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PSY Price:
$270.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PSY today is $0.033 USD.

The lowest PSY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.033, and the current live price for one PSY coin is $0.03283.

The all-time high PSY coin price was $0.22.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PSY with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for PsyOptions crypto currency is #PSY.

PsyOptions is a newer coin by our records, at least 8.4 months in age.


The current market capitalization for PsyOptions is $2,573,856.

PsyOptions is ranking upwards to #734 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #PSY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for PsyOptions is $270,379.


The circulating supply of PSY is 78,405,916 coins, which is 8% of the maximum coin supply.


PSY has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 5 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #PSY, and you can view them on our PSY disambiguation page.



CBTP: Collect, Build, Test, Pivot….

Where we started PsyOptions started with the launch of our American Style Options Protocol to democratize options trading. It was a great launching point for us as a DO (Decentralized Organization) propelling a healthy growth of our community and core team. Since then, we’ve released our Tokenized Europeans Protocol and successfully acquired Tap Finance, introducing our in house vault products, PsyFinance. We are proud of all of these accomplishments and our ethos remains the same — we want to build financial tools and blockchain based products for the world. Since launching these products, we’ve continued to iterate and collect market intel on how we can improve as an organization. How we see the options world Options are a complex financial tool and to many, they are flat out confusing. Volume and open interest year to date has not increased at a rate that many had hoped and that’s okay. We’ll continue to build out products and educational tools that make it easier for users to trade while the market continues to mature. Some data YTD BTC Volume: Source: The Block YTD ETH Volume Source: The Block Total volume over the last 5 months has been trending downward. Although, total options volume since inception has grown dramatically, we have seen more product fit from our users in the structured product space. On-chain order books are tricky with collateral management, layer one congestion, transactions costs...

Psy Quarterly Review: Q1 2022

We can’t believe Q1 is already over! It was a historic quarter for us at PsyOptions, as we launched the $PSY token in the most oversubscribed IEO on FTX to date, acquired PsyFinance(previously known as Tap Finance) in the first intra-ecosystem acquisition on Solana, launched the first DOV with a bidding process that is open to everyone, and much more. Let’s take a look back on this whirlwind of a quarter. — January. — January was arguably the biggest month of the quarter for us, and was highlighted by two major events: the $PSY IEO, and our acquisition of PsyFinance. Each of these were historic moments in our short history for a variety of reasons. With the release of our token, we took a big step towards our goal of becoming a community owned on-chain financial services platform for users across the globe. You can take a look at all of the details surrounding our tokenomics and governance structure here. Additionally, the PsyDAO is nearing completion as we finish laying out the final pieces of infrastructure. With the acquisition of PsyFinance, we completed the first intra-ecosystem acquisition in Solana’s brief history. The reason behind this acquisition being that our mission is all about becoming the de facto on-chain financial services platform for DeFi users across the globe. This mission started with vanilla, American style options, but to become the “one stop shop” we will have to expand beyond ...

Announcing the Serum Vault on PsyFinance!

We’re excited to announce that PsyFinance and Serum have teamed up to launch a SRM Covered Call Vault on PsyFinance’s new v2 vault architecture! Not only does the new vault give SRM holders an additional way to earn yield, it is also the second vault we’ve brought to market on Solana that allows anyone to bid on the vault’s weekly auctions alongside market makers.We drank the Serum and transformed into an improved DOV — What is it? - PsyFinance has launched a SRM Covered Call Vault that can be found on Users can deposit their SRM and start generating 20%+ APY! The strategy uses SRM Call Options that are minted on PsyOptions European options architecture weekly and (now with v2) sold to anyone who wants to buy them during our weekly auctions. — How to use it? - Acquire $SRM through your preferred CEX or DEX., Go to and deposit your $SRM into the vault., ??? (The vault automates a Covered Call strategy), Profit, — Why is it important? - With PsyFinance’s v2 vault architecture, the SRM vault will sell the weekly call options on Serum’s order books. That means anyone who is interested in purchasing SRM call options can bid on them each week alongside the existing market makers, creating yield for the vaults. This is a huge step forward in democratizing access to financial products for all Solana users! Learn more about how to bid on the v2 vaults by viewing our docs...

