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BOMB Token  


BOMB Price:
$11.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$174.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BOMB today is $0.10 USD.

The lowest BOMB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.104, and the exact current price of one BOMB crypto coin is $0.10441.

The all-time high BOMB coin price was $4.96.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BOMB with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Token crypto currency is #BOMB. Token is a newer coin by our records, at least 8.9 months in age.


The current market capitalization for Token is $174,357. Token is ranking downwards to #1732 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #BOMB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Token is $11,136.


The circulating supply of BOMB is 1,669,856 coins, which is 99% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Token coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


BOMB has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #BOMB, and you can view them on our BOMB disambiguation page.



The Alpha News We’ve Been Waiting For: Private Investment, PegHub+ Advanced, and Meet Us In Toronto

The Alpha News We’ve Been Waiting For: Private Investment, PegHub+ Advanced, and Meet Us In Toronto The ALPHA news you’ve all been waiting for! Thanks to the launch of our comprehensive strategy outlining how we’ll become the largest and safest crypto staking platform in the world by 2025, we have attracted and are in talks with multiple private investors which will accelerate the development of our long-term vision. You can read about this in much more detail in our full BOMBshell Monday update. This is also a final reminder to get involved in our SnowPegs Genesis farms to earn massive yields on crypto you may have lying around. It’s literally free crypto just for staking in the genesis farms, but you need a Bomb Evolution NFT in order to participate. We’re also going to be merging all of our siegniorage protocols into PegHub+ Advanced to simplify the user experience and join communities for all advanced DeFi users of our protocols. Check out the full BOMBshell Monday here for an indepth dive into all these topics and more!

SnowPegs & NFT’s Launching Tomorrow and Marketing Will Be Everywhere!

The SnowPegs website is officially launching on the Avalanche blockchain tomorrow with the Genesis Farms launching exactly one week later. Bomb Evolution NFT’s will be required to participate in the Genesis Farms in order to get massive yields on AVAX, LINK, and SOL. This means we’re ready for our full-blown marketing campaign. Two campaigns will begin tomorrow and run for 4 weeks straight targeting various demographics with different ads and driving to different areas of the PegHub Ecosystem. There’s going to be a lot of eyes on our protocols and our socials. We look forward to welcoming everyone into our community and hope that you will do the same! Want to win 1 PHUB or 1 Bomb Evolution NFT? We want to hear from our community with a short survey that should take less than 5 minutes. Enter here. Read the full BOMBshell Monday here to get all the details.

BOMBshell Monday — It’s Avalanche Time, PegHub Improvements, Governance Vote for Liquidity, NFT’s!

BOMBshell Monday — It’s Avalanche Time, PegHub Improvements, Governance Vote for Liquidity, NFT’s! - BOMBshell Monday — It’s Avalanche Time, PegHub Improvements, Governance Vote for Liquidity, NFT’s! We’re excited to announce our launch and marketing plan for PegHub’s expansion onto the Avalanche Blockchain. The website will be live on August 23rd with the Genesis farms launching a week later. We have a massive marketing plan targeting existing AVAX hodlers and top Avalanche sites. We’ve also got some huge updates happening to both the PegHub app page and the vault pages themselves including reducing the number of clicks required to get into our farms and how-to videos, all with the aim of making it as easy as possible for crypto newbies to get into PegHub autovaults. It’s also time for our next PegHub governance vote. As always, we’re asking PHUB token holders to help shape the future of the token — this time it’s to help build PHUB/BTCB liquidity. Have your say now! For the full update, check out our BOMBshell Monday blog post where we also tease our upcoming NFT collection. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date on all things PegHub!

Expanding to Avalanche, PegHub Roadmap and App Improvements

Expanding to Avalanche, PegHub Roadmap and App Improvements After a very close vote (41.6% Avalanche, 30.1% Polygon, and 28.3% Fantom) PHUB token holders have spoken — we are expanding to the Avalanche Blockchain! The PegHub Roadmap is also now live at Check it out and let us know what you think. We truly believe this is one of the most comprehensive, yet achievable roadmaps in all of DeFi with a solid strategy to back it up. We also have a number of significant improvements coming to the PegHub App. In fact, some major ones such as the new zapper have already been implemented. For the full update, check out our Bombshell Monday blog post. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date on all things PegHub!

Aug 1 BOMB Shell: Wen Roadmap? Wen Cross-Chain? Wen Marketing? Wen Moon?

