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The NFT Staking is live — Read how it work

News from the MGA Coin Development team on March 28, 2022

The NFT Staking is live — How does it work?

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Prometheus NFT Staking function. Now all Diamond Hand Holders will be able to benefit from the rewards generated by each NFT they hold.

Below we have an explanatory tutorial teaching how to operate.


  1. Users will see tasks in the interface of NFT Staking.

After you click “Get tasks”, you will gain a mission. You can get a mission every 12 hours.

The task list can store up to 5 tasks.

If there is a status of 5/5, it means you have 5 tasks in the task list. So, you need to delete one of tasks if you want to get a new one.

2. After getting tasks, the task’s name , task status, task time, task reward and The current magnification of the task will be seen. And task rewards and the magnification of tasks will be seen after pledging NFT.

Each task will have advanced conditions. When you complete requirements, the final returns will be increased.

NFT staking tasks will be generated randomly. The time required to complete tasks and the corresponding rewards will be different for each task.

Basic requirement for NFT staking: Stake 3 battle cards.

You will receive basic rewards after completing the task.

Advanced Requirement 1: Staked a Greek God card. According to the rarity of God cards, the extra multiplier added to the reward will be different.

Advanced Requirement 2: task will be randomly generated, extra x2 multiplier will be added to rewards after task completion.

Advanced Requirement 3: task will be randomly generated, extra x2 multiplier will be added to rewards after task completion.

Advanced Requirement 4: task will be randomly generated, extra x2 multiplier will be added to rewards after task completion.

3. After placing the cards, please click Confirm Dispatch.

The mission will start, the battle card and the god card will be dispatched to complete the mission. And the task time and task rewards will be refreshed continuously. The duration and end time of the mission will be displayed. And the mission reward will be increased continuously according to the time.

4. When the adventure is over, claim the profits they bring back. Users can gain staking income.

5. After obtaining the full x64 reward, the user can choose to increase the additional multiplier:

You can find the staking MGA on the upper right corner. And you will receive additional token rewards. Every 1000 MGA pledged will get an additional 5% NFT staking efficiency, and the maximum reward will be increased to 100%. That is that 20000 MGA will be the maximum value.

It is calculated as follows:

Total revenue *(100%+ Staking efficiency improved by staking MGA)= Final revenue

After the user stakes MGA, MGA token needs to be locked for 30 days. If the user continues to increase the staked amount of MGA within 30 days, the lock-up time will be reset for 30 days.

So theoretically the highest return would be x2x2x2x8x2=x128.

Note: if the basic task reward is 1BUSD, if we complete advanced task 1 and stake an SR level god card, the current income is 1x8 = 8BUSD. If we complete advanced task 2, the current income is 8x2 = 16BUSD. If further advanced task 3 is completed, the final income is 16x2 = 32BUSD. If further advanced task 4 is completed, the final income is 32x2 = 64BUSD. If the user also stakes 20000MGA, the total revenue of his single mining task is 64x2 = 128BUSD.

We hope you enjoy all the benefits that Prometheus brings you. If you still have any questions, join our Discord or Telegram and contact an admin.


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