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LKR Price:
$10.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$898.3 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #LKR today is $0.00912 USD.

The lowest LKR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00912, and the exact current price of one LKR crypto coin is $0.00912217.

The all-time high LKR coin price was $1.69.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of LKR with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Polkalokr crypto currency is #LKR.

Polkalokr is 2.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polkalokr is $898,252.

Polkalokr is ranking downwards to #1225, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #LKR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polkalokr is $10,207.


The circulating supply of LKR is 98,469,167 coins, which is 98% of the total coin supply.


LKR has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #LKR, and you can view them on our LKR disambiguation page.




Polkalokr forms a strategic partnership with YOP

Exploring Dynamic locking mechanisms for YOP tokens. — As you will have now likely realised, our mission will not be complete until the world’s ever-growing blockchain and token economies are running in a way that gives the token holders and project participants themselves more control over what happens to their tokens. Our multi-chain token escrow platform is changing the industry one partnership at a time and, by restoring trust and simplicity to complex token ecosystems, we can put power back into participation. Polkalokr is delighted to announce its partnership with YOP. YOP is an all-in-one yield optimization platform and protocol that makes it easy for everyone to access yield markets. The easy-to-use platform gives users control, custody, insights, and flexibility directly in one single application. Through this partnership, YOP will explore the use of Polkalokr’s locking mechanisms for locking contract tokens within the yProtocol and yPlatform,, while monetization strategies provided by YOP for locked tokens will be experimented with by the Polkalokr team.Escrow Solutions for Yield Optimisation Platform YOP is a yield optimization platform for DeFi. The platform and protocol make it easier for everyone to access decentralized financial products such as token deposit accounts, giving the user custody, insights, and flexibility directly in one single application. The yProtocol provides dynamic portfolio manage...

Polkalokr Partners With StaFi

Exploring token locking mechanisms with another leading DeFi protocol. — Decentralized finance isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even with the recent turbulence in the cryptocurrency markets, the total value locked in DeFi protocols sits just below $60 billion, with more participants exploring staking, farming and yield optimization everyday. We stand at the forefront of a financial revolution and the Polkalokr team is proud to be collaborating with so many innovative DeFi protocols, building ecosystems that give the user more power over their finances. We’ve partnered with some of the most exciting projects in DeFi this year already and we are pleased to today announce another hard-hitting strategic alliance with StaFi.Unlocking the Liquidity of Staked Assets StaFi (short for Staking Finance) is an open-source and the first DeFi protocol for unlocking liquidity of the staked assets, allowing users to stake PoS (Proof of Stake) tokens through StaFi to get rTokens in return. Users can use rTokens for trading and, at the same time, earn staking rewards. StaFi protocol encompasses 3 layers for a better experience of the traders and the users- bottom, contract, and application layers. StaFi runs in a completely decentralized manner with a greater level of security and performance, guaranteed by Polkadot; the platform ensures an excellent level of security to the stake addresses through multi-signatures using a distri...

Polkalokr and Konomi Network Joins Hands to Simplify Tokenomics and Token Management

We are pleased to welcome our newest partner, Konomi Network, to our ever-expanding ecosystem.. — Konomi is a Substrate-based protocol that helps in managing cross-chain crypto assets using its full suite asset management solution. Konomi enables users to manage their crypto holdings and trade assets. The platform aims to support a vast number of assets in the Polkadot ecosystem. Providing its management solutions, Konomi has helped potential investors and traders efficiently. Considering the various limitations and issues that every user faces on Ethereum’s layer 1 protocol, Konomi aims to provide smarter solutions to users. It aims to become a one-stop solution for asset management in the crypto and blockchain space. Konomi believes that the evolution of DeFi 2.0 may bring and attract users to more vibrant and diverse cross-chain ecosystems other than only Ethereum. Thus, starting with offering financial applications for Polkadot ecosystem assets, Konomi is paving the way for upcoming changes while fulfilling user demands. Polkalokr believes that eliminating the issues of tokenomics and complexities will help in making DeFi mainstream. Thus, we offer our trustless, concise, customizable, automated token distribution mechanism to enhance user experience and simplify DeFi. Our aim is to offer the right solutions for different tokenomics issues that are sustainable and efficient.Polkalokr and Konomi Network Partnership...

