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GMT Price:
$98.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #GMT today is $0.65 USD.

The lowest GMT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.648, and the exact current price of one GMT crypto coin is $0.64828.

The all-time high GMT coin price was $4.18.

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The code for STEPN is #GMT.

STEPN is a newer coin by our records, at least 6.7 months in age.


The current market capitalization for STEPN is $388,967,918.

STEPN is ranked #91 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #GMT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for STEPN is $98,411,058.


The circulating supply of GMT is 600,000,000 coins, which is 10% of the total coin supply.


GMT is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #GMT, and you can view them on our GMT disambiguation page.



The STEPN Guide to Social Health

Ever since the COVID pandemic, people across the world have paid more and more attention to their well-being and health. But health isn’t one-dimensional. As we’ve written about before, this includes all sorts of facets — physical, emotional, mental, social. These days, most people are focusing on their physical and mental health. And that’s great! Taking care of your body and making sure that you’re moving regularly is a fantastic thing. And keeping tabs on your mental and emotional state is incredibly important as well. But one thing that most folks overlook is the state of their social health, and that’s something that we here at STEPN thinks is something that we must pay more attention to. Today, we’ll be explaining our philosophy around social health and diving deep into how integral it is to your overall well-being. It’s definitely not something to be overlooked. We’ll also be discussing our latest STEPNEMBER challenge in tandem — let’s dive in! — Rewind - First, let’s set some context. During COVID, people across the world found themselves socially isolated and alone, sitting behind their screens during lockdown. Physical distancing rules kept us away from our loved ones and friends. And with the switch to remote work, our interactions with others became more and more infrequent. In fact, several reports have found that the pandemic led to another, twin epidemic — the rise of loneliness around the world In a national survey of American adults, 36% responded that they experienced loneliness, feeling lonely “frequently” or “almost all the time or all the time” in the four weeks prior to the survey. 61% of young people and 51% of mothers with young children responded this way., Young adults have been hit hardest. Nearly 50% who reported increases in loneliness said that no one in the prior few weeks had “taken more than just a few minutes” to ask how they were doing in a way that made them feel like the person “genuinely cared.”, The elderly have struggled with isolation too. Due to their ailing health, infrequent social contact hit harder amongst older adults. About a quarter of older adults are considered sociallsy isolated, with 43% report feeling lonely., — Beyond COVID - The pandemic isn’t the only thing that’s contributed. A number of other factors are contributing to our rising loneliness. For example, even in more recent years, spiritual communities like churches made up a good part of our community. But today, religious prevalence has plummeted. The number of Americans who say they belong to a church has rapidly declined, from 70% in 1999 to less than half today. Many folks live in isolated nucleated families, and COVID only exacerbated these isolations. Furthermore, social media and the 24/7 online cycle seem to create more connections than ever, but shallow interactions and the rise of the “like, comment, and subscribe” era has superseded deeper relationships and more intimate contact. Researchers have found that though people turn to social media when they’re feeling lonely, they actually feel more isolated and lonelier, due to comparing themselves with others and feeling less happy. All this makes us arguably the most isolated generation in all of history, with younger generations reporting higher and higher rates of loneliness. More than 79% of Gen Z say they feel lonely, and more than 71% of millennials report the same. A staggering statistic — one in five millennials say they have no friends at all. — Social animals - This is a serious problem. Why? Well, humans by nature social animals. We evolved within tribes and villages — vibrant communities where we had plenty of connections and support from friends and family. As a result, we are quite literally hard-wired for social relationships. We have mirror neurons that allow us to match each other’s emotions unconsciously and immediately. We are instinctively empathetic and compassionate, feeling sympathy for other’s pains, especially our loved ones. When we feel too disconnected from others for too long, there are serious health consequences across a variety of spectrums. Neurologically, the impacts are numerous. Scientists at MIT discovered that being alone for 10 hours causes activity in the brain similar to going without food for 10 hours — we become socially hungry. Prolonged loneliness is associated with a laundry list of psychiatric disorders: depression, alcohol abuse, child abuse, sleep problems, personality disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease. Physically, loneliness has been linked to greater risk of cardiovascular disease, inflammation, diabetes, and high blood pressure. In fact, people with stronger social relationships have a 50% increased likelihood of survival over a period of time versus those with weaker social connections. Social isolation is killing us, writes The New York Times, citing studies that socially isolated individuals have a 30% higher risk of dying in the next seven years than those with socially satisfying relationships. Quantifying this, the toll is enormous. The cost of our ‘epidemic of solitude,’ writes Chiara Burlina and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, has damaging economic consequences: “First, more people feeling lonely and/or living alone may reduce the number of interpersonal and face-to-face interactions at the heart of the development of new ideas and innovation (Storper and Venables 2004). Second, many people affected by solitude may shy away from engaging in economic activities. Third, different forms of solitude may undermine trust and prevent the formation of bridging social capital, which has been identified as an important factor for regional economic growth (Muringani et al. 2021).” All together? Economists say that loneliness costs a whopping $2.7 billion a year in Australia alone. Elsewhere, analysts place the estimate at about $960 billion annually for Americans. In the Netherlands, experts said that roughly 31 billion euros have been spent on curative care for loneliness-linked health problems. — Community, community, community - Here at STEPN, we believe that the loneliness epidemic is one of the most pressing problems in the world. When we first launched our app, we were deep in the throes of the pandemic, seeing the pain of isolation and its consequences across the world. With STEPN, we’ve created a nudge for people to get out of their houses, away from their screens, and create real-life connections with people from their neighborhood, make new friends, and work on not just their physical and mental health, but their social health. Countless studies show that people with good social circles are more resilient to stress, recover from sickness better, have stronger immune systems, and are generally happier through and through. Our mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place. It is with this goal in mind that we launched our latest challenge — Best Running Friends Forever, to focus on social health as a part of our #STEPNEMBER series of challenges. It’s been an amazing month for sure though. Seeing all the inspirational posts that our users have posted certainly moved many in the team to shed a tear (in joy, of course). We are bountifully thankful for having our community with us through the thick and thin, and wouldn’t trade you folks for the world. It’s a wrap…until next time! Team STEPN Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Telegram |Instagram | Medium | Website

