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Vectorspace AI Hackathon: Build on API Products for Fintech

News from the VXV Coin Development team on August 16, 2022

Vectorspace AI is proud to announce our first Hackathon in support of two recently released API products: the Real-Time Portfolio Protector and the Real-Time Thematic Basket Generator.

We value big ideas and innovative solutions, and we invite you can build on top of our existing product offering. We challenge you to reimagine how our technology can be used and to develop your best app or product.

Deliverables you’ll need to participate:

Choose your submission category: a big idea for innovation or the best product for integration today

Provide a text description of your project that explains how the new features were implemented into existing API

Provide access to a working application (a test account, website, sandbox/production) as well as instructions for the judges

Include a 3 minute video explaining what your submission is all about!

Hackathon Prizes:

We are giving away $10,000 to the first place prize, the Best Product For Tomorrow Award — This is for a game changing idea that offers an innovative solution to our ask and has a clear execution plan

The second place prize is $5,000, and it is the Best Product for Today Award — This is for a product that can be delivered end to end during the timeframe of the hackathon.

Lastly, we are giving away $2,500 to the submission that receives the most votes from fellow hackathon participants.

Total: $17,500 in rewards!

Deadline for submissions is September 24, 2022 at 9:00am PST

How to enter:

For full details including rules, to sign up for and enter the hackathon visit

Follow our twitter @VectorSpaceBio

Join our discord community

Visit us at

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