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QI Price:
$11.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$87.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #QI today is $0.019 USD.

The lowest QI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.019, and the exact current price of one QI crypto coin is $0.01883.

The all-time high QI coin price was $0.41.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of QI with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for BENQi crypto currency is #QI.

BENQi is 2.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for BENQi is $87,318,412.

BENQi is ranking upwards to #369 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #QI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BENQi is $11,144,578.


The circulating supply of QI is 4,638,100,304 coins, which is 64% of the maximum coin supply.


QI is available on several crypto currency exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #QI, and you can view them on our QI disambiguation page.



Ignite — Avalanche validators & subnets for all

Ignite — Avalanche validators & subnets for all - 2023 is already shaping up to be the year of Avalanche subnets. Recently announced partnerships with AWS and Alibaba Cloud indicate Fortune 500 companies are choosing Avalanche’s scalable blockchain architecture to power the future of finance. That is why BENQI, one of Avalanche’s leading DeFi protocols, is proud to announce Ignite — a new base layer protocol for decentralized staking that reduces the cost to run an Avalanche node by up to 10x. How Does Ignite Work? Thanks to the success and continued maturity of BENQI’s Liquid Staking protocol, BENQI has over 1 million AVAX ready to fuel Ignite’s mission to accelerate the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem. With Ignite, BENQI provides all 2,000 AVAX needed to spin up a validator node in exchange for a user posting a mere 200 AVAX worth of QI as collateral. By reducing the cost to run a subnet, Ignite is designed to accelerate the Avalanche ecosystem’s growth into hyperdrive– More Developers can afford to build with Avalanche’s institutional-grade tooling, More Stakers can afford to run their own nodes to validate the P-Chain and early subnets, More Decentralization of the Avalanche network will flourish from the influx of developers and stakers, Developers Win Imagine an indie game developer looking to launch an exciting new turn-based strategy RPG on Avalanche. If they were to launch on the ...

BENQI Integrates Chainlink Proof of Reserve and Automation to Help Secure Cross-Chain Asset Lending

We’re excited to announce that BENQI — a leading algorithmic money market protocol on Avalanche — has integrated Chainlink Proof of Reserve and Automation to help secure cross-chain asset lending and borrowing for BTC, ETH, DAI, USDC, and USDT. The combination of these two proven Chainlink oracle services enables us to employ a defense-in-depth approach to cross-chain asset security. Though many assume bridged assets are equivalent to the base asset locked on an external network, the reality is that they are distinct smart contracts with differing security and market profiles. This presents under-collateralization risk. Assets minted natively on Avalanche on BENQI are always the “real” asset. For cross-chain assets, the base asset is external, and the bridged asset is only as real as its claim to the base asset. Chainlink Proof of Reserve enables the reliable and timely monitoring of off-chain or cross-chain reserves using automated verification based on cryptographic truth. Our Chainlink PoR integration aims to mitigate many of the risks associated with wrapped tokens (or bridged assets) in the BENQI protocol, as PoR currently helps underpin assets minted by the Avalanche Bridge, including BTC.b, WETH.e, and DAI.e, among others. The latest data on their collateral balances can be easily verified by viewing the Chainlink PoR feed. Chainlink PoR has the following benefits: Automated On-Chain Verification ...

BENQI Community Contest — sAVAX Explained

BENQI Community Contest — sAVAX Explained - A total of $1000 in QI has been allocated to BENQI’s very first community contest. Stand a chance to win up to $700 in QI by explaining sAVAX and covering: ✅ Avalanche Liquid Staking ✅ The sAVAX asset ✅ The QI token’s role in Avalanche Liquid Staking — 🗓️ Duration: - November 24 — December 15 — 🏆 Prize: - Winner: $700 in QI Runner-up x 3: $100 in QI each Winning explainer will be published and used as an example for the community by BENQI’s official social channels. — 📜 Medium for explainer: - a. Any blogging medium (Medium, Mirror or Notion) and a Tweet documenting the content of the article along with its URL and the hashtag #SAVAX4ALL. or b. Video explainer via YouTube and a Tweet with the video URL attached and the hashtag #SAVAX4ALL. Article or video will be judged based on clarity and creativity in explaining liquid staking, the sAVAX asset and the role of QI. Please join our dedicated Discord Channel #savaxforall to submit your submissions under the following format: Name: Twitter @: Tweet URL: Explainer URL:

