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Developer News and Updates
The latest news directly from the crypto coin development teams

February 26, 5:52 pm

Venice Swap Unveils Groundbreaking Business Tokenization Services... (#VENICE)
Venice Swap Unveils Groundbreaking Business Tokenization Services: A New Era of Growth and Innovation for Enterprises - — Empowering Businesses with Advanced Tokenization Solutions to Drive Growth, Attract New Customers, and Secure Fundraising - [26 February 2024, Venice, Italy] — Venice Swap, a premier Lithuani... read More

February 23, 11:54 pm

Sealwifhat ($SI): Uniting the Community with an Upcoming AMA Sess... (#SI)
In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, community engagement stands as a cornerstone for growth, innovation, and sustained interest. Sealwifhat ($SI) is taking significant strides in this direction by hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on February 27th at 9PM UTC. This initiative is not j... read More

February 22, 3:07 pm

New Data Challenge: Analyzing Ocean Protocol Discord Community Dy... (#POCEAN)
Leveraging AI for Discord chat analysis to discern trends and sentiments significant to community alignment.. — — Overview - Participants use AI and machine learning to extract trends and sentiments from historical message archives of Ocean Protocol’s Discord conversations. The competition looks into real-time... read More

February 22, 2:29 pm

Tier System for ritestream Ecosystem (#RITE)
The ritestream entertainment ecosystem offers fans the chance to crowdfund, engage, watch & own collectibles in their favorite movies and TV shows. We achieve this with our 5 entertainment pillars: Crowdfund Movies & TV Shows: RWA Launchpad, Engage with cast & crew and vote for show direction: riteApp, Watch ex... read More

February 22, 2:25 pm

Ritestream销毁机制 (#RITE)
隆重宣布一项倡议,旨在提高我们生态系统核心的长期价值和可持续性 — — $RITE代币。该机制涉及生态系统内完成的每笔交易5%的消耗。如果你错过了我们之前关于投资收益的文章,你可以在这里访问我们的中型文章。 我们开始吧! ritestream ... read More

February 22, 1:41 pm

Earn More with Staked ETH (#CHESS)
If you haven’t tested the new features on V3 yet, now is the time as the exciting Tranchess Staked ETH Blitz is here! Join this 3-month campaign and share the 2,000,000 CHESS rewards with other V3 token holders! Follow the user guide and participate now, or learn more with the quick summary below. The Blitz starts today ... read More

February 22, 12:08 pm

DF77 Completes and DF78 Launches (#POCEAN)
Stakers can claim DF77 rewards. DF78 runs Feb 22 — Feb 29, 2024. - — 1. Overview - Ocean Data Farming (DF) is Ocean’s incentives program. In DF, you can earn OCEAN rewards by locking OCEAN, curating data, and making predictions (in Predictoor). Here are DF docs. Data Farming Round 77 (DF77) has completed. 15... read More

February 22, 9:23 am

Ritestream娱乐生态系统的五大支柱 (#RITE)
如果你喜欢一个充满特权的世界,获得免费的定期空投,独家内容访问,限量版纪念品,在电视节目和电影中获得荣誉的机会,与演员和工作人员互动,以及影响节目方向的能力 — RITE是你的最佳基地! ritestream正在用开创性的Web3生态系统改变... read More

February 19, 2:18 pm

Zypto BETA V1.4 Release Notes (#ZYPTO)
Announcing Zypto 1.1.0-beta.1 (V1.4): Advancements in Crypto Swapping Dear Zyptonians, It is with great pleasure that we unveil the latest update of Zypto App – version 1.1.0-beta.1 (V1.4). This release marks a significant milestone in our ongoing quest to create an all in one crypto app that enhances user experience and... read More

