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TRADE Price:
$291.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$415.1 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TRADE today is $0.11 USD.

The lowest TRADE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.112, and the current live price for one TRADE coin is $0.11188.

The all-time high TRADE coin price was $1.98.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of TRADE with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Polytrade crypto currency is #TRADE.

Polytrade is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polytrade is $415,062.

Polytrade is ranking upwards to #930 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #TRADE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polytrade is $291,016.


The circulating supply of TRADE is 3,709,858 coins, which is 4% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Polytrade coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


TRADE has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #TRADE, and you can view them on our TRADE disambiguation page.



Rewiring to Web3 – TEDx Talk from Piyush Gupta, Polytrade

Rewiring to Web3 – TEDx Talk from Piyush Gupta, Polytrade About the event “When you are no longer able to change a situation, you are challenged to change yourself” firmly believes Piyush Gupta, Founder and CEO of the most promising DeFi project Polytrade as he explores key industry topics like ‘Ownership’ and ‘Creation Of Value’ at his first ever TEDx Talk at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru. Talking about the new role of a CEO as Chief ‘Empowering’ Officer, Piyush Gupta shares his impressions and takeaways with working with decentralized networks and the importance of unlearning broken traditions which is responsible for the success of communities and people, rather than increasing acquisition or revenue. Who is Piyush Gupta? Piyush Gupta is a seasoned trade finance professional, blockchain enthusiast, and Angel Investor whose prime focus is investing and building disruptive businesses creating impact. An alumni of the leading Technological Institute of India, IIT Bombay, he founded Riqueza Capital Group in 2014 with the aim to bring trade finance to the SME and MSME sector in a low cost and hassle-free manner. Over the years, Riqueza raised 500+ mln USD, expanding financial expertise to Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, UAE. Piyush is currently the Founder of Polytrade, which explores the crypto liquidity pool and achieves his aim for easy financing and has also been recognized as one of ...

Polytrade finances the world’s first Real world invoice using Crypto Liquidity

Polytrade Finance proudly announces to have financed the first-ever pool of real-world invoices with crypto liquidity.Polytrade’s lending protocol on Polygon allow SMEs to get unprecedented direct access to trade financing opportunities while offering attractive rewards to the investors of lending pools. Polytrade collaborates with a Singapore based fintech company, Volofin to carry out first ever real world Invoice financing using crypto funds.The partnership between the two parties has kickstarted with funding of Volofin’s invoices to three global buyers based in USA, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Mr. Piyush Gupta, Founder of Polytrade: “We are here to make trade financing more accessible, efficient and transparent by bridging TradeFi and DeFi. We are thus on a journey to create a fundamental paradigm shift by expanding, through technology and crypto, access to trade finance. We are leveling the investment playing field and democratizing the access to this asset class.” Mohit Agarwal, CEO of Volofin: “We found a mutual fit with Polytrade in combining our expertise in Blockchain technology and SME Invoice financing. We are excited for this alliance as we embark on this journey to empower global SMEs in need and transform the Trade finance industry with technology disruption.” The lending pool for financing Volofin’s invoices is backed by Lio Factory, an alternative investments platform building disruptive v...

Polytrade collaborates with Parsiq: Connecting on-chain data to the off-chain Trade finance world

Polytrade is happy to announce its partnership with PARSIQ, a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform connecting on-chain and off-chain applications in real-time. PARSIQ will assist Polytrade Finance and its users by providing real-time access to a variety of critical data points. This includes sending out quick, fully automated notifications when funds are deposited into a smart contract, together with transaction details such as value, timestamp, and so on. When spending limits are approved, it also includes sending alerts to the appropriate parties. Furthermore, PARSIQ will offer updates to the Polytrade platform when money is withdrawn or financing periods have elapsed. This data structure will not only allow Polytrade to run with less friction, but it will also give its users more confidence by allowing them to know that they are kept up to date without having to manually track all of the data. Piyush Gupta, CEO, Polytrade said, “PARSIQ will be an important partner in our journey to end the working capital woes of the SMEs across the globe with its Blockchain solution. The incorporation of blockchain in trade finance will completely eliminate the frauds and speed up the process of getting working capital.” Tom Tirman, CEO, Parsiq said: “Mass blockchain adoption is “a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ and we’re delighted to support Polytrade Finance to bring this vital service to the market…...