Wen Roadmap? Wen Cross-Chain? Wen Marketing? Wen Moon? Today’s BOMB Shell is going to answer the questions everyone wants answered. The good news is all the answers are bullish! WEN ROADMAP? As you know, our team has been growing and I couldn’t be happier with the hires. We meet daily to ensure our goals are met — always with a customer-first mentality. The structure and organization that was previously lacking is now our strength thanks to the immediate impact our new COO, Rob (soon-to-be fully doxxed), has brought to the team. One of the things I’m most excited about is the roadmap Rob is leading for us. We have spent three full days developing and fine-tuning our long-term plan, and I can’t wait to share the results with you in the coming weeks. I can honestly say this will be one of the most comprehensive roadmaps in all of DeFi which, if executed correctly, is going to be extremely successful for all of our protocols and investors. The best part is, I can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t deliver on every single part of the roadmap. Stay tuned! WEN CROSS-CHAIN? I’ve been talking about taking PegHub cross-chain for a while and I’m excited to announce that it’s right around the corner! We will be launching a PHUB governance vote in 24 hours where PHUB token hodlers get to vote on where we go first. Buy your PHUB tokens now to ensure you voice is heard! We’ll be voting on which chain to expand our seigniorage algocoin ecosystem to next. Choices will include Avalanche, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon. PegHub is going to be the largest staking platform in the world within two years, and getting onto these chains is our next step towards that goal. This is an important step to reaching new investors and help generate additional revenue for the protocol. PHUB benefits from revenue sharing from all our protocols across all chains — that includes new ones too! WEN MARKETING? This is something I keep seeing asked and I’ve got a great answer for you. Now! Another aspect of our team that has ramped up is our marketing department, budget, and tactics. Let’s get into what you can expect to see in the month of August and beyond. This coming week, The PegHub Ecosystem is going to be featured on one of the largest AMA’s on Telegram, Gollum’s Gems, with viewers regularly in the thousands. Come check it out Wednesday, August 3 at 4pm UTC. Bring your questions, comments, and support for the project! We also have a great opportunity with Rude’s Crypto Lounge where the team will be showcasing PegHub on Tuesday, August 2 at 8pm UTC. If you haven’t had a chance to see one of our recent AMA’s, you need to stop by. When compared to what investors are used to seeing at AMA’s, having our full team present and speaking to one of the best-looking, easy-to-use, and high-yielding protocols in DeFi makes PegHub stand out! We have also been live for just over a week with our banner ads. If you’re browsing anything in the crypto space, you’ve likely come across some of our ads — which have now been viewed more than 2 million times. We’re still testing to see which ads work the best and what our conversion rates are. We’re also working on a few more tweaks to the website, some of which have already been implemented, to ensure anyone coming to PegHub can join our farms as easily as possible. Once we have the data we need along with the perfect user experience, we’re going to ramp up ads even more! We’re anticipating 10 million daily impressions by mid-August. Get into the vaults before they do! Speaking of making joining our farms as easy as possible, we are excited to expand our marketing efforts to beyond the typical crypto crowd and move on to more traditional finance investors. We have plans for penetrating this market including traditional press releases, sponsored articles, and ads targeting these new demographics with messaging catered to those who don’t know much about crypto yet. We’re also in talks with some major blockchain/DeFi conferences and live events across the world for both sponsor and speaker roles. Do you have a favourite event you’d want to see PegHub at? Let us know and we’ll look into it. Maybe we’ll see you there! WEN MOON? After everything you’ve read today, I can’t imagine anyone not being bullish about the future of The PegHub Ecosystem! Not only is this bullish for the PHUB token, it’s important to understand that the success of PegHub has a direct benefit to the bitBOMB and CZPegs farms. Our simple approach to DeFi offers investors the easiest way to earn high yields on blue chip cryptos. Anyone farming now can continue to earn high yields. As our marketing push comes to fruition, driving more people into the farms, our peg tokens will grow which inherently also grows the share token. For those familiar with the revenue sharing built into the PHUB token, along with the ultra-limited 10,000 token supply, the only possible answer to WEN MOON is SOON! Sometime in the next week I’ll be personally writing a blog post detailing the PHUB tokenomics and comparing its current value VS numerous other similar type tokens. It will definitely be worth reading! As a teaser, I’ve ran the numbers and factoring in our PHUB total supply and the value of our buybacks, comparable tokens are trading in the $4,000-$5,000 range. This “fair value” will rise significantly as we ramp up revenue for the buybacks. NFA, but I don’t see PHUB less than $10,000 in the near future. WEN MIGRATION? While not as exciting as the other WEN’s, I know some of you have been waiting for phase 2 migration. It’s here! You can use this form to submit your migration requests to have your BOMB and BBOND’s converted into bitBOMB as long as it was purchased before July 13th, 2022. You can continue to claim your BOMB node rewards every month, then send them over and submit a new form for every transfer once per month. They will be swapped at a 1:1 ratio as long as the nodes were purchased before July 13th, 2022. LP positions (CZbomb-BOMB-LP and BOMB-BTCB-LP) can be split up into BOMB and CZbomb/BTCB using the PegHub Swap App here, then the BOMB portion can be swapped 1:1 as long as it was purchased before July 13th, 2022. If you have more than one type of coin requiring migration (BOMB, BBONDS, or Node rewards) then please submit a separate form for each. PEGHUB ON! Aaron

July 25 BOMB Shell: PegHub Official Launch, Benefits for bitBOMB & CZpegs, New Hires, BOMB…