The STEPN Guide to a good workout routine

Let’s get started - If you’re starting from zero, there are a lot of things to consider. What workout do you want to do? How often do you want to do it? Where do you want to work out? Who do you want to work out with? How intense of a workout will it be? And do you need to buy any equipment or apparel to support your workout? It can be overwhelming to start out, but here at STEPN we’ve gotten really good at breaking down problems to their most important challenge. See, people have run millions of miles on our app, so we think it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about getting into a good workout routine. And to figure out what helps, we’ve talked to our loyal STEPNers and gotten some tips and tricks from them. And you know what we discovered? The most successful people all have one thing in common…. — We’ll let you in on the secret: Consistency - I know. Sounds simple, right? Yes, but simple isn’t easy. Consistency is the most important part of developing a good workout routine. It doesn’t matter how hard you train if you’re only training once in a blue moon. It doesn’t matter if you find a great workout buddy if you don’t commit to working out with them on a consistent basis. And even the kind of workout that you choose isn’t as important as showing up, time in and time out, to do that workout. — Without consistency, you aren’t able to enjoy the fruits of exercise. Your body has a harder time adapting and recovering if your workouts are abrupt and inconsistent. And forming habits is much more challenging. It’s like starting up a car and then stopping it every few blocks — it simply doesn’t make sense.. — Alright, so how do you develop a good and consistent workout routine? Well, remember how we talked to our loyal STEPNers about their tricks? We’ve gathered some of their stories and today we’re sharing them with you, in the hopes that you can gain some inspiration to get into a good fitness routine. What’s that? You say you already have a pretty solid workout routine? That’s fantastic — but everyone gets bored now and then. If you’ve already found your stride, that doesn’t mean you won’t find some useful nuggets in here to freshen up your workout. — Start small - This is a common piece of advice that we’ve heard across the board. Often, people get so excited about adding a new and healthy habit to their lives that they overdo it. They tell themselves they’re going to buy a bunch of new equipment, pick up a brand new hobby, and become their local expert. Or, they dedicate themselves into a complicated, two-hour new workout that they’ve heard rave reviews about. Unfortunately, this often ends up in the same way. There’s an initial spike of excitement, but then that first push of energy dies away, and our fancy new equipment sits in the garage, collecting dust. Or we realise that — while New-Year-resolution me was brimming with optimism, middle-of-the-year me actually doesn’t have the energy to do a difficult HIIT four times a week, every single week. — That’s why it’s incredibly important to keep things simple, especially in the beginning. Why? Well, willpower is a depletable resource. It already takes a considerable amount of energy to incorporate a new habit into your daily routine — your brain doesn’t need to expend a bunch more on a bunch of other new things to keep track of. Taking this into account, it’s best to start small and build bigger.. — We’ve seen this happen countless times in STEPN. Darren, who’s used STEPN for almost a year, said that he used to never work out before he found the app. But after having the financial incentive to nudge him out the door, he thought — alright, I can do a 5-minute walk every day. A few months later, and those 5 minutes have become a 45 minute jog, four times a week! Small changes can lead to massive ones, and when you allow the time to slowly build up instead of diving into the deep end, you can build a much more consistent routine. — Make it fun - This is another important building brick of consistency. We’re simply wired to do things that are enjoyable and appealing to us. Exercise, in and of itself, often doesn’t seem that way. So it can be very useful to build fun and playfulness into the routine. What are some examples? Donna, a STEPNer of over half a year, tells us that she promises herself a little chocolate treat at the end of every STEPN run. Jerry, another loyal STEPNer, told us that he bought himself a brand new pair of sneakers that he was excited to use every time. Colby said that STEPN itself has naturally made his workout so fun and thus consistent, since he can see the streaks that he completes by logging in everyday and using his daily energy. — Find a Community - Setting goals and sharing those with a community can also provide another fun incentive for your brain to work towards. We’ve seen countless STEPNers share their 500km and 1000km milestones on our Discord, and the support from the community makes it even more fun as a group! Still struggling to get started? You can even join weekly workouts with Tyson, Head of the STEPN Ambassador Program to help kickstart that healthy, active lifestyle in a fun, engaging way. And who knows you may even make a friend for life on the journey. — Conclusion - All this being said, don’t forget to take the time to listen to your body and allow time for recovery. It can be possible to be too consistent… running for two hours everyday isn’t what most people need… in fact, doing too much can make your body prone to injury and make your muscles and joints sore. Don’t forget to plan in time between sessions for your body to rest and recover. And most of all, make sure you’re having fun! Team STEPN Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Telegram |Instagram | Medium | Website

STEPN: Propelling the NFT Utility Movement Mainstream

Earlier this year, we released a 3-piece series on NFTs. One of our pieces provided more insight into the technology and took a deep dive into the NFT ecosystem while busting myths and public misconceptions. Another piece pondered the cultural significance and rising prominence of NFTs in the digital art scene. And yet another piece took a closer look at the endless potential NFTs have to offer in terms of utility. Here at STEPN, we’ve always believed wholeheartedly in leveraging that powerful tech — and today we’ll be discussing how we’ve built utility into the very heart of our product and what we’re building towards in the future… — Going beyond PFPs - When we began building STEPN from the ground up, NFTs were at the height of their popularity. Collectibles and PFP (profile picture) NFTs were sweeping the internet and gaining substantial momentum. Projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Azuki were notching million-dollar sales of their NFTs, smashing record after record. CryptoPunks’ artwork were fetching massive amounts of money, over $11.8 million, at prominent, well-respected auctions like Sotheby’s. And OpenSea saw incredible 646x increases in trading volume, surpassing $14 billion throughout 2021. The hype seemed unstoppable, and many projects piled on, eager to cash in. In fact, the NFT market itself became a $40 billion market in 2021, with around 28.6 million wallets engaging in minting, selling, and trading. But among NFT skeptics, a common refrain was the question of utility. In other words, beyond speculative hype and social proof, was the mooning value of these projects really proportional to the value they were delivering? — The limitless potential of NFTs - Let’s take a quick step back and review what NFTs are exactly. When you really get to the core of it, the immense value and potential that this technology holds is staggering. As a unique digital asset that’s backed by the blockchain, a decentralised and permissionless ledger that’s immutable and maintained collectively, NFTs have nearly limitless applications beyond art. — Non-Fungibility. — They are non-fungible and unique — no two NFTs are the same, and the metadata of every NFT is public and unalterable, conferring it a digital certificate of authenticity. This makes it impossible to counterfeit, as the code beneath each NFT is different and irreplaceable— giving substantial real world use-cases especially in the fashion/industry, where counterfeiting is rampant. — Indivisible. — They are also indivisible, meant to be owned wholly, thus retaining its original value. Think about it like buying a ticket to a concert. Each ticket can’t be divided between two people. So if you own an NFT, you’re the only one that has that exact copy — no one else in the world can have it. While solutions exist to break an NFT up, they do not directly tamper with the NFT itself, but instead issue tokens through smart contracts that represent ownership of said NFT. — Ownership and Transparency. — They also democratise ownership and provide transparency, since publicly distributed ledgers are by nature decentralised with public records of token issuance, transfer, and activity that is all publicly variable. Any buyer can trust and verify the authenticity of their asset, thus potentially signalling the next step forward for digital payments. — Scarcity. — What else? They also endow digital assets with scarcity for the first time, redefining digital ownership entirely as we know it. Before non-fungible technology, there was no way for digital creators to imbue their creations with verifiable scarcity — this ability to do so transforms creator markets across the economy. — Versatility. — Like a digital passport, NFTs are also uniquely portable, able to be traded, purchased, or sold across various blockchains. Rather than the walled-garden model of platforms or games, NFTs can serve as the foundation for interoperability on the internet, empowering creators and communities instead of third-parties. Indeed, many believe that we’ve only scratched the surface of the potential of NFTs — and that includes us at STEPN. With the recent turbulence in the crypto economy, many projects have come to understand this. Good art alone is not sufficient for projects to weather rocky markets — utility has become indispensable. Therefore, many projects are beginning to weave in utility to complement their art, adding value for holders and creating a more immersive experiences. These examples include staking, exclusive benefits, redeemability, or even breeding. — Superpowering NFTs with utility - Building our product, we’ve always believed first and foremost that utility should be at the core of everything. And that’s because we always prioritize our community, committed to delivering value day in and day out. We may not be the first attach utility to NFTs, but we sure as heck are going to be an impetus to Web3 adoption! Our NFTs are not just flower vases meant to be displayed as an ornament. In fact, the aesthetics is the last thing on our priority list. We want our NFTs to be a gateway into our ecosystem, and that utility is reflected in how our users engage with and use STEPN — as well as the real-world transformations that have occurred as a result. — NFT Sneakers. — For those already using our app, most of you should be familiar with our NFT sneakers, equipping one grants our users with the ability to earn crypto ($GST) for moving outdoors — walking, jogging, or running. From the very beginning, the NFTs we’ve created aren’t just art to simply admire, they open up an entirely new world of possibility. Incentivised Rewards Structure — We structured our utility in such a way to create a strong motivational force within our app. Through combining tangible (tokens) and intangible (physical health) rewards, our NFTs act as a nudge and digital representation of your real-world commitment to your health. Personal Achievements — There are incentives tied to earning $GST — it is required to level your sneaker up, mint new sneakers, open mystery boxes and so much more. You can say we gamified our utility, which is exactly what we did! By featuring in upgrade systems, users are given a sense of progression in-app, which is compounded by the real life progression they will witness from regular usage. Attached Perks — Apart from daily use, various NFTs also offer unique benefits. For instance, during the launch of our 2nd Realm (BNB), we airdropped an OG sneaker for each Genesis Sneaker held. Subsequently, when we released our 3rd Realm (ETH), Genesis Sneaker holders were also given an airdropped sneaker in the new realm, while OG sneakers were given an airdrop upon performing a successful sneaker enhancement. For those unfamiliar, all initial sneakers were not sold, but instead airdropped to earlier users. These were subsequently named Genesis Sneakers, as a means of rewarding users who stuck with us from the beginning. And that’s just to name a few. We continue to brainstorm and ideate behind the scenes to come up with new ways to inject new forms of utility into our NFTs and app. All these translate across how STEPN has blossomed and grown as a company. NFTs have enabled us to build an ecosystem with incredible retention, with users all around the globe walking and jogging and engaging with the game. We have one of the finest Web3 products on the market, with UI/UX comparable to that of Web2 startups. And we’re steadily disrupting the fitness industry with our model of utility. For many fitness businesses, retention is incredibly difficult. A part of our evolutionary hardwiring, of wanting to conserve energy, it’s human to prefer staying inside and relaxing rather than sweat it out at the gym. And in the age of phones and TikTok and television, instant gratification makes it even harder. By weaving in layers of utility into our NFT sneakers and fostering a vibrant community of walkers, joggers, and runners, we are empowering utility across the entire Web3 ecosystem. — Conclusion - We’re not stopping there. As mentioned, we have big plans to layer in even more value every day: environmental, social, and more. Looking ahead, we have big plans to continue pioneering the utility NFT movement, even providing base utility to NFTs as a service to other ecosystems. We’re excited for the future — join us! Team STEPN Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Telegram |Instagram | Medium | Website

