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Developer News and Updates
The latest news directly from the crypto coin development teams

November 30, 6:01 am

New Pyth Data Provider: DWF Labs (#LIQ)
We are excited to welcome DWF Labs, a global digital asset market maker and multi-stage web3 investment firm, to the network. DWF Labs will both contribute its proprietary market data for digital assets to Pyth and leverage the Pyth price feeds. What is DWF Labs? DWF Labs is a global leading digital asset market maker and... read More

November 30, 2:49 am

30+ Eye-Opening Blockchain Statistics In 2022 (#RU)
Seeking the most complete blockchain statistics in 2022? This blog post from Rikkei Finance will be helpful. With these insights, you can easily analyze the crypto-verse in 2022 to predict its possible future. — Top Blockchain Statistics in 2022 - Currently, there are over 170 million blockchain wallets worldwide. ... read More

November 30, 2:22 am

[December Week 1] Weekly Report (#PEN)
Hi, PEN Clubbers! This is a Weekly Report that comprehensively delivers the major announcements and development status of Protocon last week. Let’s check the development status together this week to see what updates are available.1. Protocon Mainnet Development Status • In progress - Update MITUM Functions - Update MIT... read More

November 30, 1:32 am

Como comprar na baixa e vender na alta com KuCoin Dual Investment (#LIGHT)
Veja como obter renda passiva com criptomoedas independentemente da direção do mercado. KuCoin Dual Investment é uma forma de obter renda passiva a partir da diferença relativa de preço de duas criptomoedas, independentemente da direção do mercado. Esse mecanismo de comprar criptomoedas na baixa e vender na alta ai... read More

November 29, 11:21 pm

How to Buy Low and Sell High with KuCoin Dual Investment (#LIGHT)
See how to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies regardless of market direction.Image available from the internet KuCoin Dual Investment is a way to earn passive income from the relative price difference of two cryptocurrencies, regardless of market direction. This mechanism for buying cryptocurrencies when low and sel... read More

November 29, 10:07 pm

Furbot Pool One NFT Sales Opens Again 30th November (#FUR)
Open Pool One Re opens Furbot Pool One NFT Sales Opens Again 30th November As previously outlined the sale of Furbot Pool 1 NFTs will be open for 24 hours for the 30th November. The proceeds of the NFTs will be added to the existing pool and they are available at 200$USDC per NFT. They are available from Per... read More

November 29, 10:00 pm

What a EU ban on Privacy Coins Means (#WCCX)
Conceal Network’s commitment to Privacy as a Right! Just over a week ago, CoinDesk reported that the EU would enact rules that would effectively ban cryptocurrencies that utilize privacy-preserving technologies. The article reported that the draft came from officials from the Czech Republic and would not directly make th... read More

November 29, 8:18 pm

11–29–2022 — Tomb | Lif3 Tuesday: Update 64 (#TSHARE)
11–29–2022 — Tomb | Lif3 Tuesday: Update 64 - My fellow Tomb Raiders, Happy Tomb | Lif3 Tuesday, Our American friends enjoyed Thanksgiving last week, and we are now officially at the start of the holiday shopping season! It has definitely been some of the worst news we have seen in the crypto market this year, w... read More

November 29, 5:46 pm

MIND+ Referral Program (#MIND)
At BiggerMINDS, we are always expanding; we want to attract community-minded users to those already within the ecosystem. We have introduced a referral program; for current users to invite their friends to join the ecosystem and gain rewards. We believe that a community is the backbone of a protocol, and with the implementa... read More

November 29, 5:27 pm

Doga House— An Overview (#DOGA)
Hello Dogamers! Welcome to the DOGA HOUSE app overview! For the Tech Launchers who’ve already been testing the game, you’ll have noticed quite a few changes and simplifications. In the new simplified version you’ll be able to interact with your Dogamí whenever you want in order to earn your $DOGA rewards. With the i... read More

November 29, 5:08 pm

Umbria Aurora — November Digest (#UMBR)
Umbria Aurora — November Digest - 📉Against the backdrop of crypto carnage, Umbria has had a buoyant month with lots happening. We’re sending our monthly update a little early so that we can flag our AMA with Arbitrum on December 1st (find out more at the end of the newsletter). — Transactions on Umbria Net... read More

November 29, 4:44 pm

Green Finance revisited (#TGD)
Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash In December 2020 I wrote about multiple-dimension, programmable instruments in which I proposed using smart contracts to add further dimensions to the traditional corporate bond and account for the Social and Environmental impacts as well as demonstrating good governance. I gave an exa... read More

November 29, 4:43 pm

NitroShiba — the road to 2k holders and so much more (#NISHIB)
NitroShiba — the road to 2k holders and so much more - NitroShiba — the road to 2k holders and so much more 📢💙🧡 We are super excited that NitroShiba, the hottest community project on Arbitrum, has now reached over 2000 holders! We are seeing a hugely engaged community & improved liquidity, despit... read More