July 25 BOMB Shell: PegHub Official Launch, Benefits for bitBOMB & CZpegs, New Hires, BOMB MigrationsJuly 25 BOMB Shell: PegHub Official Launch, Benefits for bitBOMB & CZpegs, New Hires, BOMB Migrations BOMBERS & PEGGERS: One of the most bullish updates yet, let’s dive right in!PegHub Launch Tomorrow! How will this help bitBOMB and CZPegs? As many of you know, one of the most exciting things to happen to any of our protocols is going live tomorrow — the PegHub Redesign! The reason I say “to any of our protocols” is because this is going to help bitBOMB, CZPegs, and the PHUB Token itself. For those that missed the AMA I went through the entire PegHub Ecosystem, you can watch an in-depth explanation here. To summarize, PegHub will become the best place in DeFi to stake blue-chip cryptos like Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Cardano, and more. With PegHub, users will be able to join our bitBOMB and CZPegs farms, without any prior knowledge of DeFi, LP’s or algocoins — previously a huge barrier to entry for new investors. This improved user experience means a more consistent farming experience across all protocols, and that investors focused on increasing their blue-chip crypto positions can easily do so in PegHub’s auto-compounding vaults. Not only does this mean you can sit back and watch your stack grow, but it also helps keep the protocols healthy and driving towards peg given the auto-compounders do not sell the peg tokens. The new, easy-to-use PegHub also provides the perfect opportunity to target more traditional investors who may have previously lacked the experience or confidence to invest in DeFi. With a fiat on-ramp, multiple wallet options (for those who don’t know how to use MetaMask), and a simplified UI, PegHub will become, as the slogan says, The Simplest Way to Earn High Yields on Blue Chip Crypto! As a result, I strongly anticipate bitBOMB and CZPegs investors will benefit the most.New Hires — A Crypto Powerhouse! As I’ve mentioned in previous Bomb Shells, I’ve been busy putting together a dream team to take PegHub, bitBOMB, CZPegs, and all future protocols to the next level. I’ve put together an incredible core team, each with real-world experience and strengths in different areas all complementing each other perfectly. We have officially been together as a full team for just over a week and already have made massive strides towards the longevity and success of the project. We’ll cover some of our long-term plans and roadmap in a future Bomb Shell. Without further ado, I present the PegHub Ecosystem Core Team: Chief Operating Officer Rob joins us as our Chief Operating Officer, taking on responsibility for overseeing the planning & execution of our strategy, along with our business management, HR and risk management practices. Rob’s worked in Financial Services for the last 15 years and is currently a Senior Manager with one of the UK’s largest banks. He has broad experience in programme management, HR, regulatory compliance, systems implementation and operational management. He’s been an investor in Bomb since the early days and is excited to leverage his experience to drive our ecosystem’s long-term success. Rob will join us full-time from late September, but is already playing an active role in shaping our strategy. He’ll be fully doxxed in the coming weeks. Chief Commercial Officer Sanchez recently secured the role of Chief Commercial Officer, with responsibility for the protocol’s commercial performance, including revenue generation, TVL and oversight of marketing. He joins us with over 15 years of experience in business operations including oversight of 10+ million in annual sales and leading a team of 25+ individuals. Sanchez has been investing in crypto for over 7 years and is motivated by how algorithmic stablecoins can revolutionize the Defi world and how the yields can be life changing for investors. Sanchez is dedicated to bringing these opportunities to the masses. Director of Protocol Development Diamond has joined the team a month ago and will be leading protocol development. Having over 10 years in sales and customer service, he knows how to listen to and interpret the needs of the community and protocols. He has a background and experience as a scientist, where accuracy and critical thinking must be done under pressure, which has made him adaptable and comfortable working in fast-paced environments. Finally as an agile and adaptable developer/scrum master, he is able to help support the the team and its internal organization to ensure longterm growth and success. Director of Marketing and Communications Markuu has agreed to lead our marketing and communications efforts and I couldn’t be happier with the choice. He has over 10 years of digital marketing experience with a Fortune 500 company and has already taken our marketing efforts to the next level with a huge marketing push planned for the PegHub Redesign. Expect to see ad campaigns all over social, websites, and even traditional media.BOMB To bitBOMB Migration — Phase 2 I know many of you have been asking what you can do with your Bomb tokens if you missed phase 1 migration. I can assure you that we have a plan that will satisfy everyone and not leave anyone behind. As part of the next migration, users will be asked to submit a form which will be processed by the bitBOMB team. Migration will remain active indefinitely at a 1:1 ratio for qualified users. This includes all node holders that bought BEFORE the migration as well as those that may have missed the first migration. As previously mentioned, we will not allow new purchases of Bomb to be migrated over due to the potential of people abusing the migration system. However, if you purchased Bomb before the phase 1 migration and happened to miss it, you will get a 1:1 swap for bitBTC. I am working on the phase 2 migration process and can assure you it will be available very soon, so OG Bombers can continue farming on the new bitBOMB site and take advantage of the incoming TVL about to flow in from the PegHub redesign. Can you tell I’m excited about what’s to come? LFG! PEG ON! Aaron

July 18 BOMB Shell: Game Changing PegHub Ecosystem Improvements & More!

