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The Portfolio Protector API

News from the VXV Coin Development team on July 6, 2022


Innovations in space biosciences can result in products and services for all industries including the financial markets but more importantly, for all humankind in the form of personalized medicine including therapies related to human aging and healthspan.

The science of protecting and repairing the human body, by developing countermeasures against stressors during spaceflight, has a lot to do with detecting hidden relationships between genes, proteins, pathways, diseases, drug compounds, phytochemicals and micronutrients. This process can be similar to detecting hidden relationships between public companies and global events or themes.

At Vector Space Biosciences, we develop scientific data engineering pipelines using language modeling, feature vectors and correlation matrix datasets that can sometimes result in products for the financial markets. One of these includes the Portfolio Protector API. It’s designed to protect the stocks (or cryptos) in your portfolio from exposure to negative global events, themes or contagion. For example, if there’s an earthquake in Taiwan, you may want an alert signaling to underweight on semiconductor companies in your portfolio which may be exposed to this downside event.

How does it work?

Step 1. Submit a headline or PR representing a downside global event or theme.

Step 2. Submit the stocks held in your portfolio.

Step 3. Receive a score for each stock signifying exposure to that event.

  • Scores are based on feature vectors built using language models and correlation matrix datasets similar to those used by OpenAI’s GPT-3, Google’s BERT, Minerva and DeepMind’s AlphaFold 2 transformer and self-attention encoder variants. Scores can be used to calculate the % to underweight (or overweight on the short side)

REST API and workflow integration:



tickers, event, vxv_wallet_addr, api_key


curl -X 'GET' ',aapl,asml,intc&event=earthquake+in+taiwan&vxv_wallet_addr=0x4EC0BecD39Fe33fdeaffdEd3a011FD335daEc02B&api_key=XSKXWYIBEEBUFJUGIIXIVCTRKFVWXDRRGCER'


"earthquake in taiwan":[
  • Crypto-enabled portfolio protection will be included in future releases.

To sign-up for a free 14 day trial, visit to request custom features, parameters or to take advantage of financial market applications resulting from innovations in the field of space biosciences. For more information, contact

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