November 29, 4:33 pm

USDH price manipulation impact on isolated pools. (#SLND)
Summary. — On November 2nd, an exploiter pumped the price of the USDH stablecoin on Saber and drained assets from Solend’s isolated pools. USDH is a collateralized debt position by Hubble Protocol. This stablecoin was listed in the Kamino USDH Pool ($1.5M TVL), Stable Pool ($1.67M TVL), and Coin98 Pool ($1.58M TVL)... read More

November 29, 4:32 pm

Introducing: AirDAO LATAM & AirDAO China (#AMB)
Since launching in September 2022, AirDAO’s global presence has rapidly grown, and in response, we have focused on a regional approach to best cater to our highly diverse international community. Following the success of AirDAO communities for Turkey and Africa, we are excited to announce the launch of the official commun... read More

November 29, 4:21 pm

MMIT is soon going to break all the records!! (#MMIT)
MMIT is soon going to break all the records!! Visit our website to not delay your purchase!! . Website: Telegram: Instagram: Twitter: Medium: . . . #cryptorevolution #crypto #mytoken #cryptotoken #cryptotrading #cryptomemes #cryptodaily #cryptonews #tokensale #cry... read More

November 29, 4:11 pm

Announcing LuLu CLO Details (#XCAD)
Today we would like to announce the details of the next CLO which will take place starting Monday the 5th of December 3pm UTC until Monday the 12th of December 3pm UTC. The CLO Is Colombian YouTuber Lulu99, who is well known for her high-quality vlogs. She has a diverse range of content, which has helped her to gain over 1... read More

November 29, 4:03 pm

Introducing The New Rubic Tokenomics — the Way Forward (#RBC)
INTRODUCING THE NEW RUBIC TOKENOMICS — THE WAY FORWARD - — Rubic is a Great Product and Tech We’re Proud Of - Rubic was launched back in September 2020, and since then, it has evolved dramatically. Rubic was the first-ever project which introduced One-Click Cross-Chain swaps, and we maintain industry leaders... read More

November 29, 4:03 pm

CPOOL CEX Staking Update (#CPOOL)
Following the successful launch of Clearpool Oracles and CPOOL staking, it is time to phase out CPOOL staking on KuCoin and AscendEX. Both the KuCoin and AscendEX staking pools, which are currently yielding approximately 5% APR, will terminate on 14th December 2022. CPOOL staking will now be exclusively available on the Cl... read More

November 29, 4:01 pm

Meet the Umami Labs Team (#UMAMI)
The Umami protocol is governed by its community of UMAMI token holders, but it is built and managed by the dedicated team at Umami Labs. Umami Labs is a global cohort of more than a dozen Web 3 professionals with expertise in areas including smart contract code, user-interface design, corporate and securities law, financia... read More

November 29, 3:51 pm

Impossible Friends Exclusive — Pine Protocol Pop Quiz (#IF)
Impossible Friends Exclusive — Pine Protocol Pop Quiz - Campaign period: 30/11/2022 & 11/01/2023, 12PM(UTC) Hello Penguins! Ready to take on the good old Pop Quiz, but in a new, revamped manner? After learning about Pine Protocol through our research report and all other Pine Protocol materials, you should now b... read More

November 29, 3:45 pm

ZakumiFi Annoucement (#ZAFI)
📢ZakumiFi Annoucement🥰 ✅🔥We have now burned a total of about 48.58% of the total supply of $ZAFI Check Here: 🔥Dead wallet: 🔥Renounce Lock Ownership on Pinksale: 🚀Join us🥰: Website🌐| Twitter🕊| Channel✉️| Community✉️| Medium👉| Instagram📸| Youtube... read More

November 29, 3:34 pm

A wedding for rent (#ENTR)
Image source: I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them away We can beat them, just for one day David Bowie’s famous “Heroes” was written at different times. A song about impossible love, about the division of the Berlin wall, and the madness of a world, enslaved by p... read More

November 29, 3:23 pm

Don’t forget #KittyKatCoin is live on (#KATS)
Don’t forget #KittyKatCoin is live on 😎 read More

November 29, 3:08 pm

TitanSwap Monthly Report (#TITAN)
TitanSwap Monthly Report October Market Overview After months of extremely low volatility, the Bitcoin price finally rallied back above the key psychological level of $20,000 towards the end of October, breaking the low of 19,215 and touching a high of $20,961. This was the first relief rally since September. An analysis o... read More

November 29, 2:40 pm

A Look at the Laqira Protocol: An NFT and Metaverse Platform (#LQR)
Table of Contents - What is Laqira?, NFT MarketPlace, Laqirace, Laqira Exchange, Laqira Lab, Laqira Token, Conclusion, — A Look at the Laqira Protocol: An NFT and Metaverse Platform. — Laqira Protocol is a blockchain-based platform aiming to create an ecosystem that covers multiple crypto and blockchain serv... read More

November 29, 2:30 pm

Understanding $HARBOR Tokenomics (#CMDX)
$HARBOR will serve as the governance token for managing policies on the protocol. HARBOR’s governance and tokenomics model adheres to ve (3,3) model introduced by Andre Cronje. Holders of $HARBOR tokens can lock their tokens for up to four months in exchange for $veHARBOR, which gives increased voting power to determine k... read More