BOMB Shell: Game Changing PegHub Ecosystem Improvements & More! bitBOMBERS and Peggers: Welcome to one of the most bullish updates to date! I tried to keep it as concise as possible but with this much alpha it was almost impossible.bitBOMB Launch — Build Your Bags Before the Bull Run As those of us that have been in crypto for a while know, there’s nothing more exciting than a bull run! When things are going well in crypto, the communities are euphoric and everyone’s making money hand over fist. The entire crypto market has been in a bearish trend for over half a year now causing many projects get run into the ground. However, we are still going strong and continuing to build so that all of us can enjoy the eminent bull run — in fact, today’s BTC high price was the highest in over a month. We all know crypto is here to stay, and I strongly believe we are nearing the next bull run. That brings us to the bitBOMB launch. We couldn’t be happier with the success of the launch and have so much planned for not only bitBOMB, but the entire PegHub Ecosystem as you’ll see below. This is the perfect time to stock up on all the blue-chip coins that are going to see significant price increase in the next bull run. That’s why with the PegHub Ecosystem, you can farm the most solid and trusted long-term growth coins in all of crypto: BTC, ADA, DOT, ATOM, BNB, ETH or even a stable coin like BUSD — all with yields you just can’t get anywhere else! It’s a no brainer for anyone looking to be successful in crypto investing.bitBOMB Bootstrap Phase As many of you already know, for the first 21 epochs of all four boardrooms, we mint new tokens regardless of what peg is at. This is to increase the supply and distribution of tokens immediately after launch. We are now about halfway through this bootstrap phase — be sure to pick up bitSHARE to take advantage of those nice boardroom prints!! Remember, the purpose of the bootstrap phase is to increase the circulation of tokens, and to give us the tokens we need to build up liquidity. We made the strategic decision to increase the tax/burn on token sales a little over a day ago. This was a difficult decision to make, but as with all decisions we make, we felt it would be in the best interest of protocol participants. It’s in the best interest of the entire community to work together to make each project we participate in successful. In order to do that, one of the easiest and most important things we can all do is to not sell peg tokens from the boardroom while the token is under peg. By selling these tokens while under peg, it makes natural boardroom prints after the bootstrap phase further and further away. As a result, under peg tokens end up hurting the value of bitSHARE. What this means is that the people who are staking bitSHARES and selling their rewards under peg are actually devaluing their own bitSHARE bags. What Should I Do With Boardroom Rewards? Pair them up with fresh assets to farm! We can do some basic math to show how advantageous it is to pair your boardroom prints with fresh assets to farm. Let’s make a few assumptions first: 1- You have peg tokens from boardroom prints 2- The peg of the token is under 1.0 3- You have access to some funds that you could use to pair If I have peg tokens and we aren’t at 1.0 peg, I cannot earn with them sitting in my wallet. Protocol launch was only a few days ago, the farms are paying extremely well. For every $1,000 I bring to pair up with my peg tokens, I get a $2,000 farm (assuming I have enough peg tokens). When you consider a farm is paying between 1% and 4% daily, and you can create a farm twice the size of whatever asset I am bringing to pair up, it makes it a very easy decision to move funds from elsewhere to pair. Effectively you would be getting 2–8% daily on those external funds, considering that the peg tokens are not farmable without pairing them. So not only does the external asset double in size, but the entire thing is now farmable. Unless you are farming blue chip cryptos elsewhere for 2–8% daily, this is a no-brainer! Not only is this a great farming opportunity, it is the best (and the intended) use of peg tokens minted from the boardrooms during bootstrap! Selling peg tokens while below peg is forfeiting your tokens for less than their true value, and incurring a large tax penalty at the same time. Be smart with your assets — don’t sell them unless you are getting full value or more when they’re over peg! I was in the exact situation described above and it was a simple decision to move funds from other projects/cryptos onto BSC and pair up with my boardroom prints. It was the easiest and smartest decision I’ve ever made!PegHub I’ve got a lot to say about PegHub and it’s never been more bullish. Let’s start with the token itself. PHUB Token The PegHub token (PHUB) has been trending up, largely due to buybacks! We have yet to do any kind of marketing push for PHUB, and already we are around 4x presale prices. But this is just the beginning for this amazingly designed token! Of the 10,000 total PHUB tokens, 3,200 are still locked up in the vesting contracts for another ~11 months. There has been over 125 PHUB tokens bought back with our protocol revenue automation! That is almost 2% of the circulating supply, and we just launched the automation