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OS Price:
$17.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #OS today is $4.48 USD.

The lowest OS price for this period was $0, the highest was $4.48, and the current live price for one OS coin is $4.47923.

The all-time high OS coin price was $78.50.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of OS with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Ethereans crypto currency is #OS.

Ethereans is a newer coin by our records, at least 10.9 months in age.


The current market capitalization for Ethereans is $3,591,768.

Ethereans is ranking upwards to #1208, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #OS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Ethereans is $17,003.


The circulating supply of OS is 801,871 coins, which is 75% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Ethereans is it's unusually low supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


OS has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #OS, and you can view them on our OS disambiguation page.



EthereansOS is now on Optimism!

EthereansOS is now on Optimism! OS-UP 3, New Interface Design and the Summer Theatre Schedule is now live! - — We built, oh how we built! Today we published a huge update for EthereansOS! Let’s look into it:. — — 🟥 EthereansOS has Colonized Optimism. — — 💻 New Interface Designs. — — 📲 EthereansOS Mobile Version is Here!. — — 🗳 OS-UP 3 is Here!. — — 🔴 Ethereans Labs Summer Events. — — 🟥 EthereansOS has Colonized Optimism - Both Items, Covenants and FoF are deployed on Optimism as a colony of the L1 EthereansOS Organization! Here you can find all of the Addresses both on L1 and on L2: — How Does Colonies Work?. — The protocol fees from layer 2 are sent to the L1 Organization, producing value for the main Organization! This is the first version of Colonies, a step forward in making the Protocol’s Organizations self-sustainable and interoperable between different layers. You can find more info about how Colonies works from here: Documentation, Github Colony L2, Github Colony L1, Github AbstractColony, Colony L1 Address, Colony L2 Address, — How Has EthereansOS Economics Changed?. — EthereansOS can now also earn fees from Optimism! The Factories deployed in L2 work exactly as Colonies from the main Organization do in L1. EthereansOS now also earn from: L2 Covenants Farming, L2 Covenants Routines, L2 Factory of Factories, — EthereansOS interface is ready for Optimism!. — Using the EthereansOS interface, you can quickly switch from L1 and L2. You can transfer existing Items, NFTs, ERC20 and Decks into L2, or create new Items or wrap native Optimism ERC20 and NFTs. You can also create farming contracts and Routines on L2. — Guilds, Factories and △△△△△△ will be Optimism Ready on Day 1. — In the upcoming releases, Guilds, Factories and △△△△△ will be Optimism ready from day 1! — 💻 New Interface Designs - We’ve added two new interface styles: — 👓 - A new, super elegant interface design, with a 👓 palette that is perfect for viewing on any kind of device. Yes, that includes mobile too, Ethereans! — 💾 - Designed for old-school hackers, a new ultra-minimal design inspired by ancient DOS computer terminals found in cult-classic games and movies. See you in The Matrix, anon. 😎 — 📲 EthereansOS Mobile Version is Here! - We have opened the gateway to the mobile version of EthereansOS. You can now do everything from your smartphone 🎉 — 🗳 OS-UP 3 is Here! - Based on the issue founded by Circle Square: We prepared the OS-UP 3: The OS-UP 3 is a Root proposal that changes the following routines: OS Inflation Routine, the Investment Fund Buy Routine, the Investment Fund Sell Routine, The OS Inflation SubDAO (Connected to the new routine), The Investment Fund Buy SubDAO (Connected to the new routine), The Investment Fund Sell SubDAO (Connected to the new Routine), We also updated the Inflation and Investment Fund Gilds Factories, available soon for the public, in the EthereansOS interface Guilds Update. — Main Changes. — All of the three new Routines works exactly as the old routines did, but instead of swapping from the Input to Output token with a executor customisable route. The route and the AMM are now hardcoded, preventing the executor from acting as a scalper like in the following transaction:, We updated the Investment Buy and Sell SubDaos, to let OS holders to vote not just for the Tokens to buy and sell, but for the specific Route., We also added a new function to the investment fund, executable via a Root Vote to flush the funds stored in the Investment Fund to the Root Wallet in case of an emergency., You can find the new code here: Investment Manager, OS Inflation, — Funds Management. — The Old investment fund didn’t have the flush function, as all of the funds are locked in the old contract. However, it will continue working properly and this means that every week it will sell the tokens and send the ETH to the Splitter. With this proposal we’re also sending 40 ETH from the Root Wallet to the new investment fund contract, to buy the tokens with the new contract and 5,000 USDC from the Ethereans Labs wallet. We also promised to send back the Ethereum to EthereansOS the missed earnings if someone attacks the daily inflation, until the OS-UP3. This actually happened only one time, and based on the average EthereansOS daily earnings, we’ll send to the splitter 0.5 ETH from Ethereans Labs. — Long Story Short:. — OS-UP3 is for: Change the Investment Fund and Inflation Routines, Add new SubDAOs to govern new Inflation and Investment Fund Routines, Send 40 ETH from the Root Wallet to the New Investment Fund to buy Tokens., Ethereans Labs will send 0.5 ETH to the EthereansOS Splitter and 5,000 USDC to the EthereansOS New Investment Fund., You can vote here: > Governance > OS-UP > Active > OS Inflation and Investment Fund Scalping Solution. You can follow the voting analytics here: — 🔴 Ethereans Labs Summer Events - The VB theater is back, for a huge summer schedule: — August:. — 10 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 Hack Night 02 with Vasapower: In depth overview of Colonies and Optimism., 24 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 Ethereans Queries 01 with JPN, 31 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 The Lore 01 with Valemostro, Spindemul and DavideAbbate: Ethereans Studios, — September:. — 7 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 Frank and matteo Show 02 with Frank_C and Matteoikari: Our Optimism and our Merge, 14 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 Mad Science 02 with tOSchi.eth: The Ecosystem, 21 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 The Lore 02 with Valemostro, Spindemul and DavideAbbate, 28 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 A new mysterious event hosted by GYP, — October:. — 5 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 Frank and matteo Show 03 with Frank_C and Matteoikari: Decentralized? Autonomous? Organization?, 12 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 Hack Night 03 with Vasapower: Guilds structure, 19 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 Mad Science 03 with tOSchi.eth: On-Chain Organizations and legal implications, 24 — 6:30 CEST 🔴 Ethereans Queries 02 with JPN, — ⏩ Next steps? - The next release will be Guilds and △△△△△△, both in Mainnet and Optimism! EthereansOS is now on Optimism! was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Covenants Farming is now 90% cheaper!