November 29, 2:27 pm

How to deploy a price feed on Ethereum $ETH (#WIT)
The Witnet network has been providing oracle price feeds to Ethereum for years. — Why the Witnet oracle is easy to use for price feeds on Ethereum - Because Witnet is a layer 1 blockchain running on it’s own single-purpose built network, it’s very simple to integrate both onto new chains, and into your applicati... read More

November 29, 2:07 pm

Aptos Labs and MoonPay join forces for new Petra wallet fiat on-r... (#APT)
Entering the Aptos ecosystem just got easier with credit and mobile payments — directly in Petra wallet! Here’s why it matters: Now users can buy APT with major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Web3 onboarding is easier than ever for transactions across the world., Aptos Labs and MoonPay deliver... read More

November 29, 2:02 pm

Play-and-Earn with Outland Odyssey: Unity Between NFTs and Classi... (#SHILL)
If your first impression of an NFT game or play-and-earn is just collecting stuff, Outland Odyssey is far from it. Outland Odyssey is on another level of action RPGs. The game does integrate NFTs into its elements, but in a way that it is not a chore: as a weapon/armor that players can use in the mobile crypto game. Rememb... read More

November 29, 1:50 pm

Actualización de Equilibrium: lanzamiento en vivo y más en nues... (#GENS)
Se planean desarrollos importantes para Equilibrium y la comunidad. Hemos preparado una hoja de ruta detallada para compartir algunos de nuestros próximos hitos más importantes. A medida que continuamos estableciendo Equilibrium, presentamos a nuestra comunidad nuestra hoja de ruta para mostrar nuestros resultados en los ... read More

November 29, 1:50 pm

Equilibrium Update: Live Launch and More in Our Roadmap (#GENS)
Major developments are planned for Equilibrium and the community. We’ve prepared a detailed roadmap to share some of our biggest upcoming milestones. As we continue establishing Equilibrium, we’re presenting our community with our roadmap to showcase our deliverables in the coming months. Equilibrium’s objective is to... read More

November 29, 1:22 pm

Stader BNB: Stablecoin — The bridge between Crypto & Fiat (#SFTMX)
Stader BNB: Stablecoin — The bridge between Crypto & Fiat - A stablecoin is a bridge between the world of crypto and fiat. But how does it actually work? How trustworthy are these with respect to the promise of zero/negligible volatility? We’ll answer these questions in detail in this article. But first, let... read More

November 29, 1:17 pm

The IBCO is here. What now? (#SEURO)
The IBCO is now live! This guide details the process that can be followed to participate in the IBCO and how to reap the benefits of doing so. If you want to read in more detail about what an IBCO is and how it works, visit one of our previous posts below. How you and the protocol benefit from’s Operation ... read More

November 29, 1:11 pm

AFKDAO is thrilled to announce a partnership with Soul Reborn (#AFK)
March 2, 2022 — AFKDAO is delighted to announce our partnership with Soul Reborn, a new Play-to-earn MMORPG game that combines the concepts of DEFI and NFT originating from the famous online Soul Worker. About Soul Reborn The Soul Reborn game embraces the concept of GameFi and P2E, integrating the income-generating ... read More

November 29, 1:05 pm

Crust Network collaborates with Web3Auth to provide decentralized... (#CSM)
Crust Network collaborates with Web3Auth to provide decentralized storage solutions for all Web2 users and builders - We are pleased to announce that Crust Network partners with Web3Auth, the Web3 Key Infrastructure simplified for everyone, to provide IPFS-based decentralized storage solutions for all Web2 users and builde... read More

November 29, 12:44 pm

EnergyNetiQ envisions water as fuel aiming to scale with Cudos (#CUDOS)
EnergyNetiQ will work with Cudos’s carbon-neutral blockchain to tokenise the infrastructure for enabling widespread access and adoption of renewable energy. Why it matters EnergyNetiQ’s revolutionary technology concept uses water molecule excitation in plasma to generate energy. It can become one of the most significan... read More

November 29, 12:39 pm

Caduceus Weekly Report 37 (#CMP)
Hi Cadets! We’ve had an incredible week at Caduceus and we want to share our news with our community. Take a read for all the latest on-goings in the ecosystem. — Ecosystem & Operations - Caduceus has officially launched the Web3 incubator M4TTER, which will foster the growth of blockchain-related metaverse, DeF... read More

November 29, 12:29 pm

Staked $MV — Surprise NFT Distribution (#MV)
Staked $MV — Surprise NFT Distribution - Dear Knights, We are pleased to confirm our 10th surprise NFT distribution to those who have staked 10k $MV or more! You can see a preview below: — NFT Details. — Contract: GensoKishiOnline.v2 Name: MOMIJI Pants Item Type: Base Equipment Max number: 2,000 Part Ty... read More

November 29, 12:27 pm

H2O Securities Weekly Update-Week47 (#H2ON)
21st Nov 2022–27th Nov 2022 MARKET UPDATE H2ON traded in a range between $ 0,13 and $ 0,17. H2ON showed some recovery after the downturn brought about by the FTX scandal in the previous two weeks. It ended the week on $0.16 ,with a 22% week on week gain. EXPLAINER VIDEO We are delighted to share our newest explainer v... read More

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