within the last couple of weeks! At the current PHUB price of $442, this equates to over $55,250 of buy backs so far! If you are not yet holding PHUB, I suggest you consider taking a position before we begin marketing campaigns focused on PegHub soon. There is no question in my mind that this token will moon, even if it is strictly from buybacks alone! Read on to hear about our plans for PegHub and I think you will realize that however much PHUB you have, it’s not enough! Buy yours now. PegHub Ecosystem — The Vision We have some HUGE changes coming to PegHub as an ecosystem, and especially as a portal to our DeFi investment opportunities. PegHub is a very strong brand. Within The PegHub Ecosystem, we have investment opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere in DeFi, largely from our peg token pairs on our current and future seigniorage protocols: - Liquidity farming on many of the most highly regarded blue chip cryptos. - 100% asset exposure to the specific crypto you choose to farm (as opposed to 50% in a typical pair). - Very minimal impermanent loss issues due to how peg tokens track their peg asset. - Returns exponentially higher than other staking options for these blue chip cryptos. The Game Changer of a Plan I have talked about the PegHub website in the past and have always said it would be a portal to our other protocols. While I think this is better than the current state of the PegHub website, we can and will do A LOT better! Ultimately, we need to get our amazing passive income opportunities in front of more potential investors. And we need to package the offering in a simple-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. A typical BTC, DOT, BNB, etc. investor should not care what our peg is at or even how the entire protocol operates. The current protocol websites are great for full-fledged seigniorage veterans, but are much too complex, with too much information for your average investors who are used to clicking at most one or two buttons and their staking is complete. This complexity has caused previous ad spends to not get the desired conversion results. Those familiar with tomb forks already know about us since we were the very first — so we need to refocus our targeting demographics and ease of use for the landing page where the ads are driving. The Solution — The New dAPP and Other PegHub Ecosystem Pieces Coming Together We are bringing the key aspects of all our seigniorage protocols together directly on the PegHub website! We have already rebranded a few of our shared web resources to PegHub and they are already available: Auto compounding vaults: Swap site: Landing page: A basic page similar to your average crypto dApp landing page. It will be simple, have a few stats, and mention our APRs and cryptos available to farm. For examples, think’s landing page. PegHub dApp: This is the big new feature! We are in the final design stages of a new UI for PegHub which will be simple to use and allow users direct access to buy & stake PHUB or enter any of our peg token farms — all without ever leaving the PegHub website! More on this in the next section. Blog: Launching soon at This is where we will post announcements, articles from myself and other team members, and more! PegHub dApp Overview We are solving numerous problems with the new dApp under development for PegHub. As a result we will also be getting some very handy additional benefits. We want anyone to be able to feel confident investing in our farms. PegHub is designed around ease of use, great stats, and being very marketable. This means we need to be able to send random visitors to the website and have them immediately: 1) Know what we are about, what we do, and what we can do for them. 2) See stats to show how much can be earned using our farms. 3) Able to confidently jump into the farms without any previous DeFi experience. No prior knowledge of algocoins, tomb forks, pegs, or anything required to start farming! Having a dApp like this will allow us to run heavy marketing campaigns similar to ones we have already done, but see better results and conversion rates. The current protocols’ web interfaces are trying to do too much and have an expectation of DeFi knowledge from their visitors. They are not direct enough about how to earn great yields and are too confusing to new users. Stay tuned, this will be available before you know it (think next Bomb SHELL)!What Can You Do To Help? There are always things you can do to help other investors succeed just as much as you, while helping the entire PegHub Ecosystem. If you’re not already following us on Twitter, that’s your first step. Retweeting or engaging with our content not only helps spread the word but shows the power of our community to others just learning about the protocol. Another great strategy is to mention PegHub to your friends, family, and any of the other crypto communities you’re a part of. I’m not saying spam other communities, but if you’re in there already talking about crypto, let people know about the best opportunity in DeFi! I can’t wait to talk about everything I’ve covered with you all in detail Wednesday during the live stream. Come ready with your questions or comments. Nothing is more important to us than feedback from the community. bitBOMB on! Aaron