February 19, 9:30 am

Venice Swap: A Rising Star in the European Fintech Ecosystem (#VENICE)
Dealroom identifies Venice Swap as a future Unicorn, with a firm evaluation between €363 milion and €545 milion. This result is a testimony to the success of the tokenization model pursued by its business network - Venice Swap’s CEO: the Venetian engineer and entrepreneur Gianluca Busato We are thrilled to announce ... read More

February 17, 9:15 am

$SI: Making Waves in the Crypto Sea with the Sealwifhat Project o... (#SI)
In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, a new contender has emerged from the depths to capture the imagination and investment of the crypto community: the Sealwifhat project on Solana, marked by its ticker $Si. This innovative project is not just another drop in the ocean of digital currencies; it distinguishes it... read More

February 15, 10:06 am

Winners of the Ocean Protocol Holiday Build-A-Thon (#POCEAN)
This hackathon-like competition started before the December holidays. It ran through mid-January, providing participants a one-month window to submit proposals for leveraging Ocean Protocol technology in business applications. Here are the top 3:. — — A Brief Synopsis - Using Ocean Protocol Technology, the Hol... read More

February 15, 5:30 am

DF76 Completes and DF77 Launches (#POCEAN)
Stakers can claim DF76 rewards. DF77 runs Feb 15— Feb 22, 2024. Bug fix in reward calculation. — — 1. Overview - Ocean Data Farming (DF) is Ocean’s incentives program. In DF, you can earn OCEAN rewards by locking OCEAN, curating data, and making predictions (in Predictoor). Here are DF docs. Data Farming Ro... read More

February 15, 5:19 am

DF75 Completes and DF76 Launches (#POCEAN)
Stakers can claim DF75 rewards. DF76 runs Feb 8— Feb 15, 2024. — [Note: this article was meant to be published on Feb 8, 2024]. — 1. Overview - Ocean Data Farming (DF) is Ocean’s incentives program. In DF, you can earn OCEAN rewards by locking OCEAN, curating data, and making predictions (in Predictoor). H... read More

February 14, 7:28 pm

Sealwifhat(si) Social Information Change (#SI)
Dear community, please be aware that our main Twitter account has been quickly restored and you can visit : to get an update about this project, meanwhile, we will keep posting important announcements from the twitter handle @sicoinsol24. read More

February 13, 5:17 pm

SSV Network Fault Tolerance in Action: A Case Study (#SSV) ‘A case study’ During the first week of February, an incident unfolded showcasing the resilience of validators in the face of node operator (NO) downtime. The event involved a validator operated by 4 SSV Network NOs, where 3/4 NOs successfully kept the validator online and performing optimally des... read More

February 13, 2:27 pm

Flux In Review: January Recap (#ZUSD)
Last month for Flux was one of fresh momentum and a renewed drive to expand the decentralized offerings of the ecosystem. In this article, let’s review the timeline for January and our achievements so far. For the first month of the year, Flux’s primary focus was upgrading and improving the products released in the las... read More

February 13, 9:17 am

The Future of Finance: Navigating the Convergence of Crypto and T... (#VENICE)
The Future of Finance: Navigating the Convergence of Crypto and Traditional Asset Management through DAOs - — Embracing the Evolution: How Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Are Pioneering the Tokenization Movement - In an era where the lines between cryptocurrency and traditional financial (TradFi) asset managem... read More

February 11, 11:28 pm

How $SI, Sealwifhat Token Broke ATH and Tested 900K Market Cap: T... (#SI)
$SI Project Social Over the recent weekend, the crypto community witnessed a remarkable event as $SI, fondly known as the Sealwifhat Token, broke past its all-time highs, reaching a staggering 900K. This surge wasn’t a mere fluke but a testament to the rapidly growing seal lover audience within the crypto ... read More

February 11, 5:06 pm

What’s next for illumineX? Step-by-step plan! (#PIX)
Hey all, Today we hope to clarify some things that the community has asked us about during this past week, to find out what we have planned and what’s next, continue reading. It’s been a very decent first week and as of writing this, there has been over 45,000 swaps on illumineX and over 15,000,000$ in volume. Initia... read More

