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Behind the Network (BTN): September 23rd, 2022

News from the RNDR Coin Development team on September 23, 2022

The Render Network had the exciting opportunity to send team members to major industry events over the last week! With Camp Mograph and Motion Plus Design’s home event in Paris both taking place last week, we here at the Render Network team wanted to discuss some of the highlights, learning opportunities and first hand experiences that our team had while attending!

Camp Mograph

Taking place in the scenic Virginia Beach area of Virginia state, Camp Mograph lived up to its namesake once again this year, combining the classic woodland camp experience with graphics industry flair. Over the four day experience (Sept. 15th — 19th) campers had the opportunity to mingle with fellow creators, tech enthusiasts and industry professionals in a melding pot of workshops and community geared activities.

The Render Network’s own Edgar Irizarry attended the event this past week and as he put it, the energy and atmosphere of the Mograph Team (Mark, Matt, Dave, Mathias and everyone else involved in the event) made his weekend at the camp feel unreal. As he experienced first hand, the space itself was very welcoming, and those running it were able to provide so many details and support around activities that it made a first time attendee like himself feel instantly welcomed. Between the more typical camp activities (such as kayaking, zip lining, archery and more) and the technical workshops, the camp provided a bevy of opportunities to unwind, unplug and get in touch with the people around.

  • “Tripped Out Texturing” a.k.a painting on a canvas with motion graphics artist: Emonee Larussa

Emonee LaRussa (@em0n33y) * Instagram photos and videos

  • Screen Printing w/ Shawn Dumont
  • Storytelling in Mograph — Led by Billy Chitkin

Billy Chitkin (@gernge) * Instagram photos and videos

  • Motion Capture Demo & Presentation on the Rokoko Smartsuit, Smart Gloves, & Face Capture using the iPhone — Led by Sam Lazarus

sam lazarus (@the.jabberwock) * Instagram photos and videos

  • Time & Task Management — Led by Jen Van Horn
  • Finding Your Style — Led by Alex Parker

Out of the events that he was able to attend, a highlight amongst the series of interesting activities was getting to test out the Rokoko Smartsuit, led by Octane user Sam Lazarus. Getting the chance to create a motion capture, then export that capture file into Maya and C4D easily was a real “geek out” moment for Edgar that stuck with him through the weekend.

Towards the end of each packed day, Edgar found himself joining beach gatherings to watch the sunset, which quickly became some of his favorite moments there:

I enjoyed the intentional gathering for sunset and chats on the beach each evening. I also enjoyed the fact that the experience was designed to refresh every attendee. Having no reception in the middle of nowhere seemed like a nightmare at first, but it turned out to be quite pleasant, after all.

Speaking of attendees, Edgar was not the only Render Network luminary to attend: none other than Render Network founder and CEO Jules Urbach was there at the event. A longtime supporter of the Mograph team, Jules’ participation in Camp Mograph was still noteworthy enough to get picked up by fans in the Mograph Slack:

Even with all of the amazing experiences and events listed above, that still doesn’t cover half of what happened, including fireside chats led by internet OG Freddie Wong and Co-Founder of Cream Studio Amanda Russell. It’s hard to imagine, but we’re sure next years event will be even better than this years amazing time.

Motion Plus Design (Paris)

Motion Plus Design on Twitter: "Sunday, September 18: watch Motion Plus Design Paris in Livestream + 7 days on demand! Book your ticket now! #motiongraphics #motiondesigners #motion #event #talk #motionart #graphicdesign #graphisme #motiondesignartist #motionartist / Twitter"

Sunday, September 18: watch Motion Plus Design Paris in Livestream + 7 days on demand! Book your ticket now! #motiongraphics #motiondesigners #motion #event #talk #motionart #graphicdesign #graphisme #motiondesignartist #motionartist

While Edgar and Jules were attending Camp Mograph in Virginia, on the other side of the Atlantic the Render Network’s lead artist support Mathis was attending the Motion Plus Design event hosted in his nation’s capital, Paris.

From the beginning of the event Mathis was able to feel a palpable energy. Motion Plus Design has long been known for the quality of their events, but as a first time experience (especially as a member of the industry himself), it was an eye opening experience for Mathis. Even more exciting was how much he felt a part of the event as a representative of the Render Network:

First would be the general feeling of the event, seeing people approaching me and directly tell that they rendered some of their work on [Render Network] was really surprising to me!
Secondly when I was talking with a group of Octane artists, explaining the concept of [Render Network] they were instantly amazed and freaking out because of the possibilities… I really saw some eyes full of stars.

As someone who came up from within the Render Network community himself to being an essential member of the core Render Network team, seeing fledgling creators have that same excitement was a full-circle moment of sorts for Mathis.

Out of a stacked lineup that featured creators and industry leaders from throughout the world, Mathis was spoiled for choice when it came to events to choose from. However, two moments specifically stood out for him, both personally and professionally:

The first person Imet was Matthieu Colombel from Blackmeal who introduced me to a bunch of other studio producers. I really felt the experience, kindness and passion that drive him to be on this type of event!
The sandbox talk presented by Thibault Simar was special for me, as we already knew each others but we never met in person! Seeing him and his team on stage was inspiring

All-in-all, the event was a special experience for Mathis. From making connections with industry leaders to Render Network users, and even seeing people he knows take the big stage, this event proved why gatherings like these are so vital for fostering growth in the creative space. And the fact that he was able to do it all in his native French was just an added cherry on top!

All the artists and students there were hungry for knowledge and tips from someone in the industry. This really showed how important this type of event is. I also learned that I’m so much smarter when Italk to artists in French 😆

We here at the Render Network team would also like to extend a special thank you to Andrew Kramer for presenting on our behalf during the Motion Plus Design event in Paris!

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Behind the Network (BTN): September 23rd, 2022 was originally published in Render Network on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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