Covenants Farming is the innovative and secure way to build Farming Contracts for any use cases. 0 coding is required and cloned on-chain by the Covenants factory. Today we deployed the new Covenants Farming Factories, one for Uniswap V3 and the multi AMM (Uniswap V2, Sushiswap, Mooniswap, and Balancer).Why are the new Covenants factories fancy? We reduced by 90% the deployment costs by due to an innovative architecture we experimented with in secret in our Lab 👀Let’s look at the numbers! 🔴 OLD Multi-AMM Farm Deploy costs: 7.2M Gas — 0.36 ETH (~$630) 50 gwei 🔴 OLD Uniswap V3 Farm Deploy costs: 6.2M Gas — 0.26 ETH (~$530) 50 gwei 🟢 NEW Multi-AMM Farm Deploy costs: 760k Gas — 0.03 ETH (~$50) 50 gwei 🟢 NEW Uniswap V3 Farm Deploy costs: 730K Gas — 0.031 ETH (~$55) 50 gweiYeah, it’s a 90% reduction In L1!This is just the first step of the Ethereans Labs roadmap to make EthereansOS as cheap as ever!How we did it? Don’t miss out the Hack Night with Vasapower.eth on June 22 6:30pm CEST at the VB Theatre in our Discord, to learn more about our latest Solidity Spell Cast! Ethereans Labs Discord: almost forgot! By NOW, you can build your Multi-AMM and Uniswap V3 farming contracts using the New Covenants Farming Factories! Let’s try it by your own: Covenants Farming is now 90% cheaper!👀 was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Welcome to the Ethereansverse, Ethereans Labs is Here!

A magical place, hidden in the Ethereansverse where scientists, occultists, magicians, and hackers experiment together for the future of the Ethereans’ kind.Ethereans Labs is Here! Ethereans Labs AG is the incorporated company behind the world’s premier on-chain Ethereum development protocol, EthereansOS. Ethereans Labs is working hard and using its lab to continue building EthereansOS and to empower the adoption and awareness of the L1+ of Ethereum! You can learn more from the Ethereans Labs website: https://ethereanslabs.comDon’t Worry, the Lab Can’t Rule EthereansOS EthereansOS protocol is a 100% decentralized and self-sustained protocol. It is entirely independent from Ethereans Labs. Statement of Independence: Ethereans Labs cannot arbitrarily manipulate, in any way possible, any decentralized functions deployed via smart contracts on the 30 of November 2021, starting with the Ethereum block number 13715143. EthereansOS can only be ruled by $OS token holdersDefining the Role of Ethereans Labs We can’t rule EthereansOS, but we can continue empowering it. Ethereans Labs has six main roles in the EthereansOS Ecosystem: BUIDL — Ethereans Labs is committed to the continuous R&D of new tools in the smart contracts space, while at the same time respecting our core values and producing new forms of revenue for the EthereansOS protocol public treasury. EMPOWER — Ethereans Labs is here to empower the adoption of the EthereansOS protocol and the Ethereum Ecosystem by building web2 free and commercial tools. We aim to empower developers and guide the way for them to interact with web3. Also, we’re building the necessary framework to let DAOs become legitimate real-world incorporated companies! RELATIONSHIPS — Ethereans Labs is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with all legit existing teams and influencers in the space. This means we will be investing in Ethereum-based events, hackathons, and non-profit Ethereum development, in order to push the ecosystem forward and drive adoption of public goods. We imagine Ethereans Labs to be like an incubation plaza, a space to empower legit startups to grow and take advantage of the EthereansOS protocol. AWARENESS — Ethereans Labs has a very coordinated and ambitious roadmap to build the lore that represents the Ethereans culture. As such, Ethereans Labs has a fundamental role in the propagation and adoption of Ethereans brand awareness via animations, games illustrations, comics, merch, advertising, and other forms of B2C assets. COMPLIANCE — Ethereans Labs secures and owns the EthereansOS brand and trademarks to avoid copycats or scammers. Ethereans Labs is also used to let its builders work and get paid, complying with the rules and regulations of their respective countries. VCs — The EthereansOS protocol and the $OS economics are free from being influenced or captured by VCs. Investing in the $OS tokens means investing in all of the EthereansOS protocol on-chain utilities. Separately, Ethereans Labs’ private equity shares are an investment betting on the businesses built on-top of and in the Ethereans brand, lore, and any other off-chain assets. Ethereans Labs and its VC investment opportunities help the ecosystem’s growth without risking corrupting the on-chain protocol and its governance.A New Era For All of the Ethereans Discord Remake: We’ve redesigned our Discord Server from scratch, to make it the center of the world for Ethereans R&D! However, we don’t want to be all work and no play- that’s no fun. We’ve built in fun and exciting new channels like degen chat, memes chat, and a classy channel reserved exclusively for only the best shit-posting. Discord Link: Communication: In the last two and half years, we only cared about building, building, and more building! We’ve never been one of those projects that talks a lot, preferring to ship code and talk later. But now the time has finally come to switch gears …we’re at the beginning of a new era of our approach to adoption and marketing. It’s time to let the whole world know the power of what we’ve built. And we promise, this is just the beginning fellow ethereans…Ethereans Events at the VB Theater Elsewhere In the Ethereansverse, the VB Theater is now open! Starting next week, we’ll be hosting weekly events with team members, parties, and external hosts. So come and join! June Scheduling:Wednesday 15 6:30pm CET | The Frank & Matte Talk Show with MatteoIkari.eth and Frank_C.eth A new Talk Show in town chatting about EthereansOS and the Ethereum Ecosystem.Wednesday 22 6:30pm CET | Hack Night with Vasapower.eth Let’s dive into the EthereansOS code and its infinite possibilities to build with the Ethereans Labs CTO Vasapower.ethWednesday 29 6:30pm CET | Why Granularity is Fundamental! Toschi.eth explains the strategy and the direction of Ethereans Labs in building the future of human coordination. We’re also working to improve the monthly events scheduling, with many surprises in store. We want to make the Ethereans Labs journey the most exciting thing ever made!Welcome to the new direction of Ethereans Labs communication! See you on Wednesday 15th June in the opening Event of the VB Theater! Welcome to the Ethereansverse, Ethereans Labs is Here! was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Items V2 Interface is here! With some fantastic Christmas surprises for all of the Ethereans!