February 10, 5:40 pm

Chapter 4: The Prelude to Awakening (#ASHIB)
As the tales of Arion’s valor and wisdom spread like wildfire across the digital realm of Oasis, a palpable sense of anticipation enveloped the land. The day before the launch had arrived, akin to the calm before a storm, a moment suspended in time where destiny awaited its cue to unfold. The air in Oasis shimmered with ... read More

February 08, 6:10 pm

The Crunchy Carrot Campaign and Beyond (#PUFETH)
Dear Puffers 🐡, Our recent days have been incredibly rewarding, filling us with immense excitement for Puffer’s future. In less than a week after launching our early-depositors stage in the Crunchy Carrot Campaign, we surpassed $600M in TVL. This makes PufETH, our native Liquid Restaking Token (nLRT), one of the larg... read More

February 08, 3:32 pm

CEO Riaz Mehta & LadyTraderRa AMA Key Takeaways (#RITE)
In case you’ve missed it, here’s a summary of the AMA session featuring our CEO Riaz Mehta and LadyTraderRa: Link to the audio space on X is available here: — Introduction and Switch to Web3. — Riaz Mehta shared his journey into Web3, starting in 2013 when he first learned about Bitcoin. His fas... read More

February 08, 2:27 pm

$RITE Staking Guide & FAQs (#RITE)
You can stake your $RITE Tokens in 5 easy and simple steps. Visit the official staking website, Connect your wallet (MetaMask, Ledger, WalletConnect) and ensure it’s set to “BSC/BNB Chain.”, Need help finding your wallet? Click on “Why don’t I see my wallet? Click here to learn more.” N... read More

February 07, 12:48 pm

Important Update on Testnet Task 4 Reward Eligibility (#BCUT)
We’ve completed a thorough review of all Testnet Task 4 participants and are excited to share that we’ve finalized the list of eligible wallets! If you’re curious about your status, simply head over to our testnet interface (<ENTER YOUR WALLET ADDRESS>/testnet-task-4) and enter your wal... read More

February 06, 4:23 pm

Dymension Mainnet is Live (#DYM)
Dymension was conceptualized two years ago as a monumental vision of adding another dimension (Y axis) to the Interchain by building a modular Internet of rollups. Today, with the first block and the birth of Dymension, a new chapter of blockchains begins. In physics and mathematics, a dimension is defined as the minimum c... read More

February 06, 1:25 pm

How to Bridge and How to Swap on Illuminex (#ASHIB)
Bridge using CEX: - Here is a tutorial by illuminex: medium.comBuy some $ROSE on CEX ( to Choose “I want to bridge ROSE”.2. Set up Consensus layer wallet.3. Send $ROSE to your Oasis Wallet — Consensus layer 4. Connect EVM wallet & Add Sapphire network configur... read More

February 06, 11:51 am

Seeking Partners to Foster DonaBlock’s Growth Together (#DOBO)
Partner Roles: • Participate as a key partner in building and growing DonaBlock’s ecosystem. • Take on the role of connecting with brands and consumers to establish strategic and effective collaborations. • Contribute your experience and infrastructure to develop and expand the utility of DonaBlock’s token., 2. R... read More

February 06, 9:20 am

Navigating the Crypto Frontier: A Guide to Securing Your P2P Tran... (#VENICE)
Shielding Your Digital Wealth: Strategies to Thwart P2P Scams - In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions represent the frontier of financial freedom and innovation. Yet, as we chart these new territories, we encounter not just opportunities but also adversaries in the form of scammer... read More

February 06, 3:52 am

Unveiling DonaBlock’s Buyback System: A Deeper Insight (#DOBO)
We will continuously repurchase DOBO from the market to reward users. Here’s how it works, it’s quite simple: ① Always remember to have the Donablock app open before shopping for your desired items on your usual shopping sites. ⇩ ② The site pays us a sales commission, and we use that revenue to repurchase (“buy... read More

