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BIT Price:
$523.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #BIT today is $0.89 USD.

The lowest BIT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.887, and the current live price for one BIT coin is $0.88723.

The all-time high BIT coin price was $3.08.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of BIT with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for BITDAO is #BIT.

BITDAO is 2.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for BITDAO is $120,944,236.

BITDAO is ranking downwards to #291 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #BIT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for BITDAO is $523,015.


The circulating supply of BIT is 136,316,768 coins, which is 1% of the maximum coin supply.


BIT has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #BIT, and you can view them on our BIT disambiguation page.



$BIT Purchase Updates: BIP-18

$BIT Purchase Updates (January 6–January 12, 2022) - According to BIP-18, $14,000,000 worth of $BIT has been purchased from Jan 6, 2023 to Jan 12, 2023. 4,770,516.87 $BIT was purchased on Jan 6; average purchase price was $0.41910081, 4,820,986.80 $BIT was purchased on Jan 7; average purchase price was $0.41533621, 4,841,434.27 $BIT was purchased on Jan 8; average purchase price was $0.41364007, 4,412,173.49 $BIT was purchased on Jan 9; average purchase price was $0.4538877, 4,407,162.06 $BIT was purchased on Jan 10; average purchase price was $0.4520579, 4,459,597.27 $BIT was purchased on Jan 11; average purchase price was $0.4482108, 4,383,976.48 $BIT was purchased on Jan 12; average purchase price was $0.4560122, Source of the fund is from BitDAO treasury; 100,000,000 USDT has been transferred from BitDAO treasury to fund the purchase program from Jan 1, 2023 to Feb 19, 2023 Purchase is executed through TWAP trades (around $695 worth of BIT purchase every 30 seconds) by a bot on Bybit You can track $BIT purchases at — $BIT Purchase Updates (January 1–January 5, 2022) - According to BIP-18, $10,000,000 worth of $BIT has been purchased from Jan 1, 2023 to Jan 5, 2023. 5,909,368.26 $BIT was purchased on Jan 1; average purchase price was $0.33756766, 5,557,031.63 $BIT was purchased on Jan 2; average purchase price was $0.359058, 5,250,153.94 $BIT was purchased on Jan 3; average purchas...

$BIT Burn Updates

Following BIP-14¹, a total of 194,822,594 $BIT with a value of around $64,779,651 has been burned by sending to the most commonly used burn address². Monthly burns will be posted below as they happen. You can also find the total amount burned on the homepage of — November 2022. — 131,001,981 $BIT with a value of around $37,846,342 was burned on November 19, 2022 at 02:19:23 AM +UTC Transaction: — October 2022. — 62,820,610.2 $BIT with a value of around $26,933,310 was burned on October 20, 2022 06:10:23 AM +UTC Transaction: — 1,000,000 $BIT with a value of around $428,734 was burned on October 20, 2022 at 04:48:35 AM +UTC Transaction: ¹ Following BIP-14 the Contributed Asset Mix was changed to 100% BIT and a burn mechanism was introduced. ² As the $BIT token does not have native burn functionality, we cannot send to the “zero address”. We will instead use the most commonly used alternative burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEAd $BIT Burn Updates was originally published in BitDAO on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Sozu Haus, a BitDAO Initiative, hosts Sozu Haus Vietnam in partnership with ETHVietnam, Game7 and…

Sozu Haus, a BitDAO Initiative, hosts Sozu Haus Vietnam in partnership with ETHVietnam, Game7 and Yeeha Games - Building on An Bang Beach It’s 7:30am. A group of individuals has gathered at a rustic beach house in Hội An Vietnam to practice morning yoga together to set their intentions for the day. After an hour of moving and bending in ways previously deemed not possible, the group enjoys local bánh mì and discuss going for an ocean swim before starting work. This won’t be the first time this week where these people find limits and exceed them. The individuals have been hand-selected from all over the world to partake in an exclusive 8-day retreat to focus on some of the most challenging problems facing DAOs and Web3 today. 7 teams will work together and collaborate over the next 8 days and at the end present their work and compete for a $60k bounties pool at ETHVietnam. Together we move to build the future. Continuing on from the roaring success of the inaugural Sozu Haus Bogotá, the next milestone was to create a unique hyper-focused retreat that champions healthy living and mindfulness. This in itself is a first. This retreat would challenge its participants more than ever so we had to provide the most inspiring and energizing environment we could. The environment is a combination of the location, our core Sozu Crew, our partners ETHVietnam and the members invited. What happens when you mix all of these element...

