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ZPAY Price:
$65.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$37.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ZPAY today is $0.12 USD.

The lowest ZPAY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.115, and the exact current price of one ZPAY crypto coin is $0.11502.

The all-time high ZPAY coin price was $1.84.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ZPAY with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for ZoidPay crypto currency is #ZPAY.

ZoidPay is 1.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for ZoidPay is $37,512,695.

ZoidPay is ranking downwards to #1085 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #ZPAY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ZoidPay is $65,026.


The circulating supply of ZPAY is 326,140,476 coins, which is 47% of the maximum coin supply.


ZPAY has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ZPAY, and you can view them on our ZPAY disambiguation page.



Here's how you can Stake your NFTs to Boost your Staking Rewards

Earning Passive Income with ZPAY just got even better. As you’d know by now, the current phase of our Zoidster NFTs Epoch 1 lets you boost your Staking Rewards. What this means, is you can earn up to 27% on staking ZPAY! How? All stakers can use up to two Zoidster NFTs to boost APYs with a maximum of eight boosts in a 12 months period, The Shopping Pool Owner can activate an NFT of their choice for the benefit of all stakers in a pool, For more on this, here’s something that can help Get ready to Boost your Staking APYs with the Zoidster NFTs 🤩 With that, here’s how you can go about using your NFTs to boost those staking rewards (this assumes you own a Zoidster NFT), — 1. Login to your staking dashboard. — Visit and connect with an ESDT supported wallet of your choice — 2. Select a Shopping Pool of your choice to stake your NFT in. — You will be received a new look dashboard that looks something like this 👇 Select “Stake” within a pool of your choice to initiate staking of your NFT/s. — 3. Choose an NFT/s that you wish to use to boost your Staking Rewards. — Pretty straightforward. Select an NFT that you wish to stake. You can stake up to two NFTs at a time to boost your Staking Rewards. However, the staking needs to be done one NFT at a time. For the NFT that you wish to stake, click “Stake NFT”. — 4. Confirm staking of the NFT. &mda...

Get ready to Boost your Staking APYs with the Zoidster NFTs

So, Phase 4 is here. Introducing a new dimension to NFT utility. Every Zoidster NFT is a winner. All of the 1001 NFTs bring the holder a boost in Staking Rewards. Activate your NFT to trigger a boost in the APY for your staked ZPAY. What’s more is Shopping Pool Owners can activate a boost that benefits all stakers in their pool, including themselves. Here are some details on what this Phase brings. — A. For all stakers, including Shopping Pool Owners in their personal capacity. — — 1. Here are the boosts you can expect on staking,. — i. For ZPAY already staked In this case, you can receive a boost on your APY by up to 2%. Let’s say, you own a Zoidster NFT which is Premium and / or carries the ZPAY logo on it, you can now enjoy APYs of 7%, 9%, 11% or 14% in place of the currently offered 5% (1M), 7% (3M), 9% (6M) or 12% (12M). For all of the other NFTs, the new APY offered will be 6% (1M), 8% (3M), 10% (6M) or 13% (12M). A boost of 1% on all existing APYs.Please note, a staking boost last for a period of three months only. Note: To enjoy the APY boost, you need to stake an NFT for a period of three months. This will be available through the ZoidPay Staking dashboard. Staking the NFT limits trading during the period, and the NFT will be available for trading upon completion of the staking period of three months. ii. For ZPAY newly staked In this case, newly is defined as all ZPAY staked after t...

Growing Brands Strategically: Ana-Maria Nistor joins ZoidPay

It's time to meet another of our colleagues - Ana. Carrying over 15 years of work experience, Ana is a Marketing specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the FMCG and Retail industry. Her experience has traversed areas including Strategy, Branding, Advertising, Online Marketing and Management. Equipped with a Master’s Degree in Business and Corporate Communications, Ana began her career with Ogilvy & Mather, before moving on to roles such as Brand Manager, Marketing Manager at the local and international level, across firms including UniCredit Bank Romania, Unicoms, and KitchenShop Romania."I strongly believe that 'a company is only as good as its people and how excited they are about creating'. So, my journey with ZoidPay began from the very moment I met the team. I was thoroughly impressed by their vision, ambition and the “Let’s Do This” contagious energy. At ZoidPay, we are building the next generation of Web 3.0 Financial Services — and it is this everyday thought that sets within us a responsibility and high commitment and engagement to our work and the community. We are building the future together!", says Ana, elaborating her motivation in joining ZoidPay. Learn more of Ana's background on LinkedIn. Here's something cool: Ana plans to participate in "Camino de Santiago", an 800 kms walking pilgrimage towards Santiago de Compostela. As a prep to that...

