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Largest TFBX Burn Ever will be in On July 9th

News from the TFBX Coin Development team on July 4, 2022

On Saturday July 9th the largest token burn in TFBX history will take place. A total of 250 million TFBX tokens, more than 5% of the maximum supply, will be burned. This burn is a result of the first round IDO of Tegisto, a decentralized exchange powered by TrueFeedBack, which was sold in exchange for TFBX tokens.

So far, more than 85 million TFBX tokens has been burned and regular burning as a result of withdrawals in TFB Blackstar mobile application will continue periodically. With the upcoming burn, more than 335 million TFBX tokens which is equivalent to 6.7% of the maximum supply, will have been burned.

TrueFeedBack will continue to develop and add value to its product. TFBX tokens will continue to be scarcer over time, keep an eye out for the future burn news.

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