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SOLAR Price:
$1.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$559.0 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SOLAR today is $0.021 USD.

The lowest SOLAR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.021, and the current live price for one SOLAR coin is $0.02124.

The all-time high SOLAR coin price was $21.82.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SOLAR with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Solarbeam crypto currency is #SOLAR.

Solarbeam is 2.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Solarbeam is $559,030.

Solarbeam is ranking downwards to #1017, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is small during the past 24 hours for #SOLAR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Solarbeam is $1,356.


The circulating supply of SOLAR is 26,318,867 coins, which is 3% of the maximum coin supply.


SOLAR has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #SOLAR, and you can view them on our SOLAR disambiguation page.



Solarbeam x Kintsugi

Solarbeam takes another step towards interoperability with Kintsugi Welcoming Interlay’s canary network comes with an exciting announcement, Solarbeam is bringing a new stable farm to the community: $kBTC/$wBTC The Solarbeam Foundation is willing to be a purveyor of true decentralization within the DeFi space. So, believing that interoperability is a path to a trustful and democratized ecosystem, it deployed a strong partnership structure . These efforts led to the foundation of the shining curve, a liquidity program to incentivize selected pairs on Moonriver. Taking another step towards the vision of creating a comprehensive and convenient, one-stop platform, Solarbeam has partnered with Kintsugi with the introduction of a new stable farm for the community and more to come in the future. In addition to bringing more rewards to the community, this partnership will set the precedence for the blockchain ecosystem. And it all starts with InterlayOptimizing the future of farming model: A Vision led by innovation Acceptance of decentralization is a paradigm shift for DeFi @large . However, that principle is still ongoing and not yet close to becoming a no-brainer. In order to accelerate this massive achievement, highly experienced professionals — masters of the CS domain — came together to establish Interlay, an R&D company with the vision to make Bitcoin interoperable in a fully trustless and decentralized f...

The Shining Curve Program — Phase 2

The Shining Curve Program — Phase 2 The Shining Curve experiment conducted in February and March proved to be quite successful, so now the time has come to take the next step. Not only were we able to create an environment more conducive to the growth of DeFi, but adding more rewards to the liquidity pairs enhanced both volume and TVL.Shining Curve Phase 1 It all started with the introduction of the Shining Curve liquidity program with the aim to introduce additional rewards and offer boosted farming to those who want to get a little more out of Decentralized Finance. The Solarbeam Foundation has always worked while standing together with the community, taking an approach that would cause a domino effect of reward and better returns. The approach we took was a simple one — a dynamic chain liquidity program to reward selected liquidity pairs. It created a chain reaction that led to higher user activity and pair volume, which eventually also led to an overall increase in TVL. This experiment with the vision to iteratively add features for the community helped Solar and Flare grow further. But how far has this growth come?The success of Phase 1 In the first few days of the Shining Curve liquidity program, we saw an increase in the total value locked of Solarbeam by 21.37%. The potential it showed gave us a glance of what it could achieve in the future. Some additional highlights of Phase 1:Increase in FLARE...

Solarbeam Farm Migration

Due to the need of upgrading the SOLAR/MOVR and the wBTC/MOVR farms to v2 for the Shining Curve Phase 2, we will take that opportunity and upgrade all of Solarbeam’s old farms (v1) to their v2 counterparts. V2 farms gives us the ability to support multiple tokens as farm rewards. 15 v1 farms will be migrated to v2 over the span of 25 days.Migration Schedule: March 30th 2022 : SOLAR/MOVR | wBTC/MOVR April 5th 2022 : AVAX/MOVR | BNB/BUSD | RELAY/MOVR April 14th 2022 : MATIC/MOVR | PETS/MOVR | DAI/USDC April 21th 2022 : SOLAR/USDC | FTM/MOVR | BNB/MOVR April 28th 2022 : FRAX/MOVR | ETH/USDC | RIB/MOVR | wMOVR Solarbeam users are kindly requested to move their funds from the old farms to the new as soon as possible, to avoid missing out on farm rewards. The old, inactive farms can be found here Solarbeam Foundation — Shine a light on DeFi, powering Moonriver and Moonbeam Solarbeam | Solarflare| Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium Solarbeam Farm Migration was originally published in Solarbeam Foundation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Moonbeam x Solarbeam: Everything You Need to Know