A look inside STEPN’s Carbon Offsetting Strategy

Climate change remains one of the biggest challenges facing our society today. Beyond the bear market, beyond the state of the economy, the health of our earth remains the defining issue of our time. And unlike economic shifts, the effects of climate change could last forever. Here at STEPN, we’re dedicated to offsetting our impact on climate change and leading the way for web3 projects to do their part. Today, we’ll be diving into what we’ve been doing in the carbon offsetting realm, as well as our environmental philosophy. — Not so cool - The story is repeating across the world this summer — and it’s a scorching one. From America to Asia, heat waves are becoming more and more common and breaking record-highs. A historic, extreme heat wave tore across California this September, pushing the state’s power grid to the limit. Scorching temperatures broke records in dozens of cities, notching triple-digit degrees. This comes after an intense heat wave in the US set or tied over 1,403 daily high-temperature records and 2,856 records for warmest overnight lows. Across the Pacific in large parts of India, Pakistan, and South Asia, it’s also been oppressively hot since the beginning of March with very little sign of subsiding. Such high temperatures so early in the year have led to extreme conditions, causing excess deaths, hospitalisations, lost wages, diminished working hours, and up to 35% in crop yield reductions. Meanwhile over in China, a particularly long spell of low rainfall and record-breaking heat — the most severe ever recorded in the world — is wreaking havoc on energy, water supplies, and food production. Extreme in both intensity and length, water levels in areas like the Yangtze have fallen to the lowest since records began, while hundreds of thousands of hectares of crops have been lost or damaged. Blistering temperatures are crippling power supplies as well, with China announcing a national drought alert for the first time in nine years. Worse still, city temperatures are augmented by “heat domes,” from trapped heat along with vehicle and building heat waste adding even more to the already sweltering temperatures. This effect, also known as the urban heat island (UHI) effect, is a major issue — particularly since prolonged, high heat can have serious health effects on the body and the mind. Indeed, the effects of hot weather on humans can be devastating. And often, their toll isn’t particularly obvious. Yes, there are the direct impacts on the particularly vulnerable: elderly, children, and those with chronic illnesses. But excessive heat can lead to decreased motor-cognitive performance and even negative mental health issues for anyone, even those who may think they’re perfectly healthy. And even beyond health, heat waves disrupt all facets of society. Lost productivity, especially in developing countries, is projected to cost society a whopping $4.2 trillion per year by 2030. And even in developed countries, many hospitals aren’t equipped to deal with extreme heat — a study found that mortality is 60% higher in hospitals without air conditioning. — STEPN: Caring about our earth - We founded STEPN to encourage people to walk more and get outside more because we care about the health and well-being of people all around the world. But our health is inextricably tied to the health of our planet. Climate change is a direct cause of the rising occurrence of extreme heat, associated with both higher odds and increased severity of sky-high temperatures across the world. Today, companies have a clear responsibility to take account of the impact of their business on the climate. We all share the world and the future of the earth, and it’s one that we’ll need to pass on to our children. Furthermore, heat is only one of the many manifestations of climate change, but it’s one of the clearest — and it’s something that we can all see and feel around us this summer. By working with Nori on our carbon offsetting program, we’re weaving environmental stewardship into the DNA of our business because we know that we need to take action now. — Closing Thoughts - What exactly are we doing? Well, we’re launching our latest challenge for STEPNEMBER, a challenge to you and all of our community to take 12,000 steps in the name of environmental empowerment. We’re spreading the word that if you move 12,000 steps a day, you can avoid creating nearly 10 lbs of CO2 vehicle emissions! Join us in the effort for a more sustainable future with the 12,000 #STEPNEMBER challenge. 🌳🏃‍♀️ Team STEPN Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Telegram |Instagram | Medium | Website