bitBOMB Launch: Final Details & Everything You Need To Know

bitBOMB Launch: Final Details & Everything You Need To Know This article will answer everything related to bitBOMB! It will be updated if any questions emerge pertaining to the launch. If something you are looking for has not been answered or addressed, or if you notice any information missing from this article, please contact our team on Discord or Telegram. We can answer you directly there and will also update this article to keep everyone informed. Now on to the good stuff! The bitBOMB website is now live at There are minor cosmetic issues that need correcting — we are aware it shows CZpegs certain places. It will be updated by tomorrow at the latest! The CZpegs swap site ( has been set up to work with bitBOMB assets. It will correctly find routes to and from the different bitBOMB peg tokens. We will add the tokens and icons to the site tomorrow. For now, please manually add them using the contract addresses listed later in this article.Important Dates & Times Swap / Migration Starting: Wednesday, July 13, 12PM EST / 4PM UTC Swap / Migration Ending*: Thursday, July 14, 12PM EST / 4PM UTC *Please note that BSHARE → bitSHARE swaps will continue until all 400 bitSHARE have been redeemed via swaps. Only bitBOMB protocol peg tokens will end Thursday at 12PM ETC/4PM UTC. bitSHARE LP Farms Start: Thursday, July 14, 1PM8 EST / 5PM UTC bitBTC First Boardroom Print: Thursday, July 14, 1PM EST / 5PM UTC bitDOT First Print: Thursday, July 14, 3PM EST / 7PM UTC bitATOM First Print: Thursday, July 14, 5PM EST / 9PM UTC bitADA First Print: Thursday, July 14, 7PM EST / 9PM UTC Auto-compounding Vaults for bitBOMB Tokens: Ready by Saturday, July 16Relevant Information and Links Swap / Token Migration Site: bitBOMB Protocol Home: Documentation: Coming soon! Buy Tokens / Add liquidity*: *We will be converting the CZpegs swap site to a PegHub swap site soon. This PegHub central swap site will be used for all our protocols once released.Token Addresses bitBTC: 0x39739A969ff667C91a81252b3DDDFAe31aaE4Aeb bitDOT: 0x123c62f04c9D70bD6F04E6282434c728F04eBD50 bitATOM: 0x3CdC14690B4930f8b61A2195062f5AB8A6beC48d bitADA: 0x9F45C43c5Ed3c1a7FD7fb9f3b611860AE4dF2453 bitSHARE: 0x116B19FBAFCc947E7Ffcc3A42ff7185589143a56Taxes Taxes NEVER apply to bitSHARE nor when buying any of the peg tokens. Taxes only apply to the four peg tokens when SELLING and when the token being sold is UNDER PEG. Once again, buying any of the peg tokens will never incur any taxes regardless of their peg. To add liquidity for any of our four peg tokens, no taxes will be deducted if you use our swap site. We are currently sharing swap sites with CZpegs, so please use for now.Bootstrap Phase We will have guaranteed 2% expansions for the first 7 days (21 epochs / 21 boardroom prints). Any bitSHARE staked for those first 21 epochs will receive rewards from 2% expansions. After the bootstrap phase completes, our boardrooms will go back to normal, paying up to 2% expansions depending on TWAP. At the end of each epoch, a peg TWAP over 1.02 will give full 2% prints, between 1.001 and 1.02 will give partial prints, and under 1.001 will not print.Nodes I wish there was an easier solution to migrate node holders over to bitBOMB. However, due to the way nodes work, they must continue to print their native token which in this case is the BOMB or BOMB-BTCB-LP token. In order to accommodate current Node holders, you can continue claiming your Node rewards and use the 2nd phase token migration which will be available within a couple of days. In other words, you will still be able to swap BOMB for bitBTC in the future. Keep claiming your rewards and check back for when 2nd phase migrations are available!BTC Mainnet Staking BTC Mainnet staking will continue exactly as it has in the past. We pride ourselves on providing the safest way to stake bitcoin with high APR’s with a focus on protecting investor capital. Therefore, we have plans to migrate from BOMB-BTCB LP to bitBTC-BTCB LP once bitBTC has stabilized to offer the safest migration possible.What about CZBOMB LPs? In the future we will migrate the CZBOMB LPs to be pegged to bitBTC instead of BOMB. There is no timeline set for this yet, and we will give at minimum one week notice before any changes are made. For now, feel free to continue farming the CZBOMB-BOMB pair at!What happens to the original BOMB Protocol? It will continue to run as it has been since last November! BSHARE rewards will continue to be paid on the farms until emissions end in late November. For more details, please refer to previous articles and recent AMAs on YouTube. This topic has been covered thoroughly in the past, so I won’t go into too much detail here. bitBOMB ON! Aaron

July 11 BOMB Shell: bitBOMB Final Countdown — Update & Details

July 11 BOMB Shell: bitBOMB Final Countdown — Update & DetailsJuly 11 BOMB Shell: bitBOMB Final Countdown — Update & Details Today, let’s look at specifics regarding the upcoming bitBOMB launch! I will keep this BOMB Shell update brief as there is lots of work to do in preparation of our big launch just two days away! Asset Swap We will allow swapping from BSHARE, BOMB, and BBOND into new bitBOMB assets starting Wednesday July 13th at 1PM EST (5PM UTC). The swap web interface will be available within the next 24 hours. Once completed, you will be able to migrate tokens at the following web address: migrate.bitbomb.ioBOMB & BBOND Both BOMB and BBOND will be swappable into any of the four peg tokens. BBOND will work identically to BOMB, so I will just refer to BOMB in the sections below. All exchange rates and stats mentioned for BOMB apply directly to BBOND as well. The following swaps/migrations will be running for 24 hours. Additional swap options will continue to be available in the future, after the protocol has built up some peg tokens from boardroom prints. bitBTC bitBTC is the evolution of the BOMB token. It is pegged at a 10,000:1 ratio to BTC, just the same way BOMB is. Starting Supply: 500,000 Tokens BOMB to bitBTC Exchange Rate: 1 BOMB = 1 bitBTC bitDOT Our new Polkadot (DOT) pegged token. Starting Supply: 45,000 BOMB to bitDOT Exchange Rate: 1 BOMB = 0.3 bitDOT bitATOM Cosmos (ATOM) peg. Starting Supply: 35,000 BOMB to bitATOM Exchange Rate: 1 BOMB = 0.225 bitATOM bitADA Our PegHub governance vote winner, Cardano (ADA)! Starting Supply: 650,000 BOMB to bitADA Exchange Rate: 1 BOMB = 4.5 bitADABSHARE BSHARE will be swappable to bitSHARE at a 100:1 ratio. The BSHARE swap will open at the same time as our BOMB and BBOND swaps, and will continue to run until all bitSHARE have been claimed. A total of 400 bitSHARE will be available for swaps.More on bitBOMB Coming Soon As you can imagine, I’m focusing all of my time on ensuring the bitBOMB launch goes flawlessly, which I have no doubt it will. I’m planning a full bitBOMB article later this week to go in detail on all things bitBOMB. Stay tuned!PegHub Ecosystem Improvements and Organizational Growth As mentioned in previous BOMB Shell updates, one of the most bullish things we have going on right now is the continued growth of the PegHub Ecosystem team. We have over 25 experts in various fields including development, design, marketing, product management, and customer service all working both together on the overall PegHub Ecosystem, as well as on their individual Ecosystem products: PegHub bitBOMB, CZPegs, BombBTC, and a couple of unannounced projects already in the works. With most of the heavy lifting complete for the bitBOMB launch, we are already working on significant improvements to the overall PegHub Ecosystem to solidify it as the one true place for all DeFi investors to trust and grow with us. Stay connected on our Discord and Telegram channels so you don’t miss all the bullish news and updates coming your way over the coming weeks! The next step on our 5B TVL journey starts Wednesday. Set your alarm and don’t miss out on your chance to get bitBOMB, bitDOT, bitATOM, bitADA, and bitSHARE. If our PegHub presale was any indication, the allotted coins will be scooped up in no time! bitBOMB ON! Aaron