Polkalokr Forms a Strategic Alliance with Ares Protocol

Integrating on-chain-verified oracles into Lokr and Swapr. — We are thrilled to announce our strategic alliance with Ares Protocol. Ares Protocol is an on-chain-verified oracle platform that offers secure and reliable data services for the Polkadot DeFi ecosystem. It is a Substrate-based protocol built as a parachain that is developed to be linked to Polkadot ecology and to share its security consensus. DeFi users can access valuable and reliable real-time off-chain data at this oracle network like decentralized stable coins, lending, financial derivatives, and more. Ares protocol also allows decentralized identity solutions and functions as a one-stop solution for wallet providers, DAPP developers, verification providers, and infrastructure providers. The unique features of Ares Protocol also simplify generating unpredictable gameplay scenarios in blockchain games and simplify NFTs minting.Polkalokr and Ares Protocol Partnership As per this collaboration, we will add Ares Protocol as one of our oracle feeds to enhance our P2P (peer to peer) cross-chain token swapping protocol. This strategic step will also allow us to explore ways to combat issues as they emerge in the DeFi space and to enable a seamless experience for our users. Ares Protocol will explore integration for our token locking feature in order to empower its users with an advanced DeFi experience.“This strategic alliance will strengthen our platform a...

Polkalokr partners with Paralink Network

Expanding the compatibility of multi-chain oracles and Polkalokr products in DeFi. — During the last few months we have made it a priority to connect with project founders and teams in the blockchain industry that align with our mission, which is to put token distribution back into the hands of network participants and create a safe landscape. With such a wide array of products and platforms able to benefit from the massively expanded functionality that the LOKR and SWAPR products provide, we have been able to collaborate with various exciting projects in the weeks since our token launch. We are today happy to announce a new strategic alliance with Paralink network, a Multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi applications. We want to make sure that as many DeFi and blockchain ecosystems as possible have access to Polkalokr’s suite of modular building blocks and this partnership will see Paralink explore our token locking mechanics; we will also be utilising Paralink as one of our oracle feeds.Our increased token locking functionality goes hand in hand with reliable real-world data Combined, our two main products, Lokr and Swapr, offer token economies and the many users within them comprehensive options to lock, distribute, monetize, insure and swap the tokens that underpin the DeFi and blockchain protocols of tomorrow. Paralink Network will explore the use of our versatile products and services, primarily to offer better...

Polkalokr Use Cases

Exploring the potential use cases for Polkalokr products in real world environments. — In today’s world, crypto is viewed as a niche market reserved for memes, speculators, and money launderers. However, anyone that has been in the space for a little while can tell you that the infrastructure being built is laying the foundation for a potential financial revolution. We envision a not-so-distant future where blockchain technology exists in the everyday technologies that we interact with, often unbeknownst to the user. Polkalokr offers highly customizable, flexible escrow contracts for a wide range of needs. Currently, we serve token economies, founders, token holders, etc., but as we look to the future, we feel we can provide so much more. Our dashboard features a robust set of features that allow users to track locked tokens and emissions schedules. We feel this is paramount in fostering transparency and trust within token economies. Our dashboard also allows users to keep track of their vested tokens all in one place. Currently, no solution exists for this problem outside creating and maintaining personal spreadsheets. In addressing this problem, we have also added features that will allow users to track the potential value of their tokens (based on market prices) and track their unrealized profits and losses.LOKR Our LOKR protocols offers users a way to lock up a variety of assets with specific parameters they can...