#MerryChristmas — 🔷 Items V2 Interface. — — 📈 AMMs and OpenSea Cross-Trade. — — 🌐 Ethereans Interface now supports ENS. — — 💰 Earn via Itemized stable assets arbitrage. — — 🎅 Christmas Doge is here! HoHoHo. — 🔷 Items V2 Interface 🎉 Items V2 Interface is here! https://ethos.eth.linkNow you can create Native Items or wrap existing Erc-20, Erc-721, Erc1155 take advantage of all the opportunities of the Item standard!As quick recap: Items are interoperable objects on top of Ethereum. Items acting both as Erc-20 and Erc-1155, merging the interoperability of the DeFi world with the innovative functions of the ERC-1155. Erc-1155 introduced Batch transfer, the ability to send multiple tokens into a single transaction, metadata widely used in the NFT world, and new, more ingenious Transfer functions. Items V2 evolves Erc-1155 and Erc-20 standards by introducing dynamic Metadata, On-Chain metadata implementation, cross collection batch transfer, permit transactions, extensions, and more: The Item Standard📈 AMMs and OpenSea Cross Trade Into the Item V2 Interface we added a new awesome trading experience for Ethereans! You can now trade every Item both using AMMs (Uniswap V2, V3, Sushiswap, Balancer, and Mooniswap) and both using Open Sea Orders. Also, we added an automatic wrapping implementation to wrap your ERC20 quickly, ERC1155, and ERC721 into Items to manage this new cross-trade experience. This means that you finally have an order book for Every Existing ERC20 and trade them on-chain without the need to lose money into high price impact for larger trades. This also means that you can finally arbitrate NFTs from OpenSea orders and AMMs liquidity in the Itemized version.🌐 Ethereans Interface now supports ENS The EthereansOS Interface now supports ENS names and Avatars! If you connect your wallet to the last release, you can see your Primary ENS Name (reverse record) and your avatar!Now let’s start talking about some fabulous Christmas gifts to all of the Ethereans 😏🎅🎁💰 Earn via Itemized stable assets arbitrage Using the Item standard, you can wrap every Existing asset into Items. To boost initial usage of the Item version of Ethereum and Stable coins, we paid the gas fees to open some stable Uniswap V3 pools: IETH (Ethereum Itemized) — ETH (TF: 0.01%) IUSDC (USDC Itemized) — USDC (TF: 0.01%) IDAI (DAI Itemized) — DAI (TF: 0.01%) IFEI (FEI Itemized) — FEI (TF: 0.01%) IWBTC (WBTC Itemized) — WBTC (TF: 0.01%) IMIM (MIM Itemized) — MIM (TF: 0.01%) IUSDT (USDT Itemized) — USDT (TF: 0.01%) These pairs are stable because arbitrators can take advantage of price changes via Wrapping and Unwrapping these ERC20 into Items. You can take advantage of this arbitrage opportunity via adding liquidity and earning trading fees using the Concentrated Liquidity feature of Uniswap V3.🎅 Christmas Doge is here! HoHoHo Designed by @valemostro and @Spindemul, The Christmas Doge ($HoHoHo) is strong and bold! He is here! Walking on Ethereum Blocks.This is a Christmas gift by the @EthereansOS team to all of the Ethereans! The Christmas Doge (address: 0x654DB5B6b1E7E5359eA3e256941301fA54691B9A) has a supply of 10,000 $HoHoHo, and it’s an Item v2 from the new collection Ethereans Specials, a collection of special Items V2 gifts for the EthereansOS community. To receive $HoHoHo, you need to farm it on covenants here: The $HoHoHo farming season has a duration of 2 weeks, starting today, by adding diluted liquidity in the Uniswap V3 pool OS — ETH (TF: 1%). Daily Reward: 576 $HoHoHo. We also opened a pool in Uniswap V2 (The dogs land) $HoHoHo — ETH: Christmas, Ethereans! And Next? Delegations 😏 Items V2 Interface is here! With some fantastic Christmas surprises for all of the Ethereans! was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Discord Reorganization, Delegations and Items Interface update