A STEPN Guide to Physical, Mental and Social Health

This STEPNEMBER our initial focus is Before/After success stories from the STEPN Community. Good health is crucial to living a good life. Chuck Pagano, former NFL head coach and football player, phrased it well when he stated:“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” During the pandemic, the state of our health surged to the front of the world’s collective consciousness. It wasn’t like we didn’t know it was important before — everyone can intuitively understand the importance of your health… but sometimes you need a little nudge to truly grasp what you’re taking for granted. Seeing the world gripped by sickness, a newfound gratitude for health and the ability to be active pushed many to go outdoors and exercise more. Activities like hiking, biking, and other sports saw a surge in interest throughout the height of COVID. In particular, walking and running had a bonafide renaissance. Many countries reported a walking “boom” during the lockdown, especially as gyms closed and other forms of exercise were temporarily paused. Today, many people are continuing to walk and run, but it can be tough to maintain that habit on your own. Pushing people to continue to walk and run outside and together, STEPN knows that the benefits of these things are threefold — for your physical, mental, and social health. In this article, we’ll be examining the positive impacts in all three of these realms. — I. Physical - The most evident benefit of walking outside more is the direct impact on your physical health. A study from researchers at the WHO found that more than a quarter of adults don’t get enough physical activity. This is an urgent issue, as up to 5 million premature deaths every year could be prevented if the world population were more active. Meanwhile, regular exercise can significantly decrease your risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and even type 2 diabetes while improving cardiovascular fitness. And it doesn’t need to be vigorous exercise — simply walking 30 minutes every day can significantly boost cardiac health, boost stamina, and raise your energy levels. Now, upholding your physical health isn’t limited to exercise. Diet and nutrition are inextricably linked to good physical health — and exercising more has been proven to help you make healthier eating choices. A study following an exercise program found that physical fitness can have a profound effect on eating preferences — after working out more, men and women no longer found high-calorie and fatty foods so irresistible. In other words, physical activity actually brought on the double benefit of helping people break out of bad habits and whet their appetite for healthier foods. What else? Quality sleep is also a crucial pillar of physical fitness. Even if you’re exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet, sleep deficiency can take a huge physical toll on your body, from reduced immune system response to increased cortisol from stress — which leads to chronic health problems and increase your odds for heart and blood disease, along with digestive issues and inflammation. Today, insufficient sleep is becoming a pervasive problem in the 21st century, particularly with the prevalence of the 24-hour news cycle and the rise of screens. In the US, 25% of adults report having bad sleep at least 15 out of every 30 days and over 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder. And guess what can help with getting good sleep? You guessed it — regular physical activity. Studies have found that walking is positively associated with improved sleep, with more steps linked to better quality sleep duration, quality, and latency (the time it takes to fall asleep). — II. Mental - Another foundation of well-being, mental health goes hand-in-hand with physical health. And just like physical health, mental health is made up of various components — behavioural, emotional, and cognitive. Again, moderate and regular exercise like walking or running has countless benefits on many behavioural health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Researchers from Harvard University reported that just an hour of walking every day could cut the risk of depressive feelings by 26%. What about the other aspects of mental health? Distinct from behavioural health, emotional health describes one’s ability to cope with positive and negative emotions, to handle the ups and downs of life and foster resilience and overall positivity and contentment. Without good emotional health, our mind can be wracked with a chronic spiral of negative thoughts, impacting our body just as much as any physical ail — weakening immunity, taking a toll on digestive health, and straining our heart health. Time and time again, regular exercise has been found to be a powerful tool in building emotional stamina, improving confidence and self-esteem, and lowering stress levels. A study investigating the direct link between physical and emotional fitness found that just two months of consistent exercise, such as aerobic jogging and mindfulness-based yoga, improved implicit emotional regulation capacities. Finally, there’s cognitive health — your ability to think clearly, learn, and retain memories. These include executive and higher order functions such as goal-setting, planning and judgment, and decision-making. In layman’s terms — staying sharp and alert, having a good memory, mental clarity and thinking. Again, physical health is the foundation here. Studies have drawn links between aerobic exercise and boosted size in the brain area associated with verbal memory and learning. And, the British Journal of Sports Medicine published findings that a 30-minute morning walk helps older adults improve their thinking skills, memory, and clarity. — III. Social - Last but certainly not least, social health is key to forming rewarding and healthy relationships with others. Today, social health is arguably more important than ever, as loneliness has become an epidemic. According to Gallup’s 2022 Global Emotions report, a staggering 330 million adults go for weeks without talking to a single friend or family member. And loneliness has major health risks as well — social isolation and less interactions lead to physiological changes, even leading to increased risk for all-cause mortality. There are many physical, mental, and social benefits of exercise, but you don’t often hear about the social aspects, such as what meeting new people and learning new skills together can do for you. Working out with others can provide motivation and accountability. A study looking at a group of seniors found that those who exercised in a group setting massively improved their self-efficacy (their belief in their ability to execute a behaviour) as well as outcome expectations. Moreover, social exercise can also promote healthy competition, raising the bar for everyone in the group and inspiring each other to keep a diligent workout habit. This is the basis of competitive formats like virtual running races and competitions, and billion dollar companies like Strava. Finally, community is the last social health benefit — doing something as simple as taking a walk with someone can form stronger bonds and relationships, as you share an experience and an endorphin rush from getting active. — Conclusion - As we discussed, COVID brought the state of our health to the forefront of our minds. But it shouldn’t take a pandemic to keep us moving and active. Regular physical activity is essential for our well-being, affecting all facets of our physical, mental, and social lives in surprising ways. Team STEPN Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Telegram |Instagram | Medium | Website

STEPN turns 1, It’s A Movement

Happy STEPNEMBER! We can hardly believe it, but we’re turning one this month. And we’re so excited to announce that in honour of this anniversary, we’re launching a brand new campaign to define this era.“It’s A Movement” encompasses STEPN’s deep commitment to five key pillars that define STEPN for what it is — a revolutionary movement! “It’s a movement” captures the spirit of : Health and Wellness: To be wholeheartedly devoted to our users’ health — physically, mentally, and socially., Social Connectedness: To build digital campfires — connect our users to each other and empower them to move together in the community., Environmental Responsibility: To harness the power of technology and organic movement to achieve carbon neutrality and help the environment., Financial Freedom: To reimagine decentralised platforms enabling a self-sustaining infrastructure for STEPN users, Bridging Web2 and Web3: To educate and onboard the next 100 million users onto web3., — Physical Movement: To Health and Wellness - We’re creating a rallying call, motivating people to find reward in healthy activity. At STEPN, our core mission is to encourage you to get up and move outdoors, whether that’s moving towards a healthier you or moving to feel good. Why do you walk, jog, or run? Do you want to disconnect from your screen? Fantastic. Do you want to reconnect with yourself, or with other people? Great. No matter what your incentive is, we’re here to support you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. And we’re going above and beyond, innovating to reimagine fitness tech from the bottom up. As we’ve written about before, there’s a paradox in the fitness industry. Even as health and wellness companies notch record-breaking revenues and growth, adults across the world remain chronically inactive, contributing to a staggering $117 billion in annual healthcare costs.The problem is that everyone knows that exercise is good for you, and everyone wants to exercise more… but actually implementing and maintaining a consistent workout habit is easier said than done. In the age of screens and instant gratification, it’s harder than ever to overcome the inertia of getting outside. It’s a tough problem, and that’s why we’ve combined four powerful forces to solve the biggest challenge in fitness — how to get people moving consistently and make the world a healthier place. — Social Movement: Stronger Together - Community is the bedrock of STEPN and it goes hand in hand with health and well-being. Our very founding story is built on creating new connections. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, populations across the world were in lockdown and socially isolated. Gyms were closed, travel came to a halt, and many folks struggled to maintain connections with their friends and family. We saw this happen, that loneliness was rampant in communities all across the world, and a core reason why we constructed STEPN was to get people outdoors, walking and connecting with their loved ones and friends.We’re empowering a community of runners, gamers, and innovators. According to Gallup’s 2022 Global Emotions report, a staggering 330 million adults go for weeks without talking to a single friend or family member. And loneliness has major health risks as well — social isolation and less interactions lead to physiological changes, even leading to increased risk for all-cause mortality. We believe that community is the panacea to loneliness. And we’re here to build a digital campfire for web3 exercises across the world. — Financial Movement: Freedom - We’re building new realms and reimagining decentralised platforms, bringing the benefits of financial freedom to more people. Our financial infrastructure and token economy is the engine that keeps STEPN running. With millions of users, we oversee a massive amount of trading volume and throughout this journey, we’ve been constantly gathering feedback and implementing new changes. At the core of our business model, this means constructing an economy that rewards users for movement and valorises healthy habits — helping users uncover financial freedom in movement. But it also involves a whole spread of other projects to reinforce the robustness of our economy. That includes things like rolling out our GMT earning plans or launching Realms to translate intangible value from our partners and collaborations into tangible value for our players. Plus, as we’ve announced, we’ve introduced new revenue streams to create value for our community members — launching our very own decentralised exchange, DOOAR, to channel additional money into STEPN’s ecosystem. And if you’ve stuck around enough you know that at STEPN, we put our 100% into every new endeavour no matter what we’re doing — DOOAR was no different. — Environmental Movement: Caring for the Climate - With every step, we’re committed to creating a more sustainable future, together. We firmly believe that leveraging technology and digital tools can generate real-world benefits, from healthier lifestyles to reversing climate change. Why are we so dedicated to combating climate change? Beyond caring for the future of our world and our children, environmental stewardship is woven into STEPN’s DNA as a part of our mission. We are in the business of making people healthier, and the health of our earth and of the humans that live on that earth are inextricably interconnected. In other words, improvements in one are linked to, and empower, improvements in the other.That’s why we embrace climate responsibility as an integral part of our business model. And in honour of that, we’ve taken bold steps toward carbon neutrality — donating 100K USD every month on Nori, to reverse climate change and pioneer a climate-positive web3 space. Not only are we dedicated to offsetting our impact on climate change, we also want to set an example and lead the way for web3 projects to do their part. Penning thought leadership pieces, we’ve also helped shed light on projects that are aligned with our mission, designing cities that are healthier and more walkable for humans. Ultimately, making the world a healthier place isn’t limited to exercise. We want to make the whole ecosystem of the world healthier — and that includes caring for the health of our planet. — Web3 Movement: Bridging the Gap - Finally, we’re on a quest to onboard the next generation of users onto web3. This has been a fundamental part of our mission since the very beginning. We believe that web3 will revolutionise the internet as we know it, and we want to act as a bridge, bringing on a diverse population of users from web2 to web3. Championing inclusion, we have attracted a unique audience to the web3 world — not just people who are crypto natives, but everyone from moms to dads, gamers to runners, and more. By marrying real-world activity to web3 gameplay, we’ve added a whole new layer of utility to NFTs, broadening appeal and access through vibrant communities and digital rewards. — STEPNEMBER Challenges - To celebrate our first #STEPNversary and the incredible things we have achieved together this year, we are launching weekly challenges for our community with a prize pool of 100,000 GMT distributed between winners. — Challenge 1 — STEPN Before/After. — (2nd to 8th September) From how it started to the finish line, how did STEPN sneakers impact you this year? Share your progress using the STEPN App with a Before and After pic and we’ll share our favourite ones with the community. — Challenge 2 — 12,000 Steps. — (9th to 15th September) Walk 12,000 steps and connect with nature. Did you know if you move 12,000 steps in a day you can avoid creating nearly 10 lbs of C02 in vehicle emissions? Show us how you took on our 12,000 Steps Challenge. — Challenge 3 — Burger Burn. — (16th to 22nd September) How many steps can you run up in one go? You can burn 19 calories per minute by running up the stairs, that’s an average cheeseburger every 13 minutes. Show us how many burgers you burn a day in our STEPN stairs challenge. — Challenge 4 — Best Running Friends Forever. — (23rd to 29th September) People who have running buddies are more likely to commit to a healthy routine. Plus who doesn’t like spending time with their favourite humans? Share your crew’s longest run, walk or jog in the final STEPN challenge. — How to Participate. — 1. Post a Picture or Video on Twitter or Instagram in line with the theme (Please note: Instagram stories are not counted) 2️. Follow the STEPN Twitter and Instagram pages 3️. Include the relevant hashtags in your post #STEPNEMBER, #STEPN and the challenge hashtag (#STEPNbeforeafter #STEPN1200 #STEPNburgerburn or #STEPNBRFF) These challenges will be announced on the dates as per above schedule on our socials — Follow our Twitter and socials for regular updates — Rewards. — The top 20 entries from each challenge will be selected to win 1,000 GMT tokens each. There will be an additional grand prize of 20,000 GMT, whoever wins all of the challenges will share this grand prize together. Thus a total prize pool of 100,000 GMT Top entries will be scored by STEPN Ambassadors based on the following criteria Video Quality Clear, (Well-taken, Well lit) Video Content (Fun, Engaging, Relevant to the theme) and Engagement Rate (Retweets, Shares, Likes) Higher the engagement rate, the higher the chance of winning. Winners from all challenges will be announced on the 30th of September via the STEPN Official Twitter account. — Closing Thoughts - The best part — This is just the beginning. These movements interweave and interact with each other, enhancing each other and empowering each other. Physical health and social health go hand in hand, as well as with the health of our planet. Meanwhile, the financial infrastructure of STEPN powers those three core areas, while acting as the driver of onboarding new and diverse users into the web3 movement. Join us as we usher in a new age of our movement with fellow STEPNers. We can’t wait to STEPN into this next stage of this movement with you all! Team STEPN Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Telegram |Instagram | Medium | Website