Polytrade announces partnership with Lovelace for its ambitious Metaverse plan

In our constant efforts to widen our offerings to the community, Polytrade Finance is excited to announce its partnership with Lovelace, the first Metaverse as a Service platform allowing creators to easily develop digital products with gamified rewards. Polytrade and Lovelace will work together to create a Play 2 APY model to give a gamified experience on Polytrade platform. Furthermore, Lovelace NFT holders will be incentivized with a preferential bonus APY on Polytrade. Polytrade is building a 100% on-chain trade financing and business finance solution specifically focused on the Metaverse. Polytrade and Lovelace will jointly work on ideation and development of commerce-based solutions focused on NFT for the Polytrade Meta product. Lovelace will be enabling gamification for Polytrade to improve usability and customer experience for Borrowers and Lenders on the platform. Commenting on the partnership, Arul Prakash, COO, Polytrade said, “The partnership will open up doors for a new customer segment in the DeFi space. Gamification is an important milestone in Polytrade’s journey and Lovelace will help us achieve that objective. On the other hand, Polytrade will provide additional benefits to the Shanimals holders. ” “We believe strongly in the real world applications of blockchain technology and NFTs which is why we have pursued this partnership. Polytrade is perfectly poised to assist us in making a move at the mass...

Polytrade marches on to end the working capital woes of SMEs across the globe

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are critical for any country’s economic growth and competitiveness, thus addressing their financial needs is imperative. SMEs are an important and loyal consumer category for banks as well. Despite these concerns, major restructuring in the banks’ SME lending industry has occurred in recent years all over the world. As a result, the once strong relationship between banks and their SME customers has begun to erode. SMEs have not been to tap into these conventional sources of finance for a variety of reasons ranging from a lack of understanding around some trade finance instruments, lack of collaterals, high cost of borrowing, or exhaustion of credit limits. Moreover, The Covid-19 epidemic has expanded the gap between demand and supply of working capital for SMEs even further. This is exactly where Polytrade finance steps in. Since 2014, we’ve been in the real-world invoice financing business, serving over 5000 customers and financing over $500 million in invoices. We discovered challenges that global SME suppliers encounter in our previous ventures, such as high rejection rates from financiers, high cost of capital, lengthier turnaround time, and big-ticket size needs. Taking another step in our journey, we launched our Mainnet on 31st Jan 2022 which received an overwhelming response from the community. Moreover, Polytrade’s Stable coin lending pool was also launched earlier ...

Polytrade announces strategic partnership with SupraOracles

As we continue to expand our network of partners, Polytrade Finance is delighted to announce its new association with SupraOracles, a firm at the forefront of bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and the Web 3.0 world. SupraOracles will help bring off-chain data into the blockchain including credit ratings and trading data amongst others. SupraOracles will provide Polytrade with advanced Oracle toolkits that will enable us to quickly obtain funding from crypto lenders, freeing up critical working capital. It will also give crypto market data even more detail, precision, and transparency. SupraOracles and Polytrade may establish cross-chain bridges for play to earn NFTs as a result of this collaboration.Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:“Polytrade enables crypto investors to safely invest their crypto assets in real-world commercial use cases. We are excited to be working on a project that will create a borderless financial infrastructure that will allow crypto investors to access real-world assets.”Piyush Gupta, Founder of Polytrade, commented:“SupraOracles supplies us with sophisticated Oracle toolkits that can help us obtain speedy funding from crypto lenders in order to free up essential operational money. Nothing thrills me more than cooperating with a project that will provide even more detail, accuracy, and transparency to crypto market data.” About SupraOracles S...

