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YLD Price:
$264.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$21.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #YLD today is $0.08 USD.

The lowest YLD price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.080, and the exact current price of one YLD crypto coin is $0.07988.

The all-time high YLD coin price was $1.38.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of YLD with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for YIELD App crypto currency is #YLD.

YIELD App is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for YIELD App is $21,200,177.

YIELD App is ranked #598 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #YLD.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for YIELD App is $264,342.


The circulating supply of YLD is 265,402,334 coins, which is 88% of the maximum coin supply.


YLD has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 6 crypto exchanges.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #YLD, and you can view them on our YLD disambiguation page.



Yield App partners with Trovio Group to launch $35М DeFi fund

Yield App is today announcing a partnership with Trovio Group, Asia Pacific’s leading hybrid asset manager and technology solutions architect, for the launch of the Trovio DeFi Fund. The Trovio DeFi Fund offers wholesale investors the opportunity to allocate capital into a yield-generating strategy within the DeFi ecosystem. The investment vehicle is managed by Trovio’s asset management team in partnership with Yield App’s highly experienced DeFi risk management team. The new investment vehicle has a strong focus on capital preservation, using proprietary sentiment capture and analysis tools, utilized by Yield App in its existing DeFi strategies, with the aim to protect the portfolio from market volatility. The fund is being launched with $35 million in capital. — Yield App’s DeFi risk model - Yield App’s DeFi team brings its existing expertise in risk management, along with our proprietary risk model, which has allowed us to weather the turbulent market conditions of the last few months. The internal risk model focuses on five security assessment pillars (smart contract, platform, counterparty, financial and credit risk), using a sum of 135 measured variables compiled from historical data to analyze all aspects of risk exposure. This allows the fund to generate a universe of DeFi investment opportunities which then undergo rigorous risk analysis. WATCH VIDEO to learn about Yield App’s risk framework In a...

Yield App partners with Unstoppable Domains to give away free NFT domains

Managing wallet addresses can be complicated and inconvenientYield App has partnered with Unstoppable Domains to simplify the Web3 experience of its customersUnstoppable Domains replaces multiple wallet addresses with one personalized humanly readable domainYield App Silver Tier members and above can claim a $40 free NFT domain nowYield App Diamond Tier members can claim an additional free NFT domain worth $100!Exclusive codes will be distributed to all Yield App customers via email — keep an eye on your inbox Yield App has partnered with Unstoppable Domains, a leading provider of NFT domains, to offer our customers free, fully customizable Web3 domains. Yield App Silver Tier members and above can claim a free $40 NFT domain, while Diamond Tier customers will receive a code allowing them to claim an additional domain worth $100! Managing long and unreadable wallet addresses can be a major challenge, especially for those using multiple wallets and blockchains. In partnership with Unstoppable Domains, Yield App has set out to unlock all the benefits of Web3 for its customers. Yield App wallets are now fully integrated with Unstoppable Domains, allowing our customers to link their Yield App wallets to their personalized NFT domain. READ: ​​Yield App makes tax reporting simple in partnership with Koinly — Who are Unstoppable Domains?. — Unstoppable Domains is the largest NFT domain service that allows ...

Yield App makes earning on your crypto effortless with mobile app

Our brand new, intuitive mobile app allows you to seamlessly manage your digital wealth on your mobile devicesThe app comes with fingerprint / Face ID integration, making secure logins simple and quickYou can now use all functionalities like earning, staking, locking and asset conversions on your iOS or Android deviceDownload our long-awaited app from the Apple Store and Google Play now! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our long-awaited mobile app, which makes earning on your digital assets simpler than ever before. Our brand new, intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to seamlessly manage your digital wealth on the go, further simplifying your Yield App experience. Watch the Yield App mobile app launch video Offering customers all the same functionalities as our intuitive and easy-to-use web platform, the mobile app sports simpler login options via fingerprint or Face ID to make your digital portfolio management journey even more effortless. — All your favorite features, now on mobile. — Our brand new app comes with all the advanced security features you already know from our website. This includes the ability to limit the number of withdrawals per day to protect your assets, as well as the optional automatic logout feature that will log you out of your account after a certain period of inactivity. READ: Is the crypto revolution similar to the internet revolution? You will find all the ...

