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Cudl Game Update v0.2

News from the MUSE Coin Development team on August 15, 2021

Today we are excited to announce some upcoming changes to the CUDL game!

70% Less Gas Costs

We managed to achieve a ~70% gas reduction to play CUDL. From now on your rewards will be compounded and you’ll be able to feed while you have pending rewards (balance in the app), meaning that unless you want to withdraw your CUDL you can just send feed txs only — for the feed tx the gas was also reduced drastically .

You can deposit CUDL into the app at any time if you need to top up your account.

90% less CUDL emission and food costs

We are very happy with how the open beta is going, we managed to test different assumptions while giving everyone an equal chance.

The mining algorithm will be reduced about ~90%, meaning 90% less cudl will be emitted via pets mining. The food costs will also go down accordingly.

With less CUDL emission + the 70% gas reduction, it should be very achievable for calm long term players to stay in the game at very affordable costs.

For users that want to earn more CUDL they will have to use advanced features that will require MILK + additional gas costs (more below).


As advised by the community we removed the bonking feature (being reworked).

We added a new Battle feature, with battles you’ll be able to lower your opponent’s score and earn CUDL on the way. To get access to Battle opportunities you’ll need milk.


The bazaar is also coming!, the bazaar is an ever growing thing and the things you’ll be able to buy/do with it will evolve, however at the beginning you should expect the 0.1v:

  • Name change — to showcase your pet on the leaderboard.
  • Hibernation — to take some time off.

When will the changes take effect?

All the features are ready but we are still testing, final release is when we are comfortable with the smart contracts code.

A note to the community

CUDL is a community run game meaning the future success of it is up to you (yes you!), you can market it, play it, grow it, meme it.

Users that discuss the game inside our discord as financial advise will be sent to exile, don’t praise us when you make money but also don’t disturb us when you don’t.

Exile is the best mechanism we found to not mute and ban users, but give them a chance to become contributors. If you can’t become a contributor it’s fine but at least respect our only rule.

We are only 2 developers working on CUDL and NFT20 and calling us scammers and creating negativity is the surest way to make us question why are we even here.

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