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We’re giving away 55 MoonGorilla NFTs

News from the PERL Coin Development team on April 7, 2022

Pre-sale NFT airdrop for engaged community members

TLDR — participate in the AirDrop

  • Join our Discord community and engage with others
  • Engage with us on Twitter (retweet us, share our website or talk about why you are part of the MoonGorilla community)
  • Campaign starts April 9th
  • Winners will get their MoonGorillas after the public sale ends — May 6th
  • A total of 55 MoonGorillas to be given out throughout the campaign period

What are MoonGorillas?

MoonGorillas is a collection of 10,000 unique, carbon-positive, AR (augmented reality) enabled non-fungible tokens (NFTs) inspired by the important work of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

This troop of 10,000 MoonGorillas have landed on Earth to help save their endangered cousins from extinction. They’ve taken on disguises to try and quietly assimilate but something got lost in translation… Adopt a MoonGorilla and help them in their mission to save Earth’s last remaining gorillas so they can go home. More about MoonGorillas here.

If you have not already joined our Discord… here’s the link

Come join the MoonGorillas Discord to be part of an active and vibrant community combining their passion for supporting conservation efforts with the appreciation of innovative digital art.

  • We are launching invite competitions, meme competitions and other ways to win on Discord.
  • The most engaged community members will have a chance to win a MoonGorilla Airdrop.

If you are not already following us on Twitter, follow us here.

There are a number of ways you can win MoonGorillas:

Presale period (9 April to 29 April):

Week 1: 9 April to 15 April
Week 2: 16 April to 22 April
Week 3: 23 April to 29 April

Invites: 4x winner each week, for members with the top legitimate invites count for the current week
Tweets (engagements): 2x winner each week, for eligible tweets with the most engagements (Like + retweets)
Tweets (random): 2x winner each week, for eligible tweets selected randomly.
Memes: 5x winner each week for the best memes submitted.

Sale period (30 April to 6 May)

Twitter thread (MG): 5x winner for best twitter threads on how MoonGorillas have a positive impact
Twitter thread ( 5x winner for best twitter threads on’s positive impact
Memes: 1x winner for the best memes submitted

Here’s how to increase your chances to win a MoonGorilla Airdrop:

  • Tweets should be about sharing awareness for MoonGorillas and its goal
  • Submission should be posted to its respective Discord channel
  • For tweets, use tags and hashtag: $PERL #Ape4Ape
  • Post link to MoonGorillas website on your social media
  • Retweet us
  • Change your profile picture to your favourite MoonGorilla

See you on Discord and Twitter!

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