Yield App makes foray into the metaverse in partnership with MyReality DAO

Yield App is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with MyReality DAO, the best-known scenario building and game development team in The Sandbox, as we make our foray into the burgeoning metaverse space. We have ambitious plans for this hard-hitting partnership, which will see us stake our claim on The Sandbox with a massive 4×4 plot of land right in the center of this virtual world. With the help of the experienced team at MyReality, we intend to use this virtual land plot to build the Yield App Tower — a space for virtual events, experiences and games for all our Yielders in the metaverse. The Sandbox is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain where users can create, sell, use and monetize their gaming experiences in the form of NFTs. This in-game economy in The Sandbox is underpinned by its native token, SAND. Each 1×1 LAND in The Sandbox is an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain which comprises 96 × 96 meters in the game world and can be populated with games, assets and interactive experiences. A group of lands that have been merged together into a larger parcel, like the one at Yield App’s disposal, is called an ESTATE, and this gives creators the opportunity to build larger and more immersive online experiences. With a team of around 60 metaverse builders and the largest land holdings in the Sandbox, MyReality is at the forefront of building in the metaverse. We are thrilled to be partnering w...

Introducing the Yield App Referral Program!

Yield App unveils its hotly anticipated Referral Program!Refer your friends and earn up to 1,000 YLD eachYou can refer as many friends as you like and they have as long as they want to accumulate the total amount needed to qualify for the referral rewardRead our blog to find out all the details of how our brand new program works We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Referral Program, which we know our customers are just as excited about as we are! Our Referral Program is something a bit different to what you are typically used to. We invite our customers to play a game with us — refer a friend and earn up to 1,000 YLD each! The best thing is, there is no time limit on how long your referred friend can take to accumulate the assets required to qualify for the referral bonus. We know that not everyone will have the cash to hand straight away, so we’re happy to wait until your friend is ready. You can invite as many friends as you like, so what are you waiting for? Read on to find out all the details of our brand new Referral Program. — How does it work?. — All of our existing customers can now refer their friends using their personal referral link, QR code or referral code. Once referred, your friend must reach Silver Tier or higher (meaning they have staked or locked 1,000 YLD or more on the Yield App platform) and deploy $1,000 or equivalent for 30 consecutive days. You and your friend will t...

YIELD App partners with Africa Blockchain University on NFT education program, empowering and…

YIELD App partners with Africa Blockchain University on NFT education program, empowering and educating local artists Africa Blockchain University and YIELD App, a digital wealth management platform, are partnering to educate and enable African Artists on Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The goal of the program is to help artists realize their value on the open market while securing their intellectual property and improving their financial future through blockchain technology. The workshop will take place between 8am and 5pm on Thursday, November 25th, at The Golf Course Hotel in Kampala, Uganda. This follows a highly successful event held at the Tanzania National Museum, Darsaalem, in October. “Artists have often been under-appreciated in Africa, with their works struggling for recognition and broader exposure. While talented, they lack a global marketplace to present their work, which means less appreciation for what they offer in economic terms. NFTs present a solution to this challenge facing Artists in Africa”, says Afrikanus Kofi Akosah Adusei, President, Africa Blockchain University. YIELD App, which allows users to easily and seamlessly invest in cryptocurrencies for market-leading APYs, is creating a bespoke course curriculum for this event. It will help students to understand how, along with the possibilities and practicalities of minting their art on the blockchain, they can enter the financially beneficial world o...