Stormproof: Building Through The Bear

In our previous article, “Stormproof: How Projects Weather Bear Markets”, we outlined the key aspects that form a bear-resistant team. As a business building in these times, it would be shocking — and actually, a concerning — sign if everything was simply going well. If things weren’t breaking down… that itself should be cause for suspicion. Indeed, fundamentally strong projects aren’t the ones that are performing fantastically during hard times. They’re the ones that have thought ahead and are able to withstand negative moves in the market. They’ve planned ahead and set money aside for hard times, because they know that hard times do inevitably come, just as good times inevitably come. Thus, when times get rough, they have the reserves and resources to repair what breaks down when they see their weak spots and to hire the top talent — that many other companies can’t afford to keep anymore — to build, build, and build. It’s not an easy task to weather bear markets, but it’s possible to do so if you get the fundamentals right. So what are the fundamentals? — A Quick Recap - Here at STEPN, we have decades of combined experience and expertise in the business world, riding through such ups and downs, and we’ve truly put in the time to understand what the fundamentals of a strong project should look like. Picking out the most important and common themes, there are three core areas that are absolutely essential for a project to prevail. 1: Team 2: Business model 3: Product We discussed the importance of a good team in our last article, noting the foundational qualities that a good team has. Experience, know-how, and the basic ability to run successful projects in similar industries are key. We covered our founders’ expertise in the gaming and crypto worlds - as well as the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates our executive group, not to mention their technical prowess and experience. In addition, we noted that once you’ve gotten to the big leagues, these all become table stakes. Beyond the fundamentals, what sets elite teams apart from good teams are qualities that must be innate to the team’s culture and that you can’t put a number on — integrity, passion, and resilience. Now today, we’re going to be talking about the importance of a sound business model. Hear us out: we know that this can sound basic at first. Of course… any project that expects to get off the ground should have a plan to profit. But beyond making money, we’re also going to dive into one of the most important long-term qualities of a winning business model — and that’s where the really transformative insights come in. — The Building Blocks. — But first, the foundation. Now, how exactly do you define a business model? Joan Magretta from the Harvard Business Review calls it: “the story that explains how an enterprise works.” Here at STEPN, we’ve successfully told a brand new story by pioneering an entirely new market, a move-and-earn model with a revenue strategy that rivals even those of Strava and NRC, the giants of the traditional Fit-tech world. As we discussed in “How We Created a Blue Ocean Market,” we married the power of P2E concepts with fitness incentives to birth something novel. As with any crypto project, there’s always a risk that the economics will be difficult to sustain. But taking those concerns into consideration, we’ve gone above and beyond and added our external revenue sources example a multi-chain, decentralized exchange (DEX) called DOOAR. We built DOOAR to provide a separate, sustainable revenue stream for our project. — Staying Agile. — This leads us to our next point — the most important quality of a winning business model. Beyond the efficacy of a project’s existing model for making money, what’s more, important is whether that model is grounded in agility. As Ramon Casadesus-Masanell and Joan E. Ricart elaborate in “How to Design a Winning Business Model,” innovation is important in a business model, but what’s even more important in the long-term is how that business model can nimbly react to changes in the market. Too often, companies have an “unwavering focus” on creating innovative models and “evaluating their efficacy in isolation” Casadesus-Masanell and Ricart write.“However, the success or failure of a company’s business model depends largely on how it interacts with models of other players in the industry.” Predicting these interactions can prove extremely difficult, as the authors mention. One model may appear superior to another until various market dynamics are introduced. On the flip side, if your model has more levers for adjustment and allows for agility — the ability to adjust to changes in the competitive or general landscape — your business model has a far higher chance of succeeding. Closing Thoughts It’s been a roller coaster of a ride here at STEPN. We’ve celebrated many wins and smashed through records we could never have dreamed of. At the same time, it’s also sobering to see many projects struggle during tough times. We’re grateful for our team and our community for being solid as a rock to weather these storms.

