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Can NFTs save wildlife?

News from the PERL Coin Development team on April 5, 2022

Your chance to own the world’s first augmented reality NFTs that help save gorillas in the wild

The wait is over — our MoonGorilla NFT public sale goes live on May 2nd

TLDR — what’s special about MoonGorillas?

  • 100% of proceeds from the initial public sale goes to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund to help save real gorillas from extinction
  • World’s 1st full collection of NFTs with augmented reality (AR) effects using pioneering technology developed by Meta’s SparkAR Studio, allowing you to to interact with your NFT using the Instagram and Facebook apps.
  • MoonGorillas are fully carbon-positive with 10x carbon credits donated to cover the mint and distribution combined with a % of royalties to offset any future emissions.
  • Buy your MoonGorilla here once the public sale opens!
  • Join MoonGorillas community to learn how to win an airdrop!

Just in case you don’t already know what an NFT is…

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital or crypto asset that represents your ownership of digital or real-world objects like art. NFTs allow buyers to own the original item and contain authentication that proves ownership. The fast-growing NFT community is thriving and welcomes opportunities to be mobilised for good. The team, which has created the MoonGorilla NFTs to support gorilla conservation, are committed to using NFT technology to incentivise contributions by digital communities to positive real-world environmental action globally.

Other than supporting endangered gorillas, what are good reasons to buy MoonGorilla NFTs? Digital art NFTs are created and sold in limited quantities, they are one-of-a-kind and can be resold just like other types of art or collectibles. A share of future royalties will go back to support the vital work of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

If you’ve never bought an NFT, learn more here.

Pioneering carbon-positive NFTs

NFTs, if designed poorly, can contribute to climate-causing greenhouse gas emissions. So how are MoonGorillas different? Firstly, MoonGorillas will be using Polygon, a low emissions blockchain network. The calculation of total emissions contributed by the creation of these NFTs is based on reliable, independent resources (a publicly available emissions calculator shows our calculations so you can check for yourself). is also donating ten times the required carbon credits to offset emissions from minting and distribution. Any emissions from future transactions will further be offset using a percentage of royalties from MoonGorilla trading. As part of our contribution to the mission to “green blockchain”, we are also developing a Carbon Backer blockchain tool, which will allow any and all projects or collectors in the ecosystem to efficiently and transparently offset their NFT-related emissions.

A ‘custom’ MoonGorilla NFT inspired by singer Kiesza

Digital communities fighting for real-world environmental impact

Come join the MoonGorilla Discord to be part of an active and vibrant community combining their passion for supporting conservation efforts with the appreciation of innovative digital art. You will also be helping to support industry next-generation best practices focused on creating “green NFTs” that will help NFT projects to support conservation efforts while managing their emissions responsibly.

There’s a limited number of MoonGorillas when they go live — so acting fast is key. They’re priced at $120 USD and can only be purchased on the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund website at this time. Interested in learning more or showing off your MoonGorillas? Head to our Discord, Telegram and Twitter for upcoming announcements from or engage with other MoonGorilla owners.

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