veQI — Supercharging Avalanche Validators

veQI — Supercharging Avalanche Validators - BENQI Liquid Staking launched 6 months ago to present Avalanche with a seamless means of unlocking liquidity from staked AVAX used to secure the Avalanche network. Since then, the Avalanche community has warmly welcomed Staked AVAX (sAVAX), helping it grow from strength to strength. The continued support from community members — founders, developers, validators, analysts and twitter threadors have propelled sAVAX forward with figures shown as a reflection of the community’s strength — Vires in Numeris. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Phase 1 of veQI. Through veQI, Avalanche Validators can now benefit from the pool of liquidity from BENQI Liquid Staking (BLS). — What is veQI? - Vote-escrowed QI or veQI is a representation of a user’s voting power for AVAX delegations through BENQI Liquid Staking (BLS). It is obtained through staking the QI token on the BLS app. With veQI, users will be able to vote for specific Avalanche validators to receive additional delegations. This voting power determines the amount of AVAX delegations directed to the specific validator node from BLS.💡 Amount of delegations is based on the validator’s aggregate voting power of veQIAVAX delegations from BLS to Avalanche Validators with veQI voting power — veQI mechanism - Staking All user’s veQI balance start from zero. When QI is staked, veQI accru...

BENQI Liquid Staking Release

We are excited to announce the release of BENQI’s Liquid Staking (BLS) protocol on Avalanche. Following the completion of our audits with Halborn, BENQI’s Liquid Staking protocol will be kicking off with a guarded launch. The guarded launch has a capped amount of 250,000 AVAX and the app is live at!What is BENQI Liquid Staking (BLS)? BENQI Liquid Staking is a protocol enabling users to stake AVAX to receive BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX (sAVAX), an interest bearing version of AVAX. By tokenizing staked AVAX (on the P-Chain) into sAVAX (currently on the C-Chain), users will now be able to participate in Decentralized Finance while earning rewards from securing the Avalanche network itself. With an interest bearing version of AVAX now available on the Avalanche C-Chain, a wealth of strategies and products will be able to be built on top of sAVAX. Details regarding these products and partnerships are on-going and will be announced in the future.Overview for BENQI Liquid StakingUsing BENQI Liquid Staking (BLS) BLS currently has no lock-up periods and fees imposed on users. Simply head over to the app and stake your AVAX to receive sAVAX. For unstaking sAVAX to AVAX on the app, there is a 15 day cooldown period. This is covered in detail within the BENQI documentation. Alternatively, instant conversions between sAVAX and AVAX can be done through partner Automated Market Makers (AMMs) offering sAVAX &...

BENQI & Keystone Partnership: Secure Signing on Avalanche!

Since Metamask has integrated with the Keystone hardware wallet in late December last year, more web3 users have been benefiting from the QR code signing.  — @MetaMask Keystone has partnered with BENQI, a non-custodial liquidity market protocol on the Avalanche blockchain, and will be adding their ABI to the ever-growing Smart-Contract Metadata Registry to combat blind signing. This makes it the second DeFi-related dapp on the Avalanche blockchain to help make transaction signing safer after Trader Joe’s collaboration last month. Founded in 2021, BENQI protocol enables users to lend, borrow, and earn interest using their digital assets. They aim to become a cross-chain hub via Avalanche subnets for Ethereum, Polkadot, and Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to seamlessly access decentralized services and use financial services without any hurdles or high network fees. By collaborating with the BENQI team, users will be able to authenticate their transactions prior to signing them by visually verifying the authenticity of the contract. This is achieved by loading the ABI file in the Keystone hardware wallet with the SD card slot. The 4” touch screen provides a visual confirmation of the ABI’s authenticity, allowing users to double check the dApp they are about to interact with so they won’t need to blindly trust the dApp they think they are interacting with.How transactions will appear when using ...

BENQI x Anchor Exclusive sAVAX Integration

With the imminent launch of BENQI Liquid Staking, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Anchor Protocol and Terra. Through this collaboration, Anchor Protocol will exclusively use BENQI’s liquid staking token, sAVAX to:Earn additional yield by depositing on Anchor Protocol, both on Avalanche and TerraBorrow the Terra Stablecoin (UST) using sAVAX, and participate in other yield-bearing DeFi strategies on the ecosystem.Provide Avalanche users the chance to participate in the Terra EcosystemGenerate a flywheel effect between two of the most exciting ecosystems, Avalanche and Terra This will bring unprecedented flexibility and utility to sAVAX tokens, allowing users to determine what to do with their staked tokens and providing them with the ability to do more with them.What is BENQI Liquid Staking? BENQI Liquid Staking is a non-custodial liquid staking solution that allows users to stake AVAX and receive sAVAX, an on-chain representation of delegation positions with Avalanche validators. Traditional Staking on Avalanche locks up user’s AVAX on the P-Chain, preventing users from accessing the asset until the staking period ends. BENQIs Liquid Staking provides users the opportunity to unlock these “staked” assets through liquid staked sAVAX. By supplying AVAX into the BENQI Liquid Staking protocol, users receive sAVAX which earns rewards from staking on Avalanche network. The price of sAVAX relative to A...

