60%


Staking/delegation dashboard:

About Razor Network

Razor Network is a blockchain-agnostic, truly decentralized oracle platform designed to meet the diverse requirements of Decentralized Finance. At Razor Network, we are creating the next-generation oracle system focusing on maximum game-theoretical security and fully permissionless complete decentralization.

Stay updated with the latest developments by following us on GitHub.

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