PsyFinance v2 and What It Brings to the Table

It’s been one week since the launch of PsyFinance v2, and we couldn’t be more excited to have this protocol out in the wild for all to use. There have been quite a lot of improvements made to this version of the protocol, so let’s take a deeper look into what PsyFinance v2 brings to the table! — Protocol Improvements. — The major upgrade in PsyFinance v2 is our transition from American style options, to European style options. This transition will dramatically increase capital efficiency which in turn will lead to increased returns for our users! Another major improvement comes in the form of our new auction process. Previously, only white listed institutions could participate in the PsyFinance auctions, but not anymore! Auctions will now be held on the PsyOptions x Serum orderbook so anyone can bid on the weekly options alongside our market makers. Having a more competitive bidding process will improve pricing and boost yield for our users! Checkout our walkthrough guide here. We’re also focused on improving the user experience. Currently, users of PsyFinance v1 have to do the following: 1.) Initialize a receipt 2.) Deposit/withdraw the receipt and 3.) Exchange the receipt next epoch In v2, we have consolidated this process. Steps 1 and 2 will now be executed in a single transaction, and Step 3 will be done automatically via the program saving time and money! Additionally PsyFinance v2 will support c...

Announcing the PsyFinance x Socean Partnership!

Swimming in a Socean of yield We’re excited to announce that PsyFinance and Socean have teamed up to launch a scnSOL covered call vault on PsyFinance’s new V2 vault architecture! Not only does the new vault allow scnSOL users a new way to earn yield while aiding in the decentralization of Solana, it is also the first vault on Solana that allows anyone to bid on the vault’s weekly auctions alongside market makers. — What is it? - PsyFinance has launched a scnSOL Covered Call Vault that can be found on Users can deposit their scnSOL and start generating 20%+ APY with the staking rewards they are already receiving! The strategy uses scnSOL to collateralize SOL Call Options that are minted on PsyOptions European options architecture weekly and (now with V2) sold to anyone who wants to buy them. — How to use it? - Head over to Socean and stake your SOL to receive $scnSOL back., Go to and deposit your $scnSOL into the vault., ??? (The vault automates a Covered Call strategy), Profit, — Why is it important? - Staking your SOL aides in decentralization by providing validators SOL to validate the network. With Socean, you can not only stake your SOL and earn staking rewards, but you can also use the scnSOL in other DeFi protocols like PsyFinance to double dip on yields. Additionally, with PsyFinance’s V2 vault architecture, the scnSOL vaults will sell the weekly call option...

Psy Biweekly Update

In this update we will be covering the progress made thus far on our next product, an under-collateralized and cash settled European style options trading protocol, primarily our on-chain Black-Scholes algorithm that we’ve been working on for it. Additionally, we have a few community updates for the Psy faithful! Friendly reminder before we get into the update: SOL options are live on PsyOptions! — Product Updates. — For our upcoming European style options protocol, currently dubbed “PsyMarkets”, we’ve been trying to figure out how to counter certain attacks on the market in times of low liquidity, and generally how to stop users from getting liquidated when the market has poor liquidity. We also settled on using Black-Scholes to set limits on the market price of the option for collateral purposes. Black-Scholes on-chain is a fairly big technical challenge. It requires hard math that eats a lot of resources, plus you need IV and risk-free interest rate information that is currently not offered on Solana yet. Here’s a chart to demonstrate how close the estimate provided by our prototype is to the real prices currently available on PsyOptions SOL markets. (NOTE: This is not financial advice, Black-Scholes pricing is not completely accurate for American style options) The on-chain version is working, albeit rather slowly. At current compute limits we can support 2–3 solo positions per mark price update, h...

