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CypherD Wallet x KogeFarm Partnership (Airdrop Available!)

News from the KOGECOIN Coin Development team on April 22, 2022

CypherD is a non-custodial crypto wallet provider backed by the prestigious Y Combinator. They also offer a crypto debit card. As a non-custodial yield aggregator, KogeFarm and CypherD are natural partners in terms of building the future of decentralized finance.

To increase the adoption of their wallet, the CypherD team is giving a free airdrop to KogeFarm users! They’re giving our users 1000 KogeCoins (~$22 value) just for downloading and trying out their wallet. They’re a public, well backed team, so we encourage Koge users to check them out!

Here are the details:

1000 $KOGECOIN AirDrop (first 500 users)

Criteria: A Wallet that deposited in one of the Polygon Network KOGE Vaults at least once on or before April 20 2022.

200 $KOGECOIN AirDrop (first 1000 users)

Criteria: A Wallet that has at least 5 transactions on Polygon Network on or before April 20 2022.

Steps to redeem the AirDrop

All steps have to be completed before April 26 2022 11:59 PM PST

  1. Download CypherD Mobile Crypto Wallet on iOS/Android
  2. Import the same wallet you used to interact with one of the KOGE vaults
  3. Navigate to on CypherD Mobile Wallet
  4. Connect your Wallet
  5. Deposit/Withdraw with one of the KOGE Vaults from CypherD Wallet and take a screenshot that shows both the transaction hash and the wallet address as shown in the example below.

6. Email with the screenshot and the actual wallet address to receive the airdrop. Or, if you prefer not to expose your email address, you can share the screenshot and the wallet address from within the CypherD Mobile App completely anonymous Options Tab -> Give Feedback where you can also upload a screenshot.

Enjoy the free $KogeCoin!

CypherD Wallet x KogeFarm Partnership (Airdrop Available!) was originally published in KogeCoin on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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