YIELD App joins DeFi Live event to help DeFine the future of crypto

Leading digital wealth management platform YIELD App is pleased to announce it will be taking part in a two-day hybrid event, DeFi Live, which seeks to DeFine the future of crypto through virtual and in-person presentations and networking. The two-day event will consist of a hybrid fully virtual and in-person agenda. Wednesday, November 10, 2021 will be a fully virtual day with a global audience of DeFi and NFT experts, while Thursday, November 11, 2021, will bring together the London crypto community under one roof for the first time in two years. With over 70 speakers delivering more than 40 talks, DeFi Live promises to be an event that propels DeFi into a bright future. DeFi Live is part of the London DeFi Week, which includes a full schedule of side events running from November 8–14, 2021. This week will be focused on highlighting breakthroughs in DeFi and crypto, featuring various networking events, dinners, parties, panels and meetups to discuss all the latest innovations in DeFi. YIELD App is a digital wealth management platform that enables users to invest their digital assets in the simplest way possible to earn the market’s leading APYs. Founder and CEO of YIELD App Tim Frost will be participating in a live panel debate during DeFi Live’s global virtual conference day on November 10, discussing the current state of passive income in DeFi alongside Alex Fazel from SwissBorg and Gareth Ward from Bumper. The 30...

YIELD App partners with DeFi risk analysis pioneer Credmark

YIELD App is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Credmark, a decentralized risk modeling platform that leverages the data provided by platforms and protocols across the industry in order to generate high integrity, verifiable DeFi risk models. Credmark brings the risk tools used by traditional financial institutions to the average DeFi user. It tackles one of the problems in the current DeFi space, namely the lack of standards and risk modeling, to provide accurate, complete and consistent data to assess risk in DeFi investment portfolios. By leveraging the wider DeFi community to generate and validate these models, Credmark has created a scalable, trustworthy and decentralized solution to risk modeling. — In-depth risk analysis. — YIELD App believes that everyone should have access to the best investment opportunities. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of DeFi and make it available to the world. To achieve this, we provide an innovative platform that bridges traditional and decentralized finance in the easiest way possible. Our users simply deposit their digital assets to earn an APY of up to 17% on stablecoins USDT and USDC, and up to 12% on Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). At the core of our strategy is our $YLD token, which rewards loyal community members with a higher yield the more YLD they hold in their on-platform wallets. YIELD App will work with Credmark to run assessments of our ow...

YIELD App partners with West Ham United football club!

YIELD App is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as the Official Digital Asset Wealth Management Partner of top Premier League football club, West Ham United. The heavy-weight partnership comes just seven months after the public launch of YIELD App in February 2021, demonstrating the growing attractiveness of digital assets to a mainstream audience across the world. Through our products and services, YIELD App continues to challenge the status quo of the traditional investment system. This is further underlined by our significant growth since public launch, with 60,000 users and an impressive $400 million of managed assets on our platform to date. We are honored to be one of only a handful of digital asset managers selected for such a prestigious sporting partnership. Along with the recent deal struck by and Paris Saint Germain, this marks a significant milestone for YIELD App and the digital asset industry as a whole. Commenting on the partnership, Tim Frost, founder and CEO of YIELD App, said: “Whether you come from a country that calls it soccer or football, one thing is certain: this is a sport that has captured the hearts of billions of people for generations. In fact, football happens to be the most popular sport in the world, with an estimated 4 billion fans — half of the global population! “This makes this partnership a great opportunity for us at YIELD App to reach a wide and varie...

NFTs are bringing the mainstream to crypto in a way Bitcoin cannot

These days, it seems non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are making headlines everywhere, from crypto forums and news sites to even the most traditional news sites. Indeed, in recent months NFTs have achieved what even Bitcoin has struggled to do in 12 years: they have managed to bridge the world of cryptocurrency and traditional finance. Today, we are seeing names as big as Visa making forays into the NFT space and, as their popularity continues to explode, can it be that NFTs will pave the way to mainstream adoption of digital assets? It is perhaps surprising that a relatively new and somewhat esoteric part of the digital asset market is enjoying so much popularity with investors that have not ventured into cryptocurrencies before. NFTs have managed to bridge this divide by appealing to a wider demographic than any other digital asset so far, with links to the creative, sports, and online gaming industries opening NFTs up to millions of new users. NFTs are units of data stored on a digital ledger that certify a digital asset to be unique and not interchangeable. This allows NFTs to represent one-of-a-kind digital items such as digital art, including photos and videos, and even tweets. Increasingly, NFTs are also making some noise in the world of online and mobile gaming. — The digital gaming revolution. — The gaming industry is a great example of how NFTs can potentially bring new revenue streams into the world of digi...