Windranger Hosts Virtual Hackathon In Parallel With Inaugural Sozu Haus Hacker House

Teams collaborated during a week-long hackathon during ETHBogotá and Devcon, building exciting projects to support the development of leading web3 DAOs/companies. Windranger, a product lab working on the BitDAO ecosystem, ran a successful hackathon in conjunction with the Sozu Haus Hacker House (see more here). Sozu Haus is a hacker house series by BitDAO focused on DAO tooling and web3. Prompts for the hacker house/hackathon were drafted collaboratively and supported the technological development of MetaMask, BitDAO, and Game7. Further details about the prompts can be found here. Windranger contributors formed three teams and built these solutions in response to the outlined prompts: Team 1: Prototyped a mobile keyring storage system and browser extension to explore Account Abstraction techniques. Improving wallet UX and key management is critical to the continued adoption of crypto/web3 applications. The solution, which the team plans to develop into a stand-alone wallet with social recovery, aims to improve wallet interactions by delegating responsibilities to a separate keyring that can act on the users’ behalf without further intervention. Session-based controls restrict the actions the instrumented keyring can perform and in the future, we plan to expand this control mechanism further by introducing programmable transaction invocations (programmable EOAs), this system brings greater control, freedom and reassurance...

Sozu Haus Bogotá : The first installment of many BitDAO Hackerhouses

Developers invited to Sozu Haus Bogotá during ETHBogotá and Devcon The mission of Sozu Haus is to be a home for builders everywhere. Every Sozu Haus is a space for smart people, good vibes, and a connection to the web3 family and puzzles that bind us. Sozu Haus Bogotá was exactly that. A familial framework for embracing technical challenges amidst a cohort of the world’s leading developers and mentors shaping major innovations in the Web3 space. Along with all the people (devs, designers, product leads, and friends) who contributed, BitDAO’s inaugural Sozu Haus in Bogotá was built in partnership with MetaMask Snaps and Game7. We took over a hostel in the Chapinero neighborhood of Bogotá, hosted a cohort of devs that we knew and invited many we didn’t. From Oct 7–12, we welcomed the web3 community to hack with us on bountied prompts pertinent to DAO Management, Web3 Gaming and one of MetaMask’s most recent innovations, MetaMask Snaps. On top of the community activities that contributed to many killer hangs, the work members of the dev cohort built in collaboration with mentors were impressive and beyond our expectations! — OUR MENTORS AND JUDGES - jacobc.eth AFK Jasheal Erik Marks Olaf Tomalka Christian Montoya Hassan Malik Justin Knoll QZ — WORKING AT THE HOUSE - The house commenced on October 7th, 2022 and after a series of workshops by prompt mentors to orient devs around the technical and ...

Update on BIP-14

For the last year all Bybit contribution tokens and buyback tokens have been transferred to the BitDAO Treasury, by the 20th of the following month, from the following staging wallet: BIP-14 effective start date is September 16th. This means September 1–15th will have ETH, USD, and BIT buybacks. September 16th-30th will be BIT for burning. Transfers will be completed via the staging wallet by October 20th (i.e. this has not been scheduled to happen yet). As the $BIT token does not have native burn functionality, we cannot send to the “zero address”. Alternatively, and as recognized by Etherscan and the Mastering Ethereum Github, we will use the most commonly used alternative burn address 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD. Amount to be burned (on the following month’s 15th) are tracked by Update on BIP-14 was originally published in BitDAO on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

BitDAO, MetaMask Snaps & Game7 Host BitDAO’s First Ever Sozu Haus Hacker House

Developers invited to Sozu Haus Bogotá during ETHBogotá and Devcon BitDAO, one of the world’s largest decentralized treasuries with over $1.5 billion in assets, is launching its first hacker house program, Sozu Haus. Sozu Haus will create a distinctive aesthetic that matches the energy and spirit of next-gen developers. The mission is to be the destination for developers ready to solve web3 problems. Over the next few years, the youngest of this cohort will have grown up in a world of blockchain, DeFi and DAOs. Sozu Haus is a program that will evolve and grow with them. The inaugural activation, Sozu Haus Bogotá, is built in partnership with MetaMask Snaps and Game7 and will host 28 developers at a private co-live/work space in Bogotá. Sozu Haus Bogotá will occur during ETHBogotá and Devcon from October 6–15 in Bogotá, Columbia. In collaboration with MetaMask, BitDAO and Game7 have created custom prompts for hackers to work on at the event. The prompts support the technological development of leading web3 companies including MetaMask, BitDAO, and Game7. Further details about the prompts can be found at SozuHaus Bogotá Prompts. Each developer and/or team will have the chance to work on their submission alongside mentors and industry builders who will join the house throughout the week. Some of the confirmed Mentors: | jacobc.eth | — | AFK | — | Jason Healy | — | Erik Marks | — | Olaf Tom...