This post is TL;DR of our developing and community strategy.. — Illustration by @valemostro — - The Discord community update. — — - The Delegations Update. — — - Roadmap changes. — The Discord community update The Discord server will be reorganized step by step during the next few weeks. In the current setup, the Discord server is set to host chats for newbies and automatically evolve users into Apprentice and then Ethereans by their activity. This helps community managers to know newcomers better and if they don’t follow the server rules, admins can remove experience points from them. Discord community aims to be a place to host people who want to be active in EthereansOS R&D and to help holders to manage the governance freely and easily. Our goal is to make Discord a place that can empower EthereansOS R&D, favouring good conversations with respect for its holders, the team, and the future of the protocol. The EthereansOS team is following its vision to develop the most exciting place to build on and use Ethereum. This job, trust me, is very hard. The EthereansOS community is also becoming more and more responsible for that. Communities are one of the core structures of web3, but also a point of failure of decentralized protocols. The organizations of EthereansOS are built with the idea of Granular Governance. This means building a real permissionless way to govern a protocol, but also making it safe from possible bad human behaviors, like short term gains of a whale. — The aim of the EthereansOS Discord community is to:. — Give holders a free space to discuss the governanceEmpower ideas and the team R&DBuild community-based R&Ds via delegations and grants. — The first step:. — The first step is to empower Governance conversations for holders-only decision making:Protocol FeesOS inflation rate/yQuarterly tokens to buy via the FundWeekly tokens to sell via the Fund We’re now testing a thread system for it. In the current setup, Apprentice and Ethereans can create an open discussion of these permissionless proposals, and every user can discuss them. To open a thread, Apprentices and Ethereans MUST follow these templates, with the aim of helping the organization of contents. If a user starts a thread without following the template, the thread will soon be eliminated. This is just the first step! We’ll open R&D discussion the the upcoming weeks to make our Discord experience awesome!The Delegations Update Days ago, I posted: …Delegations are not the next release, but for a good reason! We tested some interesting ways to avoid scalping in the Delegations Logic during the development. The idea was to publish this change in the future, but testing is going well, so it is better to start the delegation ecosystem with it, and I’m telling you why. The specific case of the EthereansOS Organization is grants based on holders’ support. This is already a great weapon to let holders freely decide the activities to finance. This system would work great, but it is not perfect. An Organization can detach or ban a Delegation, and in the current version, if a Delegation is detached, the Delegation can quickly come back, and if banned, it’ll never be able to come back in the future. The problem with the current version is that a bad actor can quickly open a Delegation, jump into an organization, take the grants with some whales’ backing and go away, basically stealing money. On the contrary, for an Organization, banning a Delegation is a complex task, because for example, in the EthereansOS case, we need to propose the ban via the Root Layer, organize the vote, reach the quorum in a week, or, if we’re lucky enough, the Hard Cap in less time. But there is a way to protect grant funds from scalpers, and it’s called staking! Risks and economic disincentives are powerful tools that make Blockchain secure and permissionless. They’ll also become a powerful tool to make protocol changes secure from scalpers and bad human behaviors. We’re introducing new tools in the Delegations Manager for organizations to set a minimum stake that a Delegation needs to receive grants. If they misbehave and the organization decides to ban the Delegation, the stake is automagically burned! What does this mean? Let’s make an example with EthereansOS delegations. A delegation representative puts an amount of $OS in stake (500 $OS) to be eligible to attach his Delegation to EthereansOS and receive grants based on supporters. Funds are locked and secure, and when the Delegation is detached, the Staker will be able to withdraw funds or maintain them there to make the Delegation able to come back anytime in the future. But if the Delegation misbehaves, and Ethereans want to ban it, their $OS are burned! This works as insurance of intentions for Delegation representatives during their active period. This creates a huge barrier to entry for bad behavior because scalpers who want to take advantage of quarter grants and steal funds have to spend a lot of money. Also, the amount of OS stake needed will be votable via a surveyless SubDAO in the Governance Layer of EthereansOS, with a default value of 500 $OS and between these selections: 10 $OS — 50 $OS — 100 $OS — 500 $OS — 1,000 $OS — 5,000 $OS Next week, we’re also reviewing all of the requests for delegations’ private grants! AleToschi.eth will contact Delegation representatives. If you haven’t requested the grants yet, you can do it via this form: changes We have several things to add to the interface! In the meantime that we’re doing last testings for the Delegations protocol update, we’ll release Items V2 Interface and the fantastic idea of cross-trading between AMMs and OpenSea Orders.More info soon ;) Discord Reorganization, Delegations and Items Interface update was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Building the Unprecedented

It’s been a while since I published a post. My activity on social media has slowed down as the intensity of our work has ramped up.. — And now, after over two and a half years of research and development of DFOhub, Items and Covenants, and eight further months of relentless hard work with no time to think about anything else, it’s finally here. We’re deploying the Ethereans Operating System. Building an entire operating system for Ethereum has been incredibly difficult, far more so than building a single application. Building an operating system to build on top of Ethereum is more complex than building dapps. And we have made it all interoperable, flexible, composable and secure for end-users, a challenge that few skilled teams can approach. I think that from the outside, we must seem crazy. During a bull market, building with a real vision looks that way. Our vision of Ethereum is one not just as a place to make a ponzi or some quick cash, but as the layer for all future applications with real purpose and value, that will redesign countless industries thanks to the innovations of Web 3.0. As I write this, 99% of people working on Ethereum are blinded by the mania of the bull, and desperate to make off with some money before the inevitable crash. We’re here for a sustainable Web 3.0, for a secure, decentralized world that will endure. We chose not to ride the NFT art hype, but instead developed the Item standard, which merges and advances the previous token standards to allow for a new kind of object that is interoperable with the entire Ethereum universe, secure and customizable for any use case. Too complex for mere crypto art speculation! We chose not to scrap together some weird DeFi ponzi scheme, but instead developed a set of secure, general-purpose financial applications for use by all present and future applications on Ethereum: customizable farming contracts, the core of finance 2.0; routine contracts, powerful tools for automating decentralized task execution sequences like token inflation; and the first ever fully on-chain, contract-to-contract AMM Aggregator, allowing applications to interact seamlessly with the financial world other Ethereans are building. We didn’t just create another DAO run by meaningless polls that give token holders the illusion of control, when all they really do is signal to a centralized team that they would like something, please. Instead we built software for systems that execute decisions based on real, collective, decentralized willpower, no intermediary required whatsoever. And we made them deeply composable with granular, multi-layered permission levels, everything designed to strike the right balance between token holder incentives, development team incentives and the general human behavioral elements that influence their collaboration.We didn’t just copy paste the classic contract standards and deploy them for our own basic ends. We always had a platform approach, by building permissionless factories for any of the tools we made and used. We didn’t just make OS. We made a platform for building Items. We didn’t just make OS farms. We made a platform for farming any token. We didn’t just make a DAO to govern EthereansOS. We made a platform for building Organizations to govern anything. We also design a far more secure and customizable way of coding that others can use and in doing so contribute to a marketplace of code, contracts and applications,with the Factory of Factories. It is hard to overstate how much more difficult this is than just building single-use applications. In every instance of coding, we have to consider all possible uses of our software and construct security measures to prevent any possible bad-faith misuses. But it was worth it, and EthereansOS is ready to serve as the unprecedented ecosystem that will drive the future of secure and sustainable innovation on Ethereum. I know how difficult it must have been to follow our journey at times, especially when some other projects are popping up all around us into the valuation of billions even with extremely low-quality governances, tokens or copycat financial tools. And I want to thank all of our supporters. We’ve made it this far together. But this is just the beginning. It is the watershed moment that separates three years of backbreaking R&D and the release of what will be one of the most disruptive products on Ethereum in its entire history, and which will raise the standards for the whole industry. EthereansOS culture is designed on the idea to don’t just build on Ethereum to surf short-term gains, but to build to make the whole world a better place.We want EthereansOS to level the playing field for the entire planet of entrepreneurs, to leave territorial disadvantages behind and achieve the financial freedom that our generation deserves in this globalized world, in this border-less financial state we call Ethereum. Sincerely, AleToschi.eth Building the Unprecedented was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Covenants Farming Contract Creation Is Live!