Polkalokr and Orao Network

Further Improving Polkalokr with Fast, Secure Oracles. — We are thrilled to announce Polkalokr is forming a strategic alliance with ORAO Network, a Polkadot-native oracle service!What is Orao Network? Oracles are services that allow users and protocols to receive data and pieces of information from outside of the cryptocurrency context. ORAO Network is a Polkadot-native oracle service that provides custom and secure data feeds at incredible speeds. Users can curate anything using ORAO’s data feeds, from weather insights to e-sports data. ORAO Network aims to provide a gateway to the users as a scalable solution against the limitations of Blockchains. The platform allows data providers to curate custom data feeds for their specific requirements. ORAO Network ensures an excellent level of security to its data feeds using its custom-built neural net that helps identify stale or malicious data. This way, the platform protects consumer interests. ORAO Network can also support broader data formats, unlike other earlier oracles.Why oracles matter to Polkalokr Polkalokr, a protocol that aims to simplify the complex tokenomics system for every network participant using its highly customizable escrow, depends on access to reliable information from oracle services. We are a multi-chain escrow offering “governance-as-a-service” that enables users to access and control the token distribution process. We identify the curren...

Polkalokr partners with Dafi Protocol

Shaping the future of token economies in more ways than one. — With cryptocurrencies making more noise than ever before, the undeniable utility of the blockchain technology that underpins them is quickly becoming apparent to businesses in all corners of industry. As all types of outdated infrastructures get replaced with improved, decentralised frameworks, token economies are set to become the new norm. But as these complicated decentralised ecosystems emerge and grow, making sure that their growth is sustainable is of utmost importance, as is ensuring that they are secure and easily accessible to network participants and users. We are therefore very happy to be announcing our partnership with DAFI Protocol, a project that shares our drive and vision in creating a long-lasting future for the innovative token economies that run under the hood of today’s best blockchain platforms and protocols.Synthesising sustainable growth DAFI Protocol is a decentralised protocol that rewards networks based on their adoption by releasing dTokens tied to a project’s demand. DAFI rewards networks based on their adoption, creating long-term users through synthetics. The protocol was incubated by the Royal Bank of Scotland and has teamed up with various reputable blockchain projects in recent months since it’s launch into the markets. These synthetics are distributed to users in a reduced quantity initially, to protect the network ...

Polkalokr Partners With DefiCliq

Exploring synergies in the DeFi space with an exciting new strategic alliance. — As the DeFi landscape continues to heat up, more people are entering the space every day. Therefore, for the longevity of the industry, it’s important for project founders and teams to strive to find new ways improve user experiences, protect their funds and give them as much control of their assets as possible. In such a nascent space, things evolve quickly, but we’ve made it our mission to keep up with the pace and work towards a future that sees DeFi users able to utilise the full potential of trustless, borderless finance. We’re therefore happy to announce another partnership with a pioneering project in the space, DefiCliq, in a collaboration that will enhance both the platform’s user experience and explore ways to combat existing obstacles of DeFi. DeFiCliq is a protocol that offers both collateralised and uncollateralized loans to the underserved users of the DeFi space in both P2P and traditional ways; the platform targets democratising the lending market and providing everyone the right and power to channel capital to their endeavours and passions. DefiCliq aims to offer services that provide the best value to users and enhance user experience and operations, with the platform allowing investors a variety of ways to diversify their investments and to distribute the risks over different tiers. Investors also have the freedom...

Polkalokr: The Evolution of Money

How money has evolved from bartering & trading to the virtual currencies of today. — Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has found ways to exchange goods. Trading, bartering, and exchanging goods has been the cornerstone upon which society has been built. When an individual has something that someone else, simple supply and demand is created. This simple concept has defined how we transact goods since the beginning of time. In this article, we will take a look at how this concept has evolved since its inception and where we think it could be headed in the future.Money Money, in and of itself, has no actual value; it can be a shell, a metal coin, or a piece of paper. Its value is symbolic; it conveys the importance that people place on it. Money derives its value by virtue of its functions: as a medium of exchange, a unit of measurement, and a storehouse for wealth. Money allows people to trade goods and services indirectly, it helps communicate the price of goods (prices written in dollar and cents correspond to a numerical amount in your possession, i.e. in your pocket, purse, or wallet), and it provides individuals with a way to store their wealth in the long-term.From Bartering, to Currencies, to Virtual Currencies Bartering was originally the only method of trade that we knew. Civilizations would determine which assets held value, such as gold, animal pelts, spices, etc. and then those assets would be...

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