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Behind the Network (BTN): October 7th, 2022

News from the RNDR Coin Development team on October 7, 2022

The Render Network’s mission has always been to help democratize GPU rendering, allowing those that have the power to lend to those that are in need of power. Through the years that the Network has been online it has been a privilege to see the work that artists from around the world have been able to achieve through the power of the Render Network, increasing access to high end GPU cloud rendering to a broader and more diverse group of creators.

In that vein and in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Render Network wanted to highlight two artists from two different areas of the world who have used the worlds in which they were born alongside the Render Network to craft amazing art.

Ronaldo Amador

Ronaldo Amador was born into the rich colors and lively music of Nicaragua, which infected his creative mindset from an early age. Like a jazz musician freestyling a solo, Ronaldo often takes from the world around him and twists it so that his audience can see a well worn subject from a different angle.

“What inspires me as an artist, is mostly the world around us. I have a small hobby in photography, so that got me in the mindset of looking at the space surrounding us. Viewing things from unexpected angles and even getting super close to them, you can see a lot of detail and spark great ideas.”

At around age 10 Ronaldo moved from his native Nicaragua to Miami, FL. Similar to the rich environment he came from, Miami was filled to the brim with lively colors, people, music and energy. That unbridled energy and use of colors comes through in his works, which are built to evoke deep emotional responses and energetic feelings in equal measure. For the last 12 years Ronaldo has been able to put his vision to work in his personal and professional lives, co-founding the studio Motion Animals as he worked in the field and built out experience. Despite his distance from his birthplace, both physically and temporally, he still finds himself drawing from the pieces of cultural history that have been left behind in the places around him:

“Tons of great artists through the ages have left a tremendous amount of work in architecture, paintings, photography, and visual arts.
There’s always some nugget in the work that I can bring back and apply in my work. Whether it’s lighting, textures, weird lenses, etc.”

Alberto Samper

Alberto’s work carries a distinctive feel, with bright colors combined with a tangible grit, as if the smoke from a club and the dust from the streets outside it are clinging to the work itself. This isn’t coincidence, but by design: though he’s now a Senior Motion Designer and Art Director based out of Barcelona, his heart resides in the streets of Valencia of his youth. Considering himself a music curator who is “obsessed with clubbing culture and nostalgia”, Alberto often uses his flair for motion, design and storytelling to evoke a particular time and place in his native Spain’s history: the seaside city of Valencia in the 90s.

His latest project is another tribute to this culture that he longs to immortalize, this time a tribute to the hardcore underground:

“My latest personal Project is “Bakalao Génesis” It’s a tribute of the “Mákina” and hardcore clubbing scene back in the 90s.
I wanted to characterize the clubbers from places such as Pont Aeri, Skorpia and Central among others.”

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Behind the Network (BTN): October 7th, 2022 was originally published in Render Network on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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