Code is law: All you need to know about Polytrade Mainnet Launch on 31st Jan 2022

Details of the three-stage launch of the DeFi protocol revealed.With security audits in progress, the code will be live on Mainnet any moment now. 2021 at Polytrade has seen tireless hours spend in product design, writing credit policies, drafting smart contracts, and coding it to become a reality, which is finally coming to fruition. The love and anticipation from the community have kept us going, but come 2022, we are at the cusp of breaking out into a much higher pedestal and a far more demanding orbital. The joy of achievement is somewhere balanced by the burden of anticipation. The realm of possibilities is expanded by the sheer breadth of application. The taste of success also comes with the responsibility of securing our stakeholders’ wealth. We take this opportunity to announce what the community has been waiting for with bated breath. After all, as they say, the code is law. We’ll be pushing the code live on Mainnet on Jan 31, 2022. But for a business with real-world impact and multifarious touchpoints, we also want to let you know what lies ahead and the hurdles that we as a team will be crossing to make it a January to remember.A step-by-step guide to unraveling #Mainnet launchWith the code live on Mainnet, one of the first things that the team will do is to make the platform available through our website Not all of you might be able to launch the app at this stage since it will be gated wit...

Alpha News Channel announcement for $TRADE HODLers

We are delighted to announce an exclusive Alpha News Channel on Discord for the HODLers of more than 100 $TRADE. The channel will be providing early news and updates on Polytrade and exclusive crypto inside news related to trading and staking to our beloved token holders. Here’s how to join our Channel and follow updatesJoin the server with the invite link — 2. Go to text channel #collabland-join 3. Click on Let’s go! 4. Now connect your decentralized wallet, eg metamask 5. Now, you will be able to see $TRADE role on your profile. 6. Now you’ll be able to see #Trade-holders-lounge 7. That’s it. You can follow the posts on the channel to stay updated ahead of our public announcements and other ALPHA news! Note: It is pertinent to note that the minimum holding criteria of 100 $TRADE are only for the moment. We will increase the minimum holding criteria in the future so don’t miss this opportunity. Further, wallet refreshes will be done on daily basis, so please ensure that you continue to hold enough TRADE tokens to access this channel. About Polytrade: Established in 2014, Polytrade is a lending protocol that caters to the working capital needs of small and medium scale enterprises in developing economies, thereby helping them fulfil their orders to large global enterprises like IKEA, Walmart, Nike etc. We have financed US$ 500 million worth of invoices in the real-world. Wit...

Metaverse Roadmap of Polytrade, now unveiled

Polytrade Meta envisions to define the contours of trade and commerce in the Metaverse.A robust and ambitious roadmap following the success in 2021. The problem in global trade that Polytrade is addressing in the real world, has a different manifestation in the metaverse. Metaverse refers to a digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually. Augmented reality overlays visual elements, sound, and other sensory input onto real-world settings to enhance the user experience. In contrast, virtual reality is entirely virtual and enhances fictional realities. As the metaverse grows, it will create online spaces where user interactions are more multidimensional than current technology supports. Instead of just viewing digital content, users in the metaverse will be able to immerse themselves in a space where the digital and physical worlds converge.For this very reason, the metaverse has become the next hotbed for customer acquisition as consumer brands like Nike, Adidas, Sotheby’s have started making moves in this space.Image Source: Cointelegraph Taking a hard stance here, at Polytrade, we believe Metaverse without the elements of web 3.0 and decentralization, will be nothing more than glorified VR enabled internet. Our goal is to support and enable a truly decentralized version of the metaverse. This dec...

Polytrade’s Stable Coin Lending Pools: Why they are a gamechanger

…And what differentiates them from other lending pools? As the global community continues to dive deeper into Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and other related inventions of the 21st century, the plausibility of these as an alternative to the traditional financial system has become more credible than ever. However, this endless ecosystem of opportunities also comes with certain volatility that can trigger cryptocurrencies to go off the cliff in seconds — a favourite callout of the naysayers. However, some instruments specially designed for protecting against such scenarios, could be a strong counter to the inherent volatility risks of cryptocurrencies. Stable Coins share a lot of the features as other cryptos, but in contrast their value is steady. Moreover, stable coins are digital currencies that are linked to a “stable” reserve asset, such as the US dollar. In comparision to unpegged cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, stable coins are specifically designed to check the market volatility. With stable coins, you can protect your investments from market fluctuations. Owing to this “best-of-both-worlds” feature of the stable coins, they could be the perfect bridge between the real-world and the crypto world. One such application is Polytrade’s business model of fuelling working capital for Small & Medium Enterprises by tapping into the vast liquidity of the Crypto world. Polytrade does it through invoice factoring...

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