July 4 BOMB Shell — BOMB’s Evolution: bitBOMB, PHUB Automation & More

July 4 BOMB Shell — BOMB’s Evolution: bitBOMB, PHUB Automation & MoreBOMB Shell — BOMB’s Evolution: bitBOMB, PHUB Automation BOMBERS: First of all, happy 4th of July to our American Bombers and we hope our Canadian friends had a great Canada Day weekend! What an exciting past week with an even more exciting week to come! There is a lot being covered in todays BOMB Shell, here is a summary of what you will find:We’re proposing a relaunch of Bomb, introducing new features to help maintain peg. Make sure to vote on the proposal here.bitBOMB, our new protocol will be multi-peg giving our investors more choice, helping our share token maintain value even if not all tokens are above peg.We’ve automated PHUB revenue allocation, meaning buy backs and rewards are delivered safely & efficiently.We’re finalizing some exciting senior hires to drive our growth.bitBOMB Overview At BOMB, we like to move quickly when we discover new ways to bring value to our loyal community and investors. With the release of CZpegs, there was huge demand to add some of the features of CZ to the protocol. The biggest request was taxing any sells while under peg. I was hesitant to do this at first, as we would need to relaunch the BOMB token itself to make these changes. After much thought, and watching BOMB continue to struggle to reach peg, despite numerous strong attempts such as the PHUB presale and launching Nodes, a relaunch is the best solution moving forward. A lengthy article was written about the BOMB relaunch which I suggest reading in order to learn more about the thought process and what the transition will look like. The article can be found here: Progress & Timelines A governance vote is in progress at I’m happy to see that thus far the entirety of our community seems to be in agreement with the proposed relaunch as we currently have 100% of voters voting YES to launch bitBOMB as the evolution of BOMB at the time of this writing. Make sure to go cast your vote ASAP as the vote will be closed in less than 21 hours! If you have questions, concerns, or comments about this major move for the BOMB protocol, we have discussions ongoing at Please let us know what you think about the relaunch, and any suggestions/recommendations to improve it! I have previously stated that five days after the governance vote concludes would be an approximate launch date for bitBOMB. I can reaffirm that we will have the initial token swap ability ready within five days, with the other aspects of the launch following immediately after. This includes potential genesis pools, which depend on how many of the tokens are acquired in the swaps. For more information on this, refer to the medium article. PEG Token Choices One of the new features of bitBOMB is it being a multi-peg protocol as opposed to BOMB, which has the single peg to Bitcoin. This is advantageous in numerous ways, such as giving our users the ability to select which tokens they have exposure to, and allowing our share token to maintain value even if not all tokens are over peg. Our governance proposal outlines the following PEG token choices:Bitcoin: bitBTC will be our Bitcoin peg at 10,000:1 just like BOMB. This will essentially be BOMB V2.Polkadot (DOT): bitDOT pegged 1:1 with wrapped DOT on BSCCosmos (ATOM): bitATOM pegged 1:1 with wrapped ATOM on BSCBeefy Finance (BIFI): bitBIFI pegged 1:1 with BIFI, which is natively on BSC These tokens were chosen as desirable assets to have exposure to. DOT and ATOM are both native tokens on their own chain, with a large presence on BSC in wrapped form. They are much more speculative than BTC, but are very large and have big potential for the future. By market cap, DOT is rank 11 and ATOM 26 at the time of writing. BIFI is token that isn’t nearly as large as the other 3 by market cap, but it is a token native to BSC with massive upside. It is a limited supply token, that has daily buy backs from Beefy Finance with revenue from all chains they operate on. With these four peg token choices, along with CZpeg’s ETH, BNB, and BUSD, our investors now have exposure to almost all top cryptocurrencies all within our protocol, and all with the ability to automatically compound your investments. Why invest anywhere else? There is still the potential to change the PEG tokens if it becomes obvious that we should make adjustments. Please drop your comments or concerns about the PEG tokens chosen at Automation I spent a good portion of my weekend getting the full revenue automation for PHUB completed. Let’s go over how it works and what has been created to facilitate the automation. The way our existing share tokens work (CZshares, BSHARES) is that they issue dev and protocol allocations to two addresses which are stored on the smart contract of the share token itself. These dev and protocol allocations can be claimed anytime. The amount of shares which are available based on the vesting period will be distributed to the dev and protocol addresses stored on the contract. Two contracts were developed this weekend — one for handling the safe selling of share tokens and another for peg tokens. Not only are both fully