Meet Ingrid Stan, our Head of Facility & People Operations

Before getting to the serious stuff, if you see a healthier and fitter ZoidPay team in the coming months, it's all thanks to Ingrid. From enforcing "No Sugar Weeks" to getting gym memberships activated for the team, and getting everyone on a healthier diet (or at least trying to), Ingrid's behind it all. In just a short span of time, she's infused an even more fun and lively office environment at the ZoidPay head office. With over six years of work experience, a large part of which came at the global software company, UiPath, in the capacity of an Office Manager, Ingrid helps transform workplaces and nurture a fun culture. A "people's person" at core, she multi-tasks across activities including managing relationships with landlord, vendors and service providers, managing office staff activities to ensure maximum efficiency, besides maintaining a safe and secure working environment. She also handles employee benefit management, among a host of other tasks. Besides all of this, she doubles up as Executive Assistant to Eduard. What's more, our new upcoming head office is being setup in entirety by her 🏢."I’ve always been attracted to fields of activity that literally test my limits and imagination. So, the experience of more than four years in Facility Management in UiPath — Automation and Artificial Intelligence — made me realise how important it is to love your job...

From Wine to Crypto: Elena Oglindă joins our Marketing team

We've got a new colleague within Marketing 🙌. With over 15 years of work experience, venturing into a series of adventures that, in one way or another, shaped her path to the profession of Marketing Manager, Elena has worked extensively across media and advertising. Some of these roles have seen her don the hat of a video editor, graphic designer, online marketing specialist and copywriter. She's even worked in IT for more than six years, within the field of sales and marketing. After working in several startups, Elena mustered up the courage to open and run her own business, Wineful, the first and leading wine subscription in Romania. She managed and grew this business very successfully over the last six years, before making an exit, that finally brought her to ZoidPay. (So, over the next few months, if you see a growing number of wine glasses in the ZoidPay team pictures that we’d share, you know whom to attribute it to)Speaking on her move to ZoidPay, Elena says, "I have been attracted to the blockchain industry since I worked in IT. I started flirting with this area last year when I decided I wanted to be part of it because I think it’s here to stay. It will have a significant impact on all industries but will also help change the world for the better. When I say this, I am thinking about environmental changes and financial & digital inclusion. I joined ZoidPay because I want to be part of a great...

6 Answers to commonly asked Questions from our Community

That time of the year, when we need to calm nerves 😅. In this post, we try and address some reasonings behind delays around certain milestones we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Nothing's changed in what we've set out to achieve — we remain as focused on ticking all the boxes. The team's scaling, the tech's innovating by the day and we remain steadfast on our goals and objectives. As Eduard summed it up recently,  — @eduardoneci If you missed it, here's an overview of our updated roadmap till the end of the year👇And now to answer some of questions that keep coming up from within the community. Here are six commonly asked questions across some of our social channels, — When does the ZoidPay Chrome Extension go global? - Currently, as you'd be aware, the Chrome Extension is available for download and usage within countries in the EEA zone. We've been working to launch the extension globally. The delay has come in around legalities, which we are ironing out. Rather than having a country or region specific launch, we prefer waiting and sorting out legalities across jurisdictions, allowing the launch of the extension globally. Meanwhile, we continue to develop the Chrome Extension, our latest release being from earlier this week. We expect the launch to happen globally in Q1 of 2023. — What’s the status on non-KYC cards? - While we were r...

Introducing Epoch based Rewards for the Zoidster NFTs

We meant it when we said that the 1001 Zoidster NFTs will come with unlimited benefits. Utility, beyond Art, has been a core feature of our genesis collection and we are now ready to reveal another first in the space of NFTs — Epoch based Rewards. But, before that. A big shout out to the community and the incredible response to the Zoidsters sale 🙌. A few highlights, The Whitelisted Sale saw approximately 500 NFTs purchased, with an average of over 2 NFTs per address 🤩, Public sale was concluded within the first couple of minutes, Since then, the collection has gone on to Rank #1 on XOXNO with a trading volume of nearly 2100 EGLD (More details on the collection sales across platforms can be found here on the Elrond Gallery), We’ve registered an ATH of 88.71 EGLD with the average price of 9.538 EGLD, If you still don't have one, you can get them here, Zoidsters * XOXNONow, comes the next stage — the Utility of the Zoidster NFTs. Rewards for the NFTs will be structured in Epochs, each one having multiple Phases tied to our development sprints, and will be revealed in what's called an Epoch Reveal. — We begin with Epoch 1 - Give this a thorough read and you will begin to realise how exactly the NFT you’re holding will help you level-up in the ZoidPay ecosystem. And, this is only a start.  — @ZoidPay Epoch 1 is linked to some of our recent milestones including, The...