PsyFinance: Tapping into Structured Products

PsyFinance’s long term vision is offering sustainable yield through options strategies to the Solana Ecosystem. PsyFinance will add a number of different vaults for a wide variety of single token assets for users to select their strategy depending on their market outlook. The problem using option strategies to generate yield on idle single token assets requires lots of time and domain expertise. The barrier to entry for users is high, leading to wasted time manually compounding gains and unrealized opportunities to generate yield. — PsyFinance Solution - Automated Yield Strategies PsyFinance vaults will automate option strategies for users. Each vault will execute a particular strategy, such as put selling or covered calls. Different strategies will have different expected returns, so users can select their vault to meet their own outlook on the market. Additionally, all yields are auto-compounded to maximize gains while minimizing effort. Learn more via our documents: 👈 If earning passive yield on your Solana assets sounds interesting, let’s see how we can get involved using PsyFinance Vaults! If you are on our landing page click on “Vaults” or “Structured Products” This will take you to the PsyFinance Vault features to deposit and earn! There are a number of different asset vaults and strategies we can choose from each with its own benefits. Make sure to check out our Documents for addit...

Psy Biweekly Update

It’s finally the “Wednesday after next”, and we’re back with our Biweekly update! We’re dropping the “options” from “PsyOptions Biweekly Update” now that we’ve expanded our product offering to include PsyFinance. It’s bittersweet to see it go, but luckily for us we have that…option. Now let’s get into the update! — Product Updates. — On the PsyFinance side of things, we’ve recently increased the caps for our SOL and ETH Covered Call Vaults! The max vault capacities are now 7,500 SOL and 200 ETH respectively. Now more users can get in on that sweet, sweet yield! We’ve also started designing an overhauled UI for PsyFinance. As soon as things start shaping up, we’ll start dropping the teasers for you all! This past week some of our team members stopped by mtnDAO for some hacking (and a bit of skiing). We were able to pass out some more of the coveted PSY merchandise, as well as speak with a few people working on some of our outstanding bounties! We’ll have more information regarding these upon completion. The Convergence Hackathon concluded during the time since our last update, and we’d like to thank everyone who helped organize it as well as all of the developers who participated! The Future of France starts with the builders, and we’re happy to see all of these developers come together to do what they do best: build. Congratulations to the PsyOptions Track winners, Sollar Pr...

Options Liquidity Mining: A Guide to Creating Option Markets

When projects want to incentivize users, they typically airdrop tokens to user wallets. Teams have successfully completed airdrops with minimum impact to economic stability however more often than not, airdrop recipients tend to sell off their rewards immediately. Scenarios such as this can be detrimental to protocols especially in early stage community growth. We believe that transitioning airdropping tokens to airdropping options can resolve those pain-points. This is what we consider “Option Liquidity Mining”. Options give communities the upside exposure to the project without the economic incentive or pressure to sell off for immediate short term returns. Option Liquidity Mining aligns communities to the project’s long term success and allows the holders to sell or exercise when there is economic incentive to do so. When the holder does have enough upside to sell, they will have to pay to exercise the option before they can sell the project’s token, resulting in additional funding for the team to continue their development. “PsyOptions is the settlement and clearing protocol for asset settled options on Solana. Anyone can create options for any SPL token using the V1 program. The end user can set the strike price, the amount of the asset (typically 100 in TradFi), the expiration, and even what asset they would like to denote the option in”. This gives extreme flexibility to protocols who want to reward particip...

PsyOptions Biweekly Update: 02/09

We’re back! It’s been a busy start to the year, but we’re getting back to our regularly scheduled biweekly updates. Every other Wednesday, we’ll be covering what’s going on within the PSY Ecosystem, and what we’ve been working on. Before we get started, here’s a brief rundown of what happened in January: The PsyOptions American v1 contract was open sourced! Our front end, and back end repositories are now both open source, and available to all. Checkout the tweet of the announcement here., $PSY launched with IEOs on both FTX and Gate. Both of these IEOs were oversubscribed by over 20x, and $PSY became the most oversubscribed IEO in the history of FTX! $PSY spot markets are now live on FTX, Gate, and AscendEX., The $PSY-USDC Fusion Farm went live on Raydium. Users who deposit their $PSY-USDC LP tokens into the farm are currently earning 188.84% APR in $PSY rewards!, We also made waves across the Solana Ecosystem by acquiring Tap Finance, now known as PsyFinance! This was the first intra-ecosystem acquisition in Solana’s history, and proud to be making historical strides in such a young ecosystem. Checkout our official announcement, as well as the CoinDesk article covering this acquisition., We also released our high level roadmap for 2022. Options are just the beginning for us, and we’re excited to be working towards bringing even more product offerings to our users! Check it out here., Last but not least, ...

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