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Render Network Infrastructure Update 10/3/22

News from the RNDR Coin Development team on October 3, 2022

The Render Network Community Input Process aka RNPs have reached its first Final Vote! The voting window began on Wednesday, September 28th and closes on Tuesday, October 4th at 5pm PT // 8pm ET.


For those that have not had a chance to read up on the RNP process, or are unaware of how to join in the vote, here’s a small breakdown:

What is this vote and what is being voted on?

This vote is the final opportunity for all RNDR Token holders to cast their opinion on whether RNP-000 (v2) should be ratified and implemented on the Render Network. What this functionally means is that the community is deciding whether or not to go ahead with the RNP process itself. RNP-000 (v2) is a proposal outlining the Render Network Proposal system itself, and if ratified and implemented, will establish the RNP process as an open framework for community members to craft, propose, vote on and potentially implement tangible changes to the function of the Render Network itself.

Who can vote?

Any RNDR Token holder has the ability to vote. Simply follow the link to the vote on Snapshot, link your wallet to the system, and cast your vote. If you’re unsure of how to link your wallet or sign-up, follow the Snapshot signup guide here.

Of note, for a proposal to pass the final vote, a minimum of 25% of the total circulating token supply must be cast in the vote as a whole.

When will we hear the results of the vote?

Once the voting window has closed on Tuesday, October 4th, the Render Network will announce the final voting numbers and will publish the results. All voting information will remain public on the Render Network Snapshot page in perpetuity.

For any questions or trouble shooting, please reach out the the Render Network team at the Discord!

Join us in the Rendering Revolution at:

Knowledge Base:

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