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Race with Joey Logano at the Joey Logano Grand Prix!

News from the REVV Coin Development team on April 19, 2022

Announcing the biggest REVV Racing spectacle so far!

We hope you are all ready for some steaming racing action as it is time to jump into our 15 days long racing spectacle with Joey Logano!

Joey Fest is the biggest event seen in REVV Racing to this day and players will get to race in a new super exciting track personally designed by real life race driver and a NASCAR champion Joey Logano! As always there is a big pool of REVV available, but this time you will also race for an exciting set of physical prizes, NFTs, fusion materials and even a VIP experience with Joey. Read on for more details!

Joey Fest Details

The Joey Fest will be divided into 3 racing sections and each section will reward you with different prizes. Everyone racing will take home some REVV, but you also have a chance to get some Joey related swag, NFTs, and even win a VIP ticket to one NASCAR race of your choice, where you and your guest can meet with Joey Logano in person!

As before, there will be two leaderboards, one for self players and one for hired drivers, however, further details on prize distribution can be found below in this article. All you need to compete is some tokens and a REVV Racing car NFT, REVV Racing cars can be purchased on OpenSea. Each try lets you enter one race. Your total time for the race is recorded on the leaderboard. Tries cost 5 REVV each.

Each session will have its variable lap counts and alternating tracks, read forward for more information. For REVV Racing basics please check out this helpful REVV Racing FAQ sheet!

Race 1: Car Mania - Where things are about to get blurry!


  • Race dates: 20th April 08:00 a.m. UTC - 25th April 08:00 a.m. UTC
  • Five 24 hour Sessions


  • 70,000 REVV pool for each day, a total of 350,000 REVV!
  • Joey Logano Blur car for each racer who competes at least in 3 of the 5 sessions
  • 20th - 22nd First place: 1:64 scale diecast car signed by Joey*
  • 23rd- 24th First place: 1:24 scale diecast car signed by Joey*

Social Event:

Race 2: Get ready to level up with fusion Helmets!


  • Race dates: 25th 08:00 a.m. UTC — 30th April 08:00 a.m. UTC
  • One 120 hour Session


  • 400,000 REVV Pool!
  • ‘Joey Logano Helmet’ - Introducing a new type of NFT - Material, which will be used in Fusion.
    Top 500 of the Player Leaderboard will receive 1 Joey Logano Helmet NFT. Plus, for each 5 valid record on the Driver Leaderboard, 1 NFT will be rewarded to the fastest driver. So if there are 100 driver records, top 20 drivers will get the NFT. (Valid driver record: the wallet’s first race must be done using a shared link. Up to 200 NFTs will be made available for the Driver Leaderboard.)
  • 1st & 2nd place: One signed replica full-size Joey Logano helmet*

Social Event:

  • Social event dates: 25th 08:00 a.m. UTC — 30th April 08:00 a.m. UTC
  • Follow, like and share via Gleam campaign to win a Joey Logano Fusion Helmet!
  • Up to 222 NFT winners chosen at random
  • Additionally 2 winners will get a signed Joey Logano mini replica of the Joey Logano helmet!
  • Participate by completing actions here: Joey Logano x REVV Racing Helmet Giveaway

Race 3: Time to become VIP and meet Joey?!


  • Race dates: 30th April 08:00 a.m. UTC — 5th May 08:00 a.m. UTC
  • One 120 hour Session


  • 600,000 REVV Pool!
  • 1st place: VIP Race Experience with Joey Logano for 2 people!*
  • 2nd place: Signed Joey Logano Racing Shoes
  • 3rd place: Joey Logano Branded Sunglasses
  • 4th place: Joey Logano Branded Flag

Winner of the final race will receive an NFT to claim the following experience:**

  • VIP Tickets to watch the race of their choice from Pit Road
  • Access to the garage and pit areas
  • Private Meet & Greet with Joey Logano pre-race
  • Photo with Joey by the car before the National Anthem
  • Gift Bags / Joey Logano merchandise
  • Headsets to listen to Joey, his crew chief, and his spotter during the race

** Your VIP experience NFT will be airdropped to the winning wallet. After this owner will be able to either redeem or sell their experience. To redeem your NFT please email to with the title “Joey Logano Prize” for next steps. Deadline 31 July 2022

Social Event:

  • Social event dates: 30th 08:00 a.m. UTC — 5th May 08:00 a.m. UTC
  • Participate in daily competitions to win Joey Logano hats and t-shirts!
  • 10 winners will get Joey items! (4 x Hats, 5 x T-Shirts & 1 x Beenie)
  • Participate following daily instructions in the Discord #🏁joey-fest channel!