As many of you know, Solarbeam is excited for our Moonbeam launch and — as we did on Moonriver — we want to be one of the first to launch on Moonbeam. In this article, we want to share with our most valuable resource, the community, our plans for the Solarbeam launch on Moonbeam and how it connects with what we currently have on Moonriver.Two token model | $SOLAR / $FLARE We decided that a two token model as this is aligned with the whole Dotsama ecosystem in having two tokens for different chains e.g. $MOVR and $GLMR. It will allow both of the ecosystems to flourish independently, with greater flexibility and scope for creativity. In particular, it will allow us to experiment with new features and potential partnerships on Moonriver while also applying the lessons we have learned on Moonriver for a more successful launch and faster iteration on Moonbeam.$FLARE Tokenomics We are taking our lessons from Solarbeam and iterating. Largely, the launch will be the same except an adjustment by a factor of 10. With a 10X lower launch price & 10X higher emissions, the effective emission $ value is the same. This is so that we can target a lower cost per token, to address low unit bias. Tokenomically the other main difference is that emissions will reduce gradually over time, which is something we will introduce on Solarbeam in the future as well.Emission Schedule Emissions are broken into two phases — phase 1 a...

Solarbeam is now Solarbeam Foundation

Solarbeam has always been about becoming the native AMM of the Kusama & Polkadot ecosystem, and now it’s time for us to take a step further by launching on Moonbeam and deliver our vision. We’re happy to announce that Solarbeam is now Solarbeam Foundation! This change will allow us to leverage the Solarbeam brand, keep our socials and communities and having a single point of focus for our cross-chain deployments between Moonriver and Moonbeam. Solarbeam Foundation will house both (Moonriver), and the new project for Moonbeam (to be revealed in the coming days), allowing us to share the knowledge achieved on our protocols while at the same time giving the flexibility for each to be unique in the chain it resides. The Solarbeam Foundation website is live on and will act as the main landing page for our deployments, serving as a portal with links to each protocol’s resources and to our social media. Our Discord, Telegram and Twitter will remain the same, with a subtle title change for Solarbeam Foundation, new Discord channels for supporting each chain and protocol-based tweets. Solarbeam Foundation — Shining a light on DeFi, powering Moonriver and Moonbeam Main website |Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium Solarbeam is now Solarbeam Foundation was originally published in Solarbeam Foundation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and respond...

Upcoming IDO: Amara Finance

With Solarbeam’s next IDO approaching, it’s time to go over some of the details! Amara Finance aims to be the top lending protocol within the Polkadot ecosystem, and the go-to hub for interconnectivity and lending. You can read here, our previous IDO announcement.When is the Amara IDO? The IDO will be on January 17th and it will last for 6 hours. The timeframe to participate will be from 13.00 to 19.00 UTC.What’s the token of the IDO? Amara’s finance token is $MARA and it will be used on their upcoming lending/borrowing platform. You’ll be able to lock your MARA to have a share over the income of the platform and boost your borrow and mining rewards.What’s the total amount to be raised and what will be the token price? The total raise will be $300,000 and it will be splitted between the basic and the unlimited pool on Eclipse. There are 600,000 MARA tokens to be distributed at the price of $0.5 per MARA token.How will my MARA tokens be distributed? The first batch of your allocated tokens (20%) will be given when Amara launches its platform in late February. Over the course of 5 months after launch, you’ll be able to claim an additional 16% each month.How to participate in Solarbeam’s launchpad platform, EclipseEligibility In order to be eligible for participation in Amara’s IDO you will need to lock some of your Solar in either the vaults or on our new staking feature, veSolar. A minimum of 50 Solar...

