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Doge Token Airdrop for Stellar Lumen holders

News from the DOGET Coin Development team on June 22, 2019

Such Airdrops. Much Wow.

Doge Token (DOGET) will be airdropped to Stellar Lumens (XLM) holders in 1:2 ratio. Snapshot will be taken on July 22th 2019, 2 PM GMT -5.

This airdrop will put Doge Token (DOGET) name, technology and features in front of millions of Stellar Lumens holders. Naturally, this will bring many new users into Doge Token’s ecosystem.

Our Dogecoin’s airdrop was immensely successful and we sure this one will be even more successful.

What is this airdrop about?

At Doge Token, we’re passionate about connecting the world to cryptocurrency and want everyone to hold some Doge Token. So, by offering DOGET to Stellar Lumen (XLM) users for free, we hope to help build a bigger community of crypto users.

What is Doge Token?

If you do not know Doge Token (DOGET) yet, feel free to visit We are also on coinmarketcap! Doge Token team has already completed airdrop to Dogecoin owners. Millions of DOGET were airdropped to corresponding stellar addresses created by Dogecoin owners.

What is Stellar?

Stellar is a distributed ledger network that permits multiple assets and currencies to be digitally transferred, issued or exchanged online. The system boasts a built-in order book, network token and pathfinding algorithm, allowing assets to move more easily between sending and receiving parties.

How to participate?

This is completely anonymous and we will delete all data after the airdrop. Registration is really simple.

Step 1 — Create a Doge Token wallet address by following steps here or you are familiar with Stellarport exchange, just establish a trustline to DOGET. You can also do so by buying small amount of DOGET! Again, having access to private keys is super important to claim your DOGET. If you use for managing your XLM, you can easily export private key by visiting the website on your desktop. You can then use this private key to log onto Stellarport.

Step 2 — Move stellar lumens (XLM) to your newly created Doge Token address because we will be giving 2x amount of DOGET!

If you already own DOGET, you already qualify for the airdrop. No step is required from your side! Just make sure you own access to private keys!

And that is it! We will take a snapshot of your Lumen’s (XLM) balance on July 22th 2019, 2 PM GMT -5 and give you 2x amount* of Doge Tokens (DOGET) within 5 days.

Note — Do not use exchange addresses for claiming this airdrop.

* Cap of 1M DOGET per person. In case of question or if any cheating or exploit attempts are detected, the Doge Token team has the right to choose if a registration is valid or not. This means no funny business; otherwise you might be excluded from the airdrop.

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