ZoidPay partners with ProteoDeFi, the exclusive Elrond DeFi suite

ZoidPay now teams up with ProteoDeFi. Self-described as a complement to Maiar DEX, ProteoDeFi aims to help increase the Elrond ecosystem’s liquidity. It does so by utilising the LPs of the Maiar Exchange in the farms of ProteoDefi. Proteo is adding incentives to increase LPs and deposit them in new farms. With this partnership, the ProteoDeFi community will now stand to benefit from the ZoidPay ecosystem. Also, there's a lot upcoming for the Zoidsters!Speaking on the partnership, Mario Roldan, ProteoDeFi CEO, says, “Since we are on the Elrond ecosystem, we realise that Zoidpay has something special. The Zoidpay team is smart and innovative and will bring the Web3 payments solutions that the industry needs. We are very happy being a new component of this ecosystem.” About ProteoDefi: ProteoDefi is an exclusive DeFi suite built on Elrond Network. Its main approach is sharing liquidity with the Maiar Exchange, utilizing the same engine, combined with a sustainable economic model and a scarce token. The autostake feature allows users to exchange their Proteo for sProteo, their share of the autostake pool that increases their Proteo holdings daily as the Proteo Index increases. 500 or more SProteo also allows entrance into the Proteo Elite, which grants benefits such as exclusive single asset farms, bonds, and lending. As part of this partnership, — Proteo Defi will add a new ZPAY/PROTEO farm to incentivise liquidi...

Monthly recap of June at ZoidPay: Doing what we do best, #BUIDL

What was June like for ZoidPay? This tweet from Eduard rightfully sums it up👇  — @eduardoneci If that's not enough, this highlights how the current broader bear market conditions impact the way of working at ZoidPay,  — @eduardoneci Amid the rest of what we've been upto, we've spent a large part of the month streamlining operations internally. A big thumbs up to our Chief Project and Product Officer, Vasile, in this direction. — Roadmap - At the beginning of June, Vasile shared a roadmap for June,Eduard's recent tweet thread summarised the progress on each of the milestones, some highlights for which are listed below: New ZoidPay website: We rolled out a new look ZoidPay corporate website. Brought to life by our Lead UX/UI Designer Pierluigi and Front End Engineer Mihai, the site keeps with our recent re-branding exercise, has a dedicated Retail & Business section, and offers insights into our existing and upcoming Products & Services. Check it out, if you haven't:, Gamification at ZoidPay: Massive developments have happened here. From vibrant user profiles in the Chrome Extension, to the backend work in enabling tier benefits, June saw rapid strides on this front. (An update here: Our NFTs have as of now, at the time of writing, sold out completely. All 1001 of them. The Public Sale took less than a minute. We are gearing up to ...

ZoidPay partners with Itheum: Crypto Liquidity & Data Solutions for the Web3 & Metaverse

We are happy to share that ZoidPay has now teamed up with another project from within the Elrond Network ecosystem — Itheum. A data platform for Web3 and Metaverse, Itheum is the world’s first decentralized data brokerage platform. With major milestones lined up for 2022, including the launch of the ZoidPay Hypermall in the Metaverse and the acquisition of a Digital Bank, we at ZoidPay see Itheum as our leading data partner.Elaborating on the partnership, Mark Paul, Founder & CEO of Itheum, says, “Our revolutionary Web3 Passport Technology will transform various verticals; one being the retail and eCommerce industry, which ZoidPay is advancing to make crypto payments as simple as regular fiat payments. Similarly, Itheum, the world’s first decentralized data brokerage protocol, aims to disrupt the Web2 data industry and give people the ability to truly own their data and reap the rewards for doing so. Through this partnership, users from both communities will get the opportunity to “own their online shopping data” for the first time, which is super exciting and incredibly important. Currently, retail consumers are precision-targeted by online advertisements from centralized retail organizations who use data collected with obscure consent to maximize opportunities to boost profit. So, the fact we are now able to give retail consumers the ability to truly own their private shopping information and then use it...

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