Stormproof: Steering towards Success

As we’ve covered in depth in our previous articles, the bear market is in full swing. In the midst of things, we’re buckling down and working harder than ever — and we’re also more confident than ever that we will emerge from this “storm”, even stronger than before. But, we know that it can be hard to see what’s going on behind the scenes and understand why we’re so confident in our project. That’s why we’ll be diving into the top three most important fundamentals a project must have to weather storms such as these and lay out why STEPN is poised to succeed. — The State of Things - Let’s set some context. On a very high-level, there are many incredibly strong forces at play currently in the macro environment that are contributing to this bear market. One, the war in Europe has been a serious setback to the region’s economy, which is still working on an incomplete recovery from the pandemic, leaving private consumption and investment well below pre-COVID forecasts. Despite fiscal and monetary support to boost the economy, countless sources of uncertainty and rising costs of food and fuel have been creating serious knock-on effects across the world. Two, the US is experiencing record inflation rates, forcing the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates — some of the biggest ones in decades. Three, China’s strict COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns have squeezed supply chains and slowed industrial output to a crawl. A trade titan, China accounts for a staggering 29% of global manufacturing output in 2019. The effects of these COVID restrictions have impacted nearly every industry you can think of, causing supply crunches worldwide. During these times, it can be easy to despair, especially as there seems no end in sight to the issues wreaking havoc on the world’s three biggest economic centres. — Hindsight is Always 20/20 - The end might not be in sight, but for those who take the time to study history, you’ll realize that there are a few patterns that can be picked out in projects that are able to make it through these bear markets. Oftentimes, as an observer looking back at how things turned out, it can seem obvious that these projects succeeded. But zooming in a little closer, there is more than meets the eye. So how do you sort out quality projects? In other words, how do you decide which ones are the most likely to make it through the storm? It can be difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaff, but at the end of the day, there are three core areas that are essential. 1: Team 2: Business model 3: Product In our last article, we discussed the role product plays. Today, we’re going to be talking about the importance of a good team. — STEPN: A Good Team is Worth its Weight in Gold. — When it comes to a good project, there are a few qualities that are indispensable. And, first and foremost a good team is worth its weight in gold. Here at STEPN, we’ve already proven that we have the requisite experience and know-how. Our founders Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong are experienced founders in both the gaming and crypto space. They are backed further by a strong executive team that comes with outstanding credentials in blockchain, FMCG and crypto space. Indeed, we’d like to think that we’ve more than proven our technical prowess in building an exceptional product and community. But, as most founders know, once you’ve gotten off the ground and proven your capability of launching a major project, these technicals start becoming table stakes. So we always build with a Day1 attitude — complete with a hunger to learn and drive to succeed. — The Qualities to Pay Attention to - Thus, beyond the technicals and fundamentals, there are some soft qualities that are arguably more important in the long run. And these are integrity, Mission orientation, and resilience. Integrity is crucial to ensure that there is a culture of honesty and dependability across the company and a united ethos of serving our users. Yawn and Jerry have demonstrated this time and time again by prioritizing the community’s needs first no matter how busy they get or how little sleep they’ve had. Throughout our team, there’s a desire to do right by our STEPNers. The ability to think at 10,000 feet and then come down and execute with completely honesty like no other is gold and it’s innate in every member of our team. Mission, too, is woven into our team. We started STEPN with a mission to build something that can make the world a better and healthier place, to impact millions. Far more motivating than money, the most rewarding thing to us — our user testimonials, of people who have struggled with exercise all their lives but have finally been able to feel better and fitter because of STEPN. That was true when we were a small team of a handful of folks, and that is true now even as we’re expanding to dozens. That leads us to our next point — resilience. While everyone else across web3 (and even web2) are laying off people left and right, we’re actually hiring engineers, marketers and BD folks out there to build our team. It’s a well-known fact that layoffs are unfortunately the “easiest” and “laziest” thing that companies can do when they need to slash costs as quickly as possible to balance their budget sheet. But, as many sharp minds have pointed out, layoffs often belie a lack of accountability and myopia… of too much rampant enthusiasm during good times.In fact, during hard times, you should be investing even more in your people Here at STEPN, we know that our most valuable asset is our people, and that’s why we’re doubling down on our people. — Closing Thoughts - As the world braces to enter a downturn, no one truly knows how long this bear market will last. And indeed, many of the forces that will lift us out or keep us in this cycle are out of our control. So, what can an end user do — what you can do now is note the projects who are building strongly — and that are building with integrity, mission, and resilience. We at STEPN humbly believe that our team is upholding those values no matter what the times; and we have our community to thank, for all the inspiration and feedback!

Stormproof: How Projects Weather Bear Markets

Bear markets come and go, but a solid business can last for many lifetimes — and that means that they are able to weather the ups and downs that naturally occur in the market. Doing this isn’t easy. Countless projects go down during tough times like these, and you need a solid blueprint and strategy to stay afloat. There are three key defences for a strong project : a) Product, b) Business Model and c) Team. Today we want to share how we think about our strategy especially with a magnifying lens on product — how we aim to not just stay afloat but thrive. — TL/DR - A strong team — that a smart, dedicated and talented group of people is worth its weight in gold.“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world,” said American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, “In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” The qualities of a team that are absolutely crucial for long-term success: a culture of integrity, passion, and resilience. Integrity to ensure a united ethos of serving our users, passion that drives our desire to impact the lives of millions, and resilience to stay committed and trust in the process, even when it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Then comes the strength of our business model — taking on traditional fit-tech model to create positive habit loops while being a viable business. We’ve also diversified our revenue model away from just our token economy, building a brand new multi-chain decentralized exchange called DOOAR. Today, we’ll be diving deep covering the strength of our product. Let’s get straight to it. — Product-mania - How do you define a strong product? There are countless metrics and frameworks that people try to apply when determining whether a product will be successful or not. Within our team, we’re experienced builders, with a portfolio of long-lasting products and services that have proven to be compelling. So what works? When it boils down to it, a few important questions are key to answer when constructing a strong product. And we thought long and hard about these questions as we were building STEPN from scratch. — Is it unique? - This is one of the most important qualities that a product must have. In order to stand out from the crowd, you must have a unique selling proposition (USP) to differentiate. A USP, as defined by, is the following:“The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.” At STEPN, we took a question that people have tried to answer before (Working out and going to the gym every day is hard and not super fun. How do you add incentives and gamification to hack human behavior), and we created a unique approach (What if you could get paid to go out and walk or run every day?) — Does it appeal to a large audience? - This second question is another crucial one to be answered when building your product. Who is your audience? And is there enough of a population to support your business and continue buying your product or engaging with your service every day? When we were brainstorming what kind of product to create, we knew that play-to-earn video games was already a very popular market, and we knew that it had caught on especially in Southeast Asia, with Axie Infinity. But we thought to ourselves — what if we think bigger? What kind of activity can we get people to engage with that’s even bigger than the population who games? With that, we landed on walking and running — which is virtually the entire population of able-bodied people in the world. If that’s not a massive TAM, we don’t know what is! — Does it solve a problem? - Another key question is what problem your product is solving. Is it a pressing issue, that will be a problem no matter the state of the market? With STEPN, we are looking to improve the health of millions of people around the world. More importantly, your health and wellness is important to you regardless of whether there’s a recession or not. It’s still important to take care of your body by eating healthily and walking outside. That’s why STEPN as a product is more recession-proof than many other projects. NFTs may come and go, and collectible items are likely to take a hit when inflation is rising and cost-of-living is skyrocketing. Even video gaming is taking a minor hit this year, with analysts at Ampere Analysis projecting the first-ever market decline for the industry since 2015. Meanwhile, the fitness industry is one of the more nuanced industries during a recession — it’s still quite possible to thrive during an economic downturn if you play your cards right. — Are there proven results? - Finally, once your product is out there, a good check of how successful your product is is to see whether you’re actually making a difference in your customers’ lives. We’ve been blessed to have an incredible and engaged community that shares their wins and fitness transformations with us. We’ve been overjoyed to see thousands of positive user testimonials of how they’re improving their wellness and building better habits. Here are just a few examples:“I believe STEPN is better at habit forming for continued exercise…STEPN keeps me jogging everyday whether I like it or not.” “I’m already a certified personal trainer… and everybody is asking me how I’m getting leaner these few weeks … cause I am one month into STEPN 😂 — Closing Thoughts - From our incredible team to our robust business model to our powerful product, we are busy building, building, and building to widen our impact and help change millions of people's lives for the better.