BENQI dives into the Metaverse, starting with Imperium Empires

As part of BENQI’s vision to continually innovate and ingrain itself within the Avalanche ecosystem, we are thrilled to officially announce our first GameFi — Metaverse collaboration starting with Imperium Empires, Avalanche’s very first AAA GameFi Metaverse Project.Imperium Empires Imperium Empires is the World’s First AAA GameFi 2.0 project, building on Avalanche. It is headed by a team of experienced game and blockchain developers that aims to address GameFi problems of today such as the lack of high-quality graphics, hyper-inflationary NFT supply and the missing element of seamless integrations with existing DeFi protocols. The project features a space themed ecosystem that offers a range of gameplay from Player vs Enemy (PvE) to Player vs Player (PvP), building itself off novel deflationary NFT burn economics. Players will also be able to band together through guilds within the game and team-to-earn.BENQI 🤝 Imperium Empires As part of the official partnership between BENQI and Imperium Empires, we’ll be exploring ways to incorporate the BENQI protocol within the Imperium Empires ecosystem. An example of this would be incorporating a banking system within the Imperium Metaverse that’s powered by the BENQI protocol and its existing liquidity. That way players of Imperium would be able to earn yields on their assets and focus on the game. All done without worrying about the security of their funds. This a...

AMPL’s Avalanche Momentum Continues to Accelerate with BENQI Collaboration

There’s been a surge of excitement from both the Ampleforth and Avalanche communities since AMPL x Avalanche bridge was announced. Now that AMPL, a fully-algorithmic unit of account, can be used to denominate contracts on Avalanche, there are a host of use cases being discussed and applied. One initial — and especially significant — such use case is BENQI, a non-custodial liquidity market protocol built on Avalanche. Put another way, BENQI is an Avalanche-native Compound or Aave. This comes at a time when AMPL recently recorded a new all-time high deposit APY (80,000%) on Aave. As DeFi’s unit of account, the Ampleforth team is committed to making AMPL accessible to a diverse and growing host of communities. Avalanche’s TVL has grown nearly 3X, to $13 billion, in recent months, thanks in no small part to the network’s cost-effective gas model and speed. Soon, users can natively denominate stable contracts in AMPL on BENQI, which currently secures $2.7 billion in TVL. AMPL will be listed on the protocol once the necessary risk assessments and Gauntlet analysis is complete. For Avalanche community members that are new to AMPL and want to learn more about the Ampleforth community, the project’s detailed FAQ page is a great place to begin. If you’re interested in learning about what makes AMPL such a durable asset, and to learn more about its performance over an extended time period, you can do so here. Ab...

The Rush Continues!

BENQI is excited to announce the launch of the second phase of our ongoing Avalanche Rush initiative. The first phase has been a resounding success for the Avalanche ecosystem broadly, and BENQI’s lending market specifically. The protocol has garnered a peak of $2.8 billion in supplied value, over $1 billion in borrows, with close to 14,000 total users. As part of this phase, BENQI has received $4 million in additional AVAX incentives, and the majority will be applied to the QI and AVAX markets. The next phase of BENQI’s Avalanche Rush initiative is scheduled to last for 45 days. Lastly, the team would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards our supporters in the BENQI and Avalanche community, as well as the continued support of the Avalanche Foundation. With plenty of improvements, the launch of the Safety Module and BENQI’s Liquid Staking solution coming up later this quarter, we look forward to the continued growth of the protocol and the community. About BENQI Built on Avalanche’s highly scalable network, BENQI’s vision of bridging decentralized finance (DeFi) and institutional networks starts by launching BENQI on the Avalanche C-Chain. Through BENQI, Avalanche users will be able to earn interest on their assets, obtain credit through over-collateralized loans and earn QI governance tokens as rewards for participating on the protocol. Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord| Documentation...


OKX and Benqi Partner to Boost Access to Web3 Ecosystem

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The integration will support DeFi adoption and promote self-sovereignty on the Avalanche network February 24, 2023 - OKX, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has joined forces with Avalanche liquid staking solution Benqi in a collaboration that sees its native decentralized application discovery tool, OKX Discover, supporting Benqi, and Benqi integrating the OKX Wallet web extension on its website and product. The integration of the OKX Wallet, a leading self-custodial solution for digital assets, through its web extension on Benqi's website and product will enable users to flawlessly enter the Web3 ecosystem via OKX Wallet. With the partnership, Benqi users can also access the OKX Wallet without leaving the Benqi website, providing a more convenient experience. Users can use the OKX Wallet to gain access to tokens, NFTs, and dApps in more than 40 chains and roll-ups. As a self-custodial wallet product, OKX Wallet users are in charge of their own private keys and crypto assets. Both firms seek to promote the non-custodial, trustless nature of Avalanche and DeFi. For crypto swap products, OKX Wallet has integrated with OKX DEX, a swap aggregator, to connect with all liquidity from more than 13 chains and provide free trading for users. In order to fulfill the market demands for token transfer across different chains, OKX DEX optimizes users' output by finding the best liquidity providers and the route that minimi... read More

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