Covenants Farming Contract Creation Is Live! - Covenants Developer Documentation Is Here! - Next AMA on April 22 - EthOS “Weekly” 4/8 — Weekly hashtags #Covenants #Farming #Grimoire. — — 🧙Covenants Farming Contract Creation Is Live. — — 📜Developer Documentation For Covenants Is Here. — — 📣AMA April 22. — 🧙Covenants Farming Contract Creation Is LiveDeep within the corridors of their mystical laboratories, a group of wizards have been hard at work, distilling the powerful magic of Covenants farming into easy-to-cast spells. They are now ready to offer these wizardly wares to all of the Etherean Kingdom. From young magelings just learning the ways to wield their wands, to scholarly spellcasters and plucky penguins, anyone can now access the full power of Covenants farming. 🔌Buidl Your Own Farms🌿 Covenants now offers fully customizable farming contracts through an easy-to-use interface, empowering everyone to set up their own liquidity mining farms. These farms can be hosted by any individual wallet, DFO, DAO, dApp or custom smart contract, using easy to set rules for distributing rewards to farmers (either by sending them from a reserve, or by minting them first.) You can navigate to the Farming dApp here: ⚒️Get Creative With a Variety of Options Farm any token, set your own emissions schedules, design custom incentive structures and rewards systems. Set up free farms, in which anyone can stake or unstake liquidity anytime, or set up locked ones, in which positions are limited and liquidity must be staked for a fixed period. 🔗Modular Extensions Architecture, Designed to Offer Interoperability and Security⚙️ Covenant farming contract architecture is designed to be as general purpose as possible, making integration easy for any wallet, dApp, organization (such as a DFO or DAO) or other project (like those represented by smart contracts). Using extensions, Covenants farming contracts are flexible and modular, and offer a high degree of hosting and management security.📜Developer Documentation for Covenants Is HereThe wizards present to you a large book, unfolding the strange leathery tome to reveal a series of spells. Using this instructional Grimoire, you may discover the secrets of the Covenants magic. Included among its pages are recipes to access powerful arcane magic. Welcome to Wizard School: In-Depth Documentation for Covenants is available now.🗄️ Veteran Wizards, Savvy Penguins, inquisitive students rejoice; the full documentation for Covenants is now available. Within its pages, find the in-depth technical guidelines on how to use all live Covenant dApps: the AMM Aggregator, WUSD, Farms, Inflation, Index Tokens and Presto. Also learn how to customize and integrate every single one of them with any frontend or dApp. This link will transport you to the documentation: Welcome to Covenants📣Upcoming AMA: April 22!📡 Don your wizard hats, pull on your Buidlerberg T-shirts and gather your fellow Ethereans for the upcoming AMA with the core EthOS developers. Learn about exciting new developments and get involved in the discussion. Join the EthereansOS community 👻 ❓You can start asking questions now in our official Discord: Join the ethOS Discord Server! The AMA will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube. Follow the Discord for updates.⏩What’s Next?🔜A long, low grumbling sound echoes above you — followed by silence.You look up at a sky of ash, raining down on you like black confetti. Smoke begins to fill the air as you feel the ground tremble beneath your feet. Has someone awakened those slumbering beasts of lore? Perhaps the prophecy is true, and the 🐉 have returned to the land.With this new magic unleashed upon the world, mythical creatures come alive… What exciting new adventures await the world of EthOS next? Find out in the next “weekly”… Covenants Farming Contract Creation Is Live! was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Covenants Has Arrived —  the Big ; New Inflation — Classic Farming; AMA March 6 — DFOhub v0.5