Realms and Collaborations

In an effort to reinforce aspects of our game economy, we already discussed about GST and GMT here. In this part of our series aimed to fully make clear pertinent aspects of STEPN’s app for our users, we dive into our concept — Realms. We hope that after reading this article, our users may understand how Realms is the first step into a new stage of growth for STEPN, and how this may benefit them as both users and investors. We will explain what Realms are, why we have decided to go in this direction, how it works for players, and what makes them attractive for our partners. — What are Realms? - In MMORPGS (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) such as Runescape and World of Warcraft, players may choose a “world” to begin their journey in. Each world is actually a different server — this system ensures that their millions of players are spread out, ensuring good server health. In STEPN, these worlds are known as Realms. We have taken this concept and added twists to make it relevant to our app. Realm is basically a fork of the game — STEPN will exist across different chains. So, while the rules of the game could be similar, each Realm will have its own ecosystem. Players may choose which Realm to start or continue their STEPN journey in. — Value-Adding - Imagine each player’s individual fitness gains. In totality, this proven ability to inculcate solid fitness habits in the masses — this intangible value — has extremely strong potential to be leveraged by our partners for their branding and community growth. With Realms, we translate this intangible value for our partners into tangible value for our players. The brand on the other hand is able to position itself as a tech-savvy, progressive company with a strong focus on healthy living. In return, STEPN is able to onboard new users onto our app, with an easy onboarding mechanism thus feeding into the growth flywheel. An Asics x STEPN Collab Sneaker The success of one Realm will be shared among all Realms. Rest assured that we will not forget our loyal players who have been with us for our journey here. — How do Realms work for players? - — Energy Bridge System. — Each time a new Realm is released, users who are on older Realms will have access to additional energy to kick-start their journey. 1st Month: 1 Energy/Older Realm you hold a sneaker in (Capped at 3 total energy) 2nd Month: 1 Energy/Older Realm you hold a sneaker in (Capped at 2 total energy) 3rd Month: 1 Energy/Older Realm you hold a sneaker in (Capped at 1 total energy) 4th Month: No additional energy — Tokens. — $GMT is bridged across ALL Realms — this means that the price of $GMT will be similar across all Realms. $GST is NOT bridged. Each Realm will have its own version of $GST, and each ecosystem dictates the price. — What benefits will our partners enjoy from having their own Realm? - — Achieve organic growth of their core community values. — With their own Realm, brands and companies can align themselves with values, which their community may rally and grow around. Fitness companies may use our proven habit-inculcating platform to build a loyal community of fitness lovers, with their brand at the core., For partners looking to align themselves with sustainability and give back to the environment, revenue from this collaboration can be dedicated towards environmental sustainability initiatives, just like STEPN’s carbon removal initiatives., Partners will be able to utilise their Realm to interact with their community members, while potentially onboarding even more members, granting them enhanced exposure. — Creative and branding autonomy. — Realms are designed in such a way that opens us up for easy collaboration. Partners who want their own Realm have a large degree of liberty to plan out their own ecosystem. They have the artistic licence to plan out the realm — design the game and NFTs with their company colours and branding themes, naming and designing the utility token, and so much more. — Get a share of the royalty fees. — For every NFT that is sold on the marketplace, a % of the royalty fee (currently 4%) will be split between STEPN and our ecosystem partners. — Are partnerships/collaborations only restricted to Realms? - Most definitely not. STEPN is open to all forms of collaborations that will aid in pushing our agenda of active living and sustainability to the masses.We understand that different brands will have different partnership objectives, and aim to work with all suitable partners to meet a middle ground that is beneficial for all. Our existing partners include Asics, Project Twelve and even FTX, through which we auctioned an NFT with all proceeds going to the FTX foundation, the charity wing of the crypto exchange. Most recently, we announced a partnership with LINE Xenesis Corporation, in an effort to cement our brand in Asia. Through our various partnerships, our grand goal is to eventually scale the both businesses to reach mass adoption for both crypto and non-crypto users alike. — Closing Thoughts - In this modern world, companies are seeking growth solutions that involve more simple brand visibility. With Realms, partners are able to have their own fully immersive Move2Earn ecosystem, designed with their own needs. They can do what no brand has ever done before — offer a unique tailored experience to community members with fitness at its core, growing both brand loyalty and onboarding new customers. We are ready to enter the next stage of explosive growth. Realms is the first step — allowing STEPN to tap into new avenues of collaborations that will benefit us, partners, and players alike.


STEPN (GMT) Holds Gains While Many Top Coins Taste Declines

    The GMT's price has been in a strong upward trend in the past seven days despite other major coins nosediving. It experienced a 13% 7-day growth and a 24-hour gain of 0.53% this morning. Meanwhile, several top coins like FEI USD, Basic Attention Token (BAT), and Ravencoin have seen their prices plummet badly. STEPN (GMT) remains a major move-to-earn crypto project in the market despite fierce competition from the likes of SWEATCOIN. The partnership will see both companies building a STEPN virtual city for community members.  STEPN users can buy STEPN items, organize community events, and engage with others in the metaverse. It'll have a sports theme and have buildings and amenities, including stadiums, shopping malls, and communal space. After the announcement on GigaSpace’s official Twitter handle, the coin price doubled within 24 hours. This was followed by a steady weekly rise from $0.59 on the 21st to $0.73 yesterday. Meanwhile, other top coins were all down between -5% and -10%. Surviving Amidst Competitors And General Bearish Sentiments STEPN (GMT) has enjoyed a good run since its inception in 2021. Over 4.72 million people have downloaded the app, attracting $5 million in financing and one million active daily users. But in recent weeks, the GMT price exhibited a significant negative trend as Stepn activity showed symptoms of slowing. Sweatcoin's rise in popularity coincided with its decline. On September 13th, Sweatcoin released its own cryptocurrency, SWEA... read More

STEPN and GigaSpace Metaverse Form Strategic Partnership

    The two have formed a strategic partnership to build a virtual STEPN city in the GigaSpace metaverse.   The new metaverse GigaSpace has formed a strategic partnership with the move-to-earn fitness app STEPN to build a virtual STEPN City for their community. Sharing the same vision with STEPN – building a bridge connecting Web2 & Web3, GigaSpace is building a virtual world that is not only designed for Web3.0 parties, but also Web2.0 parties that will dive into Web3.0. The STEPN City will be a sports-themed city that includes buildings and facilities such as stadiums, shopping malls, and community space, where fans and supporters can buy STEPN merchandise, initiate community events, and interact with each other in a meaningful way. The virtual City is currently under development and will be available in phases after GigaSpace alpha launch. The objective of this partnership is to provide a virtual space where the fans from around the world can gather easily, not limited by geographical barriers. Below shows a 24 x 24 plot of land owned by STEPN in the GigaSpace Metaverse. STEPN & GigaSpace land About STEPN STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. Users that are equipped with NFT Sneakers accrue points based on the distance they walk, jog or run, which is tracked through GPS, and then receive rewards in tokens for their progress. The rewards are credited to the user’s wallet as Green Satoshi Tokens (GST), which can be used to level up ... read More

STEPN (GMT) Struggles To Hit $1, Is The Price Running Out Of Steam?

    STEPN (GMT) has struggled to show its move in recent months after ranking as the top gainer for several weeks against tether (USDT). The price of STEPN has struggled to rally to $1 despite the market seeing relief bounces across the market, with many altcoins producing double-digit gains, with the price of STEPN (GMT) showing little or no steam left for a major rally. (Data from Binance) STEPN (GMT) Token Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Weekly GMT Price Chart | Source: GMTUSDT On   GMT saw a decline in its price from a region of $4 to around 0.63, with an over 70% drop from its all-time high despite having good fundamentals. The price of GMT bounced off after touching a weekly low of $0.63, and the price rallied to $0.95, showing some great strength, but the price was quickly rejected as this area acts as resistance to the price of GMT. The price of GMT on the weekly chart formed a range between $0.6-$1 as the price continued with little volume, unable to break out of the range channel. For GMT to break out of this range channel, the price needs to be backed with good volume as the resistance at the $1 mark has proven hard for the price of GMT after several rejections at this zone. GMT price needs to break and close above $1 with good volume for a possible rally to $1.5, where the price would face resistance. A break a close for GMT price above $1 would signal a good relief bounce. If the price of GMT fails to hold its support at $0.63, seen as a dema... read More

'Move-and-earn' app STEPN to utilize LINE Blockchain for the Japanese ma...