Yield App Unveils Higher Yield Passive Income Product

    PRESS RELEASE. Yield App, a global FinTech company and digital wealth platform which has attracted more than 80,000 customers since its launch in February 2021, is enhancing its product suite with a new higher-yielding crypto passive income alternative. The new crypto passive income product suite has been named Earn+ and comprises stablecoin and Ether portfolios with a 30-day redemption notice period. In addition, the existing BTC passive income product will be upgraded to have the same features as Earn+. These portfolios now pay the highest yields on the crypto assets available on the platform, with up to 10% p.a. currently available on Earn Plus stablecoin products to Diamond Tier members. Yield App Diamond Tier members must stake or lock 20,000+ of its native token YLD on the digital wealth platform. They are rewarded with the highest interest rates across Yield App's crypto passive income product range, as well as a range of additional perks. The existing instant access products remain available under the title Flexible, paying an alternative interest rate in exchange for instant liquidity. The additional Earn+ product range provides customers with greater flexibility in terms of how they choose to earn passive income on the Yield App platform. Tim Frost, CEO of Yield App, says: 'I am thrilled that Yield App is continuing to grow and expand its offering during a turbulent time for the cryptocurrency markets. 'This latest launch is a testament to our strengths in asset man... read More

Digital Wealth Pioneer Yield App Unveils Mobile App for iOS and Android

    PRESS RELEASE. ESTONIA - 17 JUNE 2022 - Yield App, a global FinTech company and digital wealth platform which has attracted more than 80,000 customers since its launch in February 2021, is now taking on the mobile world with the launch of its iOS and Android app, as it continues on its mission to make digital asset earning opportunities available to anyone, at the click of a button. The brand new, intuitive mobile app allows Yield App's customers to seamlessly manage their digital wealth on their mobile devices, further simplifying the platform's offering. With the same easy-to-use interface as the web platform, combined with simpler login options via fingerprint or face ID, the mobile app allows Yield App's customers to manage their digital asset portfolios on the go. Tim Frost, CEO of Yield App, says: 'We are thrilled to unveil this new addition to our product suite, providing our customers with all the tools necessary to achieve financial freedom. This is an exciting milestone in our journey to become everyone's trusted digital wealth partner. 'Our brand new mobile app makes it easier than ever for Yield App customers to earn on their digital assets. With just a couple of clicks, they can access their portfolios anytime, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 'We firmly believe that digital assets should be part of everyone's investment portfolio and that passive income strategies are the best way to make the most of these holdings.' Adrien Geneste, Chief ... read More

Yield App Launches Referral Program

    [PRESS RELEASE - Tallinn, Estonia, 16th April 2022] Digital wealth platform launches program allowing customers to earn up to 1,000 YLD together with their friends Yield App, a global FinTech company and digital asset platform, is thrilled to unveil its hotly anticipated Referral Program, which will allow its customers to earn exciting rewards together with their friends. The brand new program turns referrals into a game, allowing customers to earn rewards in the platform’s native YLD token for each referral. Existing customers can make as many referrals as they like and earn up to 1,000 YLD per referral. A referred customer must sign up for a Yield App account and pass KYC level 2 to begin using the platform. They must then become a Silver Tier member and deploy $1,000 into any Yield App portfolio(s) for 30 consecutive days to earn their reward. At the end of the period, the existing customer and their friend both receive a reward of up to 1,000 YLD, chosen at random. Unlike other similar promotions, Yield App’s Referral Program differentiates itself by giving new customers as long as they need to accumulate the necessary amount of assets to qualify for a referral reward. Customers can refer as many friends as they like, but they must be a new Yield App customer and each individual can only ever use one referral code. Tim Frost, CEO of Yield App, says: “We are delighted to launch our Referral Program, which our community has been requesting for some time. O... read More

Yield App Passes 'Proof of Reserves' Audit to Bolster Safety...

