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New Staking Season!

News from the RING Coin Development team on May 18, 2022

First of all we want to apologize for the delays, but we needed to make sure everything was working as intended and in the safest environment possible.

We know you have been waiting for this moment since last month and now we are here to deliver!


  • Staking will go live on May 18th at 22:00 UTC
  • Now the staking will be hosted in our own site! So you can enjoy top quality UI/UX you are used to, please click on the following link to staking page.
  • Stake your $RING to earn 148% fixed APR, no dilutions!
  • Earn rewards by the second! Don’t have to wait, you can claim your rewards anytime!


  • Once you deposit your $RING it will be locked until August 20th. You can deposit at anytime before that day, everything will be unlocked on August 20th.
  • It’s a limited size pool. It only accepts 500,000 $RING to be staked so make sure you deposit your $RING before anyone else!

Don’t forget about the lotto!

Remember we just started our weekly lotto and there’s a lot of money to be made. Test your luck! Visit the Lotto of Eärendil now: link

About OneRing

OneRing is the first multi-chain cross-stable coin yield optimizer in the space. The goal of OneRing is to take away the complexity of DeFi 2.0 and make things easy for the user. By this, we will be able to open the DeFi space for a whole new layer of users that want to receive yield on their stables instead of just having them sit in their wallets. With a strong network of partners, KOLs, advisors, and such, OneRing aims to go right to the top and set new benchmarks for the upcoming DeFi 2.0 winter.

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