Introducing veSOLAR

Happy New Year, Solars! It has been quite an eventful holiday for the team, but we have some exciting news that’s sure to brighten your day. We’re happy to announce our latest feature: veSOLAR — a much needed upgrade for the Solarbeam vaults! To empower long-term committed Solarbeam investors, we are introducing veSOLAR — a token which will replace the functionally of SOLAR vaults, allowing users to decide on the lockup time — dialing in your time commitment and APRs — as well as retain the flexibility of SOLAR. The single staking pools are moving to be exclusive for veSOLAR staking and you also will be able to use veSOLAR in IDOs and most importantly voting in governance (in the future). veSOLAR will allow our most loyal stakeholders to fully benefit from the platform by receiving the most rewards.Use cases — Staking veSOLAR. — The single staking pools are changing to exclusive veSOLAR staking. You will be able to earn SOLAR and partner tokens with veSOLAR. — Multipliers for Eclipse. — We envision veSOLAR as a natural upgrade to SOLAR vaults — the multipliers for Eclipse will work in the same way: users will have multipliers for their amounts staked, as well as longer lockups. — Governance. — Each veSOLAR will represent the user voting power in Solarbeam ecosystem. The full governance model is yet to be released. — Many more!. — Being a t...

Eclipse IDO Partnership: Amara Finance

Solarbeam is proud to announce our partnership with Amara Finance as our latest candidate for the Eclipse IDO launchpad. The team has already received recognition from Polygon as a recipient of one of the Polygon grants, and placed third in the Wanxiang Hackathon for 2021. In addition to these honours, Amara’s team has also formed many prominent partnerships within the ecosystem: Moonbeam, Polygon, and more. Amara Finance is a cross-chain financial aggregator aiming to be the DeFi collaboration center to bridge Polkadot and the off-DOT world. With ambitions to become the top lending protocol within the Polkadot ecosystem, Amara’s team will offer the following products:AmaraLend, a creative multi-chain deployed lending protocol to release assets efficiency and bring DeFi to a new era. Users will be able to access an elastic, monetary market with a creative auto compound lending system. Users are able to draw interest-free loans against qualified LP tokens used as collateral.AmaraLink, a multisig cross-chain bridge connecting Polkadot and off-DOT world which will be deployed on Moonriver, Polygon, and Binance Smart chain at launch.AmaraPay, an aggregated payment gateway protocol responding swiftly across the world. Users can buy crypto assets with fiat currency and settle offline payment by the crypto assets real-time price payment channel. AmaraPay will integrate a variety of widely recognized cards such as Mastercard and...

Solarbeam to Integrate Chainlink Price Feeds Into Its Upcoming Lending and Borrowing Platform on…

Solarbeam to Integrate Chainlink Price Feeds Into Its Upcoming Lending and Borrowing Platform on Moonriver As the largest DEX on Moonriver’s Kusama-based parachain, the Solarbeam team is excited to announce information regarding the upcoming launch of our new lending and borrowing platform. As part of the release, Solarbeam will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds on Moonriver mainnet. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we are helping to ensure that collateralization ratios and liquidations on Solarbeam’s upcoming lending and borrowing platform are backed by globally accurate fair-market rates. For our initial integration, Solarbeam will support the following Chainlink Price Feeds for USD: WETH, WBTC, USDC, USDT, DAI, and LINK. Further down the road, Solarbeam will also add support for these Chainlink Price Feeds for USD: MOVR, MIM, FRAX, and KSM. The Solarbeam team places an extreme focus on security, which is why we waited until Chainlink Price Feeds went live on Moonriver to proceed with developing our lending and borrowing platform. Chainlink is easily the most reliable oracle network in the blockchain industry, already proven to help secure 75B+ for leading decentralized applications across multiple blockchain networks. With Chainlink’s highly decentralized data featuring multiple layers of aggregation, Solarbeam gains enhanced resistance to single points of failure and black sw...

Native MAI/MOVR Pool

QiDao and MAI are expanding on Moonriver! As a result of this native integration, users currently holding MAI (RelayMAI) will have to migrate to native MAI. This will help reduce future liquidity fragmentation and offer a unified token experience as we continue to grow the Solarbeam and QiDao partnership on Moonriver. The old relayMAI/USDC pool will be deactivated, and in place we are launching a new pool: native MAI/MOVR. Users currently holding relayMAI will be required to unstake from the relayMAI/USDC pool, unpair, use the QiDao Hub to swap 1:1 from relayMAI to native MAI, then follow the pairing and staking process again in the new MAI/MOVR pool. For more details about pairing and unpairing, please refer to our documentation. Use the MAI website to swap bridged-MAI for native MAI. For further information on how to use the MAI hub, please refer to their documentation. Read more about Solarbeam: Main website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium Read more about QiDao: Main website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Mediu

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