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Manifold Community Competition

News from the FOLD Coin Development team on October 8, 2021

“So you’re telling me… I can win money by creating memes?”

Yes! It’s time for a fun community competition! Design Manifold-related memes, sticker packs, or something other creative and win $500 in $USDC! We’ll also have cool prizes for the runner-ups.

1st: $500 in $USDC
2nd: Surprise
3rd: $100 in $USDC

How? Show your submission in the comments of this tweet.
When? The deadline is the end of this month (October 2021).
What? Whatever you want! Memes, cool designs, a video, just let your creativity flow. A Telegram Sticker Pack might give you some bonus points.


If you’re following our Discourse closely, you may have already seen it, but here are some things to look forward to:

  • Public RPC Endpoint Opens up
  • Staking DApp UI and Testnet
  • SushiSwap Integration Deployment
  • Partnership Announcement Released
    (we may or may not have disclosed this somewhere already)
We have an amazing ‘non-crypto’ partnership coming up!
  • DAO Design and Architecture published
  • Staking Contracts Deployment on Mainnet
  • Account Abstraction via private mempool
  • Grants Program rollout
  • Community Calls

To find out more about Manifold, head over to our official channels:

Manifold Community Competition was originally published in Manifold Finance on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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