    LINE, the Japanese corporation specializing in mobile technologies, announced today that LINE Xenesis and Find Satoshi recently concluded an MOU aiming to utilize LINE Blockchain in the localization of STEPN for the Japanese market. STEPN is a 'move-and-earn' blockchain game that lets players earn crypto assets equivalent to the number of steps they've taken. Since its beta release back in December 2021, its popularity as a fitness app has grown among people worried about their lack of exercise. As of July 15th, 2022, the app boasts 4.5 million global registered users, including 3 million MAU. In April 2018, LINE established the LINE Blockchain Lab and has since pursued the development of dApps with blockchain along with research into P2P-network distributed systems and encryption technology. LINE Blockchain (LINE's proprietary blockchain) was created and used to issue native crypto asset LINK. The entire group is now developing and operating various blockchain-related businesses, including the crypto asset trading services LINE BITMAX (in Japan) and BITFRONT (globally) as well as a comprehensive NFT marketplace called LINE NFT. 'We're very pleased to be able to cooperate with STEPN, which is very popular in Japan as well as a representative example of web3 in the world. As LINE's proprietary blockchain, LINE Blockchain serves as the technological foundation for LINE's various services. With this collaboration across international borders, we hope to create new synergy and co... read More

Stepn GST Token Slides 97% – Despite Fitness App Having 3M Users

    Stepn (GST) is competing in the fitness industry using cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Stepn is a smartphone software built on Solana and produced by app developer FindSatoshi Lab that allows users to earn money by jogging, running, or walking. Under the influence of this bearish market, however, the price of GST (Green Satoshi Tokens) has fallen below the $1 critical support level. The coin is currently trading at $0.18, representing a 97 percent decline from its all-time high of a little over $9 on April 28. To prevent the ecosystem from imploding, the coin must once again attract purchasers like it did during that month. Suggested Reading | Bitcoin Steady Above $20K After Drop To $17K – A Slow Climb To Green? Can 3 Million Stepn Users Help Boost GST Price? The NFT-based exercise app has amassed 3 million active users each month. Given the high number of customers, market experts wonder if this will cause the GST price to rise slightly. Similar to Fitbit, Stepn is a GPS-based game in which the app counts your activities and steps. To begin running, you must acquire a virtual pair of sneakers. These newly-minted NFTs can be resold on the market for a possible profit to purchase a better pair. By the way, the Stepn app doesn't work with a treadmill or any other electric-powered gym equipment: you must use your legs, and run outside of the house. Two months ago, Web3 employees would boast on Crypto Twitter about making up to $30 just by running. At the time, one pai... read More

Chinese Crypto Regulations Force NFT Gaming App Stepn to Block Mainland ...

    China's anti-crypto regulations have reportedly forced the non-fungible token (NFT) game, Stepn, to exclude users from the mainland starting on July 15. Shortly after the announcement, Stepn's in-game cryptocurrency is reported to have briefly dropped by 38%. Stepn Adheres to Local Regulations China mainland users of the NFT gaming app Stepn will not be able to access the app starting on July 15, the developers have said. The blockade on users from this region is set to become effective when Stepn stops providing GPS and IP location services. Despite revealing the plans to stop serving users from the mainland, the dev team insisted in a tweet that they had not engaged in any business with players from the region. The team tweeted: We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. STEPN has not engaged in any business in mainland China since its establishment and has not provided download channels. STEPN has always attached great importance to compliance obligations and always strictly abides by the relevant requirements of local regulatory agencies. In addition to the May 26 announcement, the Stepn team said they will still inform users of any new details relating to the blockade via social media, email, and in-app alerts. The In-Game Cryptocurrency's Plunge Meanwhile, a report in the South China Morning Post said Stepn's in-game cryptocurrency had plunged by 38% following the announcement. The report also said that shortly after the announcement was m... read More

STEPN Set to Ban Mainland China Users in Compliance with Regulators

    Well-known move-to-earn game STEPN announced on Thursday that it will stop offering IP and GPS-related services to users from mainland China, as required by the authorities. The new ban will come into effect on July 15th. Deadline Set on July 15th The Solana-based social-fi application is a mobile platform that rewards users through walking, jogging, or running. Tracking users' geographic position is an essential feature that enables the platform to figure out their level of participation. Thus, to take part in the game, players need to carry their phones while exercising and let their GPS be known by the platform. In compliance with regulatory requirements - STEPN said via a thread of tweets on Thursday - users whose IP and GPS addresses come from mainland China will not be able to use its service since July 15th. The Web3 firm encouraged Chinese users to start managing the in-app assets accordingly. To earn rewards through the game, users need first to purchase virtual sneakers in the form of NFTs. The prices are denominated to SOL and BNB, so users are required to connect the app to their crypto wallets. The thread did not specify what would happen to their in-app assets after the deadline. The team clarified that it had never launched any business or provided any means for people to download the app within the jurisdiction. Jerry H, the founder of STEPN, noted that Chinese users only account for 5% of the game's total user base, suggesting that the ban would not significa... read More

Biggest Movers: STEPN GMT Remains Close to Record Highs, as GRT and CAKE...

    Following a short-lived move above $4.50 on Wednesday, GMT was once again higher, and traded up by over 20% in today's session. GRT was another big gainer in Thursday's session, as it moved to a multi-week high, whilst CAKE rebounded after recent losses. The Graph (GRT) Newly formed GMT was undoubtedly today's top gainer, climbing by over 20%, however due to its infancy in the markets, there is not enough history to support a true technical view of its price movement. However, another token with similar initials also conjured up double-digit gains on Thursday, and that is in fact GRT. GRT/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.4084 during today's session, which saw its price up by over 11% earlier in the day. This peak follows on from a low of $0.3472 on Wednesday, which was close to its long-term support level of $0.3410. Bulls have since carried prices from support to a now resistance level of $0.4040, which has now held, as earlier gains have eased. GRT is now trading at $0.3779, whilst the 14-day RSI is also hovering below its own ceiling of 50.13, which could be the main obstacle preventing price from climbing back above $0.4000. Pancakeswap (CAKE) CAKE rebounded from a recent multi-week low on Thursday, as bulls seemed to have re-entered, following Tuesday's engulfing bear candle. As of writing, CAKE/USD hit a peak of $8.37 earlier in the day, as prices moved away from a recent support level. This floor was at $7.40, and comes after a marginal breakout, which took price ... read More

Here's Why Move-to-Earn Token STEPN (GMT) Spiked 31,000% In 30 Day...

    The crypto market has proven time and again that anyone who invests at the right time could become a millionaire with relatively small capital. Aside from Bitcoin, which has gained over 5 billion percent in value since it started trading in July 2010, many other cryptocurrencies have turned average traders into millionaires within a few months. One factor that reflects the upward momentum of digital assets is increased “hype” around a trend, and there are a lot of them in the crypto space. Over the years, the industry has moved from one trend to another, including ICOs, decentralized finance (DeFi), memecoins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and play-to-earn (P2E). Interestingly, every new concept usually gives rise to a new set of crypto millionaires, with the more recent ones coming from move-to-earn tokens like STEPN’s Green Metaverse Token (GMT) STEPN (GMT) has gained a massive 31,000% in profits since its token sale was conducted on Binance Launchpad on March 2. This means that anyone who received at least $1,000 worth of GMT tokens during the public sale and did not sell their bag would have made $300,000 as of April 1, when GMT traded at an all-time high price of $3.11. What is the STEPN (GMT)? STEPN is a move-to-earn cryptocurrency social-fi application built on the Solana network. The platform describes itself as a “web3 lifestyle app” that rewards users for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through walking, jogging, or running. Move-to-earn ... read More

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