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Basis Cash X Value DeFi

News from the BAS Coin Development team on April 29, 2021

Basis Cash is expanding to Binance Smart Chain

vFARM Pools Launch at 2pm UTC 4/29

  • BAC-BUSD 80/20 pool will earn 0.3x vBSWAP
  • BASv2-BNB 60/40 pool will earn 0.1x vBSWAP
  • vBSWAP can be staked to earn 400 BASv2/week

As part of our ongoing mission to expand the Basis Cash Ecosystem, we are excited to announce a partnership with Value DeFi on Binance Smart Chain!

Value DeFi offers a wide array of DeFi legos: yield aggregator with multi-strategy yield-optimizers for maximum returns; low slippage stablecoin and pegged assets swap; an AMM built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain with integrated DEX aggregator for advanced trade routing with minimal slippage; a liquidity farming platform that can create pools with flexible ratio pairs. They currently have over $850M in TVL on BSC.

As the first stage of our BSC rollout, we will launch 2 vFARM pools in order to bring BAC and BAS liquidity to BSC and facilitate trading.

LPs will be able to earn BAS + vBSWAP!
  • BAC-BUSD 80/20 pool will earn 0.3x vBSWAP
  • BASv2-BNB 60/40 pool will earn 0.1x vBSWAP
  • vBSWAP can be staked to earn 400 BASv2/week

High gas fees on Ethereum have made DeFi unaffordable for small investors, and for Basis Cash to ultimately thrive as a stablecoin, we must foster adoption across the broadest possible user base. BSC offers fast, cheap transactions and the market response has been astonishing, with TVL rising over 30x in the last 3 months.

Source: Defistation

We can’t wait to introduce the original Algorithmic Stablecoin to the BSC community. It represents a huge untapped market for us, and we already know that BSC users are fans of algo stables, given the proliferation of countless forks of Basis Cash there.

How do I send my BAC and BASv2 to BSC?

Step 1 : Set up the Binance Smart Chain network on Metamask

If this is your first time using BSC, you’ll need to configure your Metamask wallet to connect to the BSC network. Follow the guide from Binance:

Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain | Binance Academy

As BSC is an EVM-compatible chain, your BSC address is the same as your ETH address. You’ll need some BNB in your wallet for gas.

Step 2 : Use to send BAC and/or BASv2 to BSC

  • Navigate to and connect your wallet. You should be connected to the Ethereum network at this stage.
  • Search for BAC /BASv2 and select it for transfer
  • Click Transfer and confirm the transaction.
  • Once the transaction confirms, your tokens will be available to use on BSC. Please note that large transactions may take up to 12 hours.
Bridge Transaction Limits

How Do I Farm BASv2 and vBSWAP on Value DeFi ?

  • The procedure for adding liquidity and staking is identical to that on Ethereum. Click on the farm of your choice (BAC-BUSD or BASv2-BNB) and add liquidity through the UI and stake your LP tokens. A step-by-step guide can be found here (refer to Parts 4 and 5):

Guide to gvVALUE staking on Binance Smart Chain | Value DeFi Protocol

  • That’s it! Your LP position will start earning vBSWAP
  • Stake your vBSWAP rewards (located under vStake) to earn more BASv2!

Basis Cash X Value DeFi was originally published in Basis Cash on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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