Game7: 2022 Game Dev Report

Game7: 2022 Game Dev Report — Overview - Game7 interviewed over 100 leading game developers building web3 games. This report is a summary of our primary findings with 7 major takeaways to help provide you a TL;DR summary. We encourage everyone to Read the Full Report — Takeaway #1: Chain Selection - The chain selection process can be very political and multifaceted. Most networks are incentivized to restrict user adoption into their own ecosystem which can push the industry away from interoperability. While there isn’t a perfect chain for everyone, we’ve outlined the major pros and cons of certain chains in the Ecosystem Specific section of the report. 👉 Read Full ReportChain Selection — Takeaway #2: Smart Contract Development - Existing smart contract and NFT standards across every ecosystem aren’t optimized for game development. ERC1155 NFT standard is lacking adoption compared to ERC721. Diamond Standard (EIP-2535) is consistently being used by experienced developers to build smart contracts. 👉 Read Full ReportSmart Contract Development — Takeaway #3: Wallets and SDKs - Game devs have a divergent and polarized opinion when it comes to the decision of holding custody over users’ wallets and assets to offer a better user experience. Native in-game web3 integration for popular game engines, such as Unity and Unreal Engine, is in dire need. 👉 Read Full ReportWallets & SDK...

$BIT Purchase Updates

According to BIP-9, $21,000,000 worth of $BIT has been purchased in June 2022. 43,929,194.24 $BIT have been purchased, Average purchase price is $ 0.4801720588, Source of the $21,000,000 fund is from Bybit’s June contribution (, Purchase was executed through TWAP trades (around $486 worth of BIT purchases every minute) by a bot on Bybit, The purchased 43,929,194.24 $BIT will be contributed to BitDAO treasury by July 15, 2022, According to BIP-12, $6,000,000 worth of $BIT has been purchased from July 1, 2022 to July 4, 2022. 3,496,662.03 $BIT was purchased on July 1; average purchase price was $ 0.428388948530722, 3,518,947.52 $BIT was purchased on July 2; average purchase price was $0.425379930555561, 3,516,567.77 $BIT was purchased on July 3; average purchase price was $0.4259480716, 3,481,139.91 $BIT was purchased on July 4; average purchase price was $0.430021199006549, Source of the fund is from BitDAO treasury; 45,000,000 USDT has been transferred from BitDAO treasury to fund the purchase program from July 1, 2022 to July 30, 2022, Purchase is executed through TWAP trades (around $1,041.7 worth of BIT purchase every minute) by a bot on Bybit, The purchased $BIT in July will be transferred back to BitDAO treasury by August 15, 2022, — $BIT Purchase Updates (July 5–July 10, 2022) - According to BIP-12, $9,000,000 worth of $BIT has been purchased from July 5, 2022 to July 10, 2022. 20,081,...

Hackathon @ETHNewYork

$10k in BitDAO Prizes @ETHNewYork - The BitDAO community is pleased to announce their sponsorship of two hackathon tracks during ETHNewYork, 24–26th June, 2022. Prizes worth $10k in $BIT — will be given for innovative solutions in the fields of: DAO treasury deployment tooling, DAO proposal processes, Apply to hack here: 🥇 First Place: $5,000 in $BIT, 🥈 Second Place: $3,000 in $BIT, 🥉 Third Place: $1,000 in $BIT, 💪 Runner Ups x 2: $500 in $BIT, — Track 1: DAO Treasury Deployment Tooling - Large DAO treasuries have to be managed conservatively to avoid principal loss through systemic failure, oracle misfires or other mechanical exploits. We are looking for solutions (tooling, operating structures, etc.) that would allow DAOs to deploy their treasuries at size for yield. For example: A Gnosis Safe module that allows whitelisting and passive deployment of treasury assets to blue chip yield farms., Collateralized / margin loans (P2P, pools)., — Track 2: DAO Proposals Processes - In the current state of governance, the majority of DAO proposals are created in private, with the initial version presented on DAO forums typically having already been reviewed by core team members and large stakeholders. This process can take several months, and is usually unpaid. DAOs have many tradeoffs versus traditional organizations (especially with execution efficiency), but one of thei...


Bitdao Reveals Modular Ethereum L2 Called Mantle, Public Testnet to Laun...

    On Wednesday, one of the world's largest decentralized autonomous organizations, Bitdao, announced the soft launch of a modular Ethereum layer two (L2) network called Mantle that claims to bolster lower fees and fast transactions. According to the Bitdao team, Mantle's public testnet is scheduled to release in 2023.Decentralized Autonomous Organization Soft Launches Mantle, a 'Connective Tissue for Various Bitdao Initiatives' 2022 has seen a significant amount of innovation dedicated to layer two (L2) Ethereum networks. On Nov. 30, 2022, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Bitdao announced the soft launch of a new L2 called Mantle. According to the webpage, Bitdao is a collective of 'builders, products and mutually beneficial ecosystems,' which is governed by BIT tokens. At the time of writing, statistics from indicate that the DAO is the second largest under Uniswap's DAO. Bitdao's treasury holds roughly $2.7 billion in value which consists of tokens like BIT, ETH, USDC, and USDT, according to data. As far as Mantle is concerned, Bitdao explained in a press release sent to News that the technology is the first 'L2 solution to combine modular architecture with the security and decentralized features of the Ethereum blockchain.' Jacobc.eth, head of product for Bitdao's Windranger Labs said 'Mantle will serve as the connective tissue for various Bitdao initiatives, such as projects from Game7, to research from Edudao, to the ecosyst... read More

FTX Binance Fallout: Bitdao Community Asks Alameda Research to Respond t...