    PRESS RELEASE. Yield App, one of the rising and most trusted digital wealth platforms, recently underwent a thorough 'proof of reserves' audit. The inspection was conducted by Armanino LLC, the firm responsible for auditing Kraken – one of the largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Yield App passed the audit with flying colors, bolstering its stance on safety and accountability of the assets deployed by customers into portfolios available on its platform. What is 'proof of reserves'? A proof of reserves is an independent audit of a company's balance sheet conducted by a third party, such as Armanino LLP. These cryptographically reconciled public reports empower customers to verify that the digital asset service providers they use do indeed hold enough assets on their balance sheets to offset their customers' liabilities. The first report was completed on 24 January 2022, using a 'point in time' methodology to determine the results, and can be read here. Yield App plans to continue working with Armanino LLP and other third-party accreditation service providers to release regular independent reports and keep customers informed via its blog posts. About Armanino LLP Armanino LLP is one of the top 25 largest independent accounting and audit firms in the United States. It recently audited Kraken to set a precedent for companies operating in the digital asset space, at a time when many people remain hesitant to invest in cryptocurrencies fearing a m... read More

Yield App Assets Grow 40% Over Q4 as Platform Passes Armanino Audit

    PRESS RELEASE. ESTONIA - 03 FEBRUARY 2022 - Yield App, a FinTech company and digital asset wealth management platform, has published its 2021 Q4 report, showing the firm continuing on a strong growth trajectory that saw its managed assets grow by 40% from Q3 to reach $475 million. In addition, the platform has published the results of an inspection by leading global auditor Armanino that shows its assets firmly in the black. The firm, which recently celebrated the launch of a revamped 'V2' platform, said managed assets increased by 40% from $339.4 million at the end of September to $475 million by 31 December. This marks a bold first year for the passive income provider following its public launch in February 2021 and which has included a heavy-weight partnership with UK premier league football club West Ham United. Over the year, Yield App said it paid more than $29 million to its customers in USDC, USDT, ETH, BTC, and YLD earnings rewards combined. Yield App customers can earn up to 18% on their digital assets, according to their membership Tier. The final quarter of the year saw Yield App publish the results of an audit by Armanino, one of the top 25 largest independent accounting and audit firms in the United States engaged by many leading blockchain firms, which shows Yield App's assets exceeding its customer liabilities: an important milestone for the young digital wealth manager. Commenting on the results of this important audit, Justin Wright, Yield App's Chief Financ... read More

Yield App Launches V2, and It's More Than Just a New Look

    Yield App – the official digital asset wealth management partner of premier league football club West Ham United – has unveiled the hotly anticipated Version 2 (V2) of its platform, just 11 months since it launched in February 2021. In this short time, Yield App has garnered more than 70,000 users and more than $420 million in managed assets. The platform currently offers market-leading rates on USDT, USDC, BTC and ETH, as well as attractive rewards for holders of its native token, YLD. This new, second version of the platform brings with it a much sleeker user experience along with a raft of exciting new features, some of which are listed below. Control over compounding and earning V2 brings greater convenience and control, allowing you to view the value of your digital assets in the currency of your choice – USD, EUR or GBP, for example. You can also now choose to have your earnings put automatically back into your portfolio using the 'auto-compound' option, leading to higher long-term earnings, and choose to send new wallet deposits straight to your chosen portfolios with 'auto-deploy'. Choose to earn rewards in base asset or $YLD The V2 product update enables users to earn all their rewards in Yield App's native token, YLD, to boost their base returns by a further 2% per year. Full cycle swaps In V2 of Yield App, users will be able to swap any of their assets to another asset listed on the platform. The assets currently supported are stablecoins USDT,... read More

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