Covenants Has Arrived — the Big 🔥; New Inflation — Classic Farming; AMA March 6 — DFOhub v0.5 Rescheduled — $CELL — EthOS Weekly 2/21 Weekly hashtags #burn #Covenants We have a lot of things to share with you today. — ✅ Covenants Release In Progress!. — — 🔥 Big Burn and Tokenless Governance Beta. — — 📅 DFOhub v0.5 Rescheduled. — — 🧑‍💻 Post-Burn $BUIDL, $ARTE and $UniFi Inflation. — — 👨‍🌾 Interim Classic Farming Season. — — ✨ EthOS AMA (March). — — 🌚 Cell Has Taken Over UniFi v1. — ✅ Covenants Release In Progress! The first wave of Covenants, the ethOS DeFi platform, has rolled out. We had originally planned to release it entirely in early January, and again in early February, but encountered some major challenges during development. To overcome these, we built a few new products that we’ll release to the public later on, like the Responsible Testing Framework and Frontend Framework, which you can read about in this earlier Weekly: And if you missed the “Multiverse DeFi” Direct for the Covenants release, here’s the link: Here’s what we’ve rolled out so far. The Aggregator The Covenants Aggregator is the first ever on-chain AMM aggregator. On-Chain Aggregators vs Semi On-Chain Aggregators All other aggregators — 1inch, for example — operate semi on-chain. While excellent at finding the best prices for trades, they process all transactions via their off-chain frontends. Smart contracts cannot read frontends, so they can’t interact with these aggregators. Only human individual wallets and off-chain arbitration bots can, and only for basic token swaps. The Covenant Aggregator is free from such limitations. It is equipped with AMM-standardizing Solidity APIs that smart contracts can read. This means that any wallet, dApp, DAO, DFO or customized smart contract can use it, and for much more than just token swaps. It unlocks multi-AMM farming, on-chain arbitrage, token inflation, liquidity crafting, stablecoin collateralization and more. dApp Integration Covenant dApps are powered by the Aggregator, and any DFO, DAO or regular DApp that integrates them can take full advantage of their multi-AMM functionality. Whitelisted AMMs Uniswap v2 Sushiswap v1 Balancer v1 Mooniswap v1 If $UniFi holders govern the Covenants DFO to whitelist more, Aggregator-integrated DFOs, DAOs and dApps can interact with them automatically without having to upgrade their contracts. Wrapped USD $WUSD is minted by collateralizing pairs of whitelisted stablecoins in the pools of whitelisted AMMs. By decentralizing the distribution of its collateral, and capable of rebalancing it for stability, $WUSD is not vulnerable to any single point of failure; it can only fail if the entire stablecoin industry collapses. The protocol is governed exclusively by $UniFi holders via the Covenants DFO, and cannot be censored or manipulated by any state, issuer or any other off-chain centralized intermediary. $WUSD the most resilient stablecoin there is, and is unstoppable as Ethereum itself. Covenant Inflation Fixed inflation contracts can be used to automate token supply inflation, treasury management and any other financial operation that needs to be executed in precise, block-based intervals. Contracts are customizable with one or more entries that define these operations and intervals. Don’t depend on ICOs or worry about soliciting investors anymore. Available Operations:MintSwapTransfer. Index Tokens Covenant index tokens are Items. Anyone can mint them at the Covenant Bazar (or by calling the smart contracts themselves) by locking a fixed amount of set tokens as collateral, and anyone can burn them to unlock that collateral. Index tokens can also be set up to feature standard metadata, like an icon and a description. Once minted, no one can alter an index token’s rules, and it will always be available to mint. Here is the release schedule for the rest of features You can read about all Covenant features in the Grimoire:🔥 The Big Burn and Tokenless Governance Beta !The Following Was Burned Moments Ago! $BUIDL ~90% (26,724,767) of the total supply 🔥 17,903,642 from the DFOhub wallet 8,821,125 from the NERV wallet ~1.5% of the total supply remains in the DFOhub wallet ~1% of the total supply remains in the NERV wallet $ARTE ~94% (5,573,223) of the total supply 🔥 3,148,164 from the DFOhub wallet 425,058 from the NERV wallet ~1.5% of the total supply remains in the DFOhub wallet ~1% of the total supply remains in the NERV wallet $UNIFI ~85% (46,831,627) of the total supply 🔥 22,206,423 from the DFOhub wallet 24,625,204 from the NERV wallet ~1.5% of the total supply remains in the DFOhub wallet ~1% of the total supply remains in the NERV wallet Why We Burned Them DFO development has reached a momentous milestone: Tokenless Governance Beta! Tokenless governance allows DFOs that require certain power structures to vote and reach hard caps only at the macro-DFO level — i.e, not at the subDAO level — using atomic mint-vote-born transactions. This means they don’t have to hold any superfluous tokens to develop their dApps, even as they gradually relieve all control of governance over time to token holders. Tokenless Governance also helps secure holders from rug pulls and other bad-faith activity. For more about subDAOs, Tokenless Governance and other infrastructural DFO features, visit:📅 DFOhub v0.5 Rescheduled As a result of the Covenants delay, we’ve also had to reschedule the release of DFOhub v0.5. Our original ETA was Q1; our new one is the end of Q2 / start of Q3. We know that you will be just as disappointed by this as us, and we want to apologize for getting ahead of ourselves with our original scheduling. While many of the roadblocks we’ve faced have been unexpected, that isn’t an excuse. Expect the unexpected: these are words to live by. We take full responsibility for this delay, and going forward, we will be sure not to raise any hopes that we might end up disappointing. Ultimately, this delay is the best thing for the ethOS. Everything we’re doing is unprecedented in the Ethereum network, and in line with Responsible DeFi Manifesto, we want to take the time to perfect the protocol before sharing it with the world. With the help of several external Communications and UI / UX teams, DFOhub will completely reinvent organization, governance, code management and more, in ways that are difficult to express in terms of scope and quality. That is one promise we can make. We hope that you’ll look everything we’ve already achieved, and continue to stand by us as our beloved community 💜🧑‍💻 Post-Burn $BUIDL, $ARTE and $UniFi Inflation Inflation will now be conducted via Tokenless Governance mint-vote-burn atomic transactions. When DFOhub v0.5 releases, token holders of $BUIDL, $ARTE and $UniFi will govern the inflation of each using subDAOs. Until then, inflation earnings will be distributed as before: 47.5% to the NERV wallet 47.5% split among farmers and the DFOhub, Covenants and Items DFO wallets 5% to the Where Is My Dragon Wallet Here are the numbers: — $BUIDL. — Until the release of DFOhub v0.5, the total inflation of $BUIDL is now 906 / day. Daily Inflation Events 600 $BUIDL sold for $ETH. - 73% of the $ETH is sent to the NERV DFO’s treasury - 22% of the $ETH is sent to the DFOhub DFO’s treasury - 5% of the $ETH is sent to the Where Is My Dragon 32.5 $BUIDL sold for $ARTE - 100% of the $ARTE is sent to the DFOhub DFO’s treasury 32.5 $BUIDL sold for $UniFi - 100% of the $UniFi is sent to the DFOhub DFO’s treasury 226 $BUIDL distributed to farmers (when Covenants farming releases) — $UniFi. — Until the release of DFOhub v0.5, the total inflation of $UniFi is now 4,813 / day. Daily Inflation Events 3,187.6 $UniFi sold for $ETH. - 73% of the $ETH is sent to the NERV DFO’s treasury - 22% of the $ETH is sent to the Covenants DFO’s treasury - 5% of the $ETH is sent to the Where Is My Dragon treasury 188.2 $UniFi sold for $BUIDL - 100% of the $BUIDL is sent to the Covenants DFO’s treasury 188.2 $UniFi sold for $ARTE - 100% of the $ARTE is sent to the Covenants DFO’s treasury 1,842.6 $UniFi distributed to farmers (when Covenants farming releases) — $ARTE. — Until the release of DFOhub v0.5, the total inflation of $ARTE is now 629 / day. Daily Inflation Events 416.6 $ARTE sold for $ETH. - 73% of the $ETH is sent to the NERV DFO’s treasury - 22% of the $ETH is sent to the Items DFO’s treasury - 5% of the $ETH is sent to the Where Is My Dragon Treasury 28.7 $ARTE sold for $BUIDL - 100% of the $BUIDL is sent to the Items DFO’s treasury 28.7 $ARTE sold for $UniFi - 100% of the $UniFi is sent to the Items DFO’s treasury 155 $ARTE distributed to farmers (when Covenants farming releases)👨‍🌾 Interim Classic Farming Season While we wait for the new Covenant farming contracts, a new classic farming season is open! All staked positions will be locked for 1 month (in blocks). If a position is unlocked prematurely, any rewards accrued so far will be sacrificed (rewards are accrued on a block-to-block basis). — $BUIDL. — *All Positions Are Filled* 30,000 $BUIDL in total can be staked. $7,500 $BUIDL in total are available as rewards. For every 4 $BUIDL staked, earn 1 as a reward (a 25% reward ratio). — $UniFi. — 150,000 $UniFi in total can be staked. $37,500 $UniFi in total are available as rewards. For every 4 $UniFi staked, earn 1 as a reward (a 25% reward ratio). — $ARTE. — 25,000 $UniFi in total can be staked. $6,250 $ARTE in total are available as rewards. For every 4 $ARTE staked, earn 1 as a reward (a 25% reward ratio).✨ EthOS AMA A lot has happened since our last AMA. We miss speaking to you guys directly, and it’s time we held another AMA. This one will be held at 9.30am on the 6th of March, CET. More info in the next weekly!🌚 Cell Has Taken Over the UniFi v1 DFO! What is it with FUNimation characters and disregarding property rights? Just as when Frieza distributed $FRZ after taking over the ethArt DFO, Cell will be distributing $CELL next week to $UniFi holders and via farming. $CELL holders will have complete and exclusive control of the UniFi v1 dApp and DFO (now known as CELL). We — the ethOS team — can’t and won’t support it directly anymore. In the meantime, the minting of $uSD (Unified Stable Dollar, v1 of $WUSD) is suspended, but it remains secure and backed at a 1:1 ratio by collateralized stablecoins, and $uSD holders can continue burning it to redeem them without any issues. $CELL holders will be able to unsuspend and manage $uSD minting, just as they’ll be able to manage every UniFi v1 function. Link to the UniFi v1 DFO (now known as CELL): Link to the dApp Covenants Has Arrived —  the Big 🔥; New Inflation — Classic Farming; AMA March 6 — DFOhub v0.5 was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