    After the Bitdao token's quickfire plunge on Nov. 7, members of the Bitdao community have asked Alameda Research to address rumors the principal trading platform has dumped Bitdao's BIT tokens. The dump, if confirmed, would be a breach of a swap agreement between the two entities which prohibits the offloading of each other's tokens before Nov. 2, 2024.Alameda Research Has 24 Hours to Address Dump Allegations Following the BIT token’s sudden plunge — from nearly $0.38 to $0.31 between 11:00 and 11:05 p.m. EST on Nov. 7 — the Bitdao community has asked the Alameda Research team to respond to token dumping allegations. In its BIP-4 update, the Bitdao community said if its request 'is not fulfilled and if sufficient alternative proof or response is not provided' within 24 hours, then a vote to determine the fate of FTT tokens held in the Bitdao treasury will be held. According to the update, Bitdao’s Oct. 30 swap agreement with Alameda Research required the former to hold 3,362,315 FTT tokens in its treasury. Likewise, the agreement also compelled Alameda Research to hold 100 million BIT tokens for a period of three years. As per the agreement, both parties had committed not to sell each other’s tokens before Nov. 2, 2024. Fallout Over SBF's Alleged Backstabbing of Industry Rivals Worsens In a response to Bybit co-founder Ben Zhou’s tweet, which reiterated the Bitdao community’s concerns over Alameda Research’s alleged role in the... read More

BitDAO Asks Alameda For Proof of Funds Amid Sudden BIT Dump

    BitDAO may terminate its token swap and hold agreement with quant crypto trading firm Alameda Research. This follows fears that Alameda may have dumped 100 million BIT tokens. BitDAO has asked Alameda to confirm that it has not sold any of the DAO's native tokens as part of an earlier agreement between both entities. The DAO filed a proposal on Tuesday asking Alameda to provide an on-chain address for the coins after the BIT tokens suddenly crashed 25% in less than an hour. BitDAO and Alameda conducted a token swap on November 2, 2021. The former swapped 100 million BIT tokens with the quant trading firm for 3,362,315 FTT. Following the swap, BitDAO and Alameda agreed not to sell either token for the next three years. Meanwhile, BitDAO has asked Alameda to respond within 24 hours, or the DAO may take action with the FTT tokens in its treasury. 'If this request is not fulfilled, and if sufficient alternative proof or response is not provided, it will be up to the BitDAO community to decide (vote, or any other emergency action) how to deal with the $FTT in the BitDAO Treasury.' Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison, however, said that the trading firm had nothing to do with the BIT price dump. 'Busy at the moment but that wasn't us, will get you proof of funds when things calm down.' BitDAO's request is the latest salvo in the ongoing saga. The price of FTT crashed 25% on Tuesday and is now trading at $17 at the time of reporting. It all began when reports claimed that Alameda ... read More

Bybit Contributes $134 Million to BitDAO to Support DeFi Growth

    Singapore-based crypto exchange, Bybit, has recently contributed a whopping $134 million worth of ETH, USDT, and USDC to BitDAO's treasury. Supporting dApp Builders The exchange describes BitDAO as one of the largest decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in the industry. It aims to support dApp builders and lower the entry barriers into the decentralized economy. BitDAO allocates substantial financial and talent resources to drive decentralized finance growth. It is supported by several top VCs and crypto companies, including Pantera, Peter Thiel, and Bybit. According to the crypto exchange, its recent $134 million contribution to the DAO is equivalent to 2.5bps of the platform's futures trading volume between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. CryptoPotato reached out to Bybit for comments on the DAO contribution. The exchange's head of communication, Igneus Terrenus said, 'Bybit pledged 2.5bps of our futures trading volume to support BitDAO because we believe its mission to support builders of the decentralized economy and showcase the potential of DAOs. We are delighted to see BitDAO getting better with every passing day, executing on its open mandate to foster technologies that present entirely new ways for people to work, engage, and transact together.' This is not the first time Bybit is contributing a substantial amount to its DAO. Earlier in July 2021, just a month after BitDAO was launched, the exchange contributed $19.3 million to the BitDAO treasury and pledged a con... read More

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