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SafeMars & SafeEarth community updates 23 Apr 2021

News from the SAFEMARS Coin Development team on April 23, 2021

Dear community,

We are now exactly 2 weeks later from our last community update. And wow! It’s been an insane 2 weeks!

SafeMars Retrospective

Can you believe that 2 weeks ago, SafeMars had 76.000 holders? And now… 320.000?! Three hundred twenty thousand holders! 😍

Also, our community Telegram now counts over 40.000 members!

And…at its peak we had $160 million trading volume. Mind. Blowing.

This amazing growth, together with an explosion in trading volume (and price) put SafeMars on the map and suddenly SafeMars got listed on:

  • (the 6th largest exchange in the world by volume! 😜)
  • BKex
  • and soon (target 30 April) BitMart

Not only that, but in keeping our promise to lower the barrier to entry and make it easy for ANYONE to buy SafeMars, we launched Marswap, directly on our website . All settings are preconfigured, just connect your wallet and buy. Also, if you’re on mobile, you can go to for a mobile optimized experience 🎉

We also continued our marketing push with ads on major crypto and non-crypto websites, influencers (twitter, tiktok, instagram, facebook etc) as well as starting our foray into the electronic music scene 😉

There is also some less ideal news: a group of SCAMMERS copied everything (telegram, website, even Marswap) and are actively scamming people out of their money. Please remember that NOBODY from the SafeMars team will DM you on telegram, ask you for money or your wallet’s keys. We have NO support outside of the main telegram group, everything else is a fake and scam. STAY SAFE! ⚠️

SafeEarth Retrospective

SafeEarth has been growing as well! We reached 5.000 holders and more then 7.000 members in our community Telegram.

In terms of exchanges, we already announced that SafeEarth will be listed on BitMart at the same time as SafeMars, target 30 April 🎉

The trading volume also picked up immensely with $13 million at its peak 💪

Keeping our promise to always keep SafeEarth 100% we continued to lock newly generated liquidity on (see our announcements and tweets for details).

And we refreshed our website which now looks amazing and offers a wealth of information about the project, donations and even the team 😉

Additionally, we also released EarthSwap: and we’ll integrate it into the main website soon.

The marketing campaign is in full swing as well with major news outlets publishing our first donation. Speaking of which…

We just had our second round of donations: we donated over $88 000 on Earth Day to 4 incredible charities:

  • Save the Children
  • Amazon Watch
  • Charity: Water
  • The Water Project

We were honoured to have representatives from them join our donation event live on Telegram and share about their work. It was an amazing and emotional moment for all 😍

We’re also thrilled to announce that the EarthFund has accrued an additional 110 ETH as of this writing, so that:

  • 55 ETH (at least) will be used for our next donations 🌎
  • 55 ETH (at least) will be used for marketing 🎉

What’s next?

First major change: we’ll soon announce a new CEO!!!

The community has asked countless time for information about the team. We heard you and some of our team members have gone public, you can find them on

Now we’re taking it to the next level 💪 We will have a fully public CEO, who will be there to reassure investors, steer the project, interact with partners and charities and so on. I can assure you he’s an amazing professional and human being as well, you’ll love him! 😻

On the development/technical side @TheCryptoMartian will still be the lead and we’re happy to announce that our complete dev team now has 5 members in total. We will hire an additional Solidity developer very soon as well. Stay tuned for some cool stuff coming 😉

In addition…

We will continue working hard on both projects to bring them to the next level. Our target is to get EVERYONE in the world involved in SafeMars and SafeEarth. The potential is there, let’s do it!

We currently have a marketing budget of almost $150 000 and are deploying it to maximum effect. Stay tuned for exciting things in this area.

We’re also launching our own merch shop imminently. You’ll be able to buy SafeMars and SafeEarth themed stuff 😉

The SafeMars website is getting an overhaul as well, to bring it more in line with the new SafeEarth website. No concrete timeline yet, we want to surprise you 🎉

That’s it for now, until next time don’t forget to join our Weekly Community AMA, every Sunday at 19 UTC in the SafeMars Telegram channel.

See you soon!

Our official (AND ONLY) channels


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