ethOS Direct, “Multiverse DeFi” — DFOhub v0.5

ethOS Direct, “Multiverse DeFi” -DFOhub v0.5 Rebrand Challenge -New Frameworks for dApp Frontends and Contract Testing — ethOS Weekly 28/1 — Weekly hashtags #UniFi #DFOs?. — Let’s start the second EthereansOS weekly of 2021! Here are the topics: — 🖼 DApps Frontend Framework. — — 🛡 A Responsible Testing Framework. — — 👻 DFO Rebrand Challenge. — — 🧙‍♂️🐧 Multiverse DeFi — ethOS Direct Event. — 🖼 dApp Frontend Framework Behind the scenes, early 2021 has been an intense period of development and growth for the ethOS team, with a big core release right around the corner. And, working with external teams, we’ve also built a new standardized framework for dApp frontends on Ethereum. Designed for use by all open Web3 communities, it will help them code and interact with each other with unprecedented simplicity, security and sophistication. The first dApp that will use this framework is a core ethOS project: Covenants.eth (UniFi v2). Once this releases, we’ll document the framework for use by anyone in the space.🛡 A Responsible Testing Framework The mockup mainnet in which Ethereum developers currently test smart contracts does not adequately prepare them for the live one, where they are vulnerable to unpredictable bugs. We have designed a far more secure testing environment. It offers the same simple, user-friendly experience as the Truffle Test suite, but bypasses limitations in Solidity code instrumentation to enable direct interaction with live contracts on Ethereum. It is based on the famous mocha testing suite for Javascript (, and uses the ganache-core to directly fork the Ethereum mainnet, using a node connection URL provided by the user. Configured for maximum performance, this fork bypasses the disk I/O to read/write blocks, directly saving all of it to memory (although, of course, its efficiency depends on the connection between user and node; the faster the connection, the faster the tests). But we had to design one part from scratch. This for the contract compilations. Whereas Truffle uses a customized solidity compiler, our test suite uses the much more efficient and accurate original, downloaded directly from GitHub. And to ensure the most precise testing possible, we recovered, forked and updated this (https://github,com/ConsenSysMesh/solc-vm), a Solidity version manager that will automatically download and install whichever version you require. The key takeaway is this: using our framework, you can test smart contracts that possess the exact same bytecodes, and exhibit the exact same behaviors, as what they will live on-chain.👻 DFO Rebrand Challenge v0.5 of DFOhub and DFOs marks a major milestone on our roadmap, and is just over the horizon. We invite the community to help us find a brand name that will do it justice. 🕰 StructureThe brand challenge will run from the 12th until the 20th of February. 🏆 Prices: 1️⃣ 0.6 ETH for the first place 2️⃣ 0.3 ETH for the second place 3️⃣ 0.2 ETH for the third place 4️⃣ 0.15 ETH for the fourth place 5️⃣ 0.1 ETH for the fifth place 🏛 Contest Rules: The ENS domain must be available! And to participate, the ENS must be sent to the contest wallet as proof of entry. But don’t worry, if you don’t place in the top six, we’ll send it back to you. $BUIDL holders will vote for the winners, who will be chosen based on the amount of $buidl staked for each at the contest’s end block.The name must be a single word, like Items or Covenants.The name must reflect the nature of the protocol’s platform and organizations. Ideal submissions will consider the wider ethOS ecosystem of which it is a core element.Any ENS which does not respect these conditions will be disqualified and sent back to the owner.🧙‍♂️🐧 Multiverse DeFi — ethOS Direct Event All Ethereans are invited to the second ever ethOS Direct, entitled “Multiverse DeFi”. It is scheduled for 8am, February 8th CET. Wizards and penguins will be in attendance. Livestream link: you there! ethOS Direct, “Multiverse DeFi” — DFOhub v0.5 was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

