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Our Data Sources

Bidya is proud to work with some of top crypto data providers in the crypto business via their powerful cryptocurrency APIs:

Powered by LiveCoinWatch

Powered by CoinGecko

Powered by CoinLore

As our cryptocurrency data comes from multiple crypto data sources, Bidya can provide a more complete picture of the world of crypto, including data on more than 21,000 coins and tokens. Most price and historical data is via LiveCoinWatch. We gather market-pair and coin data from CoinLore, and CoinGecko provides blockchain and coin data. We have worked with some of our data providers to improve their API data and content for users even beyond this website. Individual coin pages on this website include references indicating contributing data sources. Some coins include original descriptions based on Bidya research which are not a part of API sources.

No official partnerships are implied with our data providers. Prices and data found on this website are intended to be accurate and timely, but no guarantee exists as to the correctness or suitability for any particular purpose, including investing or selling. Please see our Terms of Service for full details.

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