February 06, 3:42 am

SealWifHat ($SI) Receives Overwhelming Support: A Week of Influen... (#SI)
Official Social Links of $SI Project: In a remarkable display of market confidence, SealWifHat, trading under the ticker $SI, has seen an unprecedented surge of support over the past week. The token positioned itself as ‘the cutest token and first viral marine animal token on Solana’.This burgeoning crypto pro... read More

February 06, 12:23 am

Quick launch recap — we are ready to move forward (#PIX)
Quick launch recap — we are ready to move forward 🟢 - Quick recap Yesterday we had our full launch and the TGE of $IX token reached nearly $10M USD in trading volume in just a few hours. Today is the first day of the new beginning, now that we have deployed critical infrastructure to the Oasis Sapphire chain, it... read More

February 05, 9:50 pm

Chapter 3: The Dark Dungeons of Destiny (#ASHIB)
Beneath the shimmering digital skies of Oasis, Arion found himself at the entrance to the dark dungeons, a place where the very fabric of reality seemed to warp and twist into something altogether more mysterious and foreboding. It was here, in these ancient catacombs, that Arion’s next chapter of arcane mastery was to u... read More

February 05, 9:49 pm

Chapter 2: The Path of Magic (#ASHIB)
In the heart of the digital realm known as the Oasis Network, Arion, the young shiba digital alchemist, delved deeper into the mysteries of magic and potions. Guided by the enigmatic figure known as The Wiazrd, Arion embarked on a journey of self-discovery and arcane enlightenment. Within the encrypted confines of Oasis, Ar... read More

February 05, 4:09 pm

Swappi adds sCFX to the Whitelist (#PPI)
Giving new meaning to the term liquid staking. — Swappi is pleased to announce a new token listing to Swappi’s whitelist. sCFX, the staking derivative token from SHUI, will be available starting February 6th 11:00 GMT. SHUI is the latest PoS staking platform on Conflux eSpace. Users who stake in SHUI will receive ... read More

February 05, 3:23 pm

ritestream Roadmap and Timelines (#RITE)
Prepare yourselves, ritestreamers, because 2024 is set to be a year overflowing with exciting developments! From exclusive content drops to revolutionary Web3 integrations, ritestream is gearing up to reshape the creator economy and take your entertainment experience to the next level. Let’s dive right into the detailed ... read More

February 05, 2:31 pm

Flux RoadMap 2024: What To Look Out For (#ZUSD)
The official Flux roadmap for 2024 is out. This article will explore the year’s vision, our upcoming projects, and their significance for Web3 and the tech industry. In 2023, Flux laid laid the foundations for several revolutionary technologies, some already released, some still in the pipeline. In 2024, Flux will be cons... read More

February 05, 1:11 pm

Introducing Tranchess V3: Unlocking Enhanced Yield for Staked ETH... (#CHESS)
Mark your calendars for February 15th, as we embark on an exciting journey with the launch of Tranchess V3, with new features specifically designed to empower staked ETH holders to maximize their yields like never before. — Key Features of Tranchess V3 - — Support for stETH and wstETH:. — In the initial ... read More

February 04, 10:16 am

Full launch & TGE   We are finally there! (#PIX)
Full launch & TGE We are finally there! We are expecting to have the TGE and the full launch at 17:00 UTC today. Farming emissions will also be live after TGE! We hope you are excited as we are! The journey is just about to start, and the months ahead will be even more exciting with all the additional features and im... read More

February 04, 7:21 am

DonaBlock Inks Strategic Partnerships with Major Associations to ... (#DOBO)
‘Shop to Earn, Shop to Donate’ In pursuing this business, DonaBlock has placed the highest priority on securing token liquidity. Recognizing the paramount importance of token liquidity between brands and consumers, DonaBlock proactively laid the groundwork for community engagement well before ICO preparations, seeking ... read More

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