2021 is the year of EthOS // UniFi V2 is coming, now called Covenants.eth

2021 is the year of EthOS // UniFi V2 is coming, now called Covenants.eth //Buidlerberg Limited Edition T-Shirts — DFOhub Weekly 01/14 Weekly hashtags #Christmas #2021 #valemostro — Welcome to the 2021 Season! This year we will achieve the second phase of this R&D project with the DFOhub .5 and UniFi V2 releases.. — The Ethereans OS (EthOS) product is on its way, powered by ITEM, UniFi V2 and DFO .5 Interested? Read more at Now, let’s start with the Weekly: — 🧙‍♂️ UniFi V2 is coming, Now is called Covenants. — — 👕 Buidlerberg Limited Edition T-Shirts. — — 🎬 Buidlerberg Recap Videos. — 🧙‍♂️ UniFi V2 is coming, Now is called Covenants In the sacred valley of free Ethereum blooms Covenants.eth, a magical neutral zone that preserves the original energy of decentralization. Here, all ethereans can meet and swap tokens, create deals, trade items and NFTs, away from corporate-capture attempts. No routes determined by single parties, no token standard restrictions, only pure Web3 interoperability power. Stay tuned for more upcoming news!👕 Buidlerberg Limited Edition T-Shirts Valemostro created two Limited Edition T-shirt designs for Buidlerberg 2020 participants! The limited Edition Buidlerberg T-shirts are available in two colors with two unique illustrations. — Buidlerberg T-shirts are 100 in total and will be available for redeem until March the 1st, 2021.. — Thanks to (by Cryptonomist), we made it possible for buidlers to redeem their t-shirts without the need to spend money for shipping, thus making receiving a t-shirt as easy and cheap as redeeming a token. In order to REDEEM your t-shirt, all you have to do is send 15 Buidlers Tickets, airdropped to all Buidlerberg 2020 Participants prior to the event. Builders Tickets on Etherscan: Buidlers Tickets on the ITEM Page: Buidlers Tickets ITEMSwap: Buidlers Tickets OpenSea: — How to redeem a T-shirt?. — Select on the two limited edition t-shirt from this link: to the cart sectionFill the shipment formSelect “Pay with Buidler Tickets”Send 15 Buidlers Tickets (0x754b12394d06a6b9a3e6a21ab9d13c8ee563388e) for each t-shirt to this ethereum address: 0x0CE04fc671eD0BB6FE544e65C2855Ade506Da30BClick the Complete Order ButtonWhen you’ll receive the confirmation mail reply to this email with the transaction hash. Then you’ll receive finalised confirmation via mail (24–48h) after the human verification by TheCryptoMerch. Please make sure to fulfill every passage described above to be sure you’ll receive your t-shirt correctly. Every t-shirt costs 15 Buidlers Tickets ( without any charge for shipping costs.PLEASE NOTICE! In the whole industry, redeeming t-shirts by tokens is not yet possible, so they will check manually every order. You will see the website’s payment methods (for example, a $USD purchase button), but each attempt to order them without tickets will result in the order being canceled and not shipped! So trying to do that will result in a big waste of time. Just follow the steps described above and you will be set.🎬 Buidlerberg Recap Videos Buidlerberg 2020 is finished. We would like to thank all the speakers and participants for making this live event so entertaining and educational at the same time. If you lost some talks or just want to refresh some concepts, we put all talks available at the following link: Of Snipers, Vampires and Buidlers: The Secret History of DFOhub Materia: Not another Uniswap Fork On-Chain organizations Penguin Party: A New Paradigm for Gamifying Open-Source Software Development SmartShop An Operating System On Top Of Ethereum ETHLocal Residencies Round #1 The future of legal personality in a decentralized world DFO 0.5 Challenges and Development Coffee and Debunk MetaGame: Building A Decentralized Society Mithraeum: Stationary bandit at DAOs service Alpress: self-governing publication platform NFThub: The Best New Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed Buidlerberg MEMES AWARDS 2020 you next week! 2021 is the year of EthOS // UniFi V2 is coming, now called Covenants.eth was originally published in EthereansOS on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Ethereum Collapses Below $1500 Following The Merge

    Ethereum just experienced its first hint of post-merge price action. Unfortunately for bulls, it was to the downside.  After clinging to roughly $1600 over the past 24 hours, Ethereum has now slipped over 5% lower within the past two hours. Likewise, Bitcoin has lost its $20,000 level once again. Ethereum was trading for about $1587 at roughly 14:19 UST on Thursday. It rapidly descended after that, falling as low as $1456 just an hour later.  At the time of writing, Ethereum is hovering close to $1500. Bitcoin experienced a similar but less significant drop to about $19,850, returning its market dominance to more than double that of Ethereum’s.  Ethereum traded flat in the hours following the Merge – a long-anticipated upgrade that changed Ethereum’s consensus mechanism from proof of work to proof of stake.  Many Ethereans – including co-founder Vitalik Buterin – have argued that the Ethereum Merge is not yet priced in. However, even bulls like Mark Cuban have noted that there may be a “sell the news” in its aftermath. Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has claimed that the Merge’s net-deflationary economics could help propel Ethereum to $5000 by March of 2023. However, he also allowed for the possibility of a short-term dump. Derivatives data from August seemed to back up this theory. Blockchain analytics firm Glassnode said at the time that the directional bias of Ethereum options traders indicated that they w... read More

SEC Chairman is Only Willing to Call Bitcoin a Commodity

    Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler recently confirmed that he believes Bitcoin is best classified as a commodity, rather than a security. However, he refused to comment on the classification of any other cryptos, leaving the status of altcoins like Ethereum still unclear. Bitcoin VS The Rest In an interview with CNBC on Monday, Jim Cramer asked the chairman about his collaboration with the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in regulating digital assets. Gensler responded with his oft-repeated view that most of the crypto market – which is a highly speculative asset class – is comprised of securities. “The investing public is hoping for a return, just like when they invest in other financial assets we call securities,” he said. However, Gensler granted that some assets – namely Bitcoin – can be labeled as commodities, noting that his predecessors have been willing to classify them as such. “That’s the only one I’m going to say because I’m not going to talk about any one of these tokens,” he added. During his tenure, former SEC chairman Jay Clayton also maintained that Ether – the second-largest cryptocurrency – was a commodity. However, when asked by CNBC what he thought of the asset’s legal status in January, Gensler avoided giving a direct answer. In fact, when teaching a blockchain-focused course at MIT in 2018, the chairman argued that Ether’... read More

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