operational, but the share token contract has already been added to our automation to be 100% functional with no human interaction needed. Also, I should mention that all contracts related to PHUB revenue automation have been deployed in a way which allows them to be upgraded/improved anytime in the future. This will allow for unlimited tuning, optimizing, or changing core functionality, as required! All this will be possible with the contract addresses remaining the same! Share Token Revenue Automation A few things have been done to fully automate share token revenue going to PHUB buybacks and PHUB rewards:Adjusted the receiving address on the share tokens so when rewards are claimed they go to the smart contract which can swap for BTCB.Automated the claiming of share tokens to take place once every 18 hours, so now the smart contract will always be replenished with new share tokens to use for swaps.Deployed and tested the share token swapping contracts. As well, automation on the share token swapping contracts was set up:Numerous times an hour, a script runs which generates a random number off chain. 60% of the time, based on the random number, the script will do nothing. This makes it impossible for people to game the system and anticipate when swaps will happen since nobody, including the devs, knows when swaps will actually occur.When the swaps do happen the other 40% of the time, we again use the random number generator to randomize the swap amounts.Share tokens that have been configured in the swap contract (CZshares and BSHARES currently) have additional parameters such as minimum and maximum amounts to swap. Using some math, we take the random number generated offchain (which is fed into the smart contract swap function), combined with the min and max swap amounts, to determine how many shares will be swapped.All swaps are done to BTCB, and then auto sent to the PHUB reward distribution contract created last week. This causes instant PHUB buys within 1 or 2 blocks of the reward distribution contract receiving BTCB. As you can see, the continuous swaps and buybacks will provide a significant revenue stream to PHUB token holders, which is why I was so excited about PegHub and why I still think it’s going to be one of the most successful investments in DeFi over the next year. If you haven’t yet, get your PHUB tokens while they’re still cheap! Example Transactions For those who like to see these things in action, here are some transactions that occurred through automation: Here are two transactions from our automation claiming share rewards (this is done in one step, but does two transactions, one per share token): Here is a transaction where share tokens are sold for BTCB and the resulting BTCB is then sent to the PHUB Reward Distribution contract: Because the previous transaction sent BTCB to the PHUB Reward Distribution contract, within seconds it bought PHUB and transferred the resulting PHUB to the PHUB Reward contract: What about PEG Tokens? The peg token auto swap contract was more complicated as it needs to check peg levels and determine safe amounts to swap. I did complete the peg token swapper first, and tested it thoroughly on BSC Testnet. It has already been deployed and configured with the CZ peg tokens, and will be configured with bitBOMB peg tokens once those are deployed. All that needs to be done now is to switch the destination on the protocol’s treasury smart contract to send the dev allocation of peg tokens to this new peg token swap contract. I have already sent a massive chunk of peg tokens over to the contract that had been collected previously.BOMB / PegHub Ecosystem Organizational Improvement This BOMB Shell update has already been beyond bullish in my opinion, but what I am feeling even better about are the recent hires made here at BOMB. Because these hires are so fresh, I will wait until next week’s BOMB Shell to go into the details. For now, I will say there were many areas in upper management with gaps at BOMB. My skills and forte have always been both on the technology side developing smart contracts and having the vision on how to ensure investors in the BOMB/PegHub Ecosystem are all as successful as possible! With my focus on those two extremely important tasks, I have not had the time to be an excellent team leader nor to be as organized as what is required at the top level of a corporation — both of which have recently been lacking with Bomb/PHUB. Recent hires address these gaps, and beyond that, bring a wealth of experience and skills to BOMB. Our team is now 25 members strong (and growing) with complimentary skillsets that would make any organization run as effectively and efficiently as possible. This will drastically improve our efficiency, our growth, the quality of the services we introduce, and much more. I can’t wait to go into further detail about this next week, but believe me when I say there is significant work already being done behind the scenes. The 5B TVL I talked about in the past — I now have no doubt it will be achieved. It may be across numerous protocols, but we will hit that figure and strive for even more. BOMB ON! Aaron

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