*Any physical Joey Logano prizes are available based on player leaderboard only at this instance. To claim your physical prizes after winners have been announced for any of the events, please email to with the title “Joey Logano Prize” for next steps. Please note that we will ask all winners to authenticate their connection to the winning wallet and to receive your prize. Deadline 31 May 2022

REVV prize division for all the races

The REVV prizes of each race will be divided into two pools with separate leaderboards, one pool for players entering the race on their own and one pool for drivers using a shared link.The overall prize distribution ratio between pools will depend on the total number of sessions completed by each player group — if 60% of the total sessions are from players running by themselves and 40% are from drivers using shared links, the prize distribution ratio between pools will be split at a ratio of 60:40. If any driver prizes are below 5 REVV, it will be topped up to 5 REVV.

Each player (wallet address) is only eligible to receive one prize from either the players pool or drivers pool; the first session completed locks in prize pool eligibility. For example, if your first session recorded is using a shared link, you will only receive rewards from the driver pool, regardless of your position on the player side.

Earnings for 2,001+, regardless of entrants, will not exceed 30% of 1,001–2,000

Sessions structure

REVV Racing Joey Fest consists of five 24 hours sessions and two 120 hours sessions. Below you will find a schedule for the sessions in this run. Please note that all times are in the UTC time zone.

Details are subject to change

Event Summary

  • REVV Racing Joey Logano Fest will run starting from 20th April 2022, at 08 a.m. (UTC) till 5th May 2022 at 08 a.m. (UTC) .
  • There are 3 races, first being broken into five 24 hour sessions and following two being one 120 hour session each. All sessions will have their own REVV pool and prizes available.
  • Total pool available is 1,350,000 REVV.
  • To participate you need a REVV Racing car, which you can get at OpenSea.
  • Racing tries cost 5 REVV (Polygon).
  • The Joey Logano Fest will only be accessible by the cars which are available at the beginning of the event. Any cars earned or minted while the event runs will not be supported until the festival ends.

One player can only qualify for one position per- session. REVV Racing reserves the right to disqualify any players in races where foul play is suspected. If a player is disqualified, the next fastest racer will receive the prize.

To qualify for the prizes in the Joey Fest, you will need to hold the NFT in your wallet that was used to achieve the winning time until the winner list has been confirmed. So if the winning player transfers a car used to achieve the winning time to another wallet before the winner list is confirmed, they will forfeit their position.

KYC - How to complete player verification

To protect against malicious actors and maintain a fair racing environment, we require KYC from all the players who would like to receive their prizes. In order to avoid delay on sending the prizes, you can now complete player verification before the festival ends. If you have not submitted your information and get verified by our KYC service provider before the rewards are being processed, your rewards will be on hold and carry over to the next payment cycle, until your profile is verified.

Navigate to the REVV Racing website and go to the bottom of the site, where you can find “Player Verification”. Follow the instructions in it.

If you have completed player verification before, please login to the player verification website to make sure your profile is up to date and submit updated information if necessary.

Wallet addresses of each leaderboard’s top winners will be sent to Blockpass for an additional review before the rewards are being distributed.

Any questions, give us a shout!

You can find out more about REVV Racing and the REVV Motorsport platform over at the official Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels and reach out to us for any questions or comments!

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REVV Racing:

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REVV Motorsport:

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What is REVV and how to get it in 3 easy steps?

Animoca Brands and REVV Motorsport or it’s partners are not responsible for any loss or damage to goods received in relation to the Joey Logano Festival event. For the VIP ticket, the winner is responsible for all costs associated with activation